Monday, December 31, 2007

Dark Room - A review.

I just finished the book by the Indian English writer R.K.Narayan. Took half a day for that. Thanks Seena for giving me the book.

All in all an okay book. Another tale to add onto the malgudi series. The picturisation of the town is simple along with the story.

Its all about a family in the South Extension of Malgudi, whose head is Ramani, the manager of Englandia Insurance Company. His wife Savitri and his three children Babu, Sumati and Kamala.

Ramani is a typical married male bossing over a obedient wife and their children. The cook, servant and the maid are also in the list who are suffering from Ramani's anger. Ramani is being potrayed as a perfectionist and who gets terrified with a minor error.

Savitri, his wife, handles the daily chores along with her servants efficiently. She is one female who doesn't gossip much but needs her husband's support for all her effort.

There comes in a lady to Ramani's office and the shanti of the house vanishes. The book is all about what happens next. Easy read!

I wont tell much about the story. Read it if you like the plot I've given. Here are my opinion about the book.

1. The picturisation. Makes you imagine things of the old mysore.
2. Describes to soem extent what people used to do during Dasara.
3. Happy family with the head bossing over it to some extent.

1. Though they are Iyengars, they live in a town, Malgudi which is described to be somewhere in Mysore. They always read Tamil magazines, Tamil novels and watch tamil movies in theatre. I didn't like it. Every good character potrayed has a tamil name. Kantaiyengar, periyar ... which is unlike of people living in Karnataka.

2. The lady newly coming to office is from Mangalore and is being described like people have a bad impression on her.

Haven't done much of R.K.Narayan, but these points made me feel a bit terse.

Pour in your comments if you've done this. comment otherwise also. =)

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Monkey Testing / Mouse Testing

No this doesn't explain about the existing software testing mechanism "Monkey testing" or a new phenomenon like "Mouse Testing". =)

This is about the approach taken by scientists to experiment things that they encounter, invent or discover. Have a look at the below pics.

Just because that he is able to speak and think a bit more than the other species on earth (this is relative), Man assumes himself as a superior creature on this planet. How fair is it?

Was planning to blog something today and was searching for a topic when I saw my mother discussing about this issue with the rest.

Once anybody comes up with a new medicine to a disease that doesn't has a cure (also for those which have a cure, may be a costlier one!), they won't directly test it on a human but they use other species like monkey, mice, frog, cockroaches and sometimes rarely on other species too.

Not only this, even in Bio labs, we see students playing with cockroaches, and frogs to know their internal structure(wrong term to use. I do not know the right one). I never opted for Biology and thankfully skipped it. =)

I see attenders in lab, killing frogs that are alive and some students doing their dissection without giving them proper anasthaesia. Pathetic!!

Doesn't stop here. There are people who fish for fun. Also there are the so called stars who hunt animals @ wild life scantuaries like Black buck, Sambar et al. After doing all that they come on screen, play innocent roles and people who get moved away by their artificial acting, plead for them against the court asking for a bail or clearance from court. What for?

To make them know the pain the animals undergo, one should pluck any of their arms (or any organ for that matter) and make them suffer without medical care for sometime (One minute would be sufficient to know I guess).

There is one proverb in Kannada. "Bekkige Chellata, Ili ge praana sankata" translated to english yeilds, "It is playtime for the cat and a matter of life for the mouse".

I dont expect people to change reading this post but let them have some basic courtesy on these poor creatures who have equal rights to live on this ONE planet where we all live. We humans do not have any special rights to act upon them so cruelly without any feelings towards it. Animal life is always as precious as human life.

I'm not saying that be liberal to all monkeys, mice, cockroaches. They might sit on top of us in our houses. Take the necessary step when needed but not always. Apply mosquito repellants, lakshman rekha or whatever you do to stop cockroaches and similar thing to mice n rats. Killing them for your experimentation purposes is wrong is what I'm saying.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Enough is enough of Christmas wishes.

People are behind being social. To boast that they are secular. They find pride in doing that.

Many people went (are still going on...) on vacation as they get holidays on the account of Christmas n Christian New year. Before they go, If they see anybody, they feel its their duty to wish them Merry Christmas n a happy new year. Is being secular in this sense is so prestigious?

I hardly see them celebrating our Ugadi or Baisaaki as new year. They don't even celebrate Krishna Janmashtami or Rama Navami as they celebrate Xmas. Dunno what attracts them towards Xmas which is absent in our festivals??!!

I received many scraps on orkut wishing merry christmas. I got fed up so much that I replied them back saying I do not celebrate 'em and if you do so, take my wishes.

This is not only for christian festivals but also others.

As you all know, they celebrate the chrisian new year boozin @ clubs, attending parties with their loved ones(married, un married, I need not mention that) dancing their way out like lunatics. Once it strikes 12, we @ NH - 7 get terrified with the bike roars headed from clubs, Dhabas alongside crackers.

In no mood to add on more points as I am feelin dizzy.

Being secular is not in celebrating other festivals or wishing those who celebrate. Celebrate your festivals first than celebrating others. Its just live n let live. Dont you think so? Any opposition?? Please leave a comment.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Is it the good old college days???

When I look at many of my friends album on social network sites like orkut, I see people attach their photos of college along with their friends and say "The good old college days!"

Huh! Whats the whole point in sayin that n not making a point to meet your collegemates at regular intervals?

Many of my friends, looking at some of my posts comment that "Maga! You made me recollect my college days!" I never feel like mentioning that coz I dont find any difference between my college days and these days where I'm working. ( Apart from the work (pathetic thing i do almost every weekday, sometimes even on weekend!) Hmph!)

I regularly meet my friends just like any other daily routine. Some of them, I meet almost everyday. Some of them once in a fortnight n some other lazy guys atleast once in a month. There are also friends whom i never meet because of their ego problems. Its not that I don't want to meet them. Its THEIR problem.

But still I almost remember them everyday. Its like what they call "Praathah smaraneeyaru" (Those who are supposed to be remembered once you get up!) I recollect atleast 6-8 of my friends everyday whom I'm in contact every week. I dont want to take names.

Even if I purposefully ask them about this, most of them reply saying, "Magaa! We've got lotsa work @ office! No time for friends! It would be great once we reach home asap. Whenever we egt some time, we wish to sleep!" Hmm! No comments on this.

So, the whole point is,

There is no sense in posting in a blog with a pic of their college n mates n say my good old college days. Neither in any social networking site. It should be in your soul to remember those who made your life worth living. ( Now don't bring in philosophy by sayin why should be life worth living always! I want this post to be lite! No philosophy intended. Will write about philosophy when i feel like. I belong to the same category if you are thinking in this direction)

Keep visiting your friends whenever you get some free time. Or rather make some time for your friends. I'm not asking you to reject all your work and compulsorily meet your friends. If you think you really are busy make a point to call 'em n discuss casually about some stupid stuff for atleast 5 minutes. You'll find the difference in you as well as your friend. He'll really feel good about your friends. (Though there might be friends who will be close even when they do not meet for years. Not many are like that.) You'll feel relieved and will be able to finish your work much better. Try it out!

Thursday, December 20, 2007


Things are flashin in ma mind! Pickin this topic t'day.

This post is tellin you how one gets every critical thing at once to make your things worser.

There is a senior @ my office. 2 years senior to me. Lets call him 'A'. Till one and a half years, there was no contact between us. Both were sittin' in different locations. Ten months ago, he shifted to our office. He is one level above me in the corporate ladder.

Though he was not in our project, we used to just encounter almost everyday. Both of us were indifferent when we met face to face. As always, I wore a smile on my face. He smiled back for courtesy sake. Days passed on... We continued smilin' at each other. Hehe =).

One day their team were discussin some offline topic, outa project when i just passed thru their cubicle, one of our common friend in that project asked for my opinion for which I replied with one. He added to my point and since then, we started speakin to each other.

Again, things went on smoothly. We were speakin casually everyday for a minute or so. That was the max.

Two months ago, he came to my cubicle with our common friend to invite me to his marriage. I took the invitation, smiled at him that I would come. (As you all do. Obviously! Hmm!!). His marriage was a week or two ahead. Inside, I was calculating whether to go or not. To add on, the customs vary between us. I needn't explain why as you guys would have guessed it right. I dont mind going to such weddings given I only wish them. No taking food. I never feel like havin something in such an environment peacefully. Till date, I haven't been to such weddings.

Now comes the worst part. He went on his marriage vacation that week. Unfortunately, my manager was not in the station. Even more, my senior in the team were abroad. I was the seniormost person in the team! ( What a pathetic conditon our team was under me! =( ).

There came an urgent release to be made on the previous Friday which was postponed to Monday. The marriage was on Wednesday. Thanks to the issues and our infrastructure, both the machine as well as our product didnt go on well. Release date shifted one day everyday that week.

On Wednesday, when we were about to release, the machine we were testin on gave us a problem and I couldnt leave the office for the reception of A. To my fortune, we finally released it the next Friday (Oooooof!!).

Two weeks passed by. Enter the married A, I looked at him for which he didn't respond. I found it strange. He had thought in the wrong direction. Once again, I need not explain everything.
He refuses to speak to me silently in various mannerism. Hehe. Even today I saw him for which he didn't respond lookin @ my face.

I didn't apologised to him for not attending his wedding as i hate to give reasons. What happened just happened. Giving reasons to something what happened is just plain bullshit in human relationship. I need not give reasons to anyone especially those whom i consider my friends.

Hope things get straight. Shall post another soon.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Can't Help it! Girl Can't Help it!

Taken from Fergie's Clumsy, the title is so perfect to this post!

Writing post like this, I feel pretty bad to write this post. This is about females who stare at me everyday (Weekdays, thank god!) just as if I had stolen something from 'em. Can give many examples. Almost all females in my office barring those who I interact with (diplomatic). There is a female just beside my cubicle, (good that there is a divider in between), who at any point of time I get up, looks @ me (due to change in her view), literally frowns. =(. I really dont know the reason. This is just an example.

