Tuesday, April 28, 2009

On Shoe Throwing...

It all started with Muntadhar al-Zeidi throwing a shoe on George W. Bush Jr.

Journalists worldwide seem to have inspired by this. Prior to this, shoe throwing had just been the program in some public gatherings like orchestra and rarely in some political meetings, not in press conferences.

In India, shoe throwing has now become a trend to unfurl your heroism. (a fast, cheap stunt to become instant hero.) That too in the days of elections.

Chronologically, shoe throwing on VIPs in India since 2-3 months are as given below.

1. On P. Chidambaram for guarding the party's interest in holding Jagadish Tytler.

2. On L.K. Advani in a political campaign.

3. On Man Mohan Singh, addressing a public gathering.

4. Yesterday, on Karnataka's Chief Minister, Dr. B. S. Yediyurappa, again addressing a public gathering.

Have I missed out any? Please let me know.

Possible aftermaths of shoe-throwing:

1. Getting arrested first of all.

2. Letting him free. (Ignoring the issue)

3. May be treatment from the Police under the vigilance of the politician.

4. Getting released in a few hours and apologizing.

5. Nobody caring for the throwee or the thrower as if nothing has happened.

6. Rare cases where the politician gets furious and makes some serious injuries on the thrower, of course, not in public.

Lemme write out my points now.

All this shoe throwing business mean nothing. Just hype created and feeding the media with some stupid news. It might bring down the level of the throwee for a day or so, the next day, people forget it and work as if nothing has happened. So does the thrower becomes a hero for a day.

It may work other way too. People might have some sympathy on the throwee and might vote him out. The throwee might get some extra votes.

If this continues to be a serious issue with many more throwers, the coming government might form a law on shoe-throwers. Who knows? Quite possible. Or just like a bomb squad, they might form a shoe-throwing squad to avoid the politician from getting hit.

All in all, to say it again, this doesnt change the situation. The politician would just forget the issue just like a bird shitting on his head. Doesnt change the situation of the country. Just some food for the media.

I suggest them one thing. Instead of throwing a shoe, throw a stone. So that it might hurt them a bit more when compared to shoe.

Post in your comments.


Shrinidhi Hande said...

Good suggestion at the end...

Sandesh said...

Hehe! Throwers' Shall Consider!

i 7 said...

maaDokke kelsa ildedre inta ideas barodhu sahajane!

i 7 said...

prev commentnalli :P add madoKKe martode!!

SO :P ;)

vidhilikitha said...

Mayawati has taken precautionary measures. She has made sure that the journos are seated atleast 10-15 feet away from her. :D

vidhilikitha said...

May be our politicians may tell them to leave shoes outside and enter the conference hall.