Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Should one hate a professional for his personal life?

I guess we all have atleast seen one such scenario in our life. Let me explain you a general scenario.

He is a gem in his profession. Trekked all the pathways in his work and he is kinda walking encyclopedia to all when it comes to job. Any task given to him is completed elegantly in a best possible way. But when it comes to his personal life, he is simply disastrous. Reasons various.

Now, should one hate that person for his personal life or like/treat him normally for the genius in him?

This is a dilemma.

There is a huge list for this. All I can list is what I remember.

1. Dr. Rajkumar and Leelavathi issue. (the only scar on Dr. Raj)
2. Pt. Ravishankar and his affair with Ms. Jones in US
3. Elton John and his homosexual activities (I am not pro-Elton John, I don't like his music. This entry is just for the sake of it)
4. New Addition, Tiger Woods and his mistresses.

This list can go on n on as always. The reason for me to write this particular post is the 4th one on that list.

I need not touch upon the issue of Tiger Woods, most of you know it. Now that his wife is busy consulting her lawyer for a divorce, the issue has become stark naked in front of everyone.

Yes, Mr. TW had many mistresses. Thats his fault. Agreed. Thanks for the media and the internet to make it big. But isnt it harsh that this forced a golf Pro like him to take a long break from the game? Lets be neutral and think about this issue.

Some points that come to my mind are:

1. Don't we have enough people who're famous and have umpteen affairs?

2. Did his affairs affect directly/partially to his game?

3. Should this force all his endorsers to take a step back, stop endorsing?

Lets answer these questions one by one.

1. Don't we have enough people who're famous and have umpteen affairs?: We've many. Some are listed in the above list. To name a few more, we've  the cricket great, leg spinner,  Shane Warne, who was famous for two reasons. One for his spectacular spin bowling. No cricket fan forgets the golden ball or the ball of the century by him, which was wide but took the English batsmen (Gooch or Gatting, don't remember though) wicket. The other reason being his affairs. He was in the middle of one or the other affairs. Many bans were on him for participating in these affairs. He would have scalped 1000 or more test wickets if he were not to get involved in such affairs. We have more to add to the list. Take any hollywood/bollywood actors who are in one or the other affair anytime of the year.

2. Did his affairs affect directly/partially to his game?: Might be. This might have given a positive enthusiasm in playing. It might not be the case, that if he is not involved in such affairs, he couldn't play. This might have worked as a catalyst probably.

3. Should this force all his endorsers to take a step back, stop endorsing?: The endorsers have to think about it in a much serious way. Why did they endorse him? Was it because he was a nobel human or for he was a Golf Pro? If it was for the former, they've every right to take back. But most of them did this for the latter reason. I'm not saying that they need to continue the endorsement, but if they were really endorsing, they should've enquired about his social life much before they took the decision. News of these kinds will be prevalent in the small circle much before they become public. Who knows?? these endorsers would've signed the contract knowing it all, but for publicity sake. I consider this a bit unfair.

Then, what should one do in such a scenario?

1. People should stop making stories building upon those read in the newspaper. Almost all know about it and making up stories is just worsening things up for the victim. Some of those stories might be true but still, its harsh on the victim to spread those.

2. The victim should keep his cool, stay calm as much as possible. Time is the healing factor. Even after that, people do comment on this issue in his presence. All he can/should do is to ignore.

3. Media, stop adding fuel.

Its not that I'm a Tiger Woods fan and I'm writing this post. Yeah I do love watching him play golf. They say hes only second next to Jack Nicklaus. I can't comment on that coz I havent watched much of golf.

Its not that everybody are innocent. There are some criminals who gotta be punished. hat I feel in case of Mr. TW is that he should be given another chance.

Everybody has to be punished for their wrong deeds and I guess everybody will follow his karma. Nobody can stop it. I do support any legal action taken against him but I see something adverse goin on  and hence this post. Everybody should be given an opportunity to set things right.

To give you all an instance of the chance given, I'd like to give the example of Dr. Raj. Agreed that his affair with Leelavathi was unfair. But the good thing he/Parvathamma did was to let their children enter the film industry only after getting married. This has to be appreciated. Hopefully, I'll comeup with a blog post on Rajkumar on my Kannada blog.

It shouldn't be like 'Once a thief, always a thief', but unfortunately that the case in the real world. Lets hope things change. And for Tiger Woods, lets hope he comes back with flying colors.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Jesus in India? A movie on that?

Just saw it in today's newspaper, Deccan Herald, Page 11, Inquirer column. To be honest, I was irritated.

How many hoaxes do these western people create? The heading says "There is almost no doubt Jesus spent some time in India", and the article provides no proof of the above statement. The article is about a producer, Kent Walwin (never heard of his name till date, IMDb though provides me the details that he has produced 19 movies and has written two plays, though the article says that he has made around 70 films?!). Well and good.

This producer, is now interested in making his most important movie which would explore if Jesus Christ spent his mythical 18 missing years in India!!??

Let me list some of the rumours connecting Jesus and India.

1. Jesus visited India and Tibet, served as a student as well as a teacher here and then returned back to Nazareth.

2. Jesus's body is buried somewhere in India.

3. Jesus will take his re-birth again in India.

(These are the major ones I accustomed, there may be many more...)

Googling more on the key 'Jesus in India' would provide you more results. I dont want to list them here. do it if you're interested. By the search I conducted, you get mixed responses. Some say yes, many say no.

According to a site I visited, it says that in 1894, some Russian Nicolas Notovitch, visited India and Tibet, broke his leg which made him stay long here. During this period, he found ancient records about a St. Issa (who turns out to be Christ), who studied and taught people over there. He took a copy those records in his journal,  back to the West, as a proof to the expected controversy. It also says that it was also accepted by his skeptics... blah blah blah... Read the article if interested. It also calls him the Buddha.

Many other pages I visited (which deny the above statement) try to criticize Vedic philosophy on this topic rather than negating Jesus's visit to India.

Now, let me write my opinion on this.


1. I'm assuming that Jesus had existed, for some may argue on the contrary. I havent done much of research on that perspective. (Son of a virgin lady? One of my basic doubts... Sorry, I don't believe in miracles) But from the debate's perspective, lets assume he had existed.

2. I havent read the Bible but a few parts are brought to my notice, thanks to the Evangelists. I can't quote anything from it.

Of all the pages I read regarding this, they say that there were something called as missing years in Jesus's life. Since he was 13 till he completed 29, there is no record of where he was in those days.

If we consider him coming to India, that would have taken long. Coming all the way from Israel to India when you're 12 in those days where you didn't have flights? hmm! Assuming he had travelled that far. What made him travel? Why did he? For how he knew there was a country called India which is spiritually rich? (accepted by Mr. KW)

Okay, he came. They say, he learned what they called Indian philosophy, He became a teacher too. (Teaching Indian philosophy) Umm, Thats great. But didn't he teach something else back in Israel?

I know no details other than the above mentioned paragraph. Now the question thats hitting me is that after learning so much in India, why did he return back to Nazareth? Geographically if you consider, India, (Kashmir, Ladakh to be specific,) was a heaven when you consider Jerusalem. Okay let us assume, he wanted to teach what he had learnt here to his people over there. Again the same question, did he teach exactly Indian principles?

If he had visited, there should be some more documents referring him say like some pandit in a King's regime, some kind of Sthala Purana, anything. We see no major thing coz if it did existed, it should have been know by now due to the excavation conducted.

Here are some questions I'd like to ask.

1. Why did all of a sudden, people started linking Jesus to India?
2. What is the Pope's stand towards this?
3. What does the Bible say about the missing years as said by Kent Walwin?

My view for the above questions are as follows,

Christianity is suffering a blow in the West, specially in Europe by Islam as India is suffering from blows by both of these cemetic religions(Christianity & Islam) here in India.

People say that in near future, Europe will be named Eurabia as muslims are densly multiplyin in Europe. Due to the intrusion of Islam in Europe, the Christian leaders are trying to find new land for its new Vatican City and they're eyeing India as the prominent destination.

Thanks to the current Indian Politics, which is held by an Italian Lady, well supported by her two kids and the rubber stamp along with a heard of sheeps. Need more proof regarding this? What happened once Congress came to power in 2004? Evangelism was accelerated. Missionaries from all over the world started coming to India. You all remember that stupid Benny Hinn's visit to Bangalore at the Jakkur Aerodrome. Boy! what a mess it was?

Our government lauds the Pope who visits India, vows that he shall make India a complete Christian Nation. Duh! What a pity????

Missionaries started camping allover the country. Where else? At the base of Tirupati, thanks for the late converted Christian CM, YSR (remembering whom, the whole AP cries crocodile tears) Duh!

We were trekking in Nagamale, Male Mahadeshwara hills a year back, to find the hilly area evangelized to a great extent. Cel location indicator on my CellPhone was saying we're at 'Kristarajapuram' (imitating krishnarajapura?) while we were trekking, a few kids of age not crossing 10, came to us begging for money who refused the food we gave. They wanted money. We saw a cross around their necks. Thank evangelists. Hope you understood the whole situation.

They're trying to christianize India stepwise. Thats highly irritating. Don't they have care for us Indians? Doesnt it strike their mind that they're doing exactly the same as to what the muslims are doing to them in Europe?

We Vedics, have never gone abroad trying to evangelize. We dont believe in it. The west simply doesnt understand our philosophy. They need to grow up a lot. I pity them.

These intrusion of evangelists and missionaries is a further step in that path. Creating false communal issues by disrupting churches by their own people, blaming the Hindus for that is another step. Making this movie, is another step in that regard.

People are trying to eradicate Indian philosophy from the face of earth, but thanks to a lot in saving it.

I believe there will not be an end to the Sanatana Dharma by these meagre foreign creatures for it has faced more tougher situations in the past and is still existing.

Had more points. Will mention the relevant ones in the comments. Please have your say!

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

On Currency notes

This post is the result of a forward SMS i got yesterday. It goes this way...

