Friday, March 20, 2009

Pop icons from Karnataka... Are they?

This post is on those celebrities whom the common man boasts are from Karnataka, whom I feel are not. More people might be on the list but I can recollect only these at this moment.

1. Aishwarya Rai (Bachchan)
She is more popular with her pre-marital surname, though people call her with her new one nowadays. Some do club both.

Info: Native from Mangalooru, she was crowned Miss World in 1994, she outcasted the Miss Universe of the same year, Sushmita Sen in the so called "Bollywood". Now making her entry into Hollywood too, recent one being Pink Panther II. Rumours were their that she would be working as a bond girl. No news till now.

Also has acted in some Tamil movies, I dunno the names. Mothertongue being Tulu, she can speak Hindi, English. Also can speak a bit of Tamil (sa said by her in some newspaper) Dunno whether she can speak Marathi.

Married to Abhishek Bachchan, son of Bollywood Bigman Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Baduri (Bachchan).
What people adore most: Her eyes.

Now, my views.

I know that many of you like her. Some hate her to the core. I'm indifferent about her looks. Anybody for that matter.

What irritates me the most is that, I don't like her treatment to Kannada. To support my point, I go back to the languages she can speak. If she can learn a bit of Tamil, just because she has done a couple of Tamil movies, she has visited Mangalooru, Bengalooru many a times. Before her becoming a celebrity, there has to be atleast a few friends who speak Kannada. Why can't she have learned Kannada then?

Some idiotic producers, directors from Kannada, tried for her dates in some of her films. She clearly denied them. I don't know the reason. One such director was T.S.Nagabharana who tried for her dates for the film "Kerege Haara" which is a film based on a folk story. If she can agree for films like Devdas, et al, what made her deny it? I don't know.

I don't feel bad for that but I just mentioned this as an example to her attitude. She shares her birthday with Karnataka Rajyotsava. Hehehe!

2. Deepika Padukone

Originating from Padukone, besides Maravanthe, 15 km from Kundapura, Udupi District. She is the daughter of the infamous Prakash Padukone, Badminton Player. Sole Indian winner of "All England Open" till 2001. (Broken by Pullella Gopichand)

DOB: 5th January 1986

Info: Before trying movies, she was a busy model, was also featured in Kingfisher's Calendar (Full of Bikini Babes, ATCI).

Was also featured in petty ads like close-up etc.

She started her movie career with a Kannada movie, Aishwarya, co-starring namma Upendra. Thanks for the nologic director, Indrajit Lankesh. All of his movies are a mix up of many movies from all sorts of languages.

Had a glorious opening in Bollywood with "Om Shanti Om" co-starring Shah Rukh Khan.

In love with (flirting with?) Ranbir Kapoor, son of Rishi Kapoor right now. She had made news by moving around cricket stars M.S.Dhoni, Yuvraj Singh. Was a big news at a time. They say, now the relationship is ditched.

What people adore most: Her Smile.

My views.

Boy! Her attitude baffles me. What irritates me most is when she gives interviews on media. Specially, ones she gave during the making of Aishwarya. Though she could speak Kannada, she never spoke. This can be the only sole reason, why she cannot be treated that she is from Karnataka. You people might argue that she is born at Copenhagen, Denmark, but she still originates from Karnataka. You can't rule that out.

Though one good thing is that she doesn't deny making another kannada film unlike Aishwarya. Rumours are there that she has agreed for another film with Uppi.

More of Bollywood heroines fall into this category. Shilpa Shetty (Acted in Preethsod Thappa, Auto-Shankar, for KFI), Genelia D'souza ( they say she is from Mangalore, acted in Sathya In Love with Shivrajkumar), Hansika Motwani, Freida Pinto, many of them. Some are humble, some are not. Here I end this list with Bollywood heroines.

Thought of adding one more celebrity but lack of info. May be its too early to decide upon that. Will update in the same post if found so. Suggest any other name which I might have left out that you think sould make this list.

Generally, when people boast about such kinda people, I feel irritated. What I feel is that they haven't done anything for Karnataka and these stupids take their name just because they were born here or have their origin here.

To take pride in a person, he should have done something memorable in that direction. I don't see any in the above people. Kindly enlighten me if you found any.


Thanks for Aishwarya's picture I used in this post.