Now, I'm not regretting for this. I do not have a reason. Its their attitude. I don't mind whatever they do(In fact, I'm least bothered). Still, I tried to get a reason for that hatred shown towards me. Someone within stimulated me to find a reason behind this. What I feel would be the reason is,

1. My Appearences : I used to and continue to go to office with a thick beard. Many people build up a misconception that all bearded men are rowdies. To add onto that, I go to office with my uncut hairs which looks like a bush for many. some used to call me Sai-Baba (Puttaparthi), lookin at my hairs.

2. The way I speak to male friends( sometimes over phone with my college friends), is totally casual, adding onto my appearence, this might give them an opinion that I'm speakin somthin offensive! Hmm.

Factors like this make me a junglee type of person. I really don't know why am I bloggin this. Didn't get a betta topic. Passing my time writing this.

Comment on what you feel. I don't think you would feel anything goin thru this.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Just a few things i came across this week!


Just listing two interesting things i came across this week! Most of you might be knowing atleast the first thing, just bringing it to your notice.

1. Google Reader: This is one tool which does your feed's job! You dont need to visit blogs, pages of your interest that get updated quite frequently every now and then if you've got this configured. You can configure this (which is stupidly easy), so that you get automatic updates of changes in those links. Just click the link to get a tour of it! I've already configured most of the sites, blogs i do visit. Pretty useful.

2. This is just a promotion! Dunno how true it is but seems like it serves its purpose. No matter what you'll test your vocabulary by visiting the site. This thing is happening since 7th October 2007 and they've donated quite a bit of rice grains since then,
The game is simple. You gotta match the meaning of the word mentioned among the four given choices, You're right? you donate 10 grains of rice through the UN mission. Wrong, you'll be given another word with a similar job! Got to know about it from Rohit Barker the day before while I was listening to Cruise control! Thanks buddy! I started playin the game since yesterday n wow! I donated 4000 grains in a single day! That seems better than givin a rupee to a beggar you find on streets. Dont you think so?

Go ahead! You don't lose anything! Just give it a try!!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Another evening in Bangalore!!

Dont be embarassed by the title!

I've not gone outside Bangalore to say the above statement. It was another lonely evening i spent interestingly. Just another one like this.

Had been to 'Geleya' yesterday with Raghu, Susheema n Karadi. I'm doin Masti Venkatesh Iyengar's 'Chikaveera Rajendra'. Thought of taking a break from it while Raghu called me up today for a meet up. As usual, I was ready n started by 10 minutes.

While reached bus stand, I got a message from him askin me to start 15 minutes late. As I was outa house, I replied that I would just roam around here and there till he comes. We agreed and I got a bus to Majestic.

Thought of gettin down at Guttahalli, calling Yogesh passing time till Raghu comes to Beagules. Called to his cell to find his dad answer the call askin me to call up landline. I said I'll call up but didnt as I got another call from Hemanth. By now I was at Mekhri, and the Kaveri Signal was all the way till the Gayatri Vihar entrance. I got down right there thinkin of walkin my way to Malleshwara.

Was speaking to Hemanth for 10 minutes while i had crawled 100 steps ahead of the Corporation Bank, Sadashivanagar when we ended the call agreein for a long call late at night. I cut the call to find an anonymous asking path towards Malleshwara 18th cross. I thought i got a company till 18th cross and changed my route for him.

He had come to Sadashivanagar for personal work and was heading back to his room at Dasarahalli, Peenya. On our way we spoke about each other regarding many things. He was basically from Beluru, Hassana. I was just queryin about things there and his qualification n stuff like that. We shared many of our thoughts on the city. I didnt find my way to 18th cross end so quickly. Thats what happens when you get a company. We walked around the semi-circle of Sankey Tank from Sadashivanagar to 18th Cross. I asked him more about Hassana and its near by places. According to him, even there, you find people from outside intruding. Pathetic!

We then reached the gate towards 18th Cross and bid goodbye! No phone number, no contact. It will be good only with such short encounters which makes you feel happy!

I now headed to Beagules, I took the photo of a herd of cattles you find at the 16th cross! I just find myself dumbstruck looking at them! Dunno why??!!

Came to beagules, where I always find something new or something strange (or both!!??). to my usual senses, I found a person sitting all alone and drooling! It was about 5:15 and he was drunk by that time to the fullest!

Dunno where these people live and what they do for their living! Have lots of pics of such men and will dedicate a post for them asap! Here I'm attaching the one whom I found at beagules. Pathetic guy!! Was in his own world and was not disturbing others. That was the best part! I just climbed 4 stairs above him and started waiting for Raghu n others watching some of them play Basketball in the ground!

Was watchin the matches played as always and waited for Raghu to come meanwhile, had called Raghu, Seena to come asap for which Raghu said that he is with PG and it would take 1/2 an hour for him to come! He suggested me to call Seena or Yogesh and ask them to accompany me till he comes! Which i had already done. Seena wasn't pickin up the phone and Yogi as his behaviour would take long to come to beagules from Guttahalli! (We call him Slomotion, the late lateef).

I continued watchin boys n girls busy playin basketball! I recollected that I was really bad at outdoor games and had never been to such grounds to play anything! also, in my childhood, the most popular game we used to play was Cricket, sometimes Kabaddi, Lagori, Jootaata, Kalla Police, Lock and Key, Chood Chand n stuff like that! These days such things are dissappearing quite drastically! Desi Games should be protected! Everyone is behind Globalization! They prefer playin Basketball, bowling, n other stuff!

It was 6 and there were no signs of anybody! I called some now and then to find a busy tone! 6:15, there arrived a short figure below the steps where I was sitting! Was wearing helmet, a sweater, looked similar to Daksha! Was astonished to see him come uninvited and with no clue! He looked at me! 75% of my mind confirmed me that it was Daksha, but the rest 25% was true! It was a similar figure! Here is a pic of him taken without him noticing it!

He saw me! Think even he thought that I was waiting for him! He might have mistaken me for someone he knows. He came closer, saw me and recognized that he doesn't know me and sat 5 feet away from me. Even he was waiting for somebody (Male for sure which I found out by his conversation over phone). He waited just like me calling his friends. I was happy that there are people just like me waiting for their late lateef friends who do not time themselves).

When all this happened, the lousy guy next to me was awake and was tryin to find something from his pockets. After a long search, he found a motbeedi (small beedi), lit it and was enjoyin smoking! Even the guy who sat next to me lit a cigarette and was busy smoking! I choked teice for the smoke, called up Raghu asking about his location to which he replied, he was still in Jayanagar and it would take still 15 more minutes for him to move from there! PG had a meet up with his cousin and that was delayin things. Meanwhile, Seena had called up and said that he woke up just then and he wouldn't be able to make it that day! So I asked Raghu to take his time but I would leave as it was 6:30 and he would come late! He agreed and I walked my way back to Guttahalli looking at two of my silent unknown companions for the evening that day!

You just experience such things without doing any significant thing but you feel something strange entering your mind after such incidents! It just depicts the simplicity one can find in LIFE. How beautiful would things be when things are simple right?? Think about it!

Nothin much after that! Just walked my way back to Guttahalli bus stand, took a bus without a board to find its a KSRTC bus and BMTC passes are not allowed. Got down at Kaveri signal, walked back towards Guttahalli bus stand, found another bus and headed my way back to home!
There was a satisfaction in my heart for the simple experience I had that day!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

A story that I heard from Master Hirannayya!

One day was listening to Jnaana Vani while coming back home. FYI, (Those who are not familiar with the FM Channels of Bangalore, thats a limited FM Channel in Bangalore from IGNOU to educate people. Must be 4 hrs in the morning and 4 in the evening.

It was a session with the famous dramatist Master Hirannayya! He was telling about the way he and his drama company had undergone. It was a good show and I would like to share this small story he told with all of you. Please forgive me for the non-narrative script.

One day, a Brahmana in a village had to go to a marriage wedding that was arranged in the next village. But there existed a forest in between.

He was on his way and it was a long journey by walk! He had started off late and hence, he was stuck up in the forest and lost his way. He was pretty hungry by now and was so desparate to have food.

To his fortune, after hours of search in the jungle, he found a lonely temple which was deserted of people. he wandered inside to find bhakshya bhojana near the garbhagudi.

Unable to control his hunger he lurches onto the food, stopped by a Devi (who had come to test him). She puts forth conditions to have the food.

1. The food is divided into four parts which are associated with four pillars of the temple.
2. In the first pillar, there is a baby, to have the food near that pillar, he had to kill the baby and the food would be his.
3. Coming to second pillar, there is a parasthree. ( a third female, whom he doesn't know). He had to make love to her to enjoy the food in that pillar.
4. Third pillar had beef, which is prohibited. He had to eat it to have the food alongside the third pillar.
5. Finally fourth pillar had wine, he should drink the wine to have that food.

Now, the brahmana thinks. I'm hungry. But then I wont have the food near the first pillar. Killing a baby( innocent, shishu hatye) is so cruel. I wouldn't do that!

How can i have an affair with a third female?? I wouldn't go ahead with the second pillar food either.

Gomamsa? No way! I wouldn't be a dharma bhrashta to eat beef! Hari hari! Not at all!!

The only hope I now have is the fourth pillar. Wine is not that big a problem. Even the devas have wine. Why shouldn't I at this stage?? I am starving from hunger. It has got no problems with Dharma, nowhere i've read that its prohibited to have wine. Let me have it for this day! He decides.

Now the tragedy starts.

He goes ahead, starts having wine which made him lose control over himself. After wine, losing control, he goes ahead having beef, also makes love with that anon female and in trauma, stamps over the child killing it!

Thats about the story! He had told the story explaining about how desparate is our stomach and hunger. This is one such instance. Hope you got something out of this. Comment your views on this if possible.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Gomamsa thinda prasanga!

Don't get surprised! This happened unfortunately!

This is no confession session! This happened to me without my knowledge! The co-incidence is that I'm writing this post on Gandhi Jayanthi!

