Monday, December 15, 2008

This isn't Sportsmanship!

This really isn't. Yes! I'm talkin about today's man of the match award in the test between India and England.

If you've seen the match, also the one dayers, England might have been defeated like anything, but they've been professional in the game which isnt maintained at the presentation ceremony by the sponsors of the tourney.

If you've been watching all the matches right from the one dayers, some of the man of the matches are well judged (example, first match, given to Yuvraj), but later on, in some of the matchess, though an England individual has performed better than any Indian individual in that match, the MoM was awaarded to an Indian coz, India won the match.

Come on, its a game and MoM is an award given to an individual and not to a person from the winning team always. If there is a person who has performed well but his team lost, why should he be denied an award for his performance? Doesnt this lower the morale in him? It might not lower but an award would surely boost his morale.

Consider today's match itself, I do agree that Sehwag turned the match around for India (Happy for atleast for this decision, while they didnt go with Tendulkar for scoring a hundred!). But if you consider the first three days, didnt Strauss entertain us by his two centuries? Didnt they dominate us for the first three days? Dont you think he deserved it more than Sehwag?

You can see the same issue even with the one-dayers as I mentioned before. There are many instances where Indians were honored with MoMs even tehy had lost. I heard it from my uncle that long ago, in a test match, Vinu Mankad was awarded MoM though India lost the match for his brilliant hundred as well as for taking 8 wickets in an innings. Why go that long? Take for example the Sharjah trophy of 1997, the deciding match between Australia and India. Sachin's 137 helped India secure a position in finals but India lost that match. He was awarded the MoM (later Man of the Series aswell i suppose) for his wonderful knock, just for the simple reason that he had entertained the crowd.

Anyhow, kudos for the professionalism show by both the teams. Glad to know that 70% of the England's match fee and 100% of the Indian counterpart has been donated to the mumbai relief fund.

Hope the commitee that decides such things takes this into consideration before awarding.

Monday, November 17, 2008

BMTC had never been so pathetic...

Thanks to Mr. Mannina Maga, his son Mannina Mommaga and all their allies. Today was a troublesome day to many of the Bangaloreans who were commuting via BMTC.

Traffic was totally hit in the northern parts of Bangalore, public commuting totally hit (need not mention)...

Cause being the samavesha held by the JDS (Dunno for what sake was it held) People were dumped in buses and were heading to Palace Grounds. They had rented more than half of the buses of BMTC for the so called communion all heading to Palace Grounds. Why the heck did BMTC grant so many buses? Didnt it foresee the problems that would occur?

What big decision was taken there? To roll down the current state government?? eh? I saw an article in Vijaya Karnataka today where Mr. DG has given an open statement saying "I've never seen a pathetic government than this!" What was your government at 1996? What was your government at the centre?

I'm not supporting the present government at the state. It might be pathetic which includes puppets like Mr. BSY and master of puppets like Mr. JR. What right does Mr. DG has to comment on the present government? I see none.

People who used to return home by 1 returned by 6. This was common. You could have seen people who would fit in a minimum of 6 buses in every bus stand while Mr. DG was busy sleepin at his communion.

One of my uncle had come from Kota and he couldn't return coz he didnt get any bus. I could have dropped him which he clearly denied, but what about the commoners?

We waited in the bus stand for almost two hours to find handful of buses jam packed. What happened in the samavesha? I should wait till tomorrow morning to get the news coz I hardly watch TV.

Many such communion have taken place but the commuting was never being hit so bad. Some of the instances being 'Benny Hinn coming to Jakkur Aerodrome to conduct his stupid evangelical drama for four continuous days', 'Sometimes when Mrs. Sonia Gandhi comes to deliver a speech'

Poor thing was that those buses which hadnt been taken by them took lengthy routes to avoid Palace Grounds and were fumbling to find the destination in the traffic jam all over the city. Traffic Police inside the city must have gone out of their minds.

Hope to not see such a thing in the future.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Tragedy of the day

What to say about this?

There is a saying in Kannada. 'ಇಮಾಂಸಾಬಿಗೂ ಗೋಕುಲಾಷ್ಟಮಿಗೂ ಏನ್ ಸಂಬಂಧ?'
which literally translates into 'Whats the relation between imaamsaabhi and gokulaashtami?'

People today are bloggin, talking(in fact doing all sorts of things) about Barack Obama winning the elections in the US. I'm not pro Obama or against him. Why should people in India talk so much about him winning elections over there?

Some might ask the question that He will decide the relationship between India and US. About the IT deal which ends by March 2009. Some predict that he might close all the doors for IT in India from the US.


Arent we an Independant nation? Why should we care so much about policies made by some foreign leader. Arent we self sufficient? We should look out for opportunities within and not outside.

If you've gotta look at problems. there are hell lota them right here in this country. Please look into this. To mention some, there is the alltime debt of the country. Two months old financial crisis, never ending conversion and evangelism by the cemetic religions and what not?

Another saying from Kannada 'ನಮ್ಮದೇ ಇಲ್ಲಿ ಹಾಸಿ ಹೊದ್ದ್ಕೊಳ್ಳೋವಷ್ಟಿರೋವಾಗ ಬೇರೆಯವರ ಗೋಜು ನಮಗ್ಯಾಕೆ?' translates to 'When we have so much to think of ourselves, why should one think of the rest?'

Please have your say here to what I say. Lemme reply to your comments.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Kumble to retire...

Was shocked to an extent to get to know a few minutes back that Anil Kumble is retiring from cricket. After thinking a bit more, I isnt a surprise. ITs been 16 years of International cricket for him.

He's been a real sport. grabbing 619 wickets in test cricket for the moment being. Dunno how many he'll claim in the second innings. Wishing him all the best for all his future endeavours.

Thats all!!!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Kannada gets Classical stature.

We, the people of Karnataka feel proud to announce that we've attained the classical stature for our language Kannada.

Not that it wasn't a classical language before, it just got recognised as one by the Central Government from today. We can consider it to be a gift to us on behalf of Kannada Rajyotsava.

Its no surprise for a language which is unique in its own way to attain this. We've been an amicable force in India's development, in all fields, at all levels.

We've been nominated Jnaana-Peeta award seven times (Actually should have been much more, thanks URA for that), We have produced one of the world's best engineer Sir M.Vishweshwarayya.

Feels real good to get such a stature.

Happy Kannada Raajyotsava. ಕನ್ನಡ ರಾಜ್ಯೋತ್ಸವದ ಹಾರ್ದಿಕ ಶುಭಾಶಯಗಳು.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Beg your pardon, Mastercard...

Having a sumptuous supper at home - Priceless!
Walking in the drizzle after the meal half naked [Shirts off! dont get weird] - Double Priceless!!
Drizzle turns downpour, you continue till you feel digested - Triple Priceless!!!
Entering home once again through the front door, totally drenched with your mom staring at you - Priceless to the nth order!!!!!!!

There are somethings you can do alone... For everything else, there is Family.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Rant on Social networking sites...

P1: Hey you use facebook?
P2: No! I use orkut. I'm okay with it.
P1: Orkut?? They flick ideas from facebook. It sucks bigtime...

[Suddenly P3 enters]

P3 : Orkut? Facebook? Grow up guys! Use LinkedIn!
P4 : I'm satisfied with Hi5!
P5 : Haven't you used WAYN?

This list goes on and on and on... Just like amaron batteries.

Have seen many such discussions, but haven't involved in any of them. Thought I'll blog out my opinion, hence this post. Though I consider this post to consider some junk things, still...

I've been using some of these social networking sites, just for the heck of using it. I aint a guy who considers something serious in doin so. But have seen many taking such things in a pretty serious manner.

P2 : Hey why don't you scrap me back once I scrap you?
P1 : [Scratching his head] Well! I just forgot!!??
P2 : How can you forget??? you @#$%# ^%$^$@ @#$ #$@# $% $%^$ .....

No surprise in hearing such conversations either.

Well according to me it can be one of a many ways to stay in touch. It shouldnt be the only way. Most of the people using such things take it in the second way I mentioned, updating their profiles with silly statuses, expecting friends to comment on them. They upload photos, videos, install applications(some good ones, some real stupid), share softwares, create communities, comment their views in those communities, some make it a means for mass communication, (inviting for marriage???)....

These says each and everyone is creating such communities, some have started mergin other services into this, like a free mail account, free blog .... To name a few social networking sites, here they are orkut, facebook, linkedin, wayn, yaari, twitter, hi5, friendorama, fanbox.......

