Monday, December 31, 2007

Dark Room - A review.

I just finished the book by the Indian English writer R.K.Narayan. Took half a day for that. Thanks Seena for giving me the book.

All in all an okay book. Another tale to add onto the malgudi series. The picturisation of the town is simple along with the story.

Its all about a family in the South Extension of Malgudi, whose head is Ramani, the manager of Englandia Insurance Company. His wife Savitri and his three children Babu, Sumati and Kamala.

Ramani is a typical married male bossing over a obedient wife and their children. The cook, servant and the maid are also in the list who are suffering from Ramani's anger. Ramani is being potrayed as a perfectionist and who gets terrified with a minor error.

Savitri, his wife, handles the daily chores along with her servants efficiently. She is one female who doesn't gossip much but needs her husband's support for all her effort.

There comes in a lady to Ramani's office and the shanti of the house vanishes. The book is all about what happens next. Easy read!

I wont tell much about the story. Read it if you like the plot I've given. Here are my opinion about the book.

1. The picturisation. Makes you imagine things of the old mysore.
2. Describes to soem extent what people used to do during Dasara.
3. Happy family with the head bossing over it to some extent.

1. Though they are Iyengars, they live in a town, Malgudi which is described to be somewhere in Mysore. They always read Tamil magazines, Tamil novels and watch tamil movies in theatre. I didn't like it. Every good character potrayed has a tamil name. Kantaiyengar, periyar ... which is unlike of people living in Karnataka.

2. The lady newly coming to office is from Mangalore and is being described like people have a bad impression on her.

Haven't done much of R.K.Narayan, but these points made me feel a bit terse.

Pour in your comments if you've done this. comment otherwise also. =)

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Monkey Testing / Mouse Testing

No this doesn't explain about the existing software testing mechanism "Monkey testing" or a new phenomenon like "Mouse Testing". =)

This is about the approach taken by scientists to experiment things that they encounter, invent or discover. Have a look at the below pics.

Just because that he is able to speak and think a bit more than the other species on earth (this is relative), Man assumes himself as a superior creature on this planet. How fair is it?

Was planning to blog something today and was searching for a topic when I saw my mother discussing about this issue with the rest.

Once anybody comes up with a new medicine to a disease that doesn't has a cure (also for those which have a cure, may be a costlier one!), they won't directly test it on a human but they use other species like monkey, mice, frog, cockroaches and sometimes rarely on other species too.

Not only this, even in Bio labs, we see students playing with cockroaches, and frogs to know their internal structure(wrong term to use. I do not know the right one). I never opted for Biology and thankfully skipped it. =)

I see attenders in lab, killing frogs that are alive and some students doing their dissection without giving them proper anasthaesia. Pathetic!!

Doesn't stop here. There are people who fish for fun. Also there are the so called stars who hunt animals @ wild life scantuaries like Black buck, Sambar et al. After doing all that they come on screen, play innocent roles and people who get moved away by their artificial acting, plead for them against the court asking for a bail or clearance from court. What for?

To make them know the pain the animals undergo, one should pluck any of their arms (or any organ for that matter) and make them suffer without medical care for sometime (One minute would be sufficient to know I guess).

There is one proverb in Kannada. "Bekkige Chellata, Ili ge praana sankata" translated to english yeilds, "It is playtime for the cat and a matter of life for the mouse".

I dont expect people to change reading this post but let them have some basic courtesy on these poor creatures who have equal rights to live on this ONE planet where we all live. We humans do not have any special rights to act upon them so cruelly without any feelings towards it. Animal life is always as precious as human life.

I'm not saying that be liberal to all monkeys, mice, cockroaches. They might sit on top of us in our houses. Take the necessary step when needed but not always. Apply mosquito repellants, lakshman rekha or whatever you do to stop cockroaches and similar thing to mice n rats. Killing them for your experimentation purposes is wrong is what I'm saying.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Enough is enough of Christmas wishes.

People are behind being social. To boast that they are secular. They find pride in doing that.

Many people went (are still going on...) on vacation as they get holidays on the account of Christmas n Christian New year. Before they go, If they see anybody, they feel its their duty to wish them Merry Christmas n a happy new year. Is being secular in this sense is so prestigious?

I hardly see them celebrating our Ugadi or Baisaaki as new year. They don't even celebrate Krishna Janmashtami or Rama Navami as they celebrate Xmas. Dunno what attracts them towards Xmas which is absent in our festivals??!!

I received many scraps on orkut wishing merry christmas. I got fed up so much that I replied them back saying I do not celebrate 'em and if you do so, take my wishes.