Happened a year back i guess. One of our colleague had been to China to implement our product over there. While coming back, he had got lots of Chocolates. The custom was to get as many chocolates. I got many along with one that interested me most! That chocolate had no wrapper and was in a container similar to tablet container! bigger though. They contained chocolates in the shape of an elephant.

Thought it was to attract people and took it. Gulped it to find to taste it somewhat sour. It also contained some sticks! Dunno what it is! The person who had bought it didn't mention what kinda thing it was! I didnt like it and as rarely you find me spittin out I went to the restroom and spit it out into a paper n threw it onto a bin! Later i found that it was a BEEF Chocolate!

Vyaak! I felt the guilt inside me! From then on, i decided not to take any chocolates brought from outside.

I still dunno why the heck that person didn't tell me that it was beef! Its not because that Beef is prohibited that i'm regretting. Its just because i had broke a custom. I had broken the trust of my people. (No,...neither the custom nor the trust in my people, but if I dig myself i just get the picture of the calf in my native, with whom i used to spend my childhood days...its soft nature, motherly love, compassionate eyes.... and me eating its flesh? How can I?... )

Only thing that consoles me is that i did it unknowingly and I'm still regretting for that! I see many people eating Beef along with other non veg stuff like chicken, mutton, pork! (I dont want to take names of that!). They do it knowingly! Many brahmans. I really pity them! They say it tastes good! Arent they cheatin their parents or the ones who think they are still preserving what they are supposed to??

Many of my friends do take them and i dont know! Taking beef has become a passion among the youth today! Stinkin' passion!

They consider its a civilized culture to eat non veg! Thanks for the intruding Christians and muslims for that(takin beef)! Until their advent, we Indians were nowhere in such things! How can they kill such a silent creature which has taken birth to enjoy nature just like us for food??

Now you might ask me that dont you kill animals?? Yes i do not! Atleast now! I won't kill them unknowingly until they harm me! I might kill insects by using a repellant, or a cockroach, rat, and creatures like that which are causing problems like that but not something to eat!

Atleast in India, we don't need to take meat as a staple food! Might be they need to take it if they were in other country like Russia, UK, US or some other country but not India! The Indian Climate is so good not to eat meat! How did the rshi, munies survive?? Did they eat meat?

I'm no guy from PETA or any other association! Neither do i want to be a member of that! But i request you in a humble fashion to stop avoiding meat! Atleast the Brahmanas.

One more feather to add onto the Cap of BMTC!!

Look at this pic! Though it was taken from my mobile @ 7:30 late in the evening, I hope you know which place it is.

Yes! It is our BMTC, Majestic, Subhashnagara. I was amazed to see a screen probably an LCD screen( a glowing screen which you can see atop, I'll post a pic taken in daytime asap.) on the bridge connecting KSRTC and BMTC. Its a display showing ads, along with instructions to the commuters. BMTC has gone one step ahead! Such things would ease the passenger more.

Not only that! They've also installed small displays on possibly every platform in the bus stand. Now, you can watch songs even in BMTC bus stand(KSRTC had this much before, say10-15 years back)

Commuters can pass their time by watching these things instead of just waiting for the bus.

Hope they get more such ideas and make the customer more happy!

Friday, September 28, 2007

Changes in Radio Indigo

Hey there!

Anotha post abt Radio Indigo. Unfortunately, its a bit sad to daily followers of Radio Indigo. Cindu is signing off Radio Indigo as she is goin off to a long Holiday! Hope she comes back. Today was the last show on the Big Breakfast. Its time she says "So this is Goodbye!!"

Malavika would be kickin off the morning blues in Indigo. As it happened to Radio Mirchi a month ago, its happenin to Indigo now. Sakkathth Change Magaaa!

That was a pretty good show. Soon, would come up with an article containing a review of all the radio channels in Bangalore.

Thats it for this short article.


Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Mere Luck!!

Hey there!

This morning, was on my way to office. Was listening to Radio Indigo 91.9 FM. Its playing some great western music. Let it continue. It was Cindu hosting the Big Breakfast. The show was good! Playing some interesting songs while she asking questions as part of some contest or something.

Well, the first question was to coin a word for a peculiar laugh, sounded like a devil. Funny words were coined. Then came another question "Who was the first Chief Minister of Karnataka?". This was part of the BQ (Bangalore Quotient) quiz.

I recollected that its a Reddy but didnt knew his first name for that moment. I messaged a guess saying "Its a reddy for sure, Must be Chengalaraaya Reddy or K.C.Reddy" to 2919. Wasn't sure of it. I was @ Maraththalli by then. She didnt disclose the participants name neither their guesses. I thought there would be many correct answers and mine would be one among them.

By 9:30 I got down when she gave a clue that the surname of the First CM begins with an 'R'. This backed up my answer but i was waiting for the result.

By 9:45, I came to office, while she put a person on air asking for the answer for that question. Dunno the name of that person. He said its Gundu Rao which was the wrong answer. There aroused a hope in my mind that i would be the only person who guessed it right to some extent atleast. Many would have answered Kengal Hanumanthiaah remembering him for building the beautiful Vidhana Soudha. Might be many answered it that way but i was sure that it was not Kengal Hanumanthiah.

I came to my cubicle and was interested in checking my answer, googled it to find my guess 100% right. By then, I messaged Cindu back once again saying "I am dame sure, it is Chengalaraaya Reddy".

Voila! she called me! Hehe! She said that she would put me on air asking for the answer. I was pretty confident about the answer and said okay. This is the second time me coming on air, the first time was on Radio Sparsha (Worldspace). That was with RJ Shruthi on a program covering the Birthday of Dr.Rajkumar. You can find a post regarding that here.

She asked me the answer n I replied back with the correct answer. She congratulated me and said that i would get details on getting my gift later. That was fine. I was proud of my BQ. Hehe!! =)

Then I did one of the foolish thing ever. She asked me when was he elected as the CM. The line wasn't clear and i had to ask the question many a times. Once i got the question, i thought, it should have been after India went republic and so i said, was it in 1950?? How foolish of me? It was right in 1947.

Well that was fine. A cool experience barring this.

Later Uththara called me asking for my address which i provided, she said that my gift which contains a shirt from Radio Indigo and a CD. Cool! Will check out what it is! Nice to get it almost free (free except the 3 + 3 Rs for the two SMSs I sent! Shouldn't matter though!!)

Well thats it for today!

Catchya some other day!!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Mundaaysing @ the IISc

Making myself some time to blog though i've been assigned a boringly stupid task since 4 weeks.

Dont get confused looking at the title with my previous posts on IISc. This is totally different one. One much before i came to know people at IISc.

Probably this was my first time going to the Tata Book House @ IISc. It was in my 4th semester of Engineering. As few of you might know that i had topped our class in 3rd semester. The annual day was conducted in our 4th semester and we (the toppers of 3rd semester, though i hate to get recognised that way) were asked to buy books of our choice in any outlet preferrably Tata Book House(TBH). It was the idea of our then Princi Prof. Anthony Thomas to get it from TBH as he was a professor @ IISc.

Four of us were asked to get books worth Rs.500/- from our pocket and were assured to refund it back but bills were supposed to be submitted. I had to get books for another 500 more in the same scheme as i was getting 500 more from my HOD Prof. Hemavathi as I had scored the maximum marks in her subject, Logic Design. I was happy that i would be purchasing books for Rs.1000/- which would be refunded. Hehe!! First time ever.

On the eve of Annual Day, I went to TBH getting Rs.1500/- from my father. 500 extra if I found something interesting. After a long search, i finalized on four books which i remember were

1. The Complete Reference UNIX
2. Compiler Design - Aho, Ullman & Sethi

(Will update once i remember all)

On adding up the prices of the four it had come upto Rs.1000/- and odd (Might be 1026), I thought that was sufficient and asked them to bill it! Only then I came to know that they were offering 20% discount. After the rebate, it came down to Rs.876/-. I was even more happy that i could buy some more books to patch up the difference between 1000 and 876. I found another book, Discrete Mathematics by C.Liu and asked them to add it onto the bill. I had asked them to bill them seperately into two bills so that i can give one to Princi and the other to HOD. After adding another book to one of the bill, instead of going up, it came down to Rs.786/-. I couldn't get the thing properly. How can it get low?? Even the shop owner, a lady of say 45-50 then who added up manually asked me to get only 786 rupees. I was confused and paid her the amoun, took the books and was going out but my mind was all calculating how can this be possible???

I came home thinking the same. Took the bills and started tallying. It didnt take long for me to find that she had cut the discount price of the book rather than adding onto it. I felt triumph at that instant getting to know that i had saved a bit. I will be having some money with me after getting the thing re-imbursed. I was happy for that! I had narrated the whole story to my friends to get a pat on my back for my deed.

I got it re-imbursed and spent the money in a good way getting more books. But later, i felt bad for what happened. I didnt had the bills by then to make the correction rectified.

Was cribbing within for some days for this when i realised that i had my misfortune with somebody else some other day. That was her day of misfortune. And even she'll have a day of fortune. This is merely fortunate to experience such incidents. I then decided not to cheat somebody this way. I hadn't cheated her but had walked away in confusion. I must not give reasons says another part of my mind.

Everytime I go to TBH, i recollect this incident which is why I wrote this as I had been to TBH yesterday! Hope this brought some smile on your face or some serious thought!

Thats it for today! Have fun! \m/

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Real Independence on I-Day

Way back in 1992, the same day according to the English Calendar was a black day for the Karnataka Police. They had lost two of their eminent officers S.P Harikrishna and Shakeel Ahmed while trying to catch the notorious Veerappan in the Meenyam forest. Details can be obtained here.

What I am going to tell here is not related to it in any sense. It was the eve of Independence Day and Veerappan scalped two important wickets of Karnataka Police. The very next day, I had experienced the first ever death in my home.

August 15th 1992. I got up at my usual 8 o' clock. Came down to brush my teeth and perform my daily karma. I was in my 4th standard. Was getting ready to go to participate in the I-Day celebrations. Mohan Chikkappa was reading the days' newspaper and he was reading about the Veerappan news. He said that Harikrishna's body would be brought to the cemetary near dairy farm(Hebbal, pretty close to our house, 2.5 kms).