Some prefer some sites to other. Some consider using a social networking site cheap! Some delete their account in one site as they found a better site elsewhere. (May be they think that their friends who use only the new site, treat him as a second grade citizen if they found him using the other site as well, there are many such instances I've seen.)

Now, tell me, these things are just for fun. Why should you consider it in a serious fashion? Treat them all equally. If you don't like a site, don't enroll into it. Do not give false publicity to it, neither negative publicity.

I can provide you many links where many blogs point out what to do (n what not to also) in such sites.

Regarding flicking ideas from one site to another, if the idea is good and helps in better communications, its good to include it. (Though they can't mention that they've taken this idea from one such site), they can implement it in a better way or implement something better that that. There is no harm in doing that. IT IS JUST FOR TIMEPASS!

Ultimately, only people who are getting used from these sites are the owners of it earning money. So, it all boils down to the same thing.

Had more points to mention. couldn't find any now. Will post it as it comes in the same post. GTG! Will blog asap! =)

Friday, October 03, 2008 - a review.

People are getting crazy to get ideas. They dont mind getting this low for ads. One idiot, started a stupid ad as I had mentioned in's review, these people from real estate seem to get an advantage over it.They mimick the same ad, give more publicity by having ad boards along the streets have a pic of a woman showing her back to the audience with the caption, "I am leaving Bangalore" with a footline "" for more info.

Stupidity @ its crest.

My suspicion is that these ads are being arranged by people who party hard and those who are suffering, facing the 11:30 pm ban. No surprize if they come up with another website!! Maniacs. Let them put a fullstop to all these.

If you go to these sites (leave or leaving bangalore), you'll find many reasons why they hate Bangalore. On the contrary, you can also see many mentioning why they love Bangalore. Some dont like the people here, some don't like their language (what crap?, its like you coming to my home and disliking me being in my home...), some blame the traffic, some blame the condition of the roads, the infrastructure, auto drivers, taxi drivers, politicians... who else and what not? everything you find here, someone has an objection on it.

You can also see many people asking those who want to leave to leave. Thats the best thing they can do. If they find a better place, why should they stop? All I ask is, can they repair the irreparable loss to the city where they'd been existing for quite a while? Due to their intrusion, how many trees have fell, how many people have lost their houses? How many have lost their lands? All because of the intrusion of the outsiders? You've got an argument? shoot! I'll take it.

All they do is just complain. No plans to come outa it and do some remedy to such things. I can give answers to all of their arguments for which this post would be too large. Let them fire in the comments, I'll take them.

They wont be satisfied with any improvements in the infrastructure. They're here just to crib. We should not care for such people and continue to do our work. They are insatiable in an unknown land and its not like they dont have these problems at all at their home. They've got more in fact.

Okay! Considering all the flaws... What can the city do to it? Its the politicians to be blamed and not the city. They dont have such an idea in their mind. All I can say is "People who want to leave, can leave. Nobody cares for them" they blame Bangalore for their leaving, its their cheap mindset. We simply cannot do anything about it and we hardly care.

Rest, who wanna stay here, please do respect the culture, the language, the people and go ahead... You'll always love this city.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Plagiarism - Views on it.

This post is regarding the blogathon against plagiarism which I had promised Shrinidhi to post today. defines it as "The act of appropriating the literary composition of another author, or excerpts, ideas, or passages therefrom, and passing the material off as one's own creation."

In simple English, it means flicking someone else's idea, propertie, [usually which is creative] and giving it their name without mentioning the original author.

I've seen many such cases. Will mention my own case, which is not that big or critical enough though... Here is how Nidhi's picture got flicked by The Times of India.

Simple plagiarism examples you can see is local showrooms, photoshops where they have photos of many celebrities like film stars, cricketers, other less popular sports players like tennis etc to attract people. Such cases cant be reprimanded as the profit they make from such things is pretty meagre. They dont know what is plagiarism, thats one thing, also, if they are aware of it, they dont know how to give credit to the propreitery owner. We can ignore such cases.

Another form of plagiarism is what i'm gonna explain with an example in this paragraph. Can you call this plagiarism, i cant say but its kinda plagiarism for me. If you can recollect, We had a detergent Nirma (Think it still does exist... dunno), which was quite popular till 90s. While a competitor called Nima comes in with almost same logo, same kinda size... almost identical to Nirma with some variants but with a lower price, people tend to take such things. Another example would be Nokla 95 available in National Market [ Bangalore ], compared to Nokia N95. Its features are almost same, some cases, better than Nokia N95 they say, but available at a price of Rs. 5000 when compared to 20 odd grands for N95. I think it as plagiarism coz they are using the brandname of Nokia to some extent.

I'll explain my experience with plagiarism. I upload some funny pics on and I do have many of my friends following it. Some of my friends, friends, flicked my pics and didnt even mention my name. One of my friend, noticed this and informed me, on asking that person, you know what he did? He made the photos private. Bugger! I dunno how many have done sucha thing but its common.

This is to a lower scale, I dont mind people flicking my pics and posting it in their profile, but this can cause harm. If they use it to some criminal purpose? what can we do? What if they use our pic in some terrorists websites? Forget that, don't you think that it is robbery? In this internet world, its not that only tangible things can come under robbery. What if giants like TOI flick?

Few of the remedies i can think of are :

1. Develop a mechanism through which you can't save a picture. [ I've seen many sites that do not allow right click, dunno about the mechanism, but its easy].

2. Clever people would take a snapshot using ksnapshot [linux] or Shift+Print Screen on Windows or through some software which allows you to take snapshots of the screen. Some sites even disable this. Mechanism they follow is unknown to me. Will search on it and let you know.

3. Place an ugly mark, or a watermark on pictures [if it is a photograph], this somehow would make the pic ugly and some of the readers might object.

If you can think of anything else? do comment.

Any technical mechanism can be for and against it. There are softwares which can do wonder and do whatever you want with pics. If you comeup with a mechanism against plagiarism, the plagiars would come up with another mechanism to overcome it.

Finally, Its upto the flicker to mention the original author from the moral point of view, that would make both sides happy. after

Things are getting a bit serious. Some funny guy started a prank of asking people as to why they want to leave Bangalore, someone has taken it seriously and has started another blog -

Will again post my review on that website. That would be tomorrow. But right now, tell me what you feel about this? Taking serious of leaving Bangalore?

Pour in...

Tuesday, September 30, 2008 - a review.

Was headin towards Bangalore Central to meet one of my friend yesterday, had boarded a bus to Shivajinagar 252 i guess, coming from Peenya. Was standing... Turned on the radio. Dials were at 91.9 [after listening to Friday's Night Patrol, Geoffrey Thomas], some song was gettin played which i enjoyed after which an Ad had me dumbstruck.

It goes...

Person 1 : I am leaving Bangalore...
Person 2 : Enough! I'm leaving Bangalore.
Person 3 : Oof! Thak gayi hoo mai! Jaa rahi hoo! Mai Bangalore Chodke jaa rahi hoo yaar!!
Person 4 : Naan Hogtha iddini andre hogtha iddini! Bangalore bittu hogtha iddini naanu!
Person 5 : Thats it! I'm packing my bags and leaving Bangalore!

Another Chorus : Why is everyone leaving Bangalore?

Suddenly a female voice comes up [the same female who performs for these orange properties ad] and says "Do you want to leave Bangalore too? log on to and tell us why?"

I thought this is another ad coming after the 11:30 ban! You can see my take on that here. Decided that I'll go home and post a blog on this for sure. Once i was back home, I was busy with one of my cousin flyin to Germany, we had a get-together for that and couldnt much think of it. Was fast asleep by 10:30.

Today morning, i just thought of this and had logged on. Before that! I thought of checking whether we have any other blog for any of our other metros. I tried,, couldnt find any. I thought of having a look at the blog now.

That blog consists only two posts. first, which asks for the reasons behind people getting frustrated about Bangalore. Almost all of them are looking into this, due to which the second post doesnt gets its prominence. All the author wants to say is in the second post. Please do have a look into that. [ I dont want to list that post here! Go have a look yourself].

He actually has posted a video of Rick Astley which says the opposite of the domain name as well as the radio ad. this is a bit clever but many have fallen into the pit. Also those who support Bangalore, have not noticed the above fact and commented about others here. Right at this point of time, we have 195 comments for the first post and the second has only 5.

Only 5 have noticed excluding me. I'm the sixth one i guess. [ Not boasting hehe!]

Though many have commented about things how they feel are in Bangalore. They talk about everything. People being rude which i totally oppose, they bang the taxi drivers as well as the rickshaw drivers, the traffic, high cost of living, what not? Will post a seperate post on that after this one.