Pls don't write anything in our Indian Nationl currency notes.. Bcoz every year our govt is facing 2000 crore loss due to this.!! Pls spread it to All Indians.

I don't know how true it is but I certainly feel its a bad habit to write on anything that isnt writable. Ex: Currency Notes, Bus seats, Compound walls, lamp posts, whatever...

Well, atleast here in Bengalooru, BBMP is doing a good job in tackling the issue of illegal hoardings and writings on public walls by drawing paintings/artifacts and fining the illegals.

Lets concentrate more on currency notes for today.

Well, you might all have seen this. Drawing mustaches and beards on our infamous M. K. Gandhi, making him look like a punk such things are on a side while, writing personal messages, writing numerals on the other.

Let alone common man, even the bank officials are doing this. They count the bundle twice or thrice, after thorough checking, they'll write the count on the topmost bill. Now, whom should we blame? I've seen this in all banks including Axis, Vijaya, Corporation, HDFC, HSBC... what not?

All this made me search for information on the lifecycle of currency notes. After 10 minutes of searching, I found this interesting link from Reserve Bank of India (hereby referred RBI). I strongly suggest you all read that page to know more about Indian notes and coins. Do read it. I should thank the SMS to visit such an informational link.

After reading it, Here are the major points I inferred:

1. Actual money is just coins (Rupee coins and small coins).

2. All the banknotes/currency notes we deal with are mere readymade cheques provided by the RBI. Its like we asking the RBI governor to pay the payee the amount on the note. Its obvious. One can't carry bulky 500/1000 coins everywhere to pay up things. Technically banknotes have no value. The only advantage of a cheque might be the freedom to specify an amount which is fixed here. (Try giving it to a person outside the country, or a person who knows nothing of notes, he'll just throw it as a piece of paper)

3. Number of coins to be minted is decided by the Government of India while the number of currency notes to be printed is decided by the RBI.

4. Decision as to how many notes to be printed is taken based on the requirement for meeting the demand for banknotes due to inflation, GDP growth, replacement of soiled banknotes and reserve stock requirements. RBI also insists the Government of India in the number of coins to be minted every year.

6. We also had notes with 5000 and 10000 denominations for huge transactions which were last demonetized by 1978 (May be during Emergency??)

7. After Independence, we actually had three series of banknotes,
(i). Ashoka Pillar notes: Old notes which you might have seen, Now they've become obsolete. These were introduced in 1950 and continued till 1996.
(ii). Mahatma Gandhi series (MG series for short) produced in the period of [1996, 2005]
(iii). MG 2005 series produced since 2005 till date (2009).

8. How exactly is money transferred from RBI branches to currency chests and small coin chests.

9. Notes marked with a '*' (star/asterisk) in the number panel are actually reprinted ones, meaning notes with the serial number barring the star was already printed but was scrapped and reprinted because it was soiled/mutilated/imperfect.

Lot more...

After all this, what is the major cost of printing/reprinting of a currencynote?

1. RBI has to collect the soiled/mutilated/imperfect notes, keep track of it.
2. cost of producing the amount of paper (number of trees cut/machine cost etc)
3. Make sure that there are no notes with the same serial number. This means RBI should get the old note, scrap it and then print a new one. This might seem simple but in fact it isnt.

To be on the better side, all we can do is to lessen the number of notes getting printed every year. saving paper, saving money, saving time etc... What has RBI gotta say about it?

They say, about clean note policy [copy pasting with due respect to RBI].

G) Clean Note Policy:

Reserve Bank of India has been continuously making efforts to make good quality banknotes available to the members of public. To help RBI and banking system, the members of public are requested to ensure the following:

    • Not to staple the banknotes
    • Not to write / put rubber stamp or any other mark on the banknotes
    • Store the banknotes safely to prevent any damage

What is the harm in us following such simple norms? They are simple things if we regularise in our lives, make sthe job of the bank a bit simpler... aint it?

Here are a few guidelines I would suggest for the interested.

1. Try to store it at max in a single fold. Preferrably in your billfold or wallet (whatever you call it). Do not fold it more than once.

2. Do not staple. use rubber bands instead.

3. If you work in a counter where transactions are very frequent and you've got to know the number of notes in every bundle, Instead of writing it on the banknote itself, attach a piece of paper to the rubberband, write the count/amount on the paper instead.

4. Do not press any seal onto banknotes.

Here are a few more guidelines to prevent soiling/mutilating:

1. Before washing clothes, thoroughly check all its pockets for valuables.

2. Do not carry sharp edged things inside your billfold. This might mutilate banknotes.

3. Store banknotes in less humid places.

Please suggest more guidelines which I might have missed.

Monday, October 26, 2009

On Education [Part 2]

Well, was into microblogging andtt couldnt invest much time into this blog. You can see such excuses in almost all of my posts. I'm trying to break the habit of one post per month. Hopefully, I'll break it in the near future...

P.S: No point I mention here about myself is self boasting but a matter of fact.

After the formal, usual apology, lemme dive into where I had left in the last post. Things go a bit personal in this post. May be thats the way to continue explaining tution system...

I had seen some of my schoolmates going to tutions right from my first standard... (May be in the KGs, can't recollect exactly) There was one strict female whose name i refuse to take was one of our school teacher. She never took any classes to us in my whole tenure though but we used to hear her loud voice all day long in school coz she was the class teacher of the class nearby...
I saw ppl running from school to tutions where they were taught almost the same.

I had never bothered what they taught in the tutions coz i wasnt going to any, neither did I wonder what they teach over there. I was happy with my routine of getting educated in the school, comeback home, do homework in 30 mins, go out, play something and spend sometime chatting with sister and dad in hotel. Things were pretty simple and happening [So are now!]

I was experiencing the tution fever when I came to the high school, particularly in the 10th. Many of my peers were discussing topics which werent covered in the class much before in hand. I never cared for such things. I was in my own pace and way... Though I had a few companions who didnt go to tutions.

When it came to II PUC, it all began, Aaah! PUC PCM coaching, some also took for Bio/Comp/Elec too. Dont get surprised to know that I was the only person in the class (may be our college) to not go to tutions. I never found a reason to go. There were these Gururajs, Rameshes, Parthasarathis, Muniyappas who used to boast in college that we covered such n such a portions so fast... Everyone used to boast like anything...

Some used to come to me and ask, hey do you have any monetary problems? We can help you out (Duh!! I pity explaining them, me? Monetary problems?? Hahaha!). I wasnt finding a need to spend extra money on getting taught on same things what they used to teach in college.

Things started getting worse. Lecturers were never bothered to cover portions (as they were saying) as they felt that every pupil used to attend tutions. Many hilarious incidents took place.

I was called 'Gandhi' not to bunk any classes. I was staying back when almost 98% of the class were absent, everyone used to curse me to attend classes as they used to get shortage of attendance. Gradually, to exempt themselves from getting shortage, they used to attend classes just for the heck of it (cursing me of course). My intentions were not attendence but to attend the interesting classes by our lecturers. I should write each post on every lecturers who had handled us. Each of them were a different experience.

Some hilarious incidents:

1. Chem lecturer, Jayalakshmamma used to call names of me and another student, vasanth and compare both of us like, he is the bad one, i'm the good one. Reason, I concentrate in class while he goes to tutions and is never attentive. (Everyone were jealous of me for this issue, even girls used to curse me like hell for this)

2. One female, N3+#rani, came and spoke to me personally (when I was alone in the class, don't think dirty!) to bunk classes as she had serious attendance deficiency (busy chatting with American and Australian chatmates which I got to know later). This was spot by many of boys later and you know the obvious. They started teasing.

3. One of our math lecturer, Gururaj, known for his humour, asked us to bunk classes as he was not interested in taking one. (Studs took this point and asked me to bunk later)

More n more n more...

By then, enquiring some of my friends, they were paying 3K per subject making it a total of 9000 for 3 subjects, 1000 for CET special coaching. 10K totally.

Enquiring the current tution fares for II PUC, (my sister, Uncle's daughter is studying) the norm is 26K for 4 subjects... Help the parents...

Its a loot. These PU lecturers get paid in the college for teaching as well as tutions and the only investment is time. (May be a bit of fuel to travel if tutions arent arranged in homes)

There are scams too in tutions. Some lecturers are too greedy that they take multiple tutions in multiple batches. one in morning and other in the evening. Dont they get any personal time? What do they do earning so much if they don't have time to enjoy? May be their way of fun is different. Many lecturers were caught taking illegal tutions which you might have seen in papers 3-4 years back.

Previously, going to tutions were a matter of shame. Parents used to hesitate that their ward is going for tutions. Now, they boast in parties that their ward is taking tutions in such n such a prestigious academy. Bah!!

I was mentally strong(hope so) when I said no to tutions. but what about those who are monetarily insufficient? They getted bogged down and force their parents to admit them to tutions. Thanks for the pressure created by CET and COMED-K.

After all the drama, you just settle down in one pathetic, idiotic job which you don't like... Most of the cases atleast. I've never seen a person who is satisfied with the job.

All this struggling to study, crying to get good marks, crying for the results when you get what you don't expect, attempting suicide... All for a simple job? You get lots buddy! relax... No recession/depression can deny if you stay calm.

On top of it, I've seen lecturers taking classes negligently in college and teaching extremely well in tutions. Institutions should ban such lecturers.

All the education system present is doing is create more and more competition and with that more chaos...

Okay... What is the alternative? In simple words, isn't gurukula a better solution?

If you know a bit of Vedas/Upanishads there are instances where teachers made the students wait for a year before admission. You know why? It is for mutual observation. The teacher should grasp what the student is good at so that he can teach him corresponding subjects in more detail. not only that, he says, even the student should observe the teachers' work. He can join only if he is satisfied the way teacher explains things. If not, he is free to go to another teacher. Isnt is something great?

To add onto this, personal interest was shown on each and every student which is lacking today. I feel that we have gone many steps backward accepting the western style of education. There might be some merits/demerits on either way, but I feel Gurukula is better in any case.

