Sunday, March 08, 2009

On Stabbing of Women.

Was just passing through Nrupatunga Road on Saturday to see a herd of people standing in front of the Police Commissioner's Office (kinda Dharani) to show disagreement on his part of duty to keep Bangalore safe for women. This herd consists majorly of what they call 'IT' people.

Some had banners like 'SAVE WOMEN' kinda thing. Also some posters like 'Save Earth, thats the only planet that has women.' Oh! Do you have other planets with male population?? I remembered that this was a protest for the recent stabbing of women in various parts of the city.

Have any time the male population staged a protest like this for males exclusive?

Women ask for equal rights everywhere. Some also ask special privileges under constitution.

See I'm not against women. I'm just unclear about some facts that women try to fight here.

If a person gets stabbed, be it a woman or a man, Everybody has a right to oppose that. But should the gender matter? Do they mean that no male is getting stabbed nowhere in the city? Why do they highlight only the female population?

I'm always against reservation. Let it be on whatever grounds. Be it gender, caste, creed, race whatever. Reservation for anything would just make the thing upside down. Who is on top today will come down and vice versa. Nothing better is achieved.

Do you want an instance? Check out our infamous constitution, which reserves for the rights of SC/ST, minority(?) people like muslims and christians. Nobody cares for the problems they pose today.

All the politicians are for it in the name of secularism. They say we're secular and attend all communions of all castes and religions just flattering them with good words. They attend the ijtemas of muslims, good news functions of christians, union function of Kamma jana and what not? Does it serve any purpose? Does it help in building what they call a secular India?

Likewise, reservation for women is foolishness. If they're capable, let they get an opportunity. Thats all I say.

There is a misconception that women are always downtrodden in the society. The so called secular people blame it on Hinduism and its ancient scriptures. They don't even talk a word on Christianity or Islam.

I've read scriptures which are based on the Vedas and the Upanishads wherein it is said that a woman, Gaargi attends a meeting held to discuss whether or not to give Brahmarshi status to Vishwamitra. Many women did exist in that meet, most of them wives of Rushis. Since Vedic period, women have been given equal importance as of man under what they call Hindu Culture. Many women did perform many yajnas and tapas.

Take Islam. They treat women so bad, wherein they treat women just as a baby producing machine as well as a machine which takes the chores of the kitchen. They're not supposed to leave home. Even if they did, they have to wear a burkha compulsarily.

Take Christianity. Have you seen a female pope? If you see the Christian history, as proven by Dan Brown, People from the church are in constant search for the merovengian blooded people and they tried to kill Mary Magdalene (So called wife of Jesus, a matter of conflict)

People might question me here that Hinduism also has weird customs like Sati prevalent even now. I tell you, this was never a custom documented in any scriptures. It just exists in some part of North India. May be their own belief. I havent dugg much into that. Will reserve a seperate post on that.

The same people who protest for 'Attack on Women' go to rave parties and pubs. I feel it so contradicting. Don't they need security there?

Feel free to comment.


Manoj said...

What were doing these many days? It needed some girls from a high profile class to get beaten up to start all these agitations. Girls/women are being tortured from ages. So why not go across the world and stop all those things rather than sit in Nrupthanga road and block traffic. The reason: easy publicity. Many people got a nice oppurnity to improve their degrading images. I had also been there on that day. The method of construction of the subway interested me more. :P

i 7 said...

Well said maga. As usual all points mentioned have been backed up by sound resoning. Straight and in-the-face!

Sandesh said...

@ Manoj - Absolutely.

@ i7 - =)

The Self-Proclaimed Wordsmith said...

Dan Brown "proved" something? He writes fiction. I mean, I could write a story in which I'm 2000 years old, and saw Hindu elders beating up women. It doesn't mean nought.

Perhaps what else you've said has some element of truth to it (I don't know, so I won't say), but that saying that Dan Brown's story necessarily equals truth is wrong.

Sandesh said...

@ TSPW - Hehehe! You're welcome to write such a story provided you give relevant proof. I'm sure you find none.

I know Dan Brown writes fiction, but I feel he has given enough proof to prove what he wrote.

I see you are against to most of the things what I usually write. I welcome your comments. As per my observation, you're against Hindu Culture and pro neo culture. What makes you feel that way? Share it, if you feel like...

Shrinidhi Hande said...

Men also suffer injustice-some example:
There's women's' day. When is Mens' day?

Our company club swimming pool as Ladies only batch and general batch... There's no Men only batch.. why so?

If 50% of the seats in a bus are marked Ladies only, then rest 50% should me Gents only.. why it isn't like that?

Anyway, yes, attack on any individual, man or women is bad and be condemned. But not sure what results they'll get by protesting in front of police. They are trying their best to make city a safe place. Best would be to teach everyone enough self defense skills, learn how to handle various emergencies...

Sandesh said...

@ Shrinidhi - Hehehe! True. I don't believe in celebrity days, hence I do not have any respect for womens day neither a mens day (If they come up with one)

Yeah! Mens only things are hard to find. I oppose any kind of reservation. All I ask for is a scenario where every individual's privacy is maintained as well as nobody feels insecure.

anupam said...

rightly said , coz there r many people who can do anything to please woman.they are worrying about the attack on pub , they never worried ab the bomblast in bangalore and other parts of the country.

Sandesh said...

If they were so concerned about women security? why boast about it by gaining publicity?