Please do post your comments on that here.

Monday, September 29, 2008

HNS, our High School Principal passes away...

All you Seshadripuram Boys' High Schoolites, FYKI, our Principal, H.N.Shivakumar Aaradhya is no more from today.

I dunno about his tenure in that institution butsurely he would have completed some 30 years teaching there. Though, students of SBHS have a mixed feelings towards him, I truly respect him for being our Principal during my tenure there. He was simplistic, though hard when it comes to handling issues with sturdy students. Many had nicknamed him which I shall not mention in this post atleast as it would disrespect him on his obituary post.

Reason I called him simple is based on this incident. That was my 8th standard. I had to apply for my student pass provided courtesy B.T.S then, (now BMTC), school timings were over and almost everybody were home. I was late waiting for my sister to accompany me home, while I needed to attest my Principal's signature on the form provided by BTS, he was leaving and I went to him, asking him to sign the form. If it was any other Head Master, he would have surely sighed, would have asked me to come the next day to the office and get it done. He took the form, signed, asked about my details in a friendly way (Not as a Principal), smiled and took his way. This is one such incident i recollect remembering him.

If you go to any of the lecturers of SBHS and ask who was the worst, of all classes, they would surely point to us, the 'B section'. Will post stories of high school as i recollect, but even H.N.S had this notion which makes us feel proud sometimes as well as bad sometimes. Thats a long story.

He also used to take classes. He was a science teacher, physics was his subject. He used to take only the 10th students. Nuclear physics was his topic. He taught well is all I can say.

Well, can't think of anything else of him. Thats it for now. LHSRIP.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Project 10 to the 100th

Here is Google's new project where everybody can participate. Its so simple. Just give your idea and you're in the project.

Just post your idea within October 20th 2008, who knows? It might get selected. How is the best idea selected? there is a voting, that starts on January 27th 2009. Finally, five ideas will be selected...

More info? click here.

Post your ideas in the link provided... also, post it in the comment if you wish... Well, I haven't thought of any idea as such! Will post once i think of something.

Get it started....

Monday, September 15, 2008

No Reservation in BMTC...

If you're in Bangalore and you have travelled in BMTC, you would have guessed what I'm talking about. Yes. Its the reservation they try in the city buses. If you're a regular traveller as me(also, arrogant), you would have seriously quarelled with atleast 10 people by now.

Here is one such conversation:

(After boarding a bus in a heavily crowded bus terminus, you see a seat just three steps from the door. You run towards it to find a person reserving it for his friend, I just go there and sit.)

He: Bhaisaab! Hamaara friend bus 5 minite me aayega! idhar hee gaya he!
Me: Idhar reservation, giservation nahi chalta he! Sideg hogayyo!
He: Abe ye kya mazaak he kya? Mera friend aayega! Woh bolega?
Me: Kya badnekaayi bolega? Usko aane de! Mai baat karoonga! (Ellellindano bandbidthaare! Namge aawaaz haakthaare, thagad nann makklu)
He: (Grumbles... and sits shuttin everything)

These are things you usually see in either Majestic or Market. This is pretty common. People who try to reserve are majorly from North India. I dunno whether its a custom over there. I see lot many people doing that.

Not that others wont but comparitively less.

Among those, few will quietly leave space for the person entering. Few will quarrel a bit, and if the second party is strong enough, shuts his mouth as in the afore mentioned conversation. Few like whom I mention now, will just keep their bags on the seat and quarrel as if its their inherent property. Here was the conversation what happened when I was carrying two hefty bags from K.R. Market while a marawadi family had placed a plastic bag on both the seats and had gone to have tea nearby, keeping an eye on their baggage through the window. I just went to the bus to find only that seat vacant, kept the bag of window seat beside and sat. By this time, one among those idiotic marwadi who had spent his considerable amount of life here came and started swearing right near the window.

Marwadi: Abe tu saale! Kya diktha nahi? waha par bag rakha tha!
Sandesh: Illi reservation illa! muchkond hogu!
M: Kya bak raha hai? dikta nahi kya? waha par bag rakha hua tha!
S: Kannada baralva nimge?
M: Saale kya Kannad, vannad bol rahe ho?
S: T#!k@ muchkond hogolo B*w@r$!! Ellellindo band ninge isht gaanchali irbekandre ille huttiro nangesht irbeda!
[Not that he was not able to understand me, he continued speaking in Hindi]
H: Saale! Ab tum bahar niklega ya nahi?
S: Naan yaako horg hogli? kiththogiro nann makkla neeve horg hogi saayri!
[Enter a female inside the bus and she asked me to get up, I denied, after which she called her husband, who is not the first marwadi and even he had the same attitude]
M2: Abe humne reserve kiya tha! Aap utiye! [ A Bit sober ]
S: Naan yaakri elli? Bekaadre conductor na keli.
[M2 starts speaking in Kannada]
M2: Nodi saar! Namdu illi ondh bag iththu. Naavu illi nimgintha munchene bandbittiddvi.
S: Haag helakk hodre naanu ee bussalli ninne ne koothidde! Adakken heltheera?
M2: Sumne eli saar!
S: Eega hogtheero? Illa conductor na kareebeko?
[He knew that it was his fault, meanwhile M1 continued cursing from below, I didnt budge. After the humiliation, M2 and his wife started getting down and went down, with their luggage.]

After 5 minutes, bus started moving. M1 took this as opportunity to curse with his whole heart and started cursing! While I reverted back with Kannada counterparts! The bus moved and that was the end of the story. You might not like me being so rude but one should be for such idiots. I simply can't help it.

These are one such people who will never change their attitude. One big whole bunch of idiots.

All I gotta say to those who reserve is :

If you want your friend/relative/whoever it is and you've boarded a seat in the bus, instead of reserving one more seat, leave your seat to them and you better stand.

Say what?

Have you come across any such situations? Let me know! What do you feel abt reservation in BMTC or any other metropolitan transport service? Post your thoughts. I know travelling in such systems, you should have atleast one such case!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ban 'em! Bang 'em!!

There is this newspaper called mid-day which is specially meant for page 3 lovers as I can see. We get a free issue everyday at the office. Dunno whether they are making profit outa this. As the paper says, it is a paper which is released by the afternoon unlike most of the dailies.

I hardly go through the paper, but an article made me go through it yesterday. [11-Aug-2008]. Please have a look at the link provided. Here is another blogpost [which also came as a review in today's edition of mid-day] which supports the article.

Lemme tell you whats it all about. Recently the Bangalore Police have raised a ban on all shops and establishments to shut down their business within 23:30 due to security constraints. All the music enthusiasts along with DJs are protesting this move and this article covers the protest.

One says 'Give us our Bangalore back!!!' another DJ says 'Get me my job back', yet another says'Give us our rights back!' while another female plays a guitar in the crowd asking them to join her. You can say 'Bengaluru bleeding' on almost all of their attires.

Also, the blog post says 'Life is a chief cause of death, should we ban life?'

Okay! thanks for those slogans, but do you think they are valid?

Bangalore is still the same [Barring the balding done by the influential people who are amongst this crowd], nothing has happened to its culture [Apart from the IT Intruders], There is no point in saying 'Give us our Bangalore back'. We had the 11 o' clock rule much before also.

For the poor DJ, Who has taken your job? You can perform well within 11:30 pm and be safe. I say the same thing to everyone.

Let me explain, but before, you PARTY ANIMAL, answer these questions.

1. Why do you want to lift the 11:30 pm ban?
2. Is that essential for you to dance everyday?? If yes, why can't you dance within 11 and go to sleep, so that you wont be late tomorrow to your work?
3. Why do you want to dance even after 11?
4. What provokes you to break the rules?

Be it whatever, I see only one reason you do such things is just to enjoy! Lemme explain you the problems with this.

1. You booze. Thats the major reason for all the criminal offense happening after 11. You misbehave once you are drunk.
2. Its a nuissance which disturbs the rest.
3. You drive after drinking which causes lots of accidents on the road (as well as off the road).
4. In case you make new friends at the party, you try to go one step ahead than what you usually do with strangers which leads to lots of complexities.
5. It becomes difficult for the police to handle you.
6. I find it so illegal. These rave parties etc.

That post on churmuri, all I have to say is to have a look at this video. Just check out this video and how they misuse the freedom given to them. And that crap about MGR's rule and people coming to Bangalore to enjoy! What crap? its just plain BULLSHIT. Didn't get any better point yeah? And yes, dont compare life with your stupid partying. Its simple stupidity. Life is much more than partying.

