Friday, October 31, 2008

Kannada gets Classical stature.

We, the people of Karnataka feel proud to announce that we've attained the classical stature for our language Kannada.

Not that it wasn't a classical language before, it just got recognised as one by the Central Government from today. We can consider it to be a gift to us on behalf of Kannada Rajyotsava.

Its no surprise for a language which is unique in its own way to attain this. We've been an amicable force in India's development, in all fields, at all levels.

We've been nominated Jnaana-Peeta award seven times (Actually should have been much more, thanks URA for that), We have produced one of the world's best engineer Sir M.Vishweshwarayya.

Feels real good to get such a stature.

Happy Kannada Raajyotsava. ಕನ್ನಡ ರಾಜ್ಯೋತ್ಸವದ ಹಾರ್ದಿಕ ಶುಭಾಶಯಗಳು.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Beg your pardon, Mastercard...

Having a sumptuous supper at home - Priceless!
Walking in the drizzle after the meal half naked [Shirts off! dont get weird] - Double Priceless!!
Drizzle turns downpour, you continue till you feel digested - Triple Priceless!!!
Entering home once again through the front door, totally drenched with your mom staring at you - Priceless to the nth order!!!!!!!

There are somethings you can do alone... For everything else, there is Family.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Rant on Social networking sites...

P1: Hey you use facebook?
P2: No! I use orkut. I'm okay with it.
P1: Orkut?? They flick ideas from facebook. It sucks bigtime...

[Suddenly P3 enters]

P3 : Orkut? Facebook? Grow up guys! Use LinkedIn!
P4 : I'm satisfied with Hi5!
P5 : Haven't you used WAYN?

This list goes on and on and on... Just like amaron batteries.

Have seen many such discussions, but haven't involved in any of them. Thought I'll blog out my opinion, hence this post. Though I consider this post to consider some junk things, still...

I've been using some of these social networking sites, just for the heck of using it. I aint a guy who considers something serious in doin so. But have seen many taking such things in a pretty serious manner.

P2 : Hey why don't you scrap me back once I scrap you?
P1 : [Scratching his head] Well! I just forgot!!??
P2 : How can you forget??? you @#$%# ^%$^$@ @#$ #$@# $% $%^$ .....

No surprise in hearing such conversations either.

Well according to me it can be one of a many ways to stay in touch. It shouldnt be the only way. Most of the people using such things take it in the second way I mentioned, updating their profiles with silly statuses, expecting friends to comment on them. They upload photos, videos, install applications(some good ones, some real stupid), share softwares, create communities, comment their views in those communities, some make it a means for mass communication, (inviting for marriage???)....

These says each and everyone is creating such communities, some have started mergin other services into this, like a free mail account, free blog .... To name a few social networking sites, here they are orkut, facebook, linkedin, wayn, yaari, twitter, hi5, friendorama, fanbox.......

Some prefer some sites to other. Some consider using a social networking site cheap! Some delete their account in one site as they found a better site elsewhere. (May be they think that their friends who use only the new site, treat him as a second grade citizen if they found him using the other site as well, there are many such instances I've seen.)

Now, tell me, these things are just for fun. Why should you consider it in a serious fashion? Treat them all equally. If you don't like a site, don't enroll into it. Do not give false publicity to it, neither negative publicity.

I can provide you many links where many blogs point out what to do (n what not to also) in such sites.

Regarding flicking ideas from one site to another, if the idea is good and helps in better communications, its good to include it. (Though they can't mention that they've taken this idea from one such site), they can implement it in a better way or implement something better that that. There is no harm in doing that. IT IS JUST FOR TIMEPASS!

Ultimately, only people who are getting used from these sites are the owners of it earning money. So, it all boils down to the same thing.

Had more points to mention. couldn't find any now. Will post it as it comes in the same post. GTG! Will blog asap! =)

Friday, October 03, 2008 - a review.

People are getting crazy to get ideas. They dont mind getting this low for ads. One idiot, started a stupid ad as I had mentioned in's review, these people from real estate seem to get an advantage over it.They mimick the same ad, give more publicity by having ad boards along the streets have a pic of a woman showing her back to the audience with the caption, "I am leaving Bangalore" with a footline "" for more info.

Stupidity @ its crest.

My suspicion is that these ads are being arranged by people who party hard and those who are suffering, facing the 11:30 pm ban. No surprize if they come up with another website!! Maniacs. Let them put a fullstop to all these.