Thanks for Deepika's pic.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Alcohol and its Purana

This post was long in drafts, which I had deleted just a few days ago. Reason being, this was way too long and I had lost interest in writing about this. This post by Shrinidhi triggered me to retake it.

Alcohol as it is known in general around the world is known with different names. Rich call it with its derivatives like wine, beer, brandy, whisky, vodka et al... while the poor call it with their brand local saaraayi, kallabhatti, arrack and what not? But for the chemistry interested like me, its just C2H5OH (Ethyl Alcohol) mixed with some more ingredients along with some quantity of water.

Before diggin in, lemme start with a conversation I had with my friend.

Sandesh: Hey! Why do you drink?
Friend: Just like that.
S: don't tell me. There must be a reason.
F: Okay! Tell me what is your favorite drink?
S: Water. If you don't consider that as a drink, I go with Majjige (buttermilk).
F: Just like you drink majjige, I drink beer.
S: Oho! Me drinking majjige, I won't lose control but you do when you drink beer.

F: (Speechless)

Here in India, or at least in Karnataka, when one say "drinking is a bad habit" you know what is the response you get? They go back to puranas and say that even Devas used to consume drinks. I used to keep silent when hearing such conversations, but here I say, don't you know that even Devas quarreled? There are many instances in the puranas where quarrels happened due to drinks. One such story that I heard is posted here.

Forget that. Consider the current situation. Its hilarious. The Government conducts programs, creating ads and signboards saying Arrack is bad for health and the society, but they won't ban alcohol? aint it funny? The same is the case of cigarettes, beedis, gutkas and other addicts.

Why is it so? Government is minting money from it. The tax they impose on these companies that sell such goods is hefty, which is negligent when compared to the profits those companies make. Government doesn't want to lose its share from this and hence it is not banning it. Just as a cover to pose, it is coming up with this anti-alcohol, anti-tobacco ads. Many members of the same Government, as well as those in the opposition have grabbed their seats based on the same alcohol's influence. Any party arranged by any politician or any VIP for that matter, will have drinks. Isn't it a contradiction? Don't they have any better way to earn money?

Was this the same case say 10-15 years ago? I guess not. Though we had drunkards even then, they never used to take pride in drinking. We always have exceptions. We had pubs even then but not many used to go there when compared to present. We had these bar and restaurants, local arrack shops. Nobody used to drink in daylight skipping their work. All such things were kept for the night.

Its after the IT balloon which arouse in India, liquor business boomed. More of foreigners used to come and they used to have it provoking us Indians too. Few hesitated as even they had a secret desire to consume alcohol. Gradually they used to conduct parties where they made free beer kinda thing. People used to get attracted to it. When one is getting something for free, why not try it? eh? That was the attitude. They found pleasure drinking and suggested their friends to try it. Hence the bandwidth of boozers multiplied.

Rich always had a passion for alcoholic drinks. They're the ones who regularly visit pubs and discos which made alcohol a social drink. I dunno how it becomes social when you lose control.

When you consider the poor, the main reason behind their drinking is their poverty. A person who is hard working, self content and who doesn't consume alcohol, will never be poor at least. He works hard, gets his daily wages, comes home, will have his dinner and would get a nice sleep. He is least bothered about consuming alcohol. I've seen such people.

It is those who curb for their poverty in front of their loathsome friends who become alcoholic addicts. If they have a family, there are high chances that even his son, might catch up with drinking looking at his father.

Regarding the poor beating their wives after drinking, its just one thing they do along with many other things. Thats what people have highlighted. The main reason behind this is that one loses self-control after consuming alcohol to a certain extent. There are many other things they do. Some of them include

1. Rob the money the wife had secretly kept to get some grocery.
2. Stop the child from going to school and sending him to work to earn more money for alcohol.
3. Sell whatever valuable (if any) like the ring or necklace(mangala sutra) of the wife or some gold of child.

There are many a promoters for liquor consumption. Our very own Dr. Vijay Mallya. Thanks to his breweries. He says, Drink, but with responsibility. There might be exceptions but most of them lose their control and hence their responsibility when they drink. There are many jokes based on drinking and Vijay Mallya. Here is one.

Gunda sees Thimma drinking.
Gunda: Hey why are you drinking?
Thimma: Doctor has prescribed it.
Gunda: (Baffled) Which doctor?
Thimma: Dr. Vijay Mallya! Hehehe!