I was once shocked to see people like Girish Karnad, Raghu Dixit in the protest. I'm wondering how can they protest on such a mean topic.

These are my views. Please comment with yours. Meanwhile, you can check my another post on google insights on Abhiyantaru.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Incident with Tattoo Rani

Well, was thinking of writing something funny to find this.

This belongs to the can't help it categories. Yeah! You got it right! About the female employees I work with.

That day, had got a direct bus to Devarabisanahalli from Byatarayanapura. Unfortunately, I had got a window seat which can see backwards to the motion of the vehicle. i.e., If the bus is moving forward, I could see the people behind the bus.

Had crossed the Karthiknagara. Was heading towards Maraththalli.

I saw a Zen Estillo driven by a female. It was slow moving traffic. You know my hobbies. I watch things around be it a cart moving or a volvo. This female in the Zen Estillo was making faces to the traffic.

After 2 minutes, the slow moving traffic turned to be a jam. This female seems to have strict time sense. She started her make up in the car. I started watching her keenly to just see what she does.

If you guys wanna know the description about the girl, Sorry! I'm bad at those. You can consider her to be an average girl who looks like she is interested in parties in the first look. ( Atleast thats what I found I saw her first, Though I've come to a conclusion to not judge people...)

She applied lipstick, powdered herself and did things I can't explain. I dont find words for her appliances of makeup. Be it whatever, it went on for another 5 minutes.

Still jam. She was cribbing about the traffic and started looking outside. Just for an instant she noticed me checking her out and started panicing. The first thing she did was to check whether her shirt is buttoned.

This is one thing I find females doing often. They judge majority of males in that sense though I wasn't doing what she thought in the least possible corner in my mind.

I stopped staring at her after that and turned towards some other random thing. Five minutes passed and I saw her checking her shirt again. Damn!!! Just stop it! I'm not staring at you!!!

Two minutes passed by and I noticed something which I aint supposed to see in her car. That car had the same parking stickers as of my company. Yappa devare!!

She might have noticed me clearly as sun was bright that day. I couldn't see her face clearly as she had closed all her windows and her windsheild was tainted in the top. I now began to look at her as to recognise the face ( Whether she is someone i know ). Thank god! She wasn't. AFAIK, she belonged to some non-technical team as per my knowledge. Though, I had seen her in the office a couple of times, I didnt pay much attention towards her (As i do with majority of the females at work).

Jams cleared. She overtook our bus. I sighed. Got down at Devarabisanahalli.

Unfortunately, I saw her that afternoon at the cafeteria while having lunch. She was having lunch with her collegues all seem to be with her calibre. I noticed one thing. She usually wears sleeveless shirts and there is a tattoo on her left arm. My prediction of her being a party goer was confirmed with that to a major extent. (And more support came from eavesdropping I hear these days whenever I see her in the cafeteria, her talk will be somewhere around these areas)

I gave my self a pat on my back for my stupid judgement. Discussed this incident with Srinath and both of us, named her to be "Tattoo Rani". Hehehehe!!

We have named many females with different names based on their action just for fun. Will come up with those stories soon. Keep waiting...

Do post your comments on this episode. =)

Friday, July 25, 2008

Bomb blasts in Bangalore?

Well this might be an old news to you but, there are minor bomb blasts in the city today. Short n sweet, bombs exploded in 7-8 locations in the city of which some of them are Raja Ram Mohan Roy Circle, Richmond road, Adugodi, Madivala checkpost, sarjapura road, Nayandahalli junction, n what not?

Of this blasts, those who got profited were the telecom operators wherein there were lot many calls landing in the city asking about the incident and the condition of their dear ones.

Rumours are that these were due to SIMI (Student Islam..., Whatever, I dunno) along with the help of LeT (Lashkar e Toiba). Be it whoever, they claimed to have arrested a person regarding the blasts.

I just ask one thing, If you need a muslim country, why dont you go to one than converting this into one? You've got lot many, go to middle east! Creating lot of nuisance and problem to all the people around? Go get lost.

Note that this post is not pointing to all muslims but to those who create such isues. Or does this have some background with the two week riots in the city of a pigs' head thrown into the mosque?

Is Tit for Tat the only way? Why can't people be easygoers?

Even people create havoc in such situations. All try to leave home early which again causes lotsa traffic. Unnecessary. Why can't one be calm as another usual day?

I saw many jams happening on my way back home. Walked from Mahadevapura to Tin Factory . I was faster than any vehicle!

People were saying that Bangalore is a safer place to live in and by the intrusion of outsiders, I mean it! Outsiders. Non-Kannadigas, it is getting worse. Though it is still a safer place to live.

Please stop all such nuisance. Let this be the same city as before.

Thank you!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

In the medical stores...

Was searching for a tablet which is pretty rare in almost all medical stores. Thats available only selected stores. Been searching for this since almost 1 month.

Appa was askin abt it every weekend but I was not able to find the store. Finally, I recollected the store I had last bought it from. I set myself to go there and get it done.

Just went to the store to find none there. Bending onto the desk, I found one girl (may be 7th standard at the max). I recollected myself sitting in the cash counter of our hotel. Instantly there was a smile on my face.

We (me and akka) used to rush to hotel once we were done with our homework when we were studying in S.V.V.K ( a school in the neighbourhood). We had all the time in the world and did all sorts of things in the hotel as well as our old house. (Hale mane, which still exists besides the new airport road). We were sitting either in the cash counter or the black table at the end and playing things like the tic tac toe et al. Our regular customers were watching us play and were cheering us up sometimes. We didn't had anything else to do and were just wiling away our time there.

I think even she was one such girl. I asked whether there were anybody in the store. She called the compounder who was in the midst of medicines to query as to what I wanted.

I bought the medicine. Payed the money and he gave it to the girl to give me the change. She is intelligent and naughty. The bill was 169/-, I had payed 200 bucks for which she returned with 30 bucks along with a 1 rupee chocolate. If it would have been elders, they would have given mint which I hate. She gives what she likes. She had given me a 1 rupee chocolate ( yeah! made outa chocolate) which I prefer over mint any day.

I threw a smile for the chocolate which even she returned. =). I returned from the store munchin the chocolate, recollecting my childhood days in our Hotel...

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Throw a smile if you wanna get it done

Met i7 for the first time face-to-face yesterday along with susheem. We just spent time in discussing about random things. After the discussion, we decided to have something for our stomach. Went to adigas, had one onion dose and a coffee each and were going back to beagles.

Susheem said that its time and he had to go home. At the same time, an auto-driver broke our attention. Here is the conversation.

Auto Driver - 'Saar! erad aivath idya?' (Sir, have you got two fifties?)

Sandesh - Aivaththa?? Illa. Nodtheeni thadeeri. (Fifty? Nope! Wait, Lemme check?)

[while i noticed that it was for a female... i7 may comment on this...]

Sandesh - Onde aivathth ide. Ley nimm yaar hatranaadru innondh aivathth idyenro? ( Have only one. Sisyas, have you got one more by any chance? )

Susheem - Nodtheeni thadi ( Wait, Lemme check...) [Fumbles in his billfold]

i7 - Aivathth paisa ide siva (I've got 50 paisa) [As if he is a big fan of 50 cent]

Meanwhile, the female watches us fumbling our wallets, is worried, (natural female instinct) and forcibly puts a mild smile on i7's PJ. This is what hurts. Bringing in an artificial smile to get your work done? Don't you think thats cheap? Now, you can't say that she might have smiled naturally. Nope! I've seen that and any one who saw it would surely recognize that smile.

I was about to give one twenty rupees note and three tens while i7 comes up with a fifty.

She is so happy for that. She got what she wanted. I handed out the notes in her hand in return to which she gave me a 100 rupee note and she vanished along with another "Thanks". Good that she has the courtesy to say that. The auto driver thanked again and I gave the change (20 + 10 *3) to i7.

Sush went to bus stop. It started raining. Myself and i7 started to continue our discussion under a building in front of Adigas and the female was walking in the drizzle...

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Failure @ Office, Successful @ home

This is regarding my transition of OS in both the localities.

Lemme tell you abt the failure first. I've been recently shifted to another project at work. That project needs .net framework. I was using a linux box till last week for all my official purposes.

I knew that mono is compatible with .net which is being developed my Novell and tried installing mono on my machine at office. Its an RHEL 4 box for which the preferred method was to install yum, place the mono repository file under the yum.reposd directory and leave the rest to yum about the mono installation.