[Will write more in the next part]

Friday, September 11, 2009

On Education... [Part 1]

This post was long back in my mind since June. Its a pity to have such a pathetic system for education here in India. Thank the British for everything.

Let us have a look at current education system. A child that is 3.5 to 4 years young, is all set to join the nursery. Some may have joined a bit early and very rarely, some kids have the opportunity to enjoy their childhood even a bit further. Some have the misfortune to join a pre-nursery or crushes at the age of 1.5 or 2 years or even earlier(Sad!).

There was a joke in one of the films I saw that one has to apply for schools while he was in his mother's womb. Strangely, in some schools, they have that custom (I have no idea about them. Enquire your neighbors if you're interested). They say that our's is a prestigious institution and getting a seat here is not that all easy. You have to reserve it 2-3 years before in hand. Some schools are a bit liberal here where they reserve just a year back to admission.

Admission into any school isn't easy. You should have taught the kid atleast a bit of the basics which might include the English alphabet, numerals and a few popular rhymes. If not, you're kid is unfit to join OUR school is what they say. Check out the irony. Its not that the parents haven't taught the ward anything, what are schools for?

Okay! You passed the test. Well and good. is that all over? The donation drama is yet to begin. There is building fund, school maintainence fees, etc which they force you to pay, lest your ward will not be admitted. And they do not forget to mention that they have a wonderful ground for the kids to play (at the max 50ft X 50ft ground), they teach him Karate, kung fu and all martial arts, classes for music, computer education, best infrastructure in the city for schools... I leave it upto you all to decide.

Middle class vanity wives force their hubbys to pay the donation amount so that their child gets a seat in that institution, just to boast in front of their friends and relatives that we have admitted the kid to such and such prestigious institute. Poor husband, pays the lumpsome arranging it through debts which are heaping on his head. Some wives who are working also share the load but vanity is for sure.

Okay, is that all over after the donation? NO!! you have monthly fees, transportation fees, sports day fees, and what not? They grab the opportunity to rob you with these fees at any cost. If you delay (or sometimes deny) paying them, your kid will be treated somewhat like a second grade citizen in the school.

Forget everything. I just enquired my own school, just a few steps from my home, where my brother (Uncle's son) is studying now in the 4th standard. He is paying monthly Rs. 450/- while I was paying Rs 25/- when I left the school in 5th standard in 1994. A whopping difference of Rs. 425, 17 times more in just 15 years.

Okay, coming to the core part of education... Paying so much, the foremost thing you expect is better education. Atleast, are they providing that? No is what I say (There might be exceptions as always). All I see is kids mugging things up. I've seen teachers asking the children to mugg up things they don't understand. I've seen a teacher mugging things up to teach as to what she would be doing in the class. Even you might know/experienced such things. There are a few students who really understand things and write answers in their own words. Such answers will not be entertained by the teacher as here are some quotes she says

1. This is not what I had taught you... (Well, is what I've written wrong??)
2. You havent written as you have it in the text... (Ask a robot to copy the text, not a human)
3. You havent covered the topic fully... blah blah blah

I've seen some teachers getting furious if any student asks a doubt. They ask him not to interrupt him while teaching and any doubts are to be asked at the end of the class or at the staff room. Some make a flying comment on the doubt posing that its cannot be categorized as a doubt, its just your foolish thought, I need not answer them. Kids get demoralized in such situations, stop asking doubts and become dumb in some fashion. Some joke at the doubt making the student a laughing stock in the class. I've seen such teachers.

If a student is dumb and not scoring in the tests and exams, the Class Teacher or the Principal of the school will call his parents asking them to look after their wards' education in a better way. Some notices will be sent to his house before doing that.

Once the parents come to the school to check the progress of their ward, teachers start complaining that he is poor in studies... Don't you take care of his studies at home? Please pay more attention to it... blah blah blah. What are teachers for? I'm not saying that parents shouldn't bother about the kids education, but teachers also play a major role. Aint it?

As a remedy to this, if both the parents are working and can't make time to teach the kid, they send him to tutions [a seperate post dedicated to this is near future].

Is it any better in tutions? NO! He's the same. Its the same teaching as they do it in school. Just a waste of money.

Education has become a business today. [Continued...]

Thursday, September 03, 2009

When a celebrity/icon dies...

Aah! I simply can't stand the people faking themselves in front of media/public just to win some sympathy.

I'm writing this post based on the incident or rather drama of YSR tragedy as they call it and the media reaction as always since two days.

To report the incident in one paragraph,

Yesterday, by 10 or so, a helicopter carrying the CM of Andhra Pradesh deaded Chittoor went missing near NallaMalla forest region AP. Every department went in search of CM but in vain. The copter was mapped this morning by 10:30 or so and the leftovers/victims were identified of whom the CM of AP was one.
The State lost its CM.

This would be exactly what a news reader would have told say, 15 years ago. All news were supposed to be covered within 15 or at the max 30 minutes and they wouldn't have much time to elaborate stories as today. Who had time to sit in front of TV and watch elaborate newscast. Everybody had better work.

Thanks to current media. They have lots of time in the world (so do those people who watch them) as well as bandwidth. They have multiple channels reserved for News exclusive. Many like me are getting bored to watch the same news in all channels, same repeated news clippings, almost same report etc...

While I was having my lunch this afternoon, someone switched over to TV9 a Kannada news channel, to get only news about YSR. Nothing else. My mom called me a bit early for dinner tonight, I sat in front of TV to get the same news. Relatives, family friends and fans crying in front of YSR's house literally chestbeating themselves. Even the opposition party leaders crying like anything. Let alone people of Andhra, even here in Karnataka.

I'd like to tell one thing now. No matter how bad or cruel a person be, he becomes a good hearted once he dies. Atleast when he is a celebrity. There would be some fanfollowing around his deadbody, flowers getting thrown for no reason.

For instance, the same people who criticized YSR in the legislative assembly, cry for his demise. I don't think they are natural tears but artificial. Just to win over the people in front of the media. They say, he was benovalent, brought some very serious reforms in the government et al bullshit... (The same people had complained that YSR is planning to churchify Tirupati by sending missionaries to its base).

To add on to the empathy, he got killed in an accident. A copter crash. May be he wouldn't have gained sympathy in this amount if he happened to die in any other fashion. May be the opposition leaders wouldnt have been so generous in praising him.

Present media, as always show fake sentiment exhibited by such people to get more TRP for their show. They might not be more interested in the content than TRP. Media is grabbing attention more by showing them be it newscast or reality shows. I would reserve a post on reality shows which would be published soon. It has become the norm to exhibit fake sentiment (which was deliberately edited before).

Thinking with a calm mind, no person would act fanatically if a person he respects dies. Rather he would've felt bad for the loss and at max would have cried. People watch stupid movies where characters act lunatically for any loss of life and tend to act the same in real life.

Finally, I'm indifferent for the loss of YSR not that I'm happy or sad. It doesnt bother me coz I don't know about him much. I'm not degrading him by saying this. I have no opinion on his death. May be I feel a bit bad for the people for losing its leader. Nothing more than that. Neither am I writing this post being happy for his death nor sad. This is my view for media coverage on his death's occasion.

Some blogs blog about how famous he was, google was filled up with requests for more info about the incident...blah!... blah!!... blah!!! This is another hype. You can't comapre this incident with MJ's death on June 25th. It had got way more number of requests.

So, stop creating hype. Act sensibly in front of media. Maintain dignity.

Have your say.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Slangs I wish I could ban...

I'm writing this post inspired by this post from another fellow blogger.

I would list down phrases or slangs that we hear a lot these days wherever we go. Without much ado...

1. Jai Ho: You all know that this is another song from the movie 'Slumdog Millionaire' (which my li'l brother repeats as 'Slumdog Gullenari' meaning slumdog wicked fox). I don't know whats so special in that song other than it won an Oscar. Now ARR fans calm down.This is just my opinion. If you've got your own, keep it to yourself.

This term is used by the politicians and the stupid media (as always) to praise a victory. Jai Ho Deccan Chargers, Jai Ho India, Jai Ho Congress... what not?

2. Chak De India: Aah! another movie song. Anytime India wins a match, even some of the telecasters as well as commentators use this term. If you're in the corporate and have been to watch the match on the screen in the reception, takin a break you could see lotsa them using this term when India wins a match. You should check out the enthu in it.

3. Anyways...: Though you might not find it in any of the standard dictionaries, you'll see many of the corporates use this term; specially those in the manegerial stream or the marketing team.

Some random chap in the US started this rubbish. Possible conversation goes...

Person 1: We have a PROBLEM.

Person 2: Yeah!

[After some discussion]

Person 2: Look, we have 3 possible solutions, one is blah blah... second boo hoo and the third is this...

Person 1: ANYWAYS, we cannot void this situation...

Actually he might have meant a space between any and ways. People started clubbing both of them and started using it.

Some of the people in marketing might have copied it from the Americans and started using it here just as a matter of exhibiting US accent and it caught up here in India. What crap?

4. Resources: Another corporate term. Every human as well as non-human in the corporate is mere a resource for these PMs and higher level. I get so much irritated when two managers pass by discussing that put one more resource into this module. That module needs no more than 1 resource. so, take two resources from that module and put him into this project...

All I say here is treat what you call as resources as Humans.

More related terms: Deadline, process, timesheet...

5. Whats up Da/Ra?? : This phrase in Bangalore was introduced by the tamilians/teluguites respectively for Da in tamil nearly means buddy so does Ra in telugu. There are some of the dumb localites who followed them in schools and it got prevalent as a Bangalore college lingo. So did the phrases 'chumma' et al... Feels like hitting the person to the face on using it.