If you go to these sites (leave or leaving bangalore), you'll find many reasons why they hate Bangalore. On the contrary, you can also see many mentioning why they love Bangalore. Some dont like the people here, some don't like their language (what crap?, its like you coming to my home and disliking me being in my home...), some blame the traffic, some blame the condition of the roads, the infrastructure, auto drivers, taxi drivers, politicians... who else and what not? everything you find here, someone has an objection on it.

You can also see many people asking those who want to leave to leave. Thats the best thing they can do. If they find a better place, why should they stop? All I ask is, can they repair the irreparable loss to the city where they'd been existing for quite a while? Due to their intrusion, how many trees have fell, how many people have lost their houses? How many have lost their lands? All because of the intrusion of the outsiders? You've got an argument? shoot! I'll take it.

All they do is just complain. No plans to come outa it and do some remedy to such things. I can give answers to all of their arguments for which this post would be too large. Let them fire in the comments, I'll take them.

They wont be satisfied with any improvements in the infrastructure. They're here just to crib. We should not care for such people and continue to do our work. They are insatiable in an unknown land and its not like they dont have these problems at all at their home. They've got more in fact.

Okay! Considering all the flaws... What can the city do to it? Its the politicians to be blamed and not the city. They dont have such an idea in their mind. All I can say is "People who want to leave, can leave. Nobody cares for them" they blame Bangalore for their leaving, its their cheap mindset. We simply cannot do anything about it and we hardly care.

Rest, who wanna stay here, please do respect the culture, the language, the people and go ahead... You'll always love this city.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Plagiarism - Views on it.

This post is regarding the blogathon against plagiarism which I had promised Shrinidhi to post today. defines it as "The act of appropriating the literary composition of another author, or excerpts, ideas, or passages therefrom, and passing the material off as one's own creation."

In simple English, it means flicking someone else's idea, propertie, [usually which is creative] and giving it their name without mentioning the original author.

I've seen many such cases. Will mention my own case, which is not that big or critical enough though... Here is how Nidhi's picture got flicked by The Times of India.

Simple plagiarism examples you can see is local showrooms, photoshops where they have photos of many celebrities like film stars, cricketers, other less popular sports players like tennis etc to attract people. Such cases cant be reprimanded as the profit they make from such things is pretty meagre. They dont know what is plagiarism, thats one thing, also, if they are aware of it, they dont know how to give credit to the propreitery owner. We can ignore such cases.

Another form of plagiarism is what i'm gonna explain with an example in this paragraph. Can you call this plagiarism, i cant say but its kinda plagiarism for me. If you can recollect, We had a detergent Nirma (Think it still does exist... dunno), which was quite popular till 90s. While a competitor called Nima comes in with almost same logo, same kinda size... almost identical to Nirma with some variants but with a lower price, people tend to take such things. Another example would be Nokla 95 available in National Market [ Bangalore ], compared to Nokia N95. Its features are almost same, some cases, better than Nokia N95 they say, but available at a price of Rs. 5000 when compared to 20 odd grands for N95. I think it as plagiarism coz they are using the brandname of Nokia to some extent.

I'll explain my experience with plagiarism. I upload some funny pics on and I do have many of my friends following it. Some of my friends, friends, flicked my pics and didnt even mention my name. One of my friend, noticed this and informed me, on asking that person, you know what he did? He made the photos private. Bugger! I dunno how many have done sucha thing but its common.

This is to a lower scale, I dont mind people flicking my pics and posting it in their profile, but this can cause harm. If they use it to some criminal purpose? what can we do? What if they use our pic in some terrorists websites? Forget that, don't you think that it is robbery? In this internet world, its not that only tangible things can come under robbery. What if giants like TOI flick?

Few of the remedies i can think of are :

1. Develop a mechanism through which you can't save a picture. [ I've seen many sites that do not allow right click, dunno about the mechanism, but its easy].

2. Clever people would take a snapshot using ksnapshot [linux] or Shift+Print Screen on Windows or through some software which allows you to take snapshots of the screen. Some sites even disable this. Mechanism they follow is unknown to me. Will search on it and let you know.

3. Place an ugly mark, or a watermark on pictures [if it is a photograph], this somehow would make the pic ugly and some of the readers might object.

If you can think of anything else? do comment.

Any technical mechanism can be for and against it. There are softwares which can do wonder and do whatever you want with pics. If you comeup with a mechanism against plagiarism, the plagiars would come up with another mechanism to overcome it.

Finally, Its upto the flicker to mention the original author from the moral point of view, that would make both sides happy. after

Things are getting a bit serious. Some funny guy started a prank of asking people as to why they want to leave Bangalore, someone has taken it seriously and has started another blog -

Will again post my review on that website. That would be tomorrow. But right now, tell me what you feel about this? Taking serious of leaving Bangalore?

Pour in...