Sunday, April 29, 2012

The #upcomingShivannaTitles story.

Well well well,

I'm not apologising for not writing anything for so long. Never in any of my blogs. Thats pointless.

I would just explain a short story that trended on twitter which un/fortunately started with me n buzz off.

On 27th of April, was again at office doing some pointless shit without a choice. Somehow I had tweeted about Maasti's version of Punyavantha (Being rich). It was just co-incidental to what I'm blurting out below.

I saw ppl tweet about a movie 'Punyavantha S/o Bhagyavantha'. Who else as  the hero? None other than our Shivanna aka Kannada da SRK i.e., Shiva Raj Kumar (Shivaputtuswamy to go by his birthname). If you are a Kannada film follower, you would know that Rajkumar acted in the movie 'Bhagyavantharu' with B Saroja Devi and also in 'Bhagyavantha' with Puneeth Rajkumar. I should say it the other way I guess. That was the inspiration(?) to it?

I am a big fan of his sensible movies. His earlier movies like Anand, Rathasaptami, Samyukta, OM, AK-47 etc but these days, he is coming up with some shitty movies on compulsion with some real-estate producers and some baseheaded directors of Gandhinagara. I guess its hightime he learns saying NO.

Looking at the title, I  just tweeted that in future he might come-up with something like 'Bangarada Manushyana maga Singaarada Manushya'.

Just tagged the above tweet with #upcomingShivannaTitles.

I got inspired myself with the above tweet and added another entry 'Devatha Manushyana maga Bhoogatha Manushya' after his prowess in all these underworld movies.

I got some feeble support from fellow tweeps (I prefer tweeters). They added a few more entries and I did the same.

It would have been the usual twitter trend story. Just that the trend I set was not followed.

I was tweeting titles modifying movies of Dr. Rajkumar accordingly to Shivanna. Till that evening there was a healthy trend of the same. There were a few who didnt get the trend but on knowing, they followed.

Now all the Shivanna haters started tweeting their hatred after sometime with more funnier/cocky titles which were in no relation to Rajkumar movie titles.

Many brought in Parwathamma, Bangarappa, Leelavathi, Vinodraj n all into the game.

It went on for a rage around Benglur or Karnataka for that matter. People started tweeting funny on this hashtag and I did enjoyed it. To be frank, I was a bit sorry for the tag to miss its trend.

This went on till two days and it was still trending. I feel happy for the tag coz I started it. (Naturally... Feel like boasting but no, not my nature)

I still respect Shivanna for his decent movies. May God give him a sane mind and the power to say NO to stupid producers.

I would end this post as a dedication to you know what '#upcomingShivannaTitles'