Sunday, October 28, 2007

Another evening in Bangalore!!

Dont be embarassed by the title!

I've not gone outside Bangalore to say the above statement. It was another lonely evening i spent interestingly. Just another one like this.

Had been to 'Geleya' yesterday with Raghu, Susheema n Karadi. I'm doin Masti Venkatesh Iyengar's 'Chikaveera Rajendra'. Thought of taking a break from it while Raghu called me up today for a meet up. As usual, I was ready n started by 10 minutes.

While reached bus stand, I got a message from him askin me to start 15 minutes late. As I was outa house, I replied that I would just roam around here and there till he comes. We agreed and I got a bus to Majestic.

Thought of gettin down at Guttahalli, calling Yogesh passing time till Raghu comes to Beagules. Called to his cell to find his dad answer the call askin me to call up landline. I said I'll call up but didnt as I got another call from Hemanth. By now I was at Mekhri, and the Kaveri Signal was all the way till the Gayatri Vihar entrance. I got down right there thinkin of walkin my way to Malleshwara.

Was speaking to Hemanth for 10 minutes while i had crawled 100 steps ahead of the Corporation Bank, Sadashivanagar when we ended the call agreein for a long call late at night. I cut the call to find an anonymous asking path towards Malleshwara 18th cross. I thought i got a company till 18th cross and changed my route for him.

He had come to Sadashivanagar for personal work and was heading back to his room at Dasarahalli, Peenya. On our way we spoke about each other regarding many things. He was basically from Beluru, Hassana. I was just queryin about things there and his qualification n stuff like that. We shared many of our thoughts on the city. I didnt find my way to 18th cross end so quickly. Thats what happens when you get a company. We walked around the semi-circle of Sankey Tank from Sadashivanagar to 18th Cross. I asked him more about Hassana and its near by places. According to him, even there, you find people from outside intruding. Pathetic!

We then reached the gate towards 18th Cross and bid goodbye! No phone number, no contact. It will be good only with such short encounters which makes you feel happy!

I now headed to Beagules, I took the photo of a herd of cattles you find at the 16th cross! I just find myself dumbstruck looking at them! Dunno why??!!

Came to beagules, where I always find something new or something strange (or both!!??). to my usual senses, I found a person sitting all alone and drooling! It was about 5:15 and he was drunk by that time to the fullest!

Dunno where these people live and what they do for their living! Have lots of pics of such men and will dedicate a post for them asap! Here I'm attaching the one whom I found at beagules. Pathetic guy!! Was in his own world and was not disturbing others. That was the best part! I just climbed 4 stairs above him and started waiting for Raghu n others watching some of them play Basketball in the ground!

Was watchin the matches played as always and waited for Raghu to come meanwhile, had called Raghu, Seena to come asap for which Raghu said that he is with PG and it would take 1/2 an hour for him to come! He suggested me to call Seena or Yogesh and ask them to accompany me till he comes! Which i had already done. Seena wasn't pickin up the phone and Yogi as his behaviour would take long to come to beagules from Guttahalli! (We call him Slomotion, the late lateef).

I continued watchin boys n girls busy playin basketball! I recollected that I was really bad at outdoor games and had never been to such grounds to play anything! also, in my childhood, the most popular game we used to play was Cricket, sometimes Kabaddi, Lagori, Jootaata, Kalla Police, Lock and Key, Chood Chand n stuff like that! These days such things are dissappearing quite drastically! Desi Games should be protected! Everyone is behind Globalization! They prefer playin Basketball, bowling, n other stuff!

It was 6 and there were no signs of anybody! I called some now and then to find a busy tone! 6:15, there arrived a short figure below the steps where I was sitting! Was wearing helmet, a sweater, looked similar to Daksha! Was astonished to see him come uninvited and with no clue! He looked at me! 75% of my mind confirmed me that it was Daksha, but the rest 25% was true! It was a similar figure! Here is a pic of him taken without him noticing it!

He saw me! Think even he thought that I was waiting for him! He might have mistaken me for someone he knows. He came closer, saw me and recognized that he doesn't know me and sat 5 feet away from me. Even he was waiting for somebody (Male for sure which I found out by his conversation over phone). He waited just like me calling his friends. I was happy that there are people just like me waiting for their late lateef friends who do not time themselves).

When all this happened, the lousy guy next to me was awake and was tryin to find something from his pockets. After a long search, he found a motbeedi (small beedi), lit it and was enjoyin smoking! Even the guy who sat next to me lit a cigarette and was busy smoking! I choked teice for the smoke, called up Raghu asking about his location to which he replied, he was still in Jayanagar and it would take still 15 more minutes for him to move from there! PG had a meet up with his cousin and that was delayin things. Meanwhile, Seena had called up and said that he woke up just then and he wouldn't be able to make it that day! So I asked Raghu to take his time but I would leave as it was 6:30 and he would come late! He agreed and I walked my way back to Guttahalli looking at two of my silent unknown companions for the evening that day!

You just experience such things without doing any significant thing but you feel something strange entering your mind after such incidents! It just depicts the simplicity one can find in LIFE. How beautiful would things be when things are simple right?? Think about it!

Nothin much after that! Just walked my way back to Guttahalli bus stand, took a bus without a board to find its a KSRTC bus and BMTC passes are not allowed. Got down at Kaveri signal, walked back towards Guttahalli bus stand, found another bus and headed my way back to home!
There was a satisfaction in my heart for the simple experience I had that day!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

A story that I heard from Master Hirannayya!

One day was listening to Jnaana Vani while coming back home. FYI, (Those who are not familiar with the FM Channels of Bangalore, thats a limited FM Channel in Bangalore from IGNOU to educate people. Must be 4 hrs in the morning and 4 in the evening.