6. Raa Raa...: Lemme come to our Kannada Film Industry. There was one stupid movie called 'ApthaMitra' which ran for 1 whole year just because that the heroine of the movie died in a helicopter failure. The unfortunate heroine was charming 'Soundarya'. The film producer Dwarakish (calls himself the dwarf of Karnataka. Huh!) had given an open statement that Soundarya died and gave a new life to me. Lest I would have died. I had plans to write about these stupid movies one after another. Dunno when I'll take that up. Okay, coming back to the topic of discussion,

This phrase is a song in this crap movie. Dwarakish always has a song in another language (specially telugu) in his movie. ( Check out 'Nagumomuganale' from 'Rayaru Bandaru Maavana Manege', or 'Yanchei quanchini lei lei' from 'Singapuradalli Raja Kulla') dunno what for. This was the turning point in the movie according to him. This song became so famous that almost all crap movies in Kannada have a scene reserved for this song wherein some stupid female dressed as a lunatic in a saree with a big 'bottu' as big as parvatamma, hair undid etc... comes in dancing to this tune. This scene will be totally unrelated to the movie but still most of these real estate producers need one such scene in their film. One thing for sure is that the mass go crazy listening to this song. I still havent found the reason why???

Do you feel I've left out any? please mention them... Do contribute your terms too. Would be happy to know that!

Monday, August 03, 2009

Rant on Saving Paper...

I took this pic while I got some printouts for my uncle say half a year ago. I had asked for a cover for the printouts for which the shopkeeper had given me this.

Just have a look... You might have it elsewhere too...

It says, every ton of paper, uses 17 trees, 463 gallons of oil, 4077 KW of energy, 6953 gallons of water, 587 pounds of air (which gets polluted later) and acquires 3.06 cubic yards of space.
(Source: American Forest and Paper Association)

When one can store data electronically, why use paper which consumes so much of resources? Some of you might argue that even electronic data uses power and even that has a carbon trace. Carbon trace by electronic media is much lesser than that of paper. (If I'm wrong, kindly correct me)

Now, when you say paper consumption, what are the major areas paper gets consumed?

1. Newspapers/ Magazines/ Journals.

2. Notebooks (books in general).

3. Files maintained/Printouts taken by government and private enterprises.

4. Tissue papers ( or napkins as some say)

Have I left out any? Hoping that I've covered major chunk of it, lemme continue in discussing how can we minimize such usage.

1. Newspaper, People are going electric and many news firms have an "e" version of their newspaper. In the west, many have gone with e-papers banning hard copies of news, which is a step ahead towards saving our ecosystems.

(Many may have counter arguments which says, to save revenue, Even that might be the reason sometimes, but we should be happy that it saves the environment a bit)

Here in India, the younger generation might be okay with papers going online but those elders (exception always do exist) dislike such a change. They just want things as they were before. They find it hard to go to the PC/laptops, start the browser, type the address/click on their bookmark, login and read their newspaper. They find it easy to pick the hard copy which is delivered to their doorsteps by the delivery boy.

Newsgroup companies may feel that they may be under loss if they go online as one just logs in and reads their content. If they want to make money, they may charge a few bucks for the registered customers on a monthly/yearly basis which works out for both the parties (I strongly don't think this is gonna happen coz, news is available for free on the net, anybody would hardly pay and read) May be they can attract the customers by saying that we deliver you the complete, detailed news, first... Those will be market strategies which I'm not interested in...

Even if they do not charge, they might always get some money by going for ads on the net.

To sum it up,

Advantages of papers going online:
1. Saves lots of paper.
2. Saves the cost for the company for door-to-door deliveries.
3. Faster delivery.
4. Saves space.

1. Not all can read the content.
2. Media may go for a loss (If they do not go for ads and are giving a free a service).
4. Jobs of delivery boys are at stake.
5. Petty shop owners will have less papers to parcel.
6. housewives cannot get the money they get by selling old papers.

2. Books:this is another major part where paper is getting used. I might dissappoint a huge lot (even myself) when I say that books acquire a lot of space, and consume lots of resources as mentioned before. When we can save them, why can't we go for it?

So, again, what are the ways we can do such things. Let us split them into two parts.
a. Printed books (usually novels, texts that you read)
b. notebooks onto which you write.

Consider the printed books. How can we save them from getting printed?

1. Going online as newspaper. If you do not have any copyrighted material or you want everybody to know about your content, why not go online for free. You've got blogs, you can create your own websites...

2. If you own a copyright of the material, one can charge an amount to those interested and allow them to download the content. Terms and conditions apply to the consumer (He shouldn't make illegal copies of the content neither he should sell it. Add on more clauses you want)

3. If one finds it tedious to read from laptop/PC, you have devices like kindle, for your ease. I've heard its an amazing tool. try it out if you're interested.

4. All hardbound books can be digitized so that they can be stored in your CDs, DVDs, SSDs, HDDs whatever electronic media you're comfy with so that you can save the space taken by books.

When it comes to notebooks,

1. If you are taking notes on a book, I suggest you to carry a laptop. Nowadays, governments are planning 'one laptop per child' joining hands with MNCs like Intel, while some institutions like IISc, are planning some projects like a laptop for Rs. 1000. Hence, whatever notes one takes in class can be digitized using laptops. (Of course, one might do other things as well in the name of laptop, thats issue of ethics, let us not take it any further in this post)

2. Adding onto the last point, the burden on the student's back will be less. Many books will be replaced with one laptop which is an additional advantage.

To sum it up,

Advantages of storing books digitally:

1. Takes less space.
2. Weighs less.
3. Ease of access.
4. Ease of editing.
4. Easy to handle, sort, manage library...


1. Some might find it hard to gaze constantly at the CRT/LED screen.
2. Some won't find it a pleasing experience as of reading a book holding it in hand (If they cannot afford gadgets like Kindle).

3. Files maintained in Government and private firms, again, these can be stored electronically, even transactions can be made online. Issuing receipts, acknowledgments all can be done electronically. Almost all points discussed previously hold true here.

Regarding printouts, take them only when necessary. I've seen many taking printouts of huge texts in the corporate world just because they can't read the e-version. Ease rules over eco-friendly. Please don't do that.

1. Saves space.
2. Eases the transactions.

1. Not so educated people might suffer with the process. Government can educate them in this regard.
2. crime rate over transactions made might increase if proper security measures are not taken.

4. Tissue papers, sad to say that tissue paper culture has increased with the boom in IT since late 90s and early 2000s. It has become a norm to place a tissue paper container in all the restrooms. Some make complete(over) use of it. Some take 4-5 tissues once and just hover over their face once and throw it onto the dustbins. Lots of paper is getting wasted in such a filthy manner.

Alternatives are many.

Electric hot air blow, which ejects a jet of hot air everytime you keep your hands under it. This saves paper but consumes lots of power, thats a demerit.

Some hotels provide cloth that can be washed instead of tissues. This saves paper a lot while some amount of water gets consumed in washing them. Durability is lot, lot better (incomparable with paper). That's a plus point.

What I suggest is, I add onto the second point mentioned above. Instead of them providing a cloth, you can yourself carry a hand-kerchief saving lots of public resources.

I don't think this has any disadvantages as such but advantages, which are listed above with the alternatives.

To end the post, I suggest you to save paper and other natural resources as much as you can.

Now, the stage is open for your opinion/critics/suggestions. Please...

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Stray Dogs @ Bengalooru International Airport.

Well, was just watching TV while having my lunch today to stumble with this news on News 9.

It says -

Dogs are prevalent at the Bengalooru International Airport these days. Its below International standards to have stray dogs in an International Airports. Nobody is taking any action against this issue....

Well, I'm kinda inert on this issue. Lemme post my opinion later. First I'll write on what would be the opinion of people from different fields.

1. Corporates: Aah! There you have. Another infrastructure problem to the list. I dunno what this government is doing? No water, no electricity, traffic jams, on top of that this issue. To hell with this government.

2. PETA abiders: Whatever be the case, the dogs shouldn't be harmed in the process of evacuating them outa Airport. Dogs are also living beings just like us humans. We shouldn't ill-treat them.

3. Opposition party leaders: This is a serious issue and is a shame to the city. The government should solve the issue within 2 days lest the CM shall give his resignation.

4. Government: We shall take immediate action towards this issue and see through that this will not be an issue in future.

5. Corporation workers: ಈ ದರಿದ್ರ ನಾಯಿಗಳಿಗೆ ಬೇರೆ ಜಾಗ ಸಿಗ್ಲಿಲ್ವಾ? ನಮ್ಗಿನ್ನೊಂದ್ ಕೆಲಸ ತಲೆ ಮೇಲೆ ಬಿತ್ತು. ಜಾಡ್ಸ್ ಒದೀರ್ಲಾ ಈ ಹಲ್ಕಟ್ ನನ್ನ ಮಕ್ಕಳಿಗೆ. ಅದಿನ್ನೆಷ್ಟ ಬೈಸ್ಕೊಬೇಕೋ? ಅದಿನ್ನೆಷ್ಟ ನಾಯ್ಗಳ ಹತ್ರ ಕಚ್ಚಿಸ್ಕೊಬೇಕೋ?
(Didnt these bastard dogs get any other place? Another idiotic task to us. To hell with these dogs and the supervisors.)

6. Footloosers: Is that an issue? Whats the problem if you have dogs in an airport? If we humans are allowed inside the airport, why not the dogs? Are they creating any problem?

7. Dogs: ತಗಳಪ್ಪ! ಈ ಏರ್ಪೋರ್ಟ್ ಆಗೊಕ್ಕಿಂತ ಮುಂಚೆ ನಾವೆಲ್ಲ ಇಲ್ಲಿ ಬೇಕಾದ್ದ ಮಾಡ್ತಾ ಇರ್ಲಿಲ್ವ? ಆಗ ಯಾವನೂ ಮಾತಾಡೋನೆ ಇರ್ಲಿಲ್ಲ? ಈಗ ಇಲ್ಲಿ ಈ ಏರ್ಪೋರ್ಟ್ ಮಾಡಿದ್ದಾರೆ ಅಂತ ನಾವೆಲ್ಲ ಇಲ್ಲಿ ಓಡಾಡ್ಬಾರ್ದಂತ? ಈದ್ ಯಾವ್ ಊರ್ ನ್ಯಾಯನಪ್ಪಾ? ಈ ಏರ್ಪೋರ್ಟ್ಕ್ಕಿಂತ ಮುಂಚೆನೇ ನಾವ್ ಇಲ್ಲಿರ್ಲಿಲ್ವ?
(Take that! Didnt we lavishly roam around here and did whatever we liked here before? Now that the airport has come, Why shouldn't we roam around now? We're seniors when compared to this airport. Where on earth is Justice?)