I went to bath. Mohan Chikkappa was going to wash his clothes. His habit is to listen to music and wash clothes. He had an apparatus which consists of a lengthy wire and a tape-recorder along with a flex box. He used to plug the wire on the flex box, carry it all over the open space where we wash clothes and keep the tape recorder there and play songs through tap or radio.

Bad day for him, the wire had un-noticingly dipped into the water tank beside and he had plugged it on. I was still taking my bath when i suddenly heard a sharp but short sound of pain. I thought somebody should have slipped. Suddenly(gracefully) the power went down after 5 minutes. But that was sufficient. His mother, my grandma came in search for him as she had called him and there was no reply from him. She saw him ducked in the water tank but was wondering what he was doing in there and why wasnt he replying. She went to him and shook him and was horrified when he came to her arms just like that!

She hurried and called everybody @ home. Everybody were panicking and nobody knew what to do. By the time i had finished my bath and was silently standing by the side of the hall watching the things happening around. Doc was called but were effortless. He was dead by then. There was a scar on his palm. A scar of 2 cm diameter and 1 cm deep i guess, made by the current passing through his body. Many methods were followed to save a dead man but in vain.

I can still recap each and every thing happened on that day. Some are worth not mentioning in this post (Dont ask about it). Our hotel was shut down and everybody were dumbstruck. All you could see were the weeping women, some men consoling our family members.

It was around 3 when post mortemed Chikkappa arrived home for the last time. It was reported that he was dead by accident in a current shock(which was obvious). Around four they took him to the cemetary, and was burnt again by "Electric Shock". They didnt allow me to go to cemetary thinking that i would get scared seeing things there. He had found independence on the Independance day.

When they were returning back, they saw Harikrishna coming to join Mohan Chikkappa.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Shawlalli chappali suththkond hodskond prasanga!

Hehe! You guys might be interested lookin at the header!

This is what happened to me last night! I'll brief you through what happened!

After another hectic day @ office, though i had to come to office tomorrow, i was a bit happy that i can enjoy atleast one and a half day of weekend! ( Dunno why we S/W engineers are so despo about Weekends).

Left office at 9. Was walkin lazily towards the bus stand for a 1:30 hrs of journey. A kind driver had stopped on my way (not at bus stop, half way through). As he had stopped, i boarded it just to know that i heads to Maraththalli! I thought, "Okay! Lemme go to Maraththalli and catch another bus to Hebbal". But I dunno what i felt, I got down the next stop (Bellandur) and had a masalpuri. After having it and waiting for another 10 minutes, i got a bus to Hebbal. Boarding that i dint find a seat as usual though the bus was pretty vacant to stand, i stood besides a seat and was waiting for him to get down asap.

Just two seats behind, there was an elderly gentleman, who was acting as if he is going to get down. I was reluctant to get next to him as many were standing next to him. I thought he'll get down at maraththalli and i can grab that seat.

Though i was standing, my eyes were scanning faces of people in the bus looking at their various expressions. I was eagerly waitin to see someone getting down but i saw none.

Now the same gentleman was looking at me. From my experience in travelling in Bus, he was just another person who was getting down in a stop coming next.

Come Maraththalli, he didnt get up. Many stood but, people who were next to him dint get up. I had a strong belief that he was getting the next stop. I went and stood mext to him to my stupidity.

He read my mind i guess. He looked at me.

I hesitantly asked. "Ileetheera??"(Will you get down??)

He said "I get down at K.Narayanapura, where do you get down??"

I continued "Oh Okay!"

Now begins the worst part. He said, "Guess you need a seat. I can stand, you sit" and he was about to get up.

I said "No, you please sit down"

He, "No you travel a lot, you sit." he stood up.

I dint wanted to sit but if i hadnt others would have taken that seat. I took the seat.

Gets even worse, He asked "Whats yo age??"

I was dumbstruck! Couldnt open my mouth. I couldnt have told my actual age as i would get ashamed if i would have told that! I had to answer and I thought I'll lie and said "25".

He said "I'm fifty one".

I thought i would get down! Enough is enough!! But something stopped! I dunno what!! I still curb for that!

He continued, "Dont get angry with my questions. You please sit and enjoy the ride! I'll stand! Its hardly 4 stops ahead."

Aargh!! I could stand that person! I was so ashamed!! I couldnt have dont anything other than standing. Was feelin so bad about my condition.

Thought i had to divert my thinking. I took the book i had in my bag, "The Godfather" and tried reading it! Was in no mood to read! Radio was constantly playin in my ears. Was listening to "Aa kaalada haadugalu with Gramaphone guru Sachith" on Radio Mirchi and the discussion to my bad luck was about "Telling a lie on age".

What a co-incidence!! I was just listening to radio doing nothing. Couldnt read books, couldnt message! I just couldnt do anything.

Come K.Narayanapura, he threw a smile to me and said " Barla saar??" and got down! I put a deliberate smile on my face and said "Olledu swamy".

I was lost in my own world of shame.

Thinking about it now, I feel so irritated and i now have made a resolution not to look for seats in the i did yesterday!

Just thought of sharing this with you guys!!

Monday, July 30, 2007

Meera Madhava Raghava

Had been to Meera Madhava Raaghava with Janna n Seena last Sunday and here is my short review on that.

Before all, lets list out the main guys of the film

Director - T.N.Seetharam, Gauribidanur
Hero - Digant
Heroine - Ramya a.k.a Spandana
Villain - Tilak
Music & Lyrics - Hamsalekha

Supporting actors n actresses - Babu Hirannayya, Sundar Raj, Tulasi Shivamani, Sudha Belavadi, Anand, Nanjundaswamy, Harini, Vanishri, T.N.Srinivas Murthy( Brother of T.N.Seetharam) to name a few.

This movie had great expectations and doesn't satisfy them to the extent expected. Many flaws are so glaringly visible (which is not expected from the director, T.N.Seetharam). Even Hamsalekha has lost his usual touch with music in this movie.

The story goes on like this...

Meera (Ramya), daughter of Meshtru (Babu Hirannayya, named only meshtru name not disclosed even after his death) is a karnataka shastreeya sangeeta teacher who helps her family by teaching Karnataka Sangeeta to kids around her locality. The initial scene wherein she sings a song while teaching fails to create an image of sangeeta teacher for her. Lack of concentration depicted in that scene. I started losing interest since that scene.

Enter the villain, Raghava Bharadwaj (Tilak) who comes in search for a guy who had taken loan from him and who lives in the house just in front of Meera. Forgets everything listening to Meera's song. Comes to her house listening to the song. She stops looking at him with a LONG. He asks her to sing and she sings outa fear. Meanwhile the person who had taken loan comes to his house and looking at him, Raghava's chelas belt him up black n blue. Raghava will be listening to Meera's music and he asks both of them not to utter a single word if police enquires about them. So does the police come n they lie.

Raghava bids his thanks to both of them and asks Meera what shall i present you?? Her father replies by saying that if he leaves his home, that would itself be a big gift for them. He falls in love with her but she doesnt love him. Many things happen from then, he starts following her. Asks for her ring(not a gold ring, fake one), keeps it in a golden box and gifts her a golden ring and asks her to marry him in front of her family members. Her mother lies that she's engaged.

He gets upset n warns them that he'll make a mess if this turns out to be false. Just to make this true, her parents arrage for an engagement asap with a poor chap from Mysore named Madhava (Digant). This guy is pretty fair but can still learn a lot in acting. Raghava interrupts in the engagement but Madhava agrees to marry Meera.

Marriage will get over easily. She comes to Mysore (Madhava's home). She'll be offered a contract to sing for three years to a company based in Mumbai. All arrangements will be done by the company and she'll be paid Rs 40,000 per month. Everybody in the family will be dreaming of the job in her new family but she rejects it because Madhava is not ready for a detachment of 3 years.

Meanwhile, Meera's father passes away and she comes back to her house to finish off the final rituals. She'll have a happy discussion with her husband about his needs. He is interested in doing his IAS and discusses this with his wife at that stage. Fortunately, she has her dad's house and they were about to sell it. It was a house which would easily come upto 50 lakhs. She asks for her share in dad's property and her brother denies it pledging her about his problems.

But, Madhava is all set to go to delhi, he leaves his current job as lecturer and leaves for Delhi for training. The training institute would demand 6.5 lakhs, and including all the expenses it would take 10 lakhs for his completion of IAS. She says that she'll arrange for it and he leaves for Delhi! ( The same person who was uncomfortable with his wife going to Mumbai for three years). He passes the entrance test and asks about the money. She says that it is on the way.

She then goes to her friend's dad who works for a finance company seeking loan. This has a background. Madhava's dad died because of loans. So Madhava is dead against loans. He takes a promise from Meera asking her not to take loan in any condition. She was about to break that promise for his welfare. Accidentally, the owner of her friend's dad turns out to be Raghava.

She denies taking loan from him. But looking at the critical condition, she agrees and takes 10 lakhs loan. She didnt have any security to give. So, she forges her husbands' signature as well as her signature as the proof of taking loan.

Things get more interested as time passes as she hasn't paid any interest for the loan amount. Raghava forces her to sing songs in a pub and says that that would make him get his interest. She somehow manages things and Madhava is now an IAS officer.

He comes to the same district as Raghava is currently in and takes charge. At the same time, the MLA of the constituency gets murdered. Madhava looks at things happening in his constituency and decides to bring in law and order back in the city. He finds that the single anti-social element in the district is Raghava and summons a bill against him to get out of the district.

Raghava will be planning to become the next MLA of the constituency and this summons is obstructing him from becoming that! He plays all sorts of games( To enjoy that you gotta watch the movie. Things get interesting from this point). I won't dig in more about the tricks. Will he be able to become MLA?? Will Madhava continue to be prompt to the Government?? What happens to Meera??

Interested?? Go watch the movie.

Now to the flaws to name a few.

First half of the movie is simply CRAP. It would have been easily shrinked to 15-20 minutes. This would have made the movie more interesting. Some songs could have been easily avoided specially the remix song when Meera gets an opportuniy to fly to Mumbai.