Installing yum was a problem. The official yum site has newer versions of yum but has no page which contains the proper method to install yum. I struggled 2 days installing yum when my sys-admin anirudh helped me with using the cent-OS version of yum for mono installation. After an hour of research on that and re-creating the yum RPM for RHEL 4 repository, I successfully installed yum.

Things didnt stop. The actual problem arised here. After placing the mono.repo file under '/etc/yum.reposd' directory, my gateway was blocking yum from downloading the mono RPMs from Oops. To deduce this it took me 1 hour but infortunately the solution was not known to me as my sys-admin refused to unblock all ports. was not accessible through FTP. We were able to successfully access the above site through http. After 4 long days of discussion with the network team of sys-admin team, They finally enabled it to know that the port that they are using is different from the usual. (I havent tried much. This is what my sys-admin told me.)

We were not able to download even after enabling the particular site. Anirudh suggested me to try red-carpet to install mono even though I said that its specific to novell. I tried it in front of him where the dependencies for that RPM increased nearly exponentially. We dropped that idea.

We even tried downloading the RPMs seperately ourselves and installing. This didnt work either. Poooooof!

My sys-admin seems to be a good innovative thinker. We have this USB modem from Tata-Indicom for all our laptop users. He suggested that why not we try installing mono though yum with this connection. I agreed.

We faced one more problem here. That modem didnt have linux drivers along with its setup CD. What crap? We checked the tata-indicom site to know only that It has drivers for Windows as well as Mac OS X but not Linux.

We called up the customer care to find out that even they do not know how to make it work on Linux. Isn't Linux popular here? Shit!

They escalated the call and replied that they would send a customer executive to resolve the issue, who came to our office after consulting me on saturday. He didnt knew what the problem was and was just sent with a fake reason to my office. After understanding the problem, even he said that he doesn't know the solution for this problem. He had tackled this once before but in vain.

He said that he would consult his seniors and lemme know the solution. After calling them, they said that they will consult their seniors to which the y replied with "There is a section on Linux in the user manual sent with the CD."

Final hope. We tried even that. i.e.,

1. Login as root.
2. insert the USB modem.
3. run wvdialconf /etc/wvdial.conf
4. this should detect the modem and alter the afore mentioned conf file.
5. We need to edit the above file (wvdial.conf) to change the phone number, user name as well as password to #777, internet and internet respectively.
6. Add one more line to the file at the end with the entry
stupid mode = 1
(How correct)

7. try wvdial now to check the internet connection.

8. Press ctrl - c to end the connection.

Fortunately the network connection was successful but was damn slow. slower than the dial up connection. I waited 30 minutes to connect to google but in vain.

This made us dropout even this idea.

Frustrated with my activities since two weeks, my manager was angry with my performance. He asked me to not waste any time installing mono and wanted me to go with a dual boot.

Now, never in my office PC have I installed Windows. I hated that. I always wanted to work with LINUX. This seemed like failure to me (Though I spent two full days on the name of installation of Windows, Linux and its utilities, good reason to enjoy atleast on these causes)

Due process, I lost all my official mails sent throughout 2.8 years of my career here. My manager is on leave. Dunno what will be his reaction on this... :(

Altogether this constitutes to what I call failure at office.

Now, lemme quickly finish this post as to why I'm successful at home. All at home were used to windows at home. I had downloaded the brand new Fedora 9 (as of today, this is the latest version of Fedora, nicknamed Sulphur). Today I was able to solve the major problem of network connection as I've explained it here.

I no longer have windows installed on my PC. Its fast, error free to a large extent and virus, worm free which makes me like Linux more for the moment being. There are lot many to mention it here.

Hope I'll find something better at office and good things continue at home.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008


That evening...

Had called almost all of my friends to meet. None of them turned up. Some were busy watching cricket, some were not interested, some had important work, some were reluctant, some didn't pick up my cal, some were busy with their girlfriends...

On the whole, everyone had their own reason.

I could have gone somewhere with my family members, atleast a few of them if not all. Appa was busy in the hotel, amma was busy with the house chores, Akka had been to her office, rest were busy with their own business...

I set myself outa home that evening, not knowing where i'm going. Had my daily pass with me which I had taken that morning. Just boarded a bus. Didn't even saw the route. Got down at some random stop. Roamed a lot there. I shall not mention the location coz that would make this post more specific. I want this to be more abstract.

You might be expecting something happened that day. Nope! Nothing exactly happened. I just roamed in some unknown location, took another bus to some other unknown location and continued that way till late at night.

Somewhere in my mind, this explains me the beauty as well as the simplicity of life. Some of you might curb saying whats the big deal in this? I dunno why but this makes me experience something simple, something divine for that particular moment I think of this...

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Its Britney(,) Bitch!!??

Well, myself, Sri, Rup and Bik were sittin in the outdoor cafeteria havin a coffee break. It was a table for 6. Aru and Sun were missing. Might be they were with their SET batch. Lemme explain you how we sat.

It was two tables joined together which made it a table for six. Along the length of it, we can place two seats on either side, which accommodated four seats. One along the breadth of the table. That added two seats which totally made it six.

Me and Rup were sitting on either side of the length. So we had a seat in front of us empty. Imagine this. Sri was sittin to my left and Bik was sittin to the left of Rup. This is not how we sit most of the time but I dunno the reason behind this.

5 minutes passed while a familiar figure was chatting in the table in front of us. She was visible only to me and Sri and we kept starin as to why she was here. She saw us staring and just after another minute, she came to our table.

Yeah! You guessed it right! It was Britney Spears. Wondering what she was doing here. Whom was she talking?? I dunno. I seriously don't know.

Here goes the conversation between us. I wonder why the rest in our table were dumb. They were hardly talking anything.

Britney : Hey!

Sandesh : Sandesh. (Extending my hand).

We shook hands.

B : Wazzup?? Whats goin on the hour?

S : Nothing. Was just wondering what you were doin here?

Meanwhile I just noticed that she had dressed decent enough to be in India. Was confused enough.

B : Just checkin out things in India. Wanna be frenzz ??

S : Why not? I dont mind being frenz with anyone!

B : Cool!! I love makin new friends.

We just chatted for another 10 minutes. I can't recollect the whole of conversation now. I still dunno why the rest were mum(Atleast why Bik was so silent??). We got up to continue with our work. Even she came to wash her hands. After that, I just thought of clickin a photo with her. While she was crazy for that. She posed. I handed my cell to one of my collegue to take the pic.




As expected, I woke up!!! I was like "WHAT THE HECK IS GOIN ON????". Just checked the time. It was 2:30 AM. Good! They say that dreams at dawn(Munjaane Kanasu in Kannada) come true. Thank god, it was not. I just checked myself. Was sweating like anything. Couldn't make out things for say 10 minutes. Was in some other world thinking what was happening around.

Good that the dream didn't continue. Ooof! I don't wanna be another Adnan Ghalib or J.R. Rotem or some other stupid person! (Thinking way too forward. Just to add onto the humor. Hehe!!). Now let the analysis of the dream be later.

I thought that this would be my first and only post on dreams in my blog. Coz, I hardly get any dreams. Though psychiatrists may rule this out saying that every person dreams. As I mention in that post, I sleep to the fullest extent so that dreams would not be in my memory once i wake up. This post breaks that.

I just couldn't sleep for another two hours. I'm no bloggomaniac who just posts things as and when he gets an idea of the post. I was lazy enough not to do that. I thought I'll blog it out this morning and thats what I'm doing right now. Those two hours I was thinking of the dream and the points to add onto this post. What else will you do at that time? I just decided upon the title based on her song, "Gimme more..." (Thats the only song i recollect of her that time. I dunno any other song of hers, other than "Baby, one more time...")

I thought of giving a label 'Celebritney' to this post. But decided with Celebrity as I wouldn't get much of Britney dreams. (Well, hope so...)

I just couldn't come outa that dream for another half an hour. Wondering why I dealt with her that way at the end. Got down by 3:30, washed my face. Was relieved to some extent. Couldn't sleep until 4:30. Woke up by 9 today.

Some of you might curb that we live in the US and didn't have an opportunity to see her. (Many of you wouldn't care for that. I know), Now here are the facts on why i got that dream...

1. Was listening to AT40 by Ryan Seacrest on Indigo. He just interviewed many people among which Britney was one. Her interview was goin on while I stopped as I came to see the movie Mr.Garagasa in tribhuvan along with my family. That thing might have triggered my mind. Half done things trigger the mind??? To support this fact, Seacrest had also interviewed Nelly, which I heard completely. He didn't come in my dreams.