What I say is that, such kinda news is broadcasted only when you are outa stock. Didn't you get any better news to telecast? If anybody finds it a nuisance to see dogs at BIA, they'll complain the authorities and it will be handled. Is it that big an issue? This is another reason why I hate media these days. Focusing on petty issues like this.

FYKI, I had been to the airport this July 1st, to see through my Uncle to US, I had never seen a dog anywhere in the airport. According to me, Only thing to worry about might be if they try biting us. When we humans are at majority in the airport, I don't think dogs would dare do that.

Throughout the telecast, no dog has been seen terrific. They are just there. Just like dignified gentleman, sitting near the corridor, walking near the parking lot. Never has any dog barked at any mortal. So, one can't call it a mess.

So, media, stop concentrating on such issues and look over more serious issues.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Non-Indianization of Indian Education.

This post contains just an example of the title given. Its been a gradual process happening since we got freedom with congress being the catalyst.

Kindly have a look at this pic.

This is a drawing book provided by the government to the primary school students. If you observe carefully at the top (I suggest you download the image and view it in enlarged mode) you would see the following sentence.

Highlight the HUSSAIN in your child with this scientifically graded DRAW & COLOUR series.

It gives me real pain to see such a thing on a growing child's desk. This is the way the kids have been denied the actual truth. Tragedy is that people like M.F. Hussain who draw Indian gods nude, are heroes for us today. What are we trying to tell to our next generation?

I don't need to say more about M.F. Hussain. He is a true MF. You know what MF is. Don't you? Google on him to see some of his idiotic paintings. He's been in India for so long and has been consistently degrading Indian gods, glorifying the muslim tradition making a point that even a least muslim is better than any Hindu. Saddest part is that government is supporting his cause instead of penalizing him. They wanna award him Bharat Ratna?? Irony at its best.

I find his art kinda modern art. just some lines and colour and thats all. no detailed art. He just can't be compared to our very own Raja Ravi Varma or Venkatappa, Vasudeo Pandya to name a few.

Why is such a thing happening? Indian values are constantly being suppressed by the left centred government in the name of secularism. do they really know the meaning of it? For them it is just degrading Indian values and nothing else. Anything Indian, should be banished. Lest, why can't they follow the gurukula system in education which is far better than the ones followed today? I see no fault in that. In fact, gurukula is a better option when compared to any of the other education system which gives importance to each and every pupil's overall growth.

Couldn't they have replaced Raja Ravivarma instead of MF Hussain?

Say what?

Monday, July 13, 2009

Big 10, Akka n Me

This saturday, myself and Akka were returning from the bank in Sahakarnagar. When we came to byats, we saw a BIG 10 bus. What followed will be said later but,

For non-Bangaloreans, (also, for those Bangaloreans who least travel in the bus, Hehe!) BIG 10 buses are BMTC buses which drop you off at a certain popular location within the city to the suburbs. Or as BTIS says,

Big10 services, connect the Central Business District with different parts of the city

These locations within the central where most buses wouldn't stop. Ex: BRV grounds to Yelahanka Puttenahalli. One might get confused where is this BRV grounds? Its on the Cubbon Road (parallel to MG Road), check it out.

We do have Kendra Saarige buses of which more could be found here.

Enough off the topic, but before diggin more into the post, just have a look at the BIG 10 logo.

Akka started off with the conversation.

Akka: ಹೇಯ್! ಈ ಬಿಗ್ ೧೦ ಅಂತ ಬರ್ದಿರೋದ್ ನೋಡು. ಅದ್ ಯಾಕ್ ಹಾಗ್ ಸೊಟ್ಟ ಬರದಿದ್ದರೆ?
Me: ಅಲ್ವಾ? fullu italics ಅಲ್ಲಿ ಇದೆ.
Akka: ಅದ್ ಯಾಕ್ ಕನ್ನಡದಲ್ಲಿ ಹಾಗ್ ಸೊಟ್ಟ ಬರದಿದ್ದಾರೋ??!!
Me: ಕನ್ನಡದಲ್ಲಾ? ಹೇಯ್! ಸರಿಯಾಗ್ ನೋಡು! ಅದು ಇರೋದು ಇಂಗ್ಲೀಷಲ್ಲಿ.
Akka: ಏನೋ ಹೇಳ್ತೀಯಾ? ಅದ್ ಇರೋದು ಕನ್ನಡದಲ್ಲಿ. ಕಣ್ ಬಿಟ್ಟ್ ಸರಿಯಾಗ್ ನೋಡು.
Me: ಕನ್ನಡದಲ್ಲಿ ಅದ್ ಯಾವ್ angle ಅಲ್ಲಿ ಕಾಣ್ಸತ್ತೆ ನಿಂಗೆ? ಡೈರೆಕ್ಟ್ ಆಗಿ ನೋಡು. B I G ಅಂತ ದೊಡ್ಡದಾಗಿ ಇಂಗ್ಲಿಷಲ್ಲೇ ಬರ್ದಿದ್ದಾರೆ...

(Now, both of us realize that its actually in both Kannada and English)

Akka: ಹೌದಲ್ಲೋ! Direct ಆಗೇ ಇಂಗ್ಲಿಷ್ ಅಲ್ಲಿ ಬರೆದ ಹಾಗ್ ಕಾಣಿಸ್ತ ಇದೆ.
Me: ನೀನ್ ಹೇಳೋದು ಕರೆಕ್ಟು. ಕನ್ನಡದಲ್ಲೂ ಇದೆ. ನಾನ್ ಇದೆ ಮೊದ್ಲು ನೋಡ್ತಾ ಇರೋದು ಈ ಥರ. ನಿಜವಾಗಲು ಈ ಲೋಗೋ ಮಾಡಿದವನಿಗೆ ಅವಾರ್ಡ್ ಕೊಡ್ಬೇಕು.

Now, lemme explain to the non-Kannada readers as to what went on in that conversation. She was seeing that logo in Kannada font and wasn't aware of the english font in it, while I was seeing the English logo and couldn't recognize the Kannada hidden in it (Some of you might swear me for this... Hehe). But we came to know about this mutually when we disclosed it.

Those who know both Kannada and English fonts, check it out. It is a beautiful logo created by BMTC (the logo creator has to be awarded to come up with such a wonderful logo).

After this incident, i realised as to why there were circles on top of the B and I characters of English font. Those were to make it also readable in Kannada.

I thank Akka in sharin the info to me in this respect, she would thank for what I shared... Nullifies... =)

since this incident, I see the Kannada font more than the English font. This pic above was taken after this incident exclusive for this post.

Were you one of us? or had you already noticed both the fonts? Share it.

Feel so good to find such minute interesting facts. Aint you?

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Paraq! Bahuparaq!!

Its not uncommon for a person staying just beside NH-7 or what they call 'Bangalore-Bellary Road' or the newly named Airport Road of Bangalore to see the paraqs of the VIPs visiting the city. I stay, say 30 feet beside the infamous NH-7 to witness at least one paraq per day.

Yes! I'm talking about the VIP movement on the Airport Road in Bangalore to and from the terminal. Once any VIP (right from The President of India to Chief Minister of Karnataka, sometimes even some foreign VIP like the queen of some country) comes to the city, the path they take, will be abandoned from other vehicles for their free movement. Its like their time is precious and they can't afford to spend time in traffic jams. They'll have a freeway where they can zip away in no time.

Is time precious only for them? Time is time for all of us.Wasting it is a crime for anyone. Do you think we struggling in traffic jams and them flying in freeways is fair? Don't you feel like even they should suffer as we do? How can they reserve public roads for their purposes?

If they think they get bogged down by the traffic, let them take steps to lessen jams rather allotting a few dozen traffic police personnel for their free movement. 

What is your say?

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Another way to pass your time.

Was just diggin yesterday to find this idiotic site thru which you can pass your time if you've got nothing to do.

try it out!

you can talk to strangers. Just for nothing. Have a blast!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

On Shoe Throwing...

It all started with Muntadhar al-Zeidi throwing a shoe on George W. Bush Jr.

Journalists worldwide seem to have inspired by this. Prior to this, shoe throwing had just been the program in some public gatherings like orchestra and rarely in some political meetings, not in press conferences.

In India, shoe throwing has now become a trend to unfurl your heroism. (a fast, cheap stunt to become instant hero.) That too in the days of elections.

Chronologically, shoe throwing on VIPs in India since 2-3 months are as given below.

1. On P. Chidambaram for guarding the party's interest in holding Jagadish Tytler.

2. On L.K. Advani in a political campaign.

3. On Man Mohan Singh, addressing a public gathering.

4. Yesterday, on Karnataka's Chief Minister, Dr. B. S. Yediyurappa, again addressing a public gathering.

Have I missed out any? Please let me know.

Possible aftermaths of shoe-throwing:

1. Getting arrested first of all.

2. Letting him free. (Ignoring the issue)

3. May be treatment from the Police under the vigilance of the politician.

4. Getting released in a few hours and apologizing.

5. Nobody caring for the throwee or the thrower as if nothing has happened.

6. Rare cases where the politician gets furious and makes some serious injuries on the thrower, of course, not in public.

Lemme write out my points now.

All this shoe throwing business mean nothing. Just hype created and feeding the media with some stupid news. It might bring down the level of the throwee for a day or so, the next day, people forget it and work as if nothing has happened. So does the thrower becomes a hero for a day.

It may work other way too. People might have some sympathy on the throwee and might vote him out. The throwee might get some extra votes.