When you have such popular VIPs promoting liquor, the youth are eager to try that. Yes! They've seen those VIPs in page 3 with some hot babes (as they call it) in parties and they dream themselves in that position. High chances.

Adding to that, the corporates, arrange parties as I've previously mentioned and they arrange for free beer. Mass hysteria, many of the folks consume beer, just because others are tryin their hands. Some think that they would be treated inferior if they don't have it.

Now, regarding feminine drinking. As I've mentioned in previous post, I consider both men and women equally. If men can drink, so can women. But I oppose anybody drinking.This is for those who ask can women drink.

But, if you go by medical terms, doctors restrict women from drinking coz it might affect their womb from giving birth to a baby. I dunno the details, but somewhere I've read it. Will post the link if one needs. Dunno whether the doc is a male centric person. Don't blame me.

Regarding agelimit for drinking, places to drink. Again, I support a ban on liquor, I don't believe in agelimit for drinking or a certain place to drink.

Once you find a person, drinking and if you care for him, what I suggest is, you go to that person, tell him about the demerits of alcohol in a friendly way and try to pull him outa the trouble. Do not force him. That wouldn't serve the purpose. He would take up drinking later more passionately, if force be applied. Leave the decision to him about quitting alcohol. If he quits, well and good. If not, you just stop thinking about him and continue your work.

I do have friends who drink in a silent manner, enjoying that state of losing control. First of all, I suggest they quit drinking. If they can't let them not promote drinking to their peers. If they sit all alone or with selected friends drinking without forcing anyone and not causing harm to anyone, its well and good (though I don't quite support them doing that). But such people are hard to find. Though we have some instances like that, its pretty rare.

There do exist some people who say, look at the foreigners, when they can drink, why can't we? They say, that there do exist some cold countries like Russia, Canada where you cannot exist with alcohol. I dunno. I can never think of that. They say that drinking alcohol will keep their body warm against the outer environment helping them sustain the cold. I can never comment on that unless I experience that. But for those who take examples of foreigners, I say is drinking alcohol is for pleasure in India and not to retain your body temperature. Please do not give that reason. You can have pleasure by other means.

What do you say?

Saturday, March 14, 2009

At the Optician...

More experiences...

Had been to Cubbon Park to meet my high-school friend. While leaving home, Dad asked me to get my sister's spectacles from the optician which I agreed.

After the meeting, I set myself to the optician who is a bit close to our family as we are one of his regular customers.

Was greeted well, I was early by 15 minutes. Was asked to wait.

It is a busy place you know... Lot many people entered the shop after me. A male was there at the shop before I entered. After me, another male came followed by a girl with her mother.

Looking at the girl, I felt, she must be studying in her 10th or 1st PUC. Just a guess. Don't go weird. A typical brahminic Mom and Daughter.

I had no better work to do. Was happily waiting.

Seems like she was using spectacles since 5 years and a month ago, her eye-sight is blurred. She contacted her doc and was there to get her fresh glasses.

Enter a mom and her son. They were Muslim. Could make it from their clothes and their Urdu. She, the muslim mom stood right beside the girl. Dunno whether she hadn't took her bath or hadn't washed her burkha for ages, She was literally stinking. They don't care.

Girl became consious. Was irritated by the female. She moved and stood behind her mom. Hehehe! =)

The muslim pair had their work done. The moved on, while I still waited there to get my order serviced watching other customers, specially the girl and her mom.

The optician was busy explaining her about the looks of the glasses. Pros and Cons of each model she was interested in. As every other teenage girl, she was a bit too hesitant in choosing. She used to wear each and every frame she got interested in, busy watching herself in the mirror. (How can she be clearly looking at the mirror with those dummy glasses? I dunno!!)

She was asking her mom about the looks of the specs. "Mom! How am I looking in this?"
Mom used to usually say good. What else would she say?
She must be thinking "What would my friends comment on it? How do they take this frame as?" etc...

The optician was sincerely commenting in a humorous way at each frame. Nice timepass. You look gorgeous in that frame. You look like your granny in this one... goes on.

15 minutes passed. I got my order. I bid adieu to the optician while she was still busy selecting frame with a confused look.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

On Stabbing of Women.

Was just passing through Nrupatunga Road on Saturday to see a herd of people standing in front of the Police Commissioner's Office (kinda Dharani) to show disagreement on his part of duty to keep Bangalore safe for women. This herd consists majorly of what they call 'IT' people.