2. As to why the place was the outer cafeteria in our office, That is still under construction and is open to us from Monday. Somewhere in a part of the my mind, this random fact might have helped my mind to yearn this dream.

3. After the dream, I realized why my collegues were not speaking to Britney.

4. Why did the dream stop while I decided to take the pic? Say, If I had taken the pic, that should have been in my camera album right? Probably mind is not ready to accept that this shall not happen. It might feel bad to know that it was a dream and hence, it had stopped the instant the photo was about to be taken.

5. I said I'd been to the movie. After that I had a hefty meal and lots of water before that. I usually do not take water once I start my meal for another hour or so. Yeaterday, I felt very thirsty and had to take water just after finishing my meal. Even after coming home. I drank lots of water and slept immediately. This might be the reason for the sweat.

Well, these are some of the facts I thought of. You may add on more if you have any. Well now I'm laughing at the dream like anything. Hope this is the last post on dreams.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A monologue in the bus.

Had just got a seat near Tin factory. 7:40 pm, It was a bit crowded, less of light, couldn't open the book to read. Was just sitting idle.

Five minutes passed while a person behind me gets a call. Here goes the conversation. (Monologue for me, as I couldn't hear the other side.)

Note here that based his replies, i would frame my own questions from the other side that would have been probably asked.

Other person : Whats up dude?? how are you doin?

Person : Right now in a pathetic condition. In a third grade bus. Sweating like hell. What will a person get working in a big MNC get? ( Dunno why he told that way)

O : Why what happened?

P : Now what else will a 'kin Indian get?? (Tell me what to do with this Idiot)

O : Again, what happened? Whats wrong with you?

P : Dude, I'm &*cked up with this &*ckin job!

(This person is suffering from slangs like 'Dude, &*ck,...'. They think they are great if they use those words)

He continued the jargon of hating his job, cursing it to the fullest extent. I thought of posting the full conversation here but It would just lengthen the post and add no value to it.

Here is the gist. This person is one among those who not just hate their job but also their country. They just want everything on their side no matter what happens to the rest. He was curbing that he travels 70 kms everyday in bus and he is sick of that. He hates BMTC, Bangalore, Traffic, his job, India everything. People around were just staring at him. No one daring not daring to speak to him. He comes somewhere from Mayuri near Sanjaynagar and his office is somewhere near silkboard. Stupid guy, takes ring road while he can take a route inside the city to shorten it. Or if he is so bugged up, why shouldn't he shift?

The person on the other side should also be blamed. He should not have allowed him to speak like this. By his accent, I could make out that he is a malayali. I'm not blaming the whole of malayali gang with this but the outsiders are the major ones for the condition here in Bangalore. Just for their sake, rising population, we are sacrificing many things here and they don't care a damn for it. Once again, here I'm not blaming all of the outsiders but the majority of them.

The government has acquired land for widening of roads after Hebbal flyover towarsd BIA. Now, they have decided to acquire more land for Metro. What should the people there do?? where should they go? They cut down trees, imbalance the environment of Bangalore. Sparrows flew outside Bangalore for the mobile revolution here in the city. Bangalore is getting more and more barren. For Whose sake????

Well, I thought of blogging out about that person, but it is heading in a direction which i didn't intend. Will blog out the original content some other day. Cya.

Munduvarida Naay kathe...

Thanks for the responses. Here it continues...

I was waiting for the bus. At that time, you get a bus once in 10 minutes. Though the traffic will not reduce. I was disturbed by the movements of this dog. As predicted by i7, it saw a female dog on the other side of the road and was interested in doing things which i wish not to disclose here. It was waiting for an opportunity to cross the road.

It tried many a times but in vain. We humans have blocked the free movements of other living beings for our convenience. We've forgot that its even their world.

For my bad luck, I didn't get a bus after 10 minutes. Meanwhile the dog showed some courage in crossing the road, it went ahead. As perdicted by enidhi, A Tata Sumo was speeding at 70 kmph, on seeing this dog, he applied brakes. Good driver. Many just move over them. He just stopped 20 cm behind the dog which had also stopped. It ran back to this side of the road. Even the dogs are used to such situations.

After another 3 minutes, the road was relatively vacant, the dog was able to cross the road successfully. It stood on the other side of the road watchin at its Dovv! It started moving towards the female. The original Dovv of the female dog, sprang up from nowhere and started to chase the dog.

Our dog might be a new one in the locality. May be newly joined. Surprised by the attack, It started running, followed by the local dog. Both of them vanished below the flyover, while I saw a 402D, in the bus stop. Boarded it, came home.

Did our dog date with the female?? or was it chased outa the locality by the bully?? Even I dunno. Looking at the chase, I feel the second thing would have happened. Or did they become friends?? Dunno. It gave me a nice topic to blog. Hope it brought a smile on your face.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Ondhu Naayiya kathe...

Was waiting at hebbal bus stand at 10:25. It was another hectic day's work. Finished that day's work and started by 9:20 at Devarabisanahalli. Reached Hebbal at 10:20. Came to the bus stand where buses to Yelahanka arrive and was waiting where I saw this stray dog.

Can anyone imagine the story of the dog?? As in what it was doing? Come up with a story on it and I'll let you know what happened to it. Waiting for your valuable responses.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Earth hour

Just do your bit. Try switching off the lights beside you by 8 o' clock tomorrow i.e., 29th March 2008 for an hour and try making a difference.

link - click here.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Being an RJ \m/

You might be wondering when did I become one, Well here is the complete story.

My tryst with FM continues...

This friday, on my way back home, as usual, was listening to FM. tuned into Big. 92.7. One of my favorite. As I would've told you guys, my post on Radio FM channels, is still in the design state. Will be out ASAP.

Its Deepu time, (Between 5-9), he is pretty casual, jovial. Just like nimm pakkada mane huduga(Friendly Neighborhood RJ, Hehe, Indeed I had one Deepu in my neighborhood, not an RJ) It was 8, and as always he had a question answering which he had some gifts to be won. The moment i tuned in, he just quoted the question and played some songs. I didnt knew what was the catch.

The question was 'Life alli heg bindaasaagirbeku? (Whats makes to be jovial in Life?)"

I just had a Boing(Aikka, idea banthu!!) in my mind and replied the moment it struck me. "Bindaasaagirbekandre Life alli expectations ittkondirbaardu. (To be jovial, one shudnt expect anything from life)" and just forgot about it.

It was 8:15, 8:30 and there was no response. I thought, this one would be another crap answer I gave and continued listening to radio. 8:45, it was Moda Modalu on air from the movie Uyyale ( which you can hear exclusively only on Big, you won't even get a CD in the stores) and a call Interrupted me while I was in a heavily crowded bus at Karthik Nagar. The bus had just stopped and it was an unknown number. I got down presuming that it would be RJ Deepu. to my surprize, it was! Here goes the conversation.

RJ Deepu : Hello Sandesh, Idu RJ Deepu antha Big FM kade inda.
Sandesh : Ha! Heli Deepu. Call maadidralla Khushi aaythu.
D: Elliddira?? Jor shabdagalu kelsatha ide?? Enfull jagala nadeetha idya?
S: Illappa! Bussalliddini. Nillsthu! 1 Nimsha ildbidtheeni thadeeri.
D: Ayyo, bussella iliyoshtu important alla kanri callu. Maneg hogri parwagilla. Ishtella scene bekiththa?
S: Ayyo, saavra bus baraththe siva! Heli en samachara?
D: Oh! olledu. On air thogollokkintha munche, ondh maathu. Naale saayankaala namm studio ge barakkagaththa?
S: (I dint knew this at all! was dumbstruck!) Ha?? en heltha iddira? Nange RJ kelsa maadi ondh naya paisa abhyaasa illa. Heng nadskodli?
D: Ayyayyo, neevobbre iralla. Naanu pakkadalle irtheeni. Barakkagaththa?
S: Oh! neevu pakkadalle irtheera?? maththinnenu?? nimmanna nodid haage aagaththe! Bartheeni nadeeri.

Then he took the call on air, which some of you might have listened. I just repeated my answer given and he announced that I'll be co-hosting the show. Details will be given to me later.

Never imagined that I can do this. I started messaging my friends that I'll be co hosting a show on Air with Deepu. Most of them were shocked and were happy for me. I could make it from their voice. Thought of informing all once I get the details about the show.

I waited till 10:30 but in vain. He didnt call me back. Thought he'll call tomorrow, switched off my cell, started charging it and lied on but didnt get my sleep till 1. dont worry, I wasn't thinking about the show. I just didnt have my sleep till 1. Thats it.