If this continues to be a serious issue with many more throwers, the coming government might form a law on shoe-throwers. Who knows? Quite possible. Or just like a bomb squad, they might form a shoe-throwing squad to avoid the politician from getting hit.

All in all, to say it again, this doesnt change the situation. The politician would just forget the issue just like a bird shitting on his head. Doesnt change the situation of the country. Just some food for the media.

I suggest them one thing. Instead of throwing a shoe, throw a stone. So that it might hurt them a bit more when compared to shoe.

Post in your comments.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Separate Tamil Nation? Huh!

Though I'm least bothered about their weird thoughts, this one is heights... Hence, thought of writing a post on it.

Yesterday, in the newspaper, I saw a statement by kumari Jayalalita that she pledges for a separate Tamil Nation for all tamil speaking people and hence the people of Tamil Nadu has to vote for her party. Funny, aint it?

AFAIK, there are two major parties in TN, DMK and AIADMK both headed by lunatic filmy people turned politicians Karunanidhi and Jayalalita respectively. While Karunanidhi wasa script writer writing punching dialogs to impress tamil people, Jayalalita was a heroine (They say, she was slim during those days... Hehe!)

Both of them (parties, in general) instead of concentrating how they can manage the government with the interior resources, try to grab as many resources from the other states and poke into affairs which is not at all related to them. Need an example? Take the water issue, you have Kaveri issue, Hogenekkal issue, Periyar issue? What not? Also the LTTE issue.

Curbing with the development Bangalore had with the IT industry, they forced the central government to appoint one of their party member to be the Minister for IT and development so that they can grab a major chunk of projects.

These are the same people who had appealed for an order from the Government of Karnataka to make Tamil to be the secondary language of Karnataka while the crooked Veerappan had abducted the legendary icon, Dr. Rajkumar way back in 2001.

They debate that there was no Rama, but the bridge belonged to the cemetic religions.

One can understand the cheap mentality of the tamil politicians by such issues. They are always waiting to dominate people of other states.

Now that they want a separate nation? What would they demand from India for separation? Here are a few that comes to my mind.

1. Kaveri river and Periyar river should be granted solely for the tamil speaking nation to satiate their thirst. (Dunno what name they give for the new nation they intend to get?)

2. Borders need be expanded grabbing some parts of Karnataka, Kerala, AP to fit in the extra people coming from Lanka.

Some hilarious points I get:

1. Checking for passports in the busses commuting to and from Tamil Nadu.

2. Wherever they travel in India, they are going to speak in Tamil and everyone should converse in the same language.

3. Within tamil nadu, if you don't speak Tamil, you are outa the country. (Do they take back lakhs of Tamilians from various states of India back to their nation?)

What not? You get some points... comment it.

Lemme add my points on the LTTE issue.

We all know that the Sinhalese people are the people staying in Lanka for long, longer than tamilians atleast. AFAIK.

What is the ill-treatment the tamils are facing in Sri Lanka? Even If they are facing, they have their own country India. Why dont they return back? back to THEIR tamil nadu?

You want the Lankan people to evacuate so that they can make room for the tamilians? Where should they refuge to? Isnt this foolish to any sane thinker? Isnt this what the Pakistanis doing up there at Kashmir?

If this is not the problem what they think of, Divine Intervention... Please let me know the problem as such. Outside Tamil Nadu, I guess this is what people have thought the problem is.

At the end, All I say is "Stop curbing about a separate nation... Live in Harmony. (If possible)"

Sunday, April 26, 2009

RCB Lose!!!!!

Wondering why I kept the above title? Well, thats the message I've sent continuously to my friend working out-station.

Lehu Zeherrrrr!

Exactly 1 week and a day old, IPL season 2 has took off in a great style. Unfortunately for the Royal Challengers, Bangalore, bad luck continues though having a good start against the Rajasthan Royals.

Biggest mistake what they made is to rest Jesse Ryder, who is the lonely all-rounder seeming to be in relatively good form. Not that the rest are hapless but at least they're not up to the expectations.

Jacques Kallis, though an all-rounder is not good when it comes to bowling. Kumble was a match winner in the first match, not after that.

Dravid, is in good form, though nobody is supporting him. Taylor and Ryder are coming to form where batting is concerned. Kevin Pietersen is yet to bash.

Rest, are not performing at all.

The major problem what I feel is that lack of all-rounders. On top of that, there are no hard hitters of the ball on our side. We cannot cross 160 in 20 overs, which is an advantage for the opposition. Also, bowling lacks pressure.

They have to work out well not to stay at the bottom of the list.

Hope for the best, Atleast, let them not be the last team on the list.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Innond Naayi Kathe...

4-5 Days ago...

3:30 AM, Was in a deep slumber.

3:45 AM, the power was off. Thanks BESCOM...

3:50 AM, a dog in the neighborhood started barking like anything. It went on for 5 minutes... Surprisingly nobody, including its owner never bothered to stop it.

4:00 AM, I got bugged, got up, went to the balcony. Was mesmerized to recognize the rhythmic barking of the dog. It was barking in the same pitch, same tune etc...

Sandesh: Ey Pthu! Baay muchcho! Nettag malgakku bidalla! [Flippin Heck! Shut up! Won't you let us sleep in peace?]

the dog just stopped for a while, again started barking, but with a low pitch.

S: Muchchteeyo ilvo baayi? Raatri hottu en badkontu ninge roga? [Won't you shut up? What has struck you in the night?]

After two more rounds of scoldings, the dog, became silent. I came in and then I recognized that there was no power. Recollected that the PC was on, since I had left it to fetch the updates. Rushed towards the PC, shut it off... Went back to sleep. 10 minutes, the alarm beeped... I thought I slept the wrong time. Changed the alarm signal to a customized no sound file, went to sleep.

7:30 AM, I woke up, finished my praatah karma.

7:45 AM, I went to the house where the dog belonged, it was lying beside in a loathsome manner, I then asked,

S: Yaar mane naayi idu? [whose dog is this?]

Owner: Namde, yaake? [Ours, Why?]

S: Raatri ella bogaltittalla? nimg yaarigu echchra aaglillva? namm maneli ellargu echchra aaythu! ellargu nidre kaata aaytu. [It was barking all night long, didn't you guys notice? Everyone was awake in our home. Nobody had a sound sleep]

O: Oh! Saari! [Oh! Sorry!]

S: Innmelaadru sariyaag nodkolli. [Keep watching atleast from now on...]

I came home. Was reading newspaper. My dad noticed that there was a Thallo Gaadi [trolley] missing in the empty side beside our house which is right beside the highway. That trolley was belonging to the house owner I had just spoken to.

He went to them and enquired about it. That was when they knew it. They used to lock it everyday, but unfortunately, that day, they didnt. A robber had arrived and had taken away that trolley.

Things started falling into place in my mind about the dog's barking. Thanks for its superior hearing n sensing abilities...

Friday, March 20, 2009

Pop icons from Karnataka... Are they?

This post is on those celebrities whom the common man boasts are from Karnataka, whom I feel are not. More people might be on the list but I can recollect only these at this moment.

1. Aishwarya Rai (Bachchan)
She is more popular with her pre-marital surname, though people call her with her new one nowadays. Some do club both.

Info: Native from Mangalooru, she was crowned Miss World in 1994, she outcasted the Miss Universe of the same year, Sushmita Sen in the so called "Bollywood". Now making her entry into Hollywood too, recent one being Pink Panther II. Rumours were their that she would be working as a bond girl. No news till now.

Also has acted in some Tamil movies, I dunno the names. Mothertongue being Tulu, she can speak Hindi, English. Also can speak a bit of Tamil (sa said by her in some newspaper) Dunno whether she can speak Marathi.

Married to Abhishek Bachchan, son of Bollywood Bigman Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Baduri (Bachchan).
What people adore most: Her eyes.

Now, my views.

I know that many of you like her. Some hate her to the core. I'm indifferent about her looks. Anybody for that matter.

What irritates me the most is that, I don't like her treatment to Kannada. To support my point, I go back to the languages she can speak. If she can learn a bit of Tamil, just because she has done a couple of Tamil movies, she has visited Mangalooru, Bengalooru many a times. Before her becoming a celebrity, there has to be atleast a few friends who speak Kannada. Why can't she have learned Kannada then?

Some idiotic producers, directors from Kannada, tried for her dates in some of her films. She clearly denied them. I don't know the reason. One such director was T.S.Nagabharana who tried for her dates for the film "Kerege Haara" which is a film based on a folk story. If she can agree for films like Devdas, et al, what made her deny it? I don't know.

I don't feel bad for that but I just mentioned this as an example to her attitude. She shares her birthday with Karnataka Rajyotsava. Hehehe!

2. Deepika Padukone

Originating from Padukone, besides Maravanthe, 15 km from Kundapura, Udupi District. She is the daughter of the infamous Prakash Padukone, Badminton Player. Sole Indian winner of "All England Open" till 2001. (Broken by Pullella Gopichand)

DOB: 5th January 1986

Info: Before trying movies, she was a busy model, was also featured in Kingfisher's Calendar (Full of Bikini Babes, ATCI).

Was also featured in petty ads like close-up etc.

She started her movie career with a Kannada movie, Aishwarya, co-starring namma Upendra. Thanks for the nologic director, Indrajit Lankesh. All of his movies are a mix up of many movies from all sorts of languages.

Had a glorious opening in Bollywood with "Om Shanti Om" co-starring Shah Rukh Khan.

In love with (flirting with?) Ranbir Kapoor, son of Rishi Kapoor right now. She had made news by moving around cricket stars M.S.Dhoni, Yuvraj Singh. Was a big news at a time. They say, now the relationship is ditched.

What people adore most: Her Smile.

My views.

Boy! Her attitude baffles me. What irritates me most is when she gives interviews on media. Specially, ones she gave during the making of Aishwarya. Though she could speak Kannada, she never spoke. This can be the only sole reason, why she cannot be treated that she is from Karnataka. You people might argue that she is born at Copenhagen, Denmark, but she still originates from Karnataka. You can't rule that out.