One more thing is that, the family members who were frequently shown in the first half, disappear in the second. Once Madhava becomes Deputy Commissioner, he lives only with his wife and not with his mom and siblings. (Strange eh??)

Once Meera's father dies, Madhava is not moved by it neither he attends his karmakanda. Seems so unreal. In fact, he agrees to get money from his property.

Actingwise, Tilak steals the show. He is the real hero of the film. Performs really well. Has a great future if people in Gandhinagar look upon him. Has umpteen talent. Ramya is as usual. Acts childish quite frequently. Seetharam hasn't churned much outa her. Digant is charming but there are lots to improve. Anand, Sudha Belavadi et al are okay. Mandya Ramesh has done justice to his role but could have been used better.

If you ask my views, they would have shortened the first half and made a shorter movie though effective. The film loses its charm by some of the flaws i mentioned.

Hamsalekha hasn't given his best with music. Two songs are hummable. "Vasantha Vasantha" and "Bellulli Bellulli". Expectations were more on him.

All in all, worth watching once. Try avoiding first half or take it in lighter sense. Seetharam hasn't come outa Mukta as you can see from the district name he gives. It is still "Hemagiri". You can find many mukta terms in this movie.

Coming to producers, It is being financed by some NRI's in America. They had asked Seetharam to direct one film for each of them but Seetharam agreed to direct one film for all. Movie budget is 90 lakhs as they say. The script and the presentation would have been better.

Pour in your comments.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Get ready to get fired with posts!

Am making myself free to post as much as possible from today! Will post things ( Mostly photos n stuff n my opinion on that)

This is just a caution!!

Enjoy! \m/

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Thou Shant Evangelize!!!

Well, Well, Well!!

Now i'll write about one of the things i hate to the core.

Yes! You guessed it right! Its about Evangelism!! gives "the preaching or promulgation of the gospel; the work of an evangelist" as the meaning to evangelism.

Wikipedia says "Evangelism is a Christian movement for emphasizing personal conversion and the authority of the Bible or, by extension, any other form of preaching or proselytizing." It continues... Christians often characterize evangelism as " beggar telling another beggar where to find bread." Hehe!! So cheap a comparision! Religions do exist for the sake of bread eh??

In laymans' words, Evangelism is just the process of conversion from one religion to another (strongly followed by Christians n to quite a good extent by Muslims, by force during the medieval age, (Mughals)). Forcing one to change his religion by preachin him, brainwashin him n bribing him!

Note that i'm not criticizin the whole religion here n am just expressing my views on things i hate in their rituals. I do give my reasons. You are always free to comment whatever you feel honestly. Do share yo views. Its not meant to hurt ones feelings,even in case it has hurt you, thats yo problem.

Note that they claim that Jesus had said this to their followers - 'Yo, Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you always, [even] unto the end of the world. Amen.

– Matthew 28:19,20 King James Version'

They say its their right to evangelize!

I had not bothered to know about evangelism since my engineering. Till then, i was not thinking about the society i live in to the extent i'm doin now! The first time i heard the word Evangelism was in 5th semester when one of the Microsoft's session in our college, when Mr.Kevin D'souza, .NET evangelist came to our college to evangelize us to .net. Prof.Victor, English Professor and the Principal of Degree College, Nitte, Bangalore, one of the chairperson invited to the session was surprized of the usage of the word evangelism in this context and he explained the usual n actual usage of Evangelism! Thats when i knew about it!

After the session, i recollected my sister telling me about Bhairappa's Dharmashri, I hadnt read it though i had bought the book long back. Just grabbed the book and started reading that. Boy!! How these people fool us around!! Was furiated about that aspect of Christians after reading it. Do read it when you are free. You'll get the tricks followed by them to evangelize!

After that, the major evangelist move i saw was that of stupid Benny Hinn's big programme for four day near my house! (@ Jakkur Aerodrome) I was laughing at the live telecast they were showin on TV! He was forcing people to just keep on saying Jesus! Jesus! and he will be healed! CRAP!!! What have they thought of these ignorant people! Just a move towards evangelizing 'em! They used to get such people to act and those fools would act as these idiots want and the innocent n the ignorant would believe that its true! Heck! I dont know what they get evangelizing people! (lumpsome Money?? eh??)

I forgot about that some days later till i met one in my company! He came as a tutor for a week! I refuse to disclose his full name. Lets keep it Mr.Rufus. He is a christian from Chennai! Came to our company as a Java trainer. He did his job to the required extent. Well, I have the habit of speaking to lecturers whenever possible. It was a tea break! We'd gone to the cafetaria! He was sippin his tea all alone! It was Dasara! 9th day! Aayudha Pooje! There was a procession going on the road with people dancing to the beats of thamate!

He saw that n asked "Why are they dancing??"

I replied "Its Aayudha Pooje! The 9th day of Dasara festival! They decorate their vehicles n tools they've got and worship god to keep them in good condition"

He replied "Oh yeah!"

I commited a mistake now by uttering this "Yes! Guess you guys have less number of festivals right??" I had to undergo a lecture for half an hour!

He started "You know, we dont have festivals. Its a crime to celebrate festivals! Though you say Christmas as festival, in core christianity, you dont follow any festival!"

I'm not able to recollect the exact words, but here are the excerpts i recollect from our conversation. I'll express my views inside paranthesis. I said "Is it??"

"Yes! You might have mistaken about Jesus Christ as our god! but you are wrong, Jesus is just the messenger of God! Our god is named Yehova! He is known in three forms. Father, Child or the Son and the Holy Spirit! God(Father) created the whole Universe in 6 days including Earth, solar system, all creatures, animals and man and all! ( Why didnt he mention about other galaxies??) After he created man (Adam and Eve) he let them free in Eden Gardens to just play! He said you can do what ever you want here and you are not restricted to do anything other than going to the tree of Knowledge! Even if you go there, dont ever try eating its fruit! ( Its an apple tree i guess. Now if he didnt wanted people to go there and eat, why should he have created that tree in the first place??) Adam and Eve hanged around Eden gardens but Eve was very curious(as every human being) about the tree of knowledge and she asked Adam to get the fruit from that tree! Adam initially refused but even he was curious n he got the fruit and they both ate it! They had created their first sin! God was furious about them! As part of their sin, they had their first child! From then on, human beings are creating sins after sins! A baby taking birth on earth is a sin! (Hmm!!!??) As we humans are creating sins to this extent, we'll go to hell if we dont take the side of God! God says 'Just worship me and I'll rip off all the sins you commit!' (So simple is it??)"

"Oh yeah?? How???"

"See, as i said, God has three forms(And you say god is one!! Huh!!), Father, Son and the holy spirit! Father sends his son to bear all the sins that his disciples commit! So any sin you commit n you truly believe in god, you wont get the punishment for your sins! All you need to do is believe in God and gods bears all the sins you do! God sends his own son to take the punishment of the whole set of people who believe in god!"

"What about the rest??"

"Why should he care about the rest?? They dont follow him and he is least bothered about those who dont believe in the ultimate truth!( What sort of god is he?? who cares about only those who believe in him??)

"Oho! that way?? Hmm" I said!

He continued to grind me with many more things i was totally not interested in! He explained more about Father, son and the holy spirit, the end of days, Lucifer, Armageddon n stuff like that! I was wondering why he was tellin me all this! At last after 30 minutes of boring, he said, "I stay near Frazer Town, Do come home every 12th of every month to get enlightened about the religion of Truth!(huh!!)"

I dint give a reply! I just came downstairs to attend the Aayudha Pooje in our office! I was waiting for an opportunity to get out when Deepak, our office boy called us to attend the pooje. I dint speak to him since then! Have seen him many a times since then i purposefully dont speak with him since then!

I explained it to one of my Christian friend who was close to me then, and she replied that he wouldnt have told you about such things without seeing interest in you! I had a big argument with her on this issue! I still continue such arguments with her! She wudnt find answers to such questions i ask! She just doesnt have the answer. I wouldnt like to discuss the topic of argument here as it might make some of the readers have bad opinion on me.

Since then, I am just against evangelism. Against people distributing pamplets about christianity! Muslims are no behind! I had just got a pamplet near the mosque just beside Shivajinagar Bus stand saying 'Discover Islam'!! Other than that, during the mughal rule or the bahamanis, or the ghaznis or the Ghoris or the sultans, they converted many Hindus to muslims by force! They changed the names of many cities to muslim name. Prayag became allahabad is just an example. They call their religion as the true religion and people of other religion as Kafirs. Have they seen the truth to judge people of other religion as hypocrites??

I suggest you to read 'Aavarana' by S.L.Bhairappa to get a feel for the muslim customs and their Ill treatment towards Hindus. They can follow polygamy haveing 4 wifes legally and many illegally, they can destroy temples of other religion n many other things! Shame on them! Muslim females are not supposed to show themselves to other males other than their family members. eh??

They curb if we destroy their masjid (Ayodhya, Babri Masjid), but have they forgotten that Babur constructed that masjid by destroying a temple in that place?? I am not asking for a Tit for Tat here but just bringing up the point!

I just want to bring up the point that we Hindus have never gone to anyone asking them to get converted to Hinduism! We believe in our ideologies and we never force others to follow us! Its in our blood! If they are interested in our ideology, we pose no barriers for them! We havent gone outside preaching our philosophy! Its only the outsiders coming in asking about us! We are self satisfied! Its these christian missionaries and the muslim prophets who want their religion to prosper by having more followers try evangelizing people! What do they get??

There are true believers of Christianity n Islam who wont evangelize! There are exceptions everywhere! But i'm talkin about the majority of people!

I'd like end this post with a quote by Gandhi here - "I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ."

So true!!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Most satisfied theory paper attended!

Let me go back to my engineering days!

It was my first year of Engineering. Was in my second semester. Physics cycle. Had Mechanical workshop(theory n pracs), 'tricals, physics(theory n pracs), Mathematics =), Strength Of Materials, Engineering Graphics. These were my subjects. We had some amazing lecturers! Will dedicate a seperate post for all lecturers n teachers i've encountered! Lemme finish this post.