Woke up in the morning, to check if I got any message as i got from Radio Indigo. There were none except MyToday messages. Finished my Praathah Karma, parsed the newspaper once, solved SuDoKu along with Dad, had my haircut early on Mom's compulsion. Had my bath to find a missed call on my cell. It was Susheem. I set out myself to meet him. As many of you know, he is one among those whom I meet almost every weekend. He was busy that evening and we planned to meet early. Yogi, a.k.a Slomotion also joined us @ beagles. we chatted for sometime and Susheem had to leave. 1:15. We had a cup of coffee at newly set, Guruprasad, Malleshwara and roamed here and there.

By 2, yogi and I were on our way to Hallimane to finish our lunch when I got a call from Deepu. I had to be there by 4:30. He gave the details and I informed virtually all of those whom I'm in contact with. I was boasting.

Finished eating Akki rotti, Yogi wished me good luck and set back to home. I took my bus to Majestic from Link Road. Reached majestic by 2:45. Anand Rao circle was captivated by BJP leaders which made us to take the unusual route to K.R Circle via Racecourse road. We were there at K.R. Circle by 3:30. FM gave me company which I need not mention.

Was at Koramangala by 4:10, I found the office in no time as Koramangala ( To some extent almost the whole of Bangalore), is quite familiar to me. went to Ganapathi Devasthana nearby and I was at the studio exactly by 4:30. I was greeted by the watchman saying that Deepu is already on his show. (he must be new). I was listening to Rapid Rashmi at that instant. I explained him the reason I came and waited for Deepu's response. I was asked to feel comfy at the terrace. Met Deepu by 4:45.

I'll not tell much about what I did on the show. Briefed about blogging in general, my blogs in particular, my interests, my songs on the whole, everything revolved around me for an hour on air.

Its really a good experience to be on air. I was a bit hesitant in that perspective but everything changed once I stepped into the console. You feel so comfortable, All thanks to Deepu. (No matter how many times i express this, it'll fall short of the mark).

When songs were getting played on air, we discussed about general things. We shared our thoughts. Remember, he has pretty solid links with Sandlewood (Kannada film industry, and i gotta know lots of interesting as well as shocking facts about it).

The main purpose of the show was to fool people and make them happy by letting them know about it. It was my turn that day to give a number whom he can fool around with. Most of them were listening to the show and I had to select one whom I hadn't informed. I browsed through my phone book to pick Koli Manja( ECE topper, NMIT, 2005). That was fun.

On the whole got some idea about how things go on Radio, how will things be, more than all of them, met Deepu, enjoyed to the fullest which makes this experience memorable.

Was given a Schwarzkopf shampoo as a gift of rememberance. I took a pic of us together where I have come like Kumaraswamy (As recognized by a shopkeeper in Bangkok bazaar, where I'd been to get my mobile covered.)

Hehe!! I dont mind how bad I come. I happy for what made that photo happened. Happy for me, happy for Deepu, Happy for Big FM. ( getting unnecessarily sentimental, just mentioning it)

Got many calls from all sides wishing me that the show was good. once again, all credits goes to Deepu. It feels great to be an RJ.

This post is dedicated to him and the time I spent, being an RJ along with him. =)

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Benglooranna ondonde kade mundaaystha iddare!!

Literally translates to "They are balding Bangalore gradually". ( Note : Balding is a term I take from Shruthi, from one of her post.)

Here are some of the pics which i took on this Saturday. I was about to meet my friends in Majestic and hence I took a bus to Majestic which went all over Cunningham Road to bypass the Guttahalli BDA junction. I just reached the High Grounds to see this pathetic view. I don't have the pics to show its previous beauty. I apologise.

If you just check the below photograph, you can observe that 'The Le Meredian' previously 'Holiday Inn' of Bangarappa, has not been touched. They cut down trees but do not touch private buildings. They may demolish the public buildings like the Bala Brui Guest house right opposite to the High grounds police station but not the so called posh Hotels like 'The Le Meridian'. I don't know one thing, Don't they have the basic understanding that they can re-build any building to any extent but the are impotent to grow trees of that mammoth shape?? Dont they have common sense?? Let them demolish the buildings and be eco-friendly. Nope! They won't do that.

You know why?? Its just because that the owners of these hotels would have dumped their money into the hands of these stupid politicians and those idiots would sanction any of their orders in a godly manner. Poor creatures.

I have one Idea, dunno how many agree to it. Let them retain the trees and demolish only the buildings. That would retain the beauty of Bangalore.

You see in the above pic, they are busy playing Golf. =(

One more contractor giving a finishing to the Arch for his apartment. Doesn't he know that that part would be acquired for the expansion of the road or has he given ransom??

On the whole, they are giving a major blow to Bangalore. Major hit is to its Greenery. I cannot think of any other thing which can stop this other than government taking any action on this. Do you have any better idea?

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

On a lonely Sunday night...

February 3rd 2008.

After a day's long work! (9:45 AM to 10:45 PM), I set myself to get back the so called home (Place where I sleep and get ready to office =( ). My collegue Suneet accompanied me till the bus stand when it was 10:55. We waited for a bus. Didnt get one at that point of time.

Waited till 11:15 to get a cab. He said, He'll stop at Airport. I was not in a mood to board it. My mind was telling me that I'll get a bus somehow. I didnt want to take risk. Also, Suneet forced me to board the cab. I took it. He got down at Vimanapura entrance by 11:25. He asked me to come to his home and stay for that night which I clearly denied (not because of ego, I really don't know why!!!) It takes no time to reach anywhere at that point of time. I got down @ the arrival junction of HAL airport just to find that I need to pay 10 bucks to the driver. I hesitated but unfortunately, I didn't have change. Had to give him.

It was 11:30. I thought of waiting for the bus. A weird thought came to my mind. There will be less buses at this point of time. Let me walk till I get a bus.

I started my journey.

Reached Murugesh Palya in no time. may be 3 minutes. Cooooool!! Lemme check how long I walk. I walked on n on n on ..... Was accompanied by many police constables and drunkards on my way( Also dogs! =)). Reached NAL main gate to find a Bus pass by. I ran to the next bus stop but couldnt keep up with the speed of the bus. I missed it.

Big deal. I continued walking. Crossed the Airport road flyover. Crossed Domlur. I have to mention the one thing that gave me company all the way till home. FM. All channels. I kept changing channels. It is such a good experience.

Two more buses passed by at the military school. Same thing. They didn't stop for me. Took the way to MG road instead of the richmond road junction. While I reached Trinity circle, A bus stopped for me. It was heading to Majestic. I was the lone passenger along with the conductor and obviously, the driver.

Reached Majestic by 12:30 to find that the last bus to Yelahanka by 12:15 has left. Was thinking.
I can't stay at majestic. Just can't think of it. Continued my walk. The police constables were watching me like a thief. I kept walking like an innocent school student with a bag on my back.

Reached Anand Rao Circle, which was pretty busy even at that time ( people were busy waiting for their late night bus to a remote location, many were having their supper.) A few people stared at me like I am willing to have food with them. I went on. ( Need not mention...)

Reached Shivananda to find a biker stop for me. (12.40)

Biker - Ell hogbeku saar? ( Where are you heading Sir?)
Me - Yelahanka.
Biker - Banni mekhri circle thanaka drop maadtheeni. Yaak isht late aagi office bittri? (Come! I'll drop you till Mekhri Circle, why did you leave your office so late? what took you so long?)

We continued chatting. He said that I shouldn't have taken a bus to majestic. Should have taken a bus to Shivajinagar where I get lots of cabs. I didn't want to take a cab. I prefer walking. I really enjoy it. He dropped me @ mekhri square by 12:45. took a right turn to R.T. Nagar I guess. I thanked him for the favor and he replied, "Bidi saar! Namgu ee thara yaavaththadru aagaththe!(Leave it Sir! Even we will be in the same position some other day.")

Bid him farewell. Dunno how! I get into contact with such people. Good to meet them. Keep meeting them quite often. Continued walking. Meanwhile I got say 3-4 calls from home asking my current location. I lied my mom that I got a bus. Even my sister. Just to calm down the situation. "Na bhruyaath satyamapriyam"*

12.50. Came to Gangenahalli. Was welcomed by the barking of my old friends. Wild dogs. you see, even they are afraid of us. They just bark from a very far off distance, they are afraid that we may carry some batton to hit 'em. I must mention three dogs which were just a feet ahead of me who were silently listening to the barkin of their fellow comapnions, not finding any reaction on my face or my body language,(may be they found a indifferent, concerned Sandesh there) started staring at me sympatheticaly. Even they understand human emotions. (They say, Dog is the best friend of man, Dunno how true it is). Those three dogs, and the expression on their faces cannot be forgotten.