Though one good thing is that she doesn't deny making another kannada film unlike Aishwarya. Rumours are there that she has agreed for another film with Uppi.

More of Bollywood heroines fall into this category. Shilpa Shetty (Acted in Preethsod Thappa, Auto-Shankar, for KFI), Genelia D'souza ( they say she is from Mangalore, acted in Sathya In Love with Shivrajkumar), Hansika Motwani, Freida Pinto, many of them. Some are humble, some are not. Here I end this list with Bollywood heroines.

Thought of adding one more celebrity but lack of info. May be its too early to decide upon that. Will update in the same post if found so. Suggest any other name which I might have left out that you think sould make this list.

Generally, when people boast about such kinda people, I feel irritated. What I feel is that they haven't done anything for Karnataka and these stupids take their name just because they were born here or have their origin here.

To take pride in a person, he should have done something memorable in that direction. I don't see any in the above people. Kindly enlighten me if you found any.


Thanks for Aishwarya's picture I used in this post.

Thanks for Deepika's pic.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Alcohol and its Purana

This post was long in drafts, which I had deleted just a few days ago. Reason being, this was way too long and I had lost interest in writing about this. This post by Shrinidhi triggered me to retake it.

Alcohol as it is known in general around the world is known with different names. Rich call it with its derivatives like wine, beer, brandy, whisky, vodka et al... while the poor call it with their brand local saaraayi, kallabhatti, arrack and what not? But for the chemistry interested like me, its just C2H5OH (Ethyl Alcohol) mixed with some more ingredients along with some quantity of water.

Before diggin in, lemme start with a conversation I had with my friend.

Sandesh: Hey! Why do you drink?
Friend: Just like that.
S: don't tell me. There must be a reason.
F: Okay! Tell me what is your favorite drink?
S: Water. If you don't consider that as a drink, I go with Majjige (buttermilk).
F: Just like you drink majjige, I drink beer.
S: Oho! Me drinking majjige, I won't lose control but you do when you drink beer.

F: (Speechless)

Here in India, or at least in Karnataka, when one say "drinking is a bad habit" you know what is the response you get? They go back to puranas and say that even Devas used to consume drinks. I used to keep silent when hearing such conversations, but here I say, don't you know that even Devas quarreled? There are many instances in the puranas where quarrels happened due to drinks. One such story that I heard is posted here.

Forget that. Consider the current situation. Its hilarious. The Government conducts programs, creating ads and signboards saying Arrack is bad for health and the society, but they won't ban alcohol? aint it funny? The same is the case of cigarettes, beedis, gutkas and other addicts.

Why is it so? Government is minting money from it. The tax they impose on these companies that sell such goods is hefty, which is negligent when compared to the profits those companies make. Government doesn't want to lose its share from this and hence it is not banning it. Just as a cover to pose, it is coming up with this anti-alcohol, anti-tobacco ads. Many members of the same Government, as well as those in the opposition have grabbed their seats based on the same alcohol's influence. Any party arranged by any politician or any VIP for that matter, will have drinks. Isn't it a contradiction? Don't they have any better way to earn money?

Was this the same case say 10-15 years ago? I guess not. Though we had drunkards even then, they never used to take pride in drinking. We always have exceptions. We had pubs even then but not many used to go there when compared to present. We had these bar and restaurants, local arrack shops. Nobody used to drink in daylight skipping their work. All such things were kept for the night.

Its after the IT balloon which arouse in India, liquor business boomed. More of foreigners used to come and they used to have it provoking us Indians too. Few hesitated as even they had a secret desire to consume alcohol. Gradually they used to conduct parties where they made free beer kinda thing. People used to get attracted to it. When one is getting something for free, why not try it? eh? That was the attitude. They found pleasure drinking and suggested their friends to try it. Hence the bandwidth of boozers multiplied.

Rich always had a passion for alcoholic drinks. They're the ones who regularly visit pubs and discos which made alcohol a social drink. I dunno how it becomes social when you lose control.

When you consider the poor, the main reason behind their drinking is their poverty. A person who is hard working, self content and who doesn't consume alcohol, will never be poor at least. He works hard, gets his daily wages, comes home, will have his dinner and would get a nice sleep. He is least bothered about consuming alcohol. I've seen such people.

It is those who curb for their poverty in front of their loathsome friends who become alcoholic addicts. If they have a family, there are high chances that even his son, might catch up with drinking looking at his father.

Regarding the poor beating their wives after drinking, its just one thing they do along with many other things. Thats what people have highlighted. The main reason behind this is that one loses self-control after consuming alcohol to a certain extent. There are many other things they do. Some of them include

1. Rob the money the wife had secretly kept to get some grocery.
2. Stop the child from going to school and sending him to work to earn more money for alcohol.
3. Sell whatever valuable (if any) like the ring or necklace(mangala sutra) of the wife or some gold of child.

There are many a promoters for liquor consumption. Our very own Dr. Vijay Mallya. Thanks to his breweries. He says, Drink, but with responsibility. There might be exceptions but most of them lose their control and hence their responsibility when they drink. There are many jokes based on drinking and Vijay Mallya. Here is one.

Gunda sees Thimma drinking.
Gunda: Hey why are you drinking?
Thimma: Doctor has prescribed it.
Gunda: (Baffled) Which doctor?
Thimma: Dr. Vijay Mallya! Hehehe!

When you have such popular VIPs promoting liquor, the youth are eager to try that. Yes! They've seen those VIPs in page 3 with some hot babes (as they call it) in parties and they dream themselves in that position. High chances.

Adding to that, the corporates, arrange parties as I've previously mentioned and they arrange for free beer. Mass hysteria, many of the folks consume beer, just because others are tryin their hands. Some think that they would be treated inferior if they don't have it.

Now, regarding feminine drinking. As I've mentioned in previous post, I consider both men and women equally. If men can drink, so can women. But I oppose anybody drinking.This is for those who ask can women drink.

But, if you go by medical terms, doctors restrict women from drinking coz it might affect their womb from giving birth to a baby. I dunno the details, but somewhere I've read it. Will post the link if one needs. Dunno whether the doc is a male centric person. Don't blame me.

Regarding agelimit for drinking, places to drink. Again, I support a ban on liquor, I don't believe in agelimit for drinking or a certain place to drink.

Once you find a person, drinking and if you care for him, what I suggest is, you go to that person, tell him about the demerits of alcohol in a friendly way and try to pull him outa the trouble. Do not force him. That wouldn't serve the purpose. He would take up drinking later more passionately, if force be applied. Leave the decision to him about quitting alcohol. If he quits, well and good. If not, you just stop thinking about him and continue your work.

I do have friends who drink in a silent manner, enjoying that state of losing control. First of all, I suggest they quit drinking. If they can't let them not promote drinking to their peers. If they sit all alone or with selected friends drinking without forcing anyone and not causing harm to anyone, its well and good (though I don't quite support them doing that). But such people are hard to find. Though we have some instances like that, its pretty rare.

There do exist some people who say, look at the foreigners, when they can drink, why can't we? They say, that there do exist some cold countries like Russia, Canada where you cannot exist with alcohol. I dunno. I can never think of that. They say that drinking alcohol will keep their body warm against the outer environment helping them sustain the cold. I can never comment on that unless I experience that. But for those who take examples of foreigners, I say is drinking alcohol is for pleasure in India and not to retain your body temperature. Please do not give that reason. You can have pleasure by other means.

What do you say?

Saturday, March 14, 2009

At the Optician...

More experiences...

Had been to Cubbon Park to meet my high-school friend. While leaving home, Dad asked me to get my sister's spectacles from the optician which I agreed.

After the meeting, I set myself to the optician who is a bit close to our family as we are one of his regular customers.

Was greeted well, I was early by 15 minutes. Was asked to wait.

It is a busy place you know... Lot many people entered the shop after me. A male was there at the shop before I entered. After me, another male came followed by a girl with her mother.

Looking at the girl, I felt, she must be studying in her 10th or 1st PUC. Just a guess. Don't go weird. A typical brahminic Mom and Daughter.

I had no better work to do. Was happily waiting.

Seems like she was using spectacles since 5 years and a month ago, her eye-sight is blurred. She contacted her doc and was there to get her fresh glasses.

Enter a mom and her son. They were Muslim. Could make it from their clothes and their Urdu. She, the muslim mom stood right beside the girl. Dunno whether she hadn't took her bath or hadn't washed her burkha for ages, She was literally stinking. They don't care.

Girl became consious. Was irritated by the female. She moved and stood behind her mom. Hehehe! =)

The muslim pair had their work done. The moved on, while I still waited there to get my order serviced watching other customers, specially the girl and her mom.

The optician was busy explaining her about the looks of the glasses. Pros and Cons of each model she was interested in. As every other teenage girl, she was a bit too hesitant in choosing. She used to wear each and every frame she got interested in, busy watching herself in the mirror. (How can she be clearly looking at the mirror with those dummy glasses? I dunno!!)

She was asking her mom about the looks of the specs. "Mom! How am I looking in this?"
Mom used to usually say good. What else would she say?
She must be thinking "What would my friends comment on it? How do they take this frame as?" etc...

The optician was sincerely commenting in a humorous way at each frame. Nice timepass. You look gorgeous in that frame. You look like your granny in this one... goes on.

15 minutes passed. I got my order. I bid adieu to the optician while she was still busy selecting frame with a confused look.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

On Stabbing of Women.

Was just passing through Nrupatunga Road on Saturday to see a herd of people standing in front of the Police Commissioner's Office (kinda Dharani) to show disagreement on his part of duty to keep Bangalore safe for women. This herd consists majorly of what they call 'IT' people.

Some had banners like 'SAVE WOMEN' kinda thing. Also some posters like 'Save Earth, thats the only planet that has women.' Oh! Do you have other planets with male population?? I remembered that this was a protest for the recent stabbing of women in various parts of the city.

