Friday, July 25, 2008

Bomb blasts in Bangalore?

Well this might be an old news to you but, there are minor bomb blasts in the city today. Short n sweet, bombs exploded in 7-8 locations in the city of which some of them are Raja Ram Mohan Roy Circle, Richmond road, Adugodi, Madivala checkpost, sarjapura road, Nayandahalli junction, n what not?

Of this blasts, those who got profited were the telecom operators wherein there were lot many calls landing in the city asking about the incident and the condition of their dear ones.

Rumours are that these were due to SIMI (Student Islam..., Whatever, I dunno) along with the help of LeT (Lashkar e Toiba). Be it whoever, they claimed to have arrested a person regarding the blasts.

I just ask one thing, If you need a muslim country, why dont you go to one than converting this into one? You've got lot many, go to middle east! Creating lot of nuisance and problem to all the people around? Go get lost.

Note that this post is not pointing to all muslims but to those who create such isues. Or does this have some background with the two week riots in the city of a pigs' head thrown into the mosque?

Is Tit for Tat the only way? Why can't people be easygoers?

Even people create havoc in such situations. All try to leave home early which again causes lotsa traffic. Unnecessary. Why can't one be calm as another usual day?

I saw many jams happening on my way back home. Walked from Mahadevapura to Tin Factory . I was faster than any vehicle!

People were saying that Bangalore is a safer place to live in and by the intrusion of outsiders, I mean it! Outsiders. Non-Kannadigas, it is getting worse. Though it is still a safer place to live.

Please stop all such nuisance. Let this be the same city as before.

Thank you!


i 7 said...

Fuck those HTs. All of 'em shd b kicked outta India. BoLi makkLu obbrannu bidbaardu. HanDi taLe enu innondannu kattrsi aa boLi makkla maseedili haakteeni. Deshada shaantina kedsirodalde ee thara nakhragal bere sooLey makkladdu.

Sandesh said...

Maseedi ge maathra haaktheeya?? avr baayoge haaku maga! Hehehe!

Neen helodu correctu! HT galu saththru uddhaara aagalla!