Some had banners like 'SAVE WOMEN' kinda thing. Also some posters like 'Save Earth, thats the only planet that has women.' Oh! Do you have other planets with male population?? I remembered that this was a protest for the recent stabbing of women in various parts of the city.

Have any time the male population staged a protest like this for males exclusive?

Women ask for equal rights everywhere. Some also ask special privileges under constitution.

See I'm not against women. I'm just unclear about some facts that women try to fight here.

If a person gets stabbed, be it a woman or a man, Everybody has a right to oppose that. But should the gender matter? Do they mean that no male is getting stabbed nowhere in the city? Why do they highlight only the female population?

I'm always against reservation. Let it be on whatever grounds. Be it gender, caste, creed, race whatever. Reservation for anything would just make the thing upside down. Who is on top today will come down and vice versa. Nothing better is achieved.

Do you want an instance? Check out our infamous constitution, which reserves for the rights of SC/ST, minority(?) people like muslims and christians. Nobody cares for the problems they pose today.

All the politicians are for it in the name of secularism. They say we're secular and attend all communions of all castes and religions just flattering them with good words. They attend the ijtemas of muslims, good news functions of christians, union function of Kamma jana and what not? Does it serve any purpose? Does it help in building what they call a secular India?

Likewise, reservation for women is foolishness. If they're capable, let they get an opportunity. Thats all I say.

There is a misconception that women are always downtrodden in the society. The so called secular people blame it on Hinduism and its ancient scriptures. They don't even talk a word on Christianity or Islam.

I've read scriptures which are based on the Vedas and the Upanishads wherein it is said that a woman, Gaargi attends a meeting held to discuss whether or not to give Brahmarshi status to Vishwamitra. Many women did exist in that meet, most of them wives of Rushis. Since Vedic period, women have been given equal importance as of man under what they call Hindu Culture. Many women did perform many yajnas and tapas.

Take Islam. They treat women so bad, wherein they treat women just as a baby producing machine as well as a machine which takes the chores of the kitchen. They're not supposed to leave home. Even if they did, they have to wear a burkha compulsarily.

Take Christianity. Have you seen a female pope? If you see the Christian history, as proven by Dan Brown, People from the church are in constant search for the merovengian blooded people and they tried to kill Mary Magdalene (So called wife of Jesus, a matter of conflict)

People might question me here that Hinduism also has weird customs like Sati prevalent even now. I tell you, this was never a custom documented in any scriptures. It just exists in some part of North India. May be their own belief. I havent dugg much into that. Will reserve a seperate post on that.

The same people who protest for 'Attack on Women' go to rave parties and pubs. I feel it so contradicting. Don't they need security there?

Feel free to comment.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Possessions or Principles?

I'm speaking of Gandhi here.

Gandhi is Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi here, none else. Recently he is been in news on his possessions being auctioned. Items being

1. Gandhi's wire-rim eyeglasses,
2. worn leather sandals,
3. a pocket watch,
4. a plate and the brass bowl from which he ate his final meal.

If Gandhi were alive, this would have been cost you say, a few hundreds or thousands? The auction amount is a whopping $1.8 million US, (almost 10 crore Indian Rupees). The successful owner of the auctioned items is the one and only Liquor King, the so called King of Good Times, Dr. Vijay Mallya.

This auction happened with the constant opposition by the Indian Government.

My questions to all is:

1. How did it reach James Otis, the previous owner? Why didn't the Navjeevan trust hold the items after the death of Gandhi?

2. Instead of opposing the auction,would it be better if the government participated in the auction to take the items it considered precious?

3. There is also a point around that auctioning items belonging to a person like Gandhi, is an insult to him. Again, I pose the first question. How did it reach the auctioneer?

4. Is it fair to the government to take the auctioned items from the successful bidder after the auction?

Gandhi would have laughed to see his items auctioned for such a huge price, that too during this crucial time of recession.

Now, let me express my opinion.

James Otis should have got this, probably through some politician just the way, Jawaharlal Nehru gifted 'The Kohinoor' to Queen Elizabeth, or he should have got it through some smuggler??? Who knows?

Why is government opposing this auction? Just because Gandhi used those items? I laugh at it. Along with Gandhi, his family would have also used it. If it were not belonging to Gandhi, no one would have the least interest in it. I see nothing special in it though, Gandhi used it. These are materialistic and I have the least interest in them. I respect the values, ideals and the principles of Gandhi. That is all.