Have any time the male population staged a protest like this for males exclusive?

Women ask for equal rights everywhere. Some also ask special privileges under constitution.

See I'm not against women. I'm just unclear about some facts that women try to fight here.

If a person gets stabbed, be it a woman or a man, Everybody has a right to oppose that. But should the gender matter? Do they mean that no male is getting stabbed nowhere in the city? Why do they highlight only the female population?

I'm always against reservation. Let it be on whatever grounds. Be it gender, caste, creed, race whatever. Reservation for anything would just make the thing upside down. Who is on top today will come down and vice versa. Nothing better is achieved.

Do you want an instance? Check out our infamous constitution, which reserves for the rights of SC/ST, minority(?) people like muslims and christians. Nobody cares for the problems they pose today.

All the politicians are for it in the name of secularism. They say we're secular and attend all communions of all castes and religions just flattering them with good words. They attend the ijtemas of muslims, good news functions of christians, union function of Kamma jana and what not? Does it serve any purpose? Does it help in building what they call a secular India?

Likewise, reservation for women is foolishness. If they're capable, let they get an opportunity. Thats all I say.

There is a misconception that women are always downtrodden in the society. The so called secular people blame it on Hinduism and its ancient scriptures. They don't even talk a word on Christianity or Islam.

I've read scriptures which are based on the Vedas and the Upanishads wherein it is said that a woman, Gaargi attends a meeting held to discuss whether or not to give Brahmarshi status to Vishwamitra. Many women did exist in that meet, most of them wives of Rushis. Since Vedic period, women have been given equal importance as of man under what they call Hindu Culture. Many women did perform many yajnas and tapas.

Take Islam. They treat women so bad, wherein they treat women just as a baby producing machine as well as a machine which takes the chores of the kitchen. They're not supposed to leave home. Even if they did, they have to wear a burkha compulsarily.

Take Christianity. Have you seen a female pope? If you see the Christian history, as proven by Dan Brown, People from the church are in constant search for the merovengian blooded people and they tried to kill Mary Magdalene (So called wife of Jesus, a matter of conflict)

People might question me here that Hinduism also has weird customs like Sati prevalent even now. I tell you, this was never a custom documented in any scriptures. It just exists in some part of North India. May be their own belief. I havent dugg much into that. Will reserve a seperate post on that.

The same people who protest for 'Attack on Women' go to rave parties and pubs. I feel it so contradicting. Don't they need security there?

Feel free to comment.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Possessions or Principles?

I'm speaking of Gandhi here.

Gandhi is Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi here, none else. Recently he is been in news on his possessions being auctioned. Items being

1. Gandhi's wire-rim eyeglasses,
2. worn leather sandals,
3. a pocket watch,
4. a plate and the brass bowl from which he ate his final meal.

If Gandhi were alive, this would have been cost you say, a few hundreds or thousands? The auction amount is a whopping $1.8 million US, (almost 10 crore Indian Rupees). The successful owner of the auctioned items is the one and only Liquor King, the so called King of Good Times, Dr. Vijay Mallya.

This auction happened with the constant opposition by the Indian Government.

My questions to all is:

1. How did it reach James Otis, the previous owner? Why didn't the Navjeevan trust hold the items after the death of Gandhi?

2. Instead of opposing the auction,would it be better if the government participated in the auction to take the items it considered precious?

3. There is also a point around that auctioning items belonging to a person like Gandhi, is an insult to him. Again, I pose the first question. How did it reach the auctioneer?

4. Is it fair to the government to take the auctioned items from the successful bidder after the auction?

Gandhi would have laughed to see his items auctioned for such a huge price, that too during this crucial time of recession.

Now, let me express my opinion.

James Otis should have got this, probably through some politician just the way, Jawaharlal Nehru gifted 'The Kohinoor' to Queen Elizabeth, or he should have got it through some smuggler??? Who knows?

Why is government opposing this auction? Just because Gandhi used those items? I laugh at it. Along with Gandhi, his family would have also used it. If it were not belonging to Gandhi, no one would have the least interest in it. I see nothing special in it though, Gandhi used it. These are materialistic and I have the least interest in them. I respect the values, ideals and the principles of Gandhi. That is all.

Auctioning somebody's belongings is an insult to them only if they were alive. If he lived a great life (as they say it), auction would be something special. Politicians would consider buying the auctioned items a sort of prestige issue.

To me auction, is nothing but a process for a person(auctioneer) to make money. To compensate the loss by the old owner. If the bidders find the thing auctioned so precious, its only from their POV and nothing else.

Just shouting out to the world not to hold the auction of Gandhi's belongings, not respecting the values he upheld is mere foolishness. If you're so concerned about Gandhi, bring in reforms in every village of India and make his dream come true. AFAIK, what Gandhi dreamed India to be is that

1. every village should be self sufficient,
2. A woman should walk without any tension in her mind even during 12AM.

There may be many other things, these are the two I remember. Are these filthy politicians doing anything in that direction? I see nothing. They're busy gobbling up money preserved for the 'supposed to be' projects and making private properties, filling up their world bank accounts...

These politicians do not have any right to stop the auction.

Coming to the auction, I feel James Otis has become poor and is trying to sell anything antique thats there with him. This is one of them. Looking at the high bidding, he is interested in bidding more of his items. He is not sufficient with 1.8 million USD. May be he knows that there are Indians who are rich enough to buy such things.

How many shaasanas, how many temples, how many palaces were destroyed by the intruders. Everything is gonna perish one or the other day. Do you see any materialistic belonging of Rama or Krishna? I see none.

I'm indifferent when I say that I do not oppose the auction, neither do I support. Its just a process. Just like my eating to survive. =)

If one opposes the auction, all I say is follow his principles, not his possessions. For its supporters, I say, you can earn more money in better way buddy!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Another thread from my Enggy Days...

Stepped onto V semester.

We had , Operating Systems(OS), System Software(SS), Introduction to Unix, Computer Graphics(CG), Object Oriented Software Development(OOSD) and of course labs.

All was fine. Lemme tell you about the incidents that took place in that semester with a particular lecturer.

She was newly appointed in our college to handle System Software subject. I wont disclose her name. People who studied with me, would guess her name.

Checking out my III sem results and the IV sem happenings, senior lecturers who handled us, had a good impression on me. I'm not boasting. Just go to our college, even now and ask the teachers who handled us about me, they'll have the same opinion. Though some may say that I'm nuts, someone like whom this post is about.

These senior lecturers, imposed the image what they had on the new lecturers who had recently joined. They had also explained about those studs whom they aren't comfortable with too. I was in the former list as told before.

Now, this SS lecturer, first had a very good impression on me. She used to teach looking at me, most of the time thinking that I'm the bright stud there. Who knew all such things at that time? eh?

The text what we had for SS was pretty boring. Couldn't find interest in reading that. I was never reading that book unlike others that semester.

Come the first internals. First day, we had OS and SS i guess. IT was a monday. I concentrated on OS, My uncle had come home from Michigan, was spending time with him neglecting the sessionals. We'd been to "Doddaaladamara" near Bidadi, the previous day. I had taken the SS book so that I could read something in case I made some time. No use. I couldn't make time for that. Who wishes to read when your family is on a trip?

Okay! I wrote the sessionals. Ma'am was horrified granting me marks. First time in my Enggy career, I had got a single digit, 2 or 3 I guess. Not sure.

She distributed the marks sheet, after the class, she called me to the staff room.

Ma'am - Why Sandesh? What happened to you?
Sandesh - I'd been to a trip with my family. Will perform well in the coming internals ma'am.
M - You've got internals and you'd been to a trip? Are you joking?
S - No Ma'am, We had our uncle coming down all the way from US, he's leaving in another week or so. I thought of giving him company. Dunno when he'll come back.
M - Thats okay! Don't do it another time. Best of luck. :-)
S - Thanks ma'am! =)

One thing, she didn't notice right from the first ady of her class is, she didn't notice me and Susheem playing book cricket during her class. That was our usual routine in boring classes. We were not at all interested in SS. Dunno, the subject was too boring and was made even boring with this lecturer.

just two weeks before the second sessionals, we were caught red handed playing book cricket in her class. Previously, she didn't leave the dias, but now that she got that I'm not paying much interest into her class, she used to roam around. That fine day, we didn't notice her coming. She scolded us like hell and asked not to repeat it.

Since that day, The look she used to give while teaching, turned into a stare.

I scored 11 in my second internals. Failing to get a minimum of 15 as an average. I think, that was the first subject i failed to get a minimum in the internals.

Meanwhile, I was called by my senior lecturers, including the HOD, for the complaint lodged by our SS lecturer and was asked about my behaviour in her class. I just waved it off as a little mischief. They also didnt take it in a serious way. The belief they had in me was not that easily shakeable.

Right since the second internals, she used to get irritated by my presence in the class. She used to find one or the other reason to scold me and my benchers. The slang of hers, "No way! not at all a way" became quite common among our class. A couple of times, she denied attendance for me.

One fine day, in her class, she again, saw me playing "Byatarayanapura Vs Vidyaranyapura" match with susheem, She asked us to walk out. We happily walked out.

Another day, she saw me talking with Susheem and Daksha in her class. She made us stand in her class, scolded for 5 minutes and sent all three of us outa the class.

One fine day, she just sent me outa the class. She asked if anybody is interested in going out may do so. Daksha majestically came out making signs of "Whats the big deal? Makes no difference." right in front of her. Hehehe!

Somedays later, she was bugged up sending us out. She said, If you're coming only for the sake of attendance, you may please leave. I'll give attendance for all. She expected us to leave. We didnt. Since that day, she started neglecting us.

I somehow, managed to get a 24 in the third internals to get a minimum of 15 in the internals. Good that she didnt had the grudge in granting marks.

After that sem, she never took our class just for the reason that I'm there in that class. Huh! Can't help it.

There is nothing much in this post left apart from dedication. I dedicate this post to her. Hope this post kept you entertained for a while. =)