Mechanical was handled by Sudheendra a.k.a Terminatra for his actions being so close to the robot(Sometimes, drafter in the hand like a gun! Hehe!!). SOM was handled by Anilkumar(Was supposed to be handled by Jade Dattatri of KREC, but we missed it out.) Even he was cool! PHysics was takn by Hitha Shetty n the sleepy Jyothi ma'am! Oops! Feelin sleepy takin her name on a monday afternoon(Afta lunch!). Gosh, she was so, so, so boring! Never got a single word what she taught! They say she is a Gold medallist! Aah!

Tricals was handled by ever smiling Manjula Pai! She was just finishin her portions so fast n we were not upto her pace! We sometimes dint understand something at all! I still remember gettin a 11/25 for the first time(Neva got that low!) Was afraid of gettin 15 in Tricals. Graphics was handled one and only Srikant Prabhu! I was finding no problem with him, but he was finding a lot in all of us! He used to just stare at us like anything! I was never pin-pointed though! Well thats a different case alltogether!

Now comes the favorites of all! MATHEMATICS! Aah! I'd like more of it anytime! We had Laplace Transforms, Differential Equations, Beta-Gamma Functions, bit of Vector Calculus, Infinite series also i guess! I had read most of themin my first sem hols! Finished LT in a day, Differential Eqns was just a cakewalk! Beta Gamma functions was easy according to akka. I dint try to read it. Thought i'll read it later. Was not interested in Vector n dint concentrate on that most! Had books of my sister n was just goin thru all stuff from her book.

Our second semester started! My first sem results were out! I was dejected by that! Those were the days when i was expecting much! These are the days where i dont even expect anything! Change was since my second semester. I was unhappy with my second sem results n was always feelin alone! Meanwhile, manythings had happened n i was hardly speakin to say a few (2-6) people! Thats it! Was just enjoyin classes! No pranks!! Every second i was free, i was at library! Was takin the Hefty Kreizieg, n was just reading it! Not much went in, but i was passin time like anything reading that! Was readin about things we have in that book! He was givin where exactly those things were used! I liked that part of it! Was wondering where they were applyin such things all these days n was gettin a vague idea bout things!

Meanwhile, we were attending classes from the "DM" Dhananjaya Murthy(we called him 'thaamra'). A lecturer from Shivamogga! Used to just pass time solving the problems he gave! That was cool! Math classes were just fun enjoyin! ( I recollect one of my classmates in SVVK, getting jacked by his math lecturer just fo writing MATHS is FUN on his book! Dunno why he was screwed! ). Just solving problems! That was coooooool! =)

I was just doin maths all the semester! Sometimes was concentrating on SOM! Even that was cool!

Exams came. Maths was the second last subject. Everything went good! All papers were relatively easy! We finished four theories. Left are two! Maths n Graphics. Now, i was okay with graphics. We had 2 days to read about graphics. But before that we had maths wherein we had 5 days to prepare! I was wondering what to do for 5 days?? Hadnt touched Maths since 2 months. Last time i opened the book was in my second internals where i got my average to 25 out of 25. Dint even wrote the third sessional( It was including Vector Calculus, I thought, okay! Lemme skip it! I've got 25/25). I was not prepared for vector calculus.

We had five days! I thought, lemme finish a novel i had taken up way back in my II PUC holidays. It was Parva, by S.L.Bhairappa. That was his Mahabharatha. Really a good read. Had just read some 150 pages of 500. Thought i'll finish the book n then start reading maths. It was then i realised that i have gone slow in reading. I took 4 days to complete that book! All these days, I was just readin that novel n nothing else. The next day, i thought of reading. Unfortunately, my cousins had come home since 4-5 years n i had to spend time with them. Watched the movie "Upendra" for the first time at a stretch. That was the first telecast of the movie on small screen. How could i miss it?? Enjoyed with my cousins till 8. Had my dinner n then started to brush up things in a hurry! Had lots to do. Havent even checked a single letter since two months. Just recollected the methods to solve in Laplace. Tried out some problems in Differential Equations. Dint ever tried to check out beta gamma functions. Just went thru the formulas of Vector calculus. It was 11 n i went to sleep.

Was totally afraid about the exams. Was not even knowin the basic things fully. Just brushed up more while i commuted in route 2 bus (now route 5). Came to college. Just discussed my condition with my friends. Some of them were in my condition( Dunno whether if its true!!). 5 mins before exam n i dint knew how to get prepared for the exam. Was so afraid. Anyhow, in any of the exams, i was not afraid of failing. Not even in the exam when they failed me for the first time, Thats a different story! Will blog it soon. The one n only O.S, that post must be even interesting...). I had prepared myself something that i wouldnt fail.

Enter the exam hall. That was graphics room. We were lack of rooms. We were placed in the graphics hall. Well my handwriting was bad on a flat desk. It got worse on a slanted drawing board. Got the answer sheet. Filled it up. Beside me was Vinay Kumaran is all i remember. We were given the question paper n the questions were not as what i expected. Some new kinda question. Dint find it in any text i read. I took the first problem. Tried solving it. I wasted the first page solvin it but i found that the question was itself wrong. I wrote it on the paper scratching the whole page. "Question itself is wrong". Well thats arrogant.

Forgot the format of the paper. I tried the 5 mark questions first n then went on for the 10 marks. to my surprise, i was applying techniques of Laplace Transforms in Beta Gamma functions. I had never read Beta gamma functions n i found the similarity between them, I solved all problems of Beta Gamma functions using laplace transforms. On the whole i solved problems of Laplace transforms, Differential equations, and the infinite series. Surprisingly, i had coveredfor 110 marks. I still had an hour to go n dint knew what to do. I had left out all problems in vector calculus. Had some 10 pages remaining in the answer sheet. As I have done for 100 marks, i thought of getting up n going but i dint do that. Lemme try even these problems, i thought n i tried solving them. I just applied the formulae i had read thru yesterday n voila!! I got the solution. Took 15 minutes for each vector related problem. There were 5 or 6 i guess. Attempted most. With the time i got, i was able to try only 4 i guess. I was trying the fifth n the bell rang. Supervisor just grabbed the paper.

People were going out saying that the paper was tough, but i found it so easy that i had attempted atleast for 144 marks. I had never got such satisfaction attending a paper. Just came out. I saw my friends n they said that they had done for 110-115. I had gone crazy n bluffed to all my friends that i could attempt only for 75-80 marks. They said that they found the paper was so easy! I explained that i wasnt prepared n i wasted my time like anything.

It was over. We headed for the bus. I just told srikanth, the only person i was close in those days that the paper was good n if i dont get a minimum of 85, the evaluator doesnt know how to correct.

Graphics exam got over. I found it pretty difficult. Now came the holidays. We enjoyed a months' vacation. Then came third semester. 1st September, 2002. We had planned that we will boycott the uniform in the college! (uniforms in college??? Nah!!). I purposefully was not wearing uniform, i thought that everybody will not wear uniforms. But for my surprize, except three(including me) everybody were wearing uniforms. No unity. We went to college n our than princi, Anthony Thomas, Professor @ IISc, was unhappy with us. He threw us out for the day warning us that we should wear uniforms. I started for home cursing all my classmates n collegemates who promised of not wearing uniforms.

The next day, 2nd of September, 2002(dunno how these dates remain in my mind! They are just in some location in my mind n the de-allocator is not called on those locations hehe!!), I came to college wearing the uniform tucking out as a protest against wearing uniforms. Was climbing the stairs n DM asked me about how i did in my maths exams?? I said, okay! not bad! It was okay! "I had attended for say 120" I said. Then i asked why?? He said "No no! Leave it!" and he went.

I was indifferent. Went to class to find that the results are getting announced on that day. I knew that it would be a repetition of the first sem results. By that time, i had attained nirvana about marks. I was not expecting anything. Guess it was third period. Principal, HOD of CS Dept, Hemavathi ma'am, n our SOM lecturer Anil Kumar came to our room with the results sheet. They were about to announce. They were pretty happy with our results. They said there is a special attraction in the results of our class and they'll let us know about it later. First they announced the leaders. I stood nowhere in the top 5 i guess. I dint feel anything. Then, Ma'am announced that somebody in our class has got 100 out of 100 in our class and that is Sandesh Karanth. Hehe! I was not at all expecting that. Everyone was so surprised about that!! Ours was the first batch in the college n i was the first person to get a 100 in any subject in the history of our college. I couldnt believe it! Just couldnt believe it! I was congratulated by one n all for that n i felt happy! Just recollecting that moment. Still makes me feel so happy about that.

I was greeted by people whom i didnt knew! Those who had ego problems with me. I was surprised by such things. Some people who knew me(from other class) came to my class asking who is sandesh karanth?? they knew me without knowing my name! hehe! It all happened! I was not that happier even when i stood first in my third semester. They said that in the whole university, only 8 had got 100/100 n i was one among them! I felt "Coooooooooool"!!!

Still if i recollect those things, i feel so happy! That gave me a seperate recognition in the college. Even now, if i go to college, people treat me remembering that incident.

This remains the dream paper attended by me! I value it so much not becoz i scored a hundred in that! Its 'coz i attended a paper without any preparation and got the satisfaction of attending an exam. This will remain THE PAPER in my life.

Just thought of sharing this in blog!

As always, do post yo comments. Will blog more frequently making time fo it!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A terrible day to blog about...

Hey All!

Well, I could have given a better title to this post but am not able to think of one! It comes under many categories! I've already given some 4-5 titles and am not satisfied! Dunno whether i'll change it further! Lets see!

Meanwhile, if you are tryin to find some posts in my Kannada blog, you can't find any( Its still waiting for its 100th post to be completed! Have many things to blog in that! Dunno what to chose for the 100th post! Its not as a milestone as such, but still, dunno why i'm delayin a post in that blog!). Will blog something interesting in that as soon as possible.