Auctioning somebody's belongings is an insult to them only if they were alive. If he lived a great life (as they say it), auction would be something special. Politicians would consider buying the auctioned items a sort of prestige issue.

To me auction, is nothing but a process for a person(auctioneer) to make money. To compensate the loss by the old owner. If the bidders find the thing auctioned so precious, its only from their POV and nothing else.

Just shouting out to the world not to hold the auction of Gandhi's belongings, not respecting the values he upheld is mere foolishness. If you're so concerned about Gandhi, bring in reforms in every village of India and make his dream come true. AFAIK, what Gandhi dreamed India to be is that

1. every village should be self sufficient,
2. A woman should walk without any tension in her mind even during 12AM.

There may be many other things, these are the two I remember. Are these filthy politicians doing anything in that direction? I see nothing. They're busy gobbling up money preserved for the 'supposed to be' projects and making private properties, filling up their world bank accounts...

These politicians do not have any right to stop the auction.

Coming to the auction, I feel James Otis has become poor and is trying to sell anything antique thats there with him. This is one of them. Looking at the high bidding, he is interested in bidding more of his items. He is not sufficient with 1.8 million USD. May be he knows that there are Indians who are rich enough to buy such things.

How many shaasanas, how many temples, how many palaces were destroyed by the intruders. Everything is gonna perish one or the other day. Do you see any materialistic belonging of Rama or Krishna? I see none.

I'm indifferent when I say that I do not oppose the auction, neither do I support. Its just a process. Just like my eating to survive. =)

If one opposes the auction, all I say is follow his principles, not his possessions. For its supporters, I say, you can earn more money in better way buddy!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Another thread from my Enggy Days...

Stepped onto V semester.

We had , Operating Systems(OS), System Software(SS), Introduction to Unix, Computer Graphics(CG), Object Oriented Software Development(OOSD) and of course labs.

All was fine. Lemme tell you about the incidents that took place in that semester with a particular lecturer.

She was newly appointed in our college to handle System Software subject. I wont disclose her name. People who studied with me, would guess her name.

Checking out my III sem results and the IV sem happenings, senior lecturers who handled us, had a good impression on me. I'm not boasting. Just go to our college, even now and ask the teachers who handled us about me, they'll have the same opinion. Though some may say that I'm nuts, someone like whom this post is about.

These senior lecturers, imposed the image what they had on the new lecturers who had recently joined. They had also explained about those studs whom they aren't comfortable with too. I was in the former list as told before.

Now, this SS lecturer, first had a very good impression on me. She used to teach looking at me, most of the time thinking that I'm the bright stud there. Who knew all such things at that time? eh?

The text what we had for SS was pretty boring. Couldn't find interest in reading that. I was never reading that book unlike others that semester.

Come the first internals. First day, we had OS and SS i guess. IT was a monday. I concentrated on OS, My uncle had come home from Michigan, was spending time with him neglecting the sessionals. We'd been to "Doddaaladamara" near Bidadi, the previous day. I had taken the SS book so that I could read something in case I made some time. No use. I couldn't make time for that. Who wishes to read when your family is on a trip?

Okay! I wrote the sessionals. Ma'am was horrified granting me marks. First time in my Enggy career, I had got a single digit, 2 or 3 I guess. Not sure.

She distributed the marks sheet, after the class, she called me to the staff room.

Ma'am - Why Sandesh? What happened to you?
Sandesh - I'd been to a trip with my family. Will perform well in the coming internals ma'am.
M - You've got internals and you'd been to a trip? Are you joking?
S - No Ma'am, We had our uncle coming down all the way from US, he's leaving in another week or so. I thought of giving him company. Dunno when he'll come back.
M - Thats okay! Don't do it another time. Best of luck. :-)
S - Thanks ma'am! =)

One thing, she didn't notice right from the first ady of her class is, she didn't notice me and Susheem playing book cricket during her class. That was our usual routine in boring classes. We were not at all interested in SS. Dunno, the subject was too boring and was made even boring with this lecturer.

just two weeks before the second sessionals, we were caught red handed playing book cricket in her class. Previously, she didn't leave the dias, but now that she got that I'm not paying much interest into her class, she used to roam around. That fine day, we didn't notice her coming. She scolded us like hell and asked not to repeat it.