It was a session with the famous dramatist Master Hirannayya! He was telling about the way he and his drama company had undergone. It was a good show and I would like to share this small story he told with all of you. Please forgive me for the non-narrative script.

One day, a Brahmana in a village had to go to a marriage wedding that was arranged in the next village. But there existed a forest in between.

He was on his way and it was a long journey by walk! He had started off late and hence, he was stuck up in the forest and lost his way. He was pretty hungry by now and was so desparate to have food.

To his fortune, after hours of search in the jungle, he found a lonely temple which was deserted of people. he wandered inside to find bhakshya bhojana near the garbhagudi.

Unable to control his hunger he lurches onto the food, stopped by a Devi (who had come to test him). She puts forth conditions to have the food.

1. The food is divided into four parts which are associated with four pillars of the temple.
2. In the first pillar, there is a baby, to have the food near that pillar, he had to kill the baby and the food would be his.
3. Coming to second pillar, there is a parasthree. ( a third female, whom he doesn't know). He had to make love to her to enjoy the food in that pillar.
4. Third pillar had beef, which is prohibited. He had to eat it to have the food alongside the third pillar.
5. Finally fourth pillar had wine, he should drink the wine to have that food.

Now, the brahmana thinks. I'm hungry. But then I wont have the food near the first pillar. Killing a baby( innocent, shishu hatye) is so cruel. I wouldn't do that!

How can i have an affair with a third female?? I wouldn't go ahead with the second pillar food either.

Gomamsa? No way! I wouldn't be a dharma bhrashta to eat beef! Hari hari! Not at all!!

The only hope I now have is the fourth pillar. Wine is not that big a problem. Even the devas have wine. Why shouldn't I at this stage?? I am starving from hunger. It has got no problems with Dharma, nowhere i've read that its prohibited to have wine. Let me have it for this day! He decides.

Now the tragedy starts.

He goes ahead, starts having wine which made him lose control over himself. After wine, losing control, he goes ahead having beef, also makes love with that anon female and in trauma, stamps over the child killing it!

Thats about the story! He had told the story explaining about how desparate is our stomach and hunger. This is one such instance. Hope you got something out of this. Comment your views on this if possible.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Gomamsa thinda prasanga!

Don't get surprised! This happened unfortunately!

This is no confession session! This happened to me without my knowledge! The co-incidence is that I'm writing this post on Gandhi Jayanthi!

Happened a year back i guess. One of our colleague had been to China to implement our product over there. While coming back, he had got lots of Chocolates. The custom was to get as many chocolates. I got many along with one that interested me most! That chocolate had no wrapper and was in a container similar to tablet container! bigger though. They contained chocolates in the shape of an elephant.

Thought it was to attract people and took it. Gulped it to find to taste it somewhat sour. It also contained some sticks! Dunno what it is! The person who had bought it didn't mention what kinda thing it was! I didnt like it and as rarely you find me spittin out I went to the restroom and spit it out into a paper n threw it onto a bin! Later i found that it was a BEEF Chocolate!

Vyaak! I felt the guilt inside me! From then on, i decided not to take any chocolates brought from outside.

I still dunno why the heck that person didn't tell me that it was beef! Its not because that Beef is prohibited that i'm regretting. Its just because i had broke a custom. I had broken the trust of my people. (No,...neither the custom nor the trust in my people, but if I dig myself i just get the picture of the calf in my native, with whom i used to spend my childhood days...its soft nature, motherly love, compassionate eyes.... and me eating its flesh? How can I?... )

Only thing that consoles me is that i did it unknowingly and I'm still regretting for that! I see many people eating Beef along with other non veg stuff like chicken, mutton, pork! (I dont want to take names of that!). They do it knowingly! Many brahmans. I really pity them! They say it tastes good! Arent they cheatin their parents or the ones who think they are still preserving what they are supposed to??

Many of my friends do take them and i dont know! Taking beef has become a passion among the youth today! Stinkin' passion!

They consider its a civilized culture to eat non veg! Thanks for the intruding Christians and muslims for that(takin beef)! Until their advent, we Indians were nowhere in such things! How can they kill such a silent creature which has taken birth to enjoy nature just like us for food??

Now you might ask me that dont you kill animals?? Yes i do not! Atleast now! I won't kill them unknowingly until they harm me! I might kill insects by using a repellant, or a cockroach, rat, and creatures like that which are causing problems like that but not something to eat!

Atleast in India, we don't need to take meat as a staple food! Might be they need to take it if they were in other country like Russia, UK, US or some other country but not India! The Indian Climate is so good not to eat meat! How did the rshi, munies survive?? Did they eat meat?

I'm no guy from PETA or any other association! Neither do i want to be a member of that! But i request you in a humble fashion to stop avoiding meat! Atleast the Brahmanas.

One more feather to add onto the Cap of BMTC!!

Look at this pic! Though it was taken from my mobile @ 7:30 late in the evening, I hope you know which place it is.

Yes! It is our BMTC, Majestic, Subhashnagara. I was amazed to see a screen probably an LCD screen( a glowing screen which you can see atop, I'll post a pic taken in daytime asap.) on the bridge connecting KSRTC and BMTC. Its a display showing ads, along with instructions to the commuters. BMTC has gone one step ahead! Such things would ease the passenger more.

Not only that! They've also installed small displays on possibly every platform in the bus stand. Now, you can watch songs even in BMTC bus stand(KSRTC had this much before, say10-15 years back)

Commuters can pass their time by watching these things instead of just waiting for the bus.

Hope they get more such ideas and make the customer more happy!