Had got some amazing replies for my previous post in this blog(Both as comments as well as personal opinions outside blog)! Really feel happy about it! It was a nice incident. Do keep commenting.

Dont blame about this Loooooooooooooooooong post! It gets interesting by the end!

Lemme tell ya about the incident on which i'm bloggin now! It was a sunday evening, 4-5 weeks ago, at around 9:30 pm. It was another sunday where i was wondering what to do?? Those were the days where i was not interested in reading, blogging, doing some creative work(Nah!)! You couldnt find me @ home, even if you did, you'd probably seen me messaging, messagin n messaging! Those were the days i was totally behind messaging forwards,( My record is say 1827 messages a day, which i havent thought of breaking yet! Will do it in the near future! =) ). All my friends were busy! Some were at their office( poor guys), some had some function to attend, some had to get prepared fo some interviews! They had their own reasons! I was even fed up of messaging that day, i had messaged some 1200 messages that day, got bored n thought that i'll just roam around somewhere ( unknown destination) for sometime!

I had my lunch, set myself ready for the destination! Had met an orkut friend who was forcing me to meet ( dunno why?? that was the first as well as last time i met that person!) Forget about that! Thats anotha long story! Will post it some other day with a different title n a label!

That was in Barista, Church Street! It got over by 5:30. After that, i headed myself towards Shivajinagar bus stand wondering where to go! Came to Shivajinagar! I had seen in the newspaper that there is a concert by Hamsalekha in National College Ground! Thought i'll go there! Just saw a bus with a board to Jayanagar n boarded that!

Alas! For my bad luck, no buses were going via Indian Express but were taking a different route ( via Commercial Street), reason being a procession from the muslims on behalf of some festival. They were having a procession in all major roads of Bangalore! I thought okay! Since long I hadnt been to commercial street, will have a beat around it! anyhow, the concert was supposed to get started by 6, there would be stupid speeches from some idiotic politician!! I'll go late so that i'll be in time for the concert!

The bus crossed Commercial street, i thought it'll take a turn towards Ulsoor but it took exactly the opposite direction! I was wondering why would a Jayanagar bus go via that road?? Its totally in the opposite direction! He passed Kamaraja road( where i saw more Kaat(tamilian) sayings, something about thiruvalluvar, his works n crap! What has it gotta do in Bangalore?? Huh! Will write more about it in my Kannada blog! I thought it would take a different route ( preferably a shorter one, hehe! which i dont know =( ).

Meanwhile, things had gone wrong! We were affected by procession on our way, delayin things, along with two filthy passengers havin a hot chat with the conductor regarding ticket, They were drunk by 5:45! phew! Dunno where these people come from! They had one pass and were arguin with conductorto allow them both! Conductor was new n was unable to handle the situation so were the people around as they were not ready to make their hands dirty with the drunk ( Including me, i was in a different mood, thinking about the stupid kaat writing!) They were cursin like anythin! Conductor asked them to get down but they refused! This went on and on and on.......

This went on till we reached B.R.Ambedkar Road, Frazer Town. I was wondering why the heck was this bus goin towards Frazer Town when i realised that this stupid conductor had changed the board! Yappa! That was a bus to Kammanahalli i guess! Now i was cursin my bad luck when these drunken monkeys started smoking and lying down in the back seat! Got Irritated with things goin around n got down in the next stop! It was somewhere in the ambedkar road in filthy frazer town! A narrow road breadin a vomitin smell! Had to get outa that place asap! Just crossed the road, boarded a bus to shivajinagar on spot, thanks to traffic created by the procession! Was headin to Shivajinagar! He went via Kamaraja Road, Coles park, Queens Road and Indian Express!

Got down @ Indian Express! Meanwhile, the procession had moved away from Indian Express! I dropped my plan to Jayanagar, thought i'll watch some movie in Majestic! Was waiting for a bus! Dint get a bus to Majestic or Market! Got one after 15 minutes! To market! Thought i'll get down in Corporation n head towards Majestic!

Got down @ Corporation! Saw a huge procession near Nrupatunga Road, heading towards Majestic! Thought i'd betta change my plans! It was 6:45! I made up my mind not to go to Majestic! Got a bus to Market! Thought i'll go to the concert again! Took the bus! My bad luck continued! There was a procession near Town Hall Circle (Huh!) DAMN THIS PROCESSION!!! Somehow reached Market by 7:15!

Thought there'd be no procession near Basavanagudi n nearby area! Took a bus to Banashankari n got down at Chamarajpete! Thought i'll walk my way till National College Grounds). Went there by 7:45! It was a huge crowd! The speech was still goin on! Dunno when the program would start! Waited there for some 15 minutes! There were no signs of the concert to start! Forget it! I'll head home! I thought that way and started myself towards Ramakrishna Ashrama.

Now a thought came to me, why shouldnt i call Seena n just meet him?? Well thats a good idea! Called him up! First time for the day, for my good luck, he was just in Basavanagudi, just a few streets ahead of me! We decided upon a place n met! Went to Vishweshwarapura's Food Street, had some junk, strolled a bit in Sajjan Rao Circle, chatted all the way( obviously! ) n headed back to basavanagudi! I went to Ramakrishna Ashrama while he headed towards Channammanakere Achchukattu!

Now comes the interesting part of the story!

Just took a bus to market! Was messaging all my way! The bus was vacant! Nobody was sitting beside me! I was happy about that! Now, a person boarded a bus in Chamarajapete! Sat next to me! I continued messaging while he was starin @ me doin that. Big Deal! I kept on messaging! We were about to reach market! Near Kote Maidana (Fort ground), he started a chat with me n there started another irritation for me! Conversation goes....(Ofcourse, translated from Kannada to English)

He asked "New mobile or what?? Looks pretty attractive!"

"Nope, its almost 1.75 years old!"

"Oh yeah! Good maintainence"


"BTW, what are you doing??"

I got irritated, controlled myself n answered " Am a software engineer, working at Subex Azure"

"Cool! Since when??"

"one and a half years! what are you doing??"

"Am working as a lineman in doddaballapura!"

"Okay! Good to meet you! I'll get down, have to take a different route!"

"Where do you stay??"

"Byatarayanapura, near yelahanka!"

When all this happened, i hadnt observed him much! He was more of a villager! Working in a town! Thought he's not a guy who tries to cheat or do harm! No harm in talkin to him! He got down along with me n we started walkin towards Market from Vanivilas! when suddenly he asked - "Are you a gangadaki gowda??"

(Dunno whether its gangadaki or somethin else, sounds similar)

I was astonished! How can anyone ask such a question to a perfect stranger! I excused him once more and answered "No! We are Brahmanas"

"Oh! Okay! do you know anyone who belong to that community??"

I desperately wanted to escape from this person! Damn him and his questions! "Nope! I dont know anyone one! In fact, i havent heard of that community and you are the first person of that community i'm speakin with!"

"No, the matter is i'm planning to get married and am searching for a gangadaki female, so, if you know anyone of that cast, you may tell me as well so that i can go ahead!"

CRAP!! Am i a marriage broker?? Do i look like one?? What does he think of me?? "No boss! I dont know anyone of that community n its gettin late! I have to go! Bye"

"Hello, just wait a second, listen to me, first of all, tell me yo name".

"Sandesh Karanth. Yours??"

"Giridhar! Gimme yo mobile number"

Now that was not the thing i expected from a stranger! But he has seen me with my cell! It would be nice not to give my number n i asked for his number.

"Its 9......... Gimme a missed call!" (Will disclose it at the end! If you know any gangadaki gowdas, you can give the details to that number!)

Unwillingly i gave a missed call! He got it!

Then he started to chat like anything! He was new to Bangalore, he told me about his job, he is a mysorean, spent most of his education in Mangalore! He knows Tulu! He recollected my name( caught Karanth) and asked you are from Mangalore?? I said no, I'm from Kota, Kundapura!

"Oh! You know Tulu?? I know Tulu very well! Yaan mangalooralle odiddu! ( Tulu mixed with Kannada )"

"Nope! You cant find tulu in Kundapura! Its a different accent of Kannada spoken over there!"

He gave me more details about him! He studied in Mangalore where he got a true blue friend (Rohit i guess is his name), he spoke abt Rohit n his family! His good deeds, They were close friends. They would share everything n all crap! Rohit is a rich guy! They have an estate! But the good part is all members of his family are unegoistic! He told me all crap about his friend n stuff! He's got a brother n he's finished his reading n is posted somewhere else! Both of them are under electricity dept! His parents are poor n he had to take control of the family n lead!

I now had a soft corner for this guy! We reached bus stand by now and were waiting for a bus towards Yelahanka! He had to go to Upparpete police station and talk to his uncle! He would go to his house in Jayanagara and the next morning to work! He didnt knew which bus to take as he was new to Bangalore!

I said fine! I'll tell you the route! Its on my way! Get down at majestic and i'll tell you the route!

We waited in the bus stand! Now comes the turning point! He said,

"You see, i am not well versed in operating a mobile! could you please store you number in my mobile??"

Now, the cunning fox inside me came into picture! I got his cell! Checked the called list! Went to Missed calls list! Checked that mine was the first number! I was simultaneously speaking to him, pretending to store my number! Just deleted my number from missed call list! Next number was also not stored! I stored that number in my name in his cell and gave it back to him! Pooooof! I felt a sudden loss of weight from my head! Was happy at that instant doin that!

He went on chatting with me! We got a bus now, he chatted all the way! He asked about my details. I had given him wrong details purposefully! He then discussed about his plans in work, his future goals n stuff like that! He used to say some tulu dialogs in between( i dint understand even a single bit of it). He was trying to impress me that he was close to my culture! He thought that even Kundapura people spoke Tulu! I waved my head to his tunes! At last after 1/2 an hour, (thanks to Traffic Jams in K.G.Road) we reached majestic! He asked me to keep in contact! Be my friend!

I was laughing inside and said "Okay! Bye..."

Once he left, I was feelin happy for what i did! Reached home! Discussed 'bout this with my dad n laughed out loud! But after sometime, i felt the guilt inside me rising! I shouldnt have done that! He believed in me! I had cheated his trust!

