Friday, December 21, 2007

Is it the good old college days???

When I look at many of my friends album on social network sites like orkut, I see people attach their photos of college along with their friends and say "The good old college days!"

Huh! Whats the whole point in sayin that n not making a point to meet your collegemates at regular intervals?

Many of my friends, looking at some of my posts comment that "Maga! You made me recollect my college days!" I never feel like mentioning that coz I dont find any difference between my college days and these days where I'm working. ( Apart from the work (pathetic thing i do almost every weekday, sometimes even on weekend!) Hmph!)

I regularly meet my friends just like any other daily routine. Some of them, I meet almost everyday. Some of them once in a fortnight n some other lazy guys atleast once in a month. There are also friends whom i never meet because of their ego problems. Its not that I don't want to meet them. Its THEIR problem.

But still I almost remember them everyday. Its like what they call "Praathah smaraneeyaru" (Those who are supposed to be remembered once you get up!) I recollect atleast 6-8 of my friends everyday whom I'm in contact every week. I dont want to take names.

Even if I purposefully ask them about this, most of them reply saying, "Magaa! We've got lotsa work @ office! No time for friends! It would be great once we reach home asap. Whenever we egt some time, we wish to sleep!" Hmm! No comments on this.

So, the whole point is,

There is no sense in posting in a blog with a pic of their college n mates n say my good old college days. Neither in any social networking site. It should be in your soul to remember those who made your life worth living. ( Now don't bring in philosophy by sayin why should be life worth living always! I want this post to be lite! No philosophy intended. Will write about philosophy when i feel like. I belong to the same category if you are thinking in this direction)

Keep visiting your friends whenever you get some free time. Or rather make some time for your friends. I'm not asking you to reject all your work and compulsorily meet your friends. If you think you really are busy make a point to call 'em n discuss casually about some stupid stuff for atleast 5 minutes. You'll find the difference in you as well as your friend. He'll really feel good about your friends. (Though there might be friends who will be close even when they do not meet for years. Not many are like that.) You'll feel relieved and will be able to finish your work much better. Try it out!


i 7 said...

oLLe suggestion syaa, implement maadbedku asap. dengya for the suggestion.

KbHbEjTi said...

Some times I feel you have written exactly what I think about it!

Sandesh said...

@ i7 - nodu siva! ninge goththaagaththe!

@kbhbejti - frequency matcha?? hehe! Good to know abt it. The writer feels good when he gets such comments. Keep commenting n posting something in your blog too.