Since that day, The look she used to give while teaching, turned into a stare.

I scored 11 in my second internals. Failing to get a minimum of 15 as an average. I think, that was the first subject i failed to get a minimum in the internals.

Meanwhile, I was called by my senior lecturers, including the HOD, for the complaint lodged by our SS lecturer and was asked about my behaviour in her class. I just waved it off as a little mischief. They also didnt take it in a serious way. The belief they had in me was not that easily shakeable.

Right since the second internals, she used to get irritated by my presence in the class. She used to find one or the other reason to scold me and my benchers. The slang of hers, "No way! not at all a way" became quite common among our class. A couple of times, she denied attendance for me.

One fine day, in her class, she again, saw me playing "Byatarayanapura Vs Vidyaranyapura" match with susheem, She asked us to walk out. We happily walked out.

Another day, she saw me talking with Susheem and Daksha in her class. She made us stand in her class, scolded for 5 minutes and sent all three of us outa the class.

One fine day, she just sent me outa the class. She asked if anybody is interested in going out may do so. Daksha majestically came out making signs of "Whats the big deal? Makes no difference." right in front of her. Hehehe!

Somedays later, she was bugged up sending us out. She said, If you're coming only for the sake of attendance, you may please leave. I'll give attendance for all. She expected us to leave. We didnt. Since that day, she started neglecting us.

I somehow, managed to get a 24 in the third internals to get a minimum of 15 in the internals. Good that she didnt had the grudge in granting marks.

After that sem, she never took our class just for the reason that I'm there in that class. Huh! Can't help it.

There is nothing much in this post left apart from dedication. I dedicate this post to her. Hope this post kept you entertained for a while. =)

Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Will blog out two of my contradicting experiences today. Bad one first.

A few days ago, say a week back, I had to take my grand parents to a function going on near West Of Chord road, Rajajinagar. I dropped them off at the hall and was searching for parking space which I didn't find there.

Just a couple of yards further, I see space but there was sunlight. I didn't want my car to bask, I moved ahead a couple of blocks to find some shade just beside a house, which had these letters carved just beside the gate (ಹರ್ಷ, ....... ರಾವ್).

I parked, though I saw the owner of the house staring at me while he took his dog to pee. He was constantly staring at me and my car. I felt uncomfortable and asked him.

Sandesh: "ನಿಮ್ಗೆನಾದ್ರು ತೊಂದರೆ ಆಯ್ತಾ ಇಲ್ಲಿ ಗಾಡಿ ನಿಲ್ಲಿಸಿದ್ದಕ್ಕೆ?" [You got a problem with me parking my vehicle here in front of your house? eh?]

House Owner: "????"

Sandesh: "ನಿಮ್ಗೆನಾದ್ರು ತೊಂದರೆ ಆಯ್ತಾ ಇಲ್ಲಿ ಗಾಡಿ ನಿಲ್ಲಿಸಿದ್ದಕ್ಕೆ?"

House Owner: [In a rude manner] "Whats your problem man?"

Sandesh: [Harshly] "I said, you got a problem with my parking in front of your house?"

House Owner: [pacifying] "No! No!! Go ahead!!"

I was feeling like I shouldnt have spoken in English to teach him a lesson. Dunno what was going on in my mind at that instant, I ditched him and moved ahead to the function. After that I was feeling like why should they hang a board in Kannada if they speak English outside? Its plain "GAANCHALI".

Now to the good contrary experience.

This was say in November 2008. Book fair was going on at Palace Grounds. As usual, was browsing through the heaps of books. Moving on from stall to stall, row by row just skimming through the content of books I got interested.

All of a sudden, I recollect that I had seen a book say in the previous row, somehow missed it absent minded. It flashed through my mind and I was eager to take it. I rushed back through the row. While I was heading to the concerned bookstall when all of the following happened within two seconds.

I hit a guy badly. He was furious. He was opening his mouth to scold me while I said "ಕ್ಷಮಿಸಿ" (Kannada for Sorry) he saw me saying that in Kannada. He smiled and said "ಪರವಾಗಿಲ್ಲ" (Its okay) and moved ahead. Speaking Kannada in Bangalore has become a thing to get perplexed these days. Isnt it normal?

Just check out both these scenarios. How contradicting? aint it?