After this, i was feeling like have i started to fool around people??

Have similar incidents of foolin people n will post about that soon!

Hope this post kept you busy fo sometime! Sorry for the yawnin lengthy post!

See you till i post one again!


Monday, April 23, 2007

Just can't forget this!

Long time! no blog!

Though i had many topics to blog on, i even encountered many problems also! Unfortunately i couldnt give prominence to blog, n had to concentrate on work! Cant help it!

Here I am, once again, to blog with a topic which has made me to blog even though i have lots to do at office! I am so waiting to blog it out! Cant keep it any longer within me!

Had been to mysore last friday once again! Though i had promised that i would blog my first trip to mysore, i couldnt coz of the same reasons!

I wouldnt blog on my whole trip to mysore! It would be a huge post! ( Will blog it as soon as possible, making time ), These days i'm not blogging much frequently! Just posting once in a month which i feel is very bad! I had some mails n scraps from my friends asking me to blog! I would reply that i will blog and never made up my mind to blog! But not today! I am waiting to blog! Just chuck the thing outa my mind! Dunno how you take it but here it goes... Do post comments if you have any!

As I had said previously, had been to mysore bunking office! ( At last! Feelin happy like a baby fo that! ) That was one of the trip i'll never forget! Though many of my friends couldnt make it, me, Raghu n Prashanth went to mysore to meet Sucheet! Will blog more about it! Had loads of fun!

Coming to the bloggin topic, we had been to Kalidasa rasthe(K.D.Road) near gokula! Thats equivalent to brigades of Bangalore according to many mysoreans! Its just an adda for many young teenagers n students! We went there just to pass time till 9 as we had planned to go to Chamundi betta after that! (Everytime i stayed in mysore, i never missed a beat to chamundi hills during night! Its really awesome at that time! Try it out to get a feel for it! Thanks to Sucheet n all the members of Kopple gang! (Shukla, Pavan, Preetham, Prashant, Santosh, et al) Though the bad thing is i have never been to the temple atop! :-( ) Its hardly a kilometer away from Sucheet's room!

Just got down after parking the car in front of HSBC bank! The tradition in our gang is to just watch babes ( as they call it! ) though i was not interested in such things! Its not that our gang was bad! They had no bad intentions n were just coming to pass time! We were just strollin ( just some 10 - 20 stepsahead of the parkin lot! ). Dusk! Around 6:30! All we saw were the faded images in the setting sun and the dim street lights just lightened up! Now, we saw a female walkin with her mom! Decent, elegant, un-egoistic, well dressed! Add on as many adjectives as you want! ( I hardly use such adjectives as they are relative! You might not see me using them, but i dont know, i somehow feel like using it! ) I somehow got interested as others and just looked at her! Everybodywere just watching her! Now comes the best part! She saw us staring at her! She just looked at me n just smiled! A plain, pure, friendly smile! Now that was not even the last thing I expected from her! I smiled back in same fashion! she walked away n I took my way!

This is all that happened! But I couldnt keep quiet! I kept on analysing it! Of all the anonymous females i've seen, that too of my age none of them had smiled at me for the first time! A girl with her mom beside, givin a smile of contention to an anon male of her own age is not something I had ever seen and expected! I was impressed by the way things happened! Hats off to her parents n the way they brought her up! Throwing a smile for a smile! What a good way to communicate! ( may be I'm elaborating too much here, but I'm feelin like writing more n more about it! ). Every female i accidentally stare while walking, commuting in bus, or whatever, used to just curse, take a different route or take scope ( in local slang! hehe!! ), feel shy (orthodox females) or do something other than smiling back! This was probably the first such incident with an anonymous female! That might be the reason for my happiness! I had many such experiences with males (now one of my best friends).

Though we had communicated just less than 5 seconds, she had left an un-erasable impression on me! (Not the ugly thought what you are thinking! I liked her attitude! I consider her one of my good n best friend from whom i learnt a very good part of life! ). I dont know her name, neither any details about her!
( I dont care to know! ) but I feel so elated just by thinking about her! You feel so good! You need to experience such a thing by yourself to get the feel for it! I just cant come outa it! She had given me something I'll never forget!

My friends, if they look at this post will add on another name into their teasing list! Hehe! Big deal! Let them! I always liked them teasing me! I dont know what name they give! Some have already started teasing( looking at my gmail caption)!

I just ask one question to all of them! "Cant there be any other relationship between a male n a female other than love???" This is just one such relationship which i consider is pure, unselfish friendship!

No matter what, this will be one of the things I'll ever remember in my life! This post is dedicated to her!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Travelled in Volvo fo the first tyme!

Hehe! These days i'm able to make time for blogging more frequently! Came home a bit early!

Yesterday, Jagga hadnt finished his work completely n hence he asked me whether we can leave fo office early the next day! I was not willing to go that early! I asked him to leave early! I'll not be joining him! "By chance if i get ready early tomorrow, i'll be coming with you, or else, you leave early! I'll come late by bus!"

He said okay and left! I came home! Had my food n was feeling sleepy! Aaah! Such a nice nap! I woke up by 8 when my parents had arrived attending a upanayana in Kota! I then remembered that i need to go by bus! I got ready by 8:45! Was at the bus stand by 8:50!

I was planning to take a daily pass as i usually do when i travel by bus! By looking at Volvo, I decided that lemme try volvo atleast for once! So i dropped the idea of taking a daily pass! Boarded the volvo! It had been 2 weeks since volvo had been introduced in our route! (Majestic - Yelahanka). One thing! The tickets are costlier! They cost you thrice the amount as in a normal BMTC bus! I just sat in the bus! Was enjoyin the cosy environment! By the time i reached Kodigehalli gate, the conductor had come, i took a ticket for Majestic! It costs me 30 bucks! ( 3 x 9 = 27, three rupees more than the usual fare in red- board!)

There were hardly 12 people! I took my usual window seat at the back! It was awesome! On full AC(Though i prefer normal temperature, i liked the AC in the bus!). Radio in the background! The bus mostly vacant for the whole journey, and a book in hand (Few are grumbling! Why does this guy takes a book wherever he goes??) I was happy for that! Enjoyed my full journey! Boarded the bus at 9:00 AM and enjoyed the travel like anything! Was at Majestic by 9:35! (Wow!! Thats cool! It would have been atleast 9:45 - 10:00 if i had taken a normal bus)!! I thought cool!

Though the fare is way too costly, the feel it gives is much more satisfying! Its good to commute in a volvo bus atleast once getting that facility! The ride is really awesome! You wont feel any discomfort! I bet you'll surely enjoy the ride! Even if you are standing!

Had just heard of the comfort in a volvo! Experienced it for the first time! Go for it when you feel like! Dont care for the money! Paying it for once is worth!

Monday, February 26, 2007

The dream that i cant forget!

I'm sittin on the scooter in front of my house riding! My friend, Ashoka on the pillion seat as a traveller! We are playing a game where i'm the bus driver and he is the passenger! After a round, i'll be the pillion rider and he'll be the rider! Simple game!

Ours was a Gang of Six during sundays! Me, my sister(Shubha), My cousins Chaitanya n Chinmaya and our neighbours Deepak a.k.a deepu and Ashok casually called ashoka! Once sunday comes we used to meet n play things like cricket, lock n key, Eye Spies(previously mis-understood as ice pies! Hehe! =D ) or some other game! We used to have pure, genuine fun every week! (gone are those days in midst of this corporate Shit). Cant help it! You need to pass all stages!

It was a gang of four on the days we had school! My cousins were stayin @ Hebbal n were meeting us only during holidays! Me, Akka, Deepu n Ashoka! We were finishing our homework as early as possible and were off to play! Somedays where we had a more of homework, we used to play first and then do our homework! Will blog more on my childhood days more often!

That day when ashoka n i were playin, akka hadnt come from school yet! She had an extra class to attend and Deepu wasnt home yet! Dunno why??!!

So, myself n ashoka started to play "Bus aata". I was riding the parked scooter making sounds "Brum brum burrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" and was involved in the play when suddenly a gurkha from nowhere entered! All these days, gurkhas were just roaming here n there just to maintain things n i was wondering why he entered our house??

While i was thinking this, he came to us and clutched our neck! He grabbed my neck while he was about to catch ashoka's neck, he just escaped from it by a fraction of a second! He started running! But i was still gasping! He had a perfect grip on my neck! I was not able to move! Forget moving, i was not able to take my breath! I was struggling like hell! Was tryin to scream but couldnt! Even though my instincts took control of my body, it was of no use!

I dont know what was his purpose! To my surprise nobody is there in the vicinity! None of my family members were there! Even this ashoka dint come to me or bring in anyone! I was feeling that i would die! Was studying first standard i guess! Couldn't think of any such thing at that stage! I was literally gasping for breath!

It was 6:30 a.m! Appa and amma were already awake and were watchin me holdin my throat and tryin to scream! They were not knowin what was happening to their kid! I was struggling to take my breath on bed! Suddenly Appa just shook me off and i was outa my dream!

Aaah! What a sigh of relief! It was just a dream! But still i was horrified by that! Appa amma started asking questions as to what happed to me?? Why was i so scared?? I explained them the whole thing and they consoled me! "Lo! Eno neenu?? Kansigella heeg hedrkotheeyallo?? Hedrpukla!" (For english readers, Hey! Why do you get so scared of dreams??) was the reply from my sister! Finally i was alright!

That was the only dream i remember having and couldnt ever forget! I wrote reading a post on Shruthi's blog!

Now for the tagging part! I ask these people to write on dreams!

1.Shrinidhi, as his views are good to read!
2.Donald, for his wierd dreams!
3.Srinivas, dunno why! Tagging just for the purpose of tagging
4.Tejus, he is a dreamer!
5.Akshay, for his sarcastic views!

Though all dream while sleeping, i wont get any dream(rather i dont remember or whatever!). It might be because i wont compromise my sleep with my engagement! I sleep to the fullest! Let us see who all will continue this tagging thing!

Sso long till i post on another topic!