Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Another thread from my Enggy Days...

Stepped onto V semester.

We had , Operating Systems(OS), System Software(SS), Introduction to Unix, Computer Graphics(CG), Object Oriented Software Development(OOSD) and of course labs.

All was fine. Lemme tell you about the incidents that took place in that semester with a particular lecturer.

She was newly appointed in our college to handle System Software subject. I wont disclose her name. People who studied with me, would guess her name.

Checking out my III sem results and the IV sem happenings, senior lecturers who handled us, had a good impression on me. I'm not boasting. Just go to our college, even now and ask the teachers who handled us about me, they'll have the same opinion. Though some may say that I'm nuts, someone like whom this post is about.

These senior lecturers, imposed the image what they had on the new lecturers who had recently joined. They had also explained about those studs whom they aren't comfortable with too. I was in the former list as told before.

Now, this SS lecturer, first had a very good impression on me. She used to teach looking at me, most of the time thinking that I'm the bright stud there. Who knew all such things at that time? eh?

The text what we had for SS was pretty boring. Couldn't find interest in reading that. I was never reading that book unlike others that semester.

Come the first internals. First day, we had OS and SS i guess. IT was a monday. I concentrated on OS, My uncle had come home from Michigan, was spending time with him neglecting the sessionals. We'd been to "Doddaaladamara" near Bidadi, the previous day. I had taken the SS book so that I could read something in case I made some time. No use. I couldn't make time for that. Who wishes to read when your family is on a trip?

Okay! I wrote the sessionals. Ma'am was horrified granting me marks. First time in my Enggy career, I had got a single digit, 2 or 3 I guess. Not sure.

She distributed the marks sheet, after the class, she called me to the staff room.

Ma'am - Why Sandesh? What happened to you?
Sandesh - I'd been to a trip with my family. Will perform well in the coming internals ma'am.
M - You've got internals and you'd been to a trip? Are you joking?
S - No Ma'am, We had our uncle coming down all the way from US, he's leaving in another week or so. I thought of giving him company. Dunno when he'll come back.
M - Thats okay! Don't do it another time. Best of luck. :-)
S - Thanks ma'am! =)

One thing, she didn't notice right from the first ady of her class is, she didn't notice me and Susheem playing book cricket during her class. That was our usual routine in boring classes. We were not at all interested in SS. Dunno, the subject was too boring and was made even boring with this lecturer.

just two weeks before the second sessionals, we were caught red handed playing book cricket in her class. Previously, she didn't leave the dias, but now that she got that I'm not paying much interest into her class, she used to roam around. That fine day, we didn't notice her coming. She scolded us like hell and asked not to repeat it.

Since that day, The look she used to give while teaching, turned into a stare.

I scored 11 in my second internals. Failing to get a minimum of 15 as an average. I think, that was the first subject i failed to get a minimum in the internals.

Meanwhile, I was called by my senior lecturers, including the HOD, for the complaint lodged by our SS lecturer and was asked about my behaviour in her class. I just waved it off as a little mischief. They also didnt take it in a serious way. The belief they had in me was not that easily shakeable.

Right since the second internals, she used to get irritated by my presence in the class. She used to find one or the other reason to scold me and my benchers. The slang of hers, "No way! not at all a way" became quite common among our class. A couple of times, she denied attendance for me.

One fine day, in her class, she again, saw me playing "Byatarayanapura Vs Vidyaranyapura" match with susheem, She asked us to walk out. We happily walked out.

Another day, she saw me talking with Susheem and Daksha in her class. She made us stand in her class, scolded for 5 minutes and sent all three of us outa the class.

One fine day, she just sent me outa the class. She asked if anybody is interested in going out may do so. Daksha majestically came out making signs of "Whats the big deal? Makes no difference." right in front of her. Hehehe!

Somedays later, she was bugged up sending us out. She said, If you're coming only for the sake of attendance, you may please leave. I'll give attendance for all. She expected us to leave. We didnt. Since that day, she started neglecting us.

I somehow, managed to get a 24 in the third internals to get a minimum of 15 in the internals. Good that she didnt had the grudge in granting marks.

After that sem, she never took our class just for the reason that I'm there in that class. Huh! Can't help it.

There is nothing much in this post left apart from dedication. I dedicate this post to her. Hope this post kept you entertained for a while. =)


Manoj said...

I can only say, she was one good lecturer. She didnt give you bad marks even though you had created such a good impression on her. I liked her for the sole reason.

Sandesh said...

She was a lecturer. Good or bad! I dunno.

As per my experience, I got in the least inside in her classes. Didn't understand a bit. She lacks creating interest in the subject.

You should have attended her class. =)

Dysfunctionally Mild said...

heh heh :) interestin readin ... brought back college days :)
ur classes were certainly very strict as per discipline :)

Sandesh said...

@ Dysfunctionally Mild - Glad that you recollected college days. Yeah! My classes were supposed to be strict. We never took it that way. =)