This is not only for christian festivals but also others.

As you all know, they celebrate the chrisian new year boozin @ clubs, attending parties with their loved ones(married, un married, I need not mention that) dancing their way out like lunatics. Once it strikes 12, we @ NH - 7 get terrified with the bike roars headed from clubs, Dhabas alongside crackers.

In no mood to add on more points as I am feelin dizzy.

Being secular is not in celebrating other festivals or wishing those who celebrate. Celebrate your festivals first than celebrating others. Its just live n let live. Dont you think so? Any opposition?? Please leave a comment.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Is it the good old college days???

When I look at many of my friends album on social network sites like orkut, I see people attach their photos of college along with their friends and say "The good old college days!"

Huh! Whats the whole point in sayin that n not making a point to meet your collegemates at regular intervals?

Many of my friends, looking at some of my posts comment that "Maga! You made me recollect my college days!" I never feel like mentioning that coz I dont find any difference between my college days and these days where I'm working. ( Apart from the work (pathetic thing i do almost every weekday, sometimes even on weekend!) Hmph!)

I regularly meet my friends just like any other daily routine. Some of them, I meet almost everyday. Some of them once in a fortnight n some other lazy guys atleast once in a month. There are also friends whom i never meet because of their ego problems. Its not that I don't want to meet them. Its THEIR problem.

But still I almost remember them everyday. Its like what they call "Praathah smaraneeyaru" (Those who are supposed to be remembered once you get up!) I recollect atleast 6-8 of my friends everyday whom I'm in contact every week. I dont want to take names.

Even if I purposefully ask them about this, most of them reply saying, "Magaa! We've got lotsa work @ office! No time for friends! It would be great once we reach home asap. Whenever we egt some time, we wish to sleep!" Hmm! No comments on this.

So, the whole point is,

There is no sense in posting in a blog with a pic of their college n mates n say my good old college days. Neither in any social networking site. It should be in your soul to remember those who made your life worth living. ( Now don't bring in philosophy by sayin why should be life worth living always! I want this post to be lite! No philosophy intended. Will write about philosophy when i feel like. I belong to the same category if you are thinking in this direction)

Keep visiting your friends whenever you get some free time. Or rather make some time for your friends. I'm not asking you to reject all your work and compulsorily meet your friends. If you think you really are busy make a point to call 'em n discuss casually about some stupid stuff for atleast 5 minutes. You'll find the difference in you as well as your friend. He'll really feel good about your friends. (Though there might be friends who will be close even when they do not meet for years. Not many are like that.) You'll feel relieved and will be able to finish your work much better. Try it out!

Thursday, December 20, 2007


Things are flashin in ma mind! Pickin this topic t'day.

This post is tellin you how one gets every critical thing at once to make your things worser.

There is a senior @ my office. 2 years senior to me. Lets call him 'A'. Till one and a half years, there was no contact between us. Both were sittin' in different locations. Ten months ago, he shifted to our office. He is one level above me in the corporate ladder.

Though he was not in our project, we used to just encounter almost everyday. Both of us were indifferent when we met face to face. As always, I wore a smile on my face. He smiled back for courtesy sake. Days passed on... We continued smilin' at each other. Hehe =).

One day their team were discussin some offline topic, outa project when i just passed thru their cubicle, one of our common friend in that project asked for my opinion for which I replied with one. He added to my point and since then, we started speakin to each other.

Again, things went on smoothly. We were speakin casually everyday for a minute or so. That was the max.

Two months ago, he came to my cubicle with our common friend to invite me to his marriage. I took the invitation, smiled at him that I would come. (As you all do. Obviously! Hmm!!). His marriage was a week or two ahead. Inside, I was calculating whether to go or not. To add on, the customs vary between us. I needn't explain why as you guys would have guessed it right. I dont mind going to such weddings given I only wish them. No taking food. I never feel like havin something in such an environment peacefully. Till date, I haven't been to such weddings.

Now comes the worst part. He went on his marriage vacation that week. Unfortunately, my manager was not in the station. Even more, my senior in the team were abroad. I was the seniormost person in the team! ( What a pathetic conditon our team was under me! =( ).

There came an urgent release to be made on the previous Friday which was postponed to Monday. The marriage was on Wednesday. Thanks to the issues and our infrastructure, both the machine as well as our product didnt go on well. Release date shifted one day everyday that week.

On Wednesday, when we were about to release, the machine we were testin on gave us a problem and I couldnt leave the office for the reception of A. To my fortