Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Decided to blog this in English!

Hi All!

As you know from the title, from today, i'll blog this in english! Its for those friends who say that they can't understand kanglish better! It goes for all you guys! But i may put in some kanglish sentences in between to express my feelings in a raw fashion!

Since three months, i hardly got opportunity to blog frequently! Have got some stupid work to do @ office, n am not making time to blog! Improper blogging was also affected by blocking of blogger in India as well as my office for some days.

Now, they've removed the restriction on blogger n have restricted sites like orkut, gazzag, mp3shits, etc.,

I cudnt even access sites for lyrics coz they had links to mp3s. Huh!

Got some time n blogging! Will post something soon! may be today itself! Wait for some time.