1:00, Helped by dogs, I crawled further to Veterinary College, when my mom called me back again, I consoled her that I would be home by 20 minutes at the max. The stretch of veterinary college to Hebbal is usually terrorized by the Dagaars of Veterinary College. I think their shift was over, I found no one at that time. Thanks. Reached Hebbal by 1:13. My dad had called to ask my location status. I said I'll be there in 10 minutes.

1:15, was in a dilemma to take the flyover or the road below. At the same time, I found two workers (Kaat workers), coming to me with Rods @ Hammers. No, dont get the impression that they are rowdies.

They came to me and asked, "Time eshtanna?" (Whats the time Bro?)

I was impressed by their speaking Kannada. Appreciate them. I said, "Ondu Ippaththu" (1:20)

One who was pretty okay with Kannada understood, the other asked, "Enu? Enu??" for which the former replied "Onnu iruvadu da".

P1 : "Anna, illi railway station elli baraththe??" (Brother, what is the route to Railway station?)

S : "Nodi, heege kelage hogi. Railway track sigaththe. Alle balakke thirugidru aagaththe, illandre swalpa munde hogi Ring road ge hogi!" balakke thigugi kolli. Haage hogtha iri. 5 nimsha nadkond hogi! Nimge Railway station sigaththe." (Just told them the route)

P1 & P2 : "Thumba thanks anna!" ( Thanks a lot brother!)

I dunno one thing. People use Thanks more easily than Dhanyavaada or olledu. If we use either of them, i seems odd to the rest.

Forget it, I thanked them and continued over the flyover. Was greeted once again by the police chowkiright atop the hebbal railway track. They noticed I'm a college stud. Didn't come to question me. I continued. Was just opposite to Shani devasthaana to find an Omni stop for me. He asked my whereabouts, felt pity for me and asked me to board the car. I agreed. He works for a garment factory in Jakkur and was returning after dropping his Boss home. We just spoke for 3 minutes to reach Byatarayanapura. I thanked him and walked my way home. He responded in a humble fashion and continued.

I found my dad waiting for me at the gates of my house. =). Explained him everything, had my food, Slept, to finish one of my wonderful experience walking...

*Quote taken from Kalidasa.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

What makes you vegitarian?

This post is the result of a discussion with two of my collegues.

Days of Salarpuria Soft Zone (SSZ). We used to go for a walk on the big terrace of Wing A of SSZ. Either we used to walk there or go down, walk till Bellandur.

We were walking one day on the terrace. Myself and Das, when even Bikas joined. Three of us were just discussing about something. Always the discussion starts from some small topic, may be a rubbish one.

Things rolled out to carbohydrates and proteins and from that to vegitarian and non vegitarian. One doesn't need a topic to start and stick on to it. It rolls on to something totally unrelated to the started topic and ends up in totally a different one.

Both of them were Non Vegitarians, NV for short. Discussion got heated up. Though I dont recollect the whole conversation, here are a few excerpts. One might find this discussion too immature or too irrelevant. Please put in your thoughts on it if possible.

B : What may be the reason for the brahmanas to not eat non-veg?
S : Tell me why they should?
B : To taste it. Its good to eat it.
S : Is it good to eat non veg by killing them?
D : Come on! don't give me that reason. The so called vegitarians are no better in killing. They kill plants.
S : (After thinking a while) Hey! You can't call it killing. They do not respond. They are relatively dumb. Its better to eat vegitables than killing an animal and eating it.
B : Killing is killing! Right??
S : Come on! Find the difference. Plants do not respond when you kill them.
B : How do animals respond?
S : They cry. Blood gushes outa their body.
D : FYI, plants do have their own kinda liquid for their growth. They do respond in all ways. Only thing is that they are immovable. Only difference between animals and plants is that animals can move but plants can't.
B : Plants do have life right? Don't you agree?
S : Yes I do. We Indians worship plants. We cut plants only for food only when it is necessary. We grow more plants than you breed animals for eating purposes. The degree of selfishness is less when compared among them.
D : Lemme give you another example for the response plants give. Play some heavy metal song continuously near the plant. It will die within a day or two. Play some Indian Classical music, You'll find it growing in a faster pace in a month or two.
S : All those facts I do agree. What I strongly oppose is the cruelity in killing an animal.
B : Killing a plant in that sense is more cruel. You are killing a helpless creature where as we are killing something which can help itself by running. There are chances where it can escape.
S : Somehow I don't buy the idea that killing plant is a crime. There should be a valid scientific reason behind preferring to have plants than animals.

Went on and on and on...........

Meanwhile there are few theories which Ankur has pointed out in one of my posts' comments wherein people used to have meat (Beef) even in India. There might be proofs to it but I haven't verified it yet. Though there are also rumors that Hinduism bought the idea of vegitarianism from the Jainism. Dunno how true it is or how credible it is? ( Might be a story wound by jains to have an upper hand over Hinduism). There are some jains who don't even have vegitables like carrot, onions, potatoes( Those are roots ) so that it is eaten by earth (Enjalu in Kannada)

Just a few weeks back, an idea struck my mind which would have been the probable reason???!! Plants do not excrete something which is rejected by humans. They breathe out oxygen at day times and apart from that, I don't see anything rejected by plants. ( Don't tell me leaves n fruits).
When compared, animals do excrete. This might also be one of the major reason behind not having meat.

Regarding the killing of animals and plants, it is only a century before that we(Indians only) scientifically proved that Plants do have life in them. Though the ancient people would have known this, they used to worship plants( We get lots of evidence in puranas where people used to worship trees and plants). Even if we don't consider that ancients wouldn't have known this, we considered that plants do not have life and having them is no cruelity. (This point is just for justification purposes)

Do pour in your valuable comments on this topic while i find some other better topic soon.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

24 hour Puncture Service

This was one of the posts I was planning to write since almost a year. Just saw one such number in one of my friends phonebook and thought of writing it now.

Way back in 2006 May or June, there comes a person to our office asking people to become a member of a service his company provides. The service being, In case our vehicle got punctured anywhere in India @ any hour of the day, they would come to us within half an hour(be it any location) after we call them, cure the puncture, (for a reasonable amount, say 20 Rs I guess per puncture, I don't remember). Registration would charge 100 bucks.

Many of our collegues opted for it so did Jagga. I didn't go for it since I don't own a vehicle. We thought it is a plan to subscribe. He gave him a visiting card and disappeared.

It was Cricket World cup ODI 2007 I guess. Myself and Jagga were heading our way back home after a day's job. We left our office by 11. Was a tiresome day. As you would hardly find any traffic at that hour, we were at hebbal flyover by 11:30 when the misfortune started.

We just climbed down the flyover to the side of Yelahanka. I was terrified by the shaking of bike handle. It was vibrating @ 6 Hz per second. Hehe! Sorry to bring in frequencies. I was wondering why Jagga was doing this when suddenly a car passed through us and Jagga was striving hard to find a balance. Those were the days when the Bellary road was under construction and the brige kinda thing you get just after the flyover was narrow and it was a two way where it is one way now.

He somehow got some balance and brought the vehicle to a haltjust near the bridge(Where now many Dagaars stand). We just found that the bike's front tyre was punctured.

I should mention Jagga's memory. He recollected that he had opted for the afore mentioned service almost instantaneously since we got to know that we had a flat tyre.

He called the number which he found on the visiting card given by the agent of the puncture service. There were two numbers on it of which both were not answering any calls. We tried some 5-10 times to find the same reply. He was furious. Was complaining about the service and was mentioning about lodging a complaint to the consumer court( Which he didn't do!)

It was 3 kilometers from my house. We dragged the bike on the flat tyre till Kodigehalli meanwhile Jagga had called one of his friend Resalath who joined us in Kodige halli. On our way we were searching for a puncture shop at that hour. You hardly get them. We searched in petrol bunks which were closed by 11 o' clock. They suggested some places which were like mirages in the desert. We spent almost 1/2 an hour to search for the shops when I suggested him to park the vehicle in my house and go home with Resalath.

Well it was 12 when we reached my home after all the fuss. Resalath took Jagga home and the next morning, my father had got some mechanic to get the vehicle repaired.

So, just think as many times as possible when joining any such service. Join only if you are confident.

Hope Jagga writes his experience on this episode in his blog or in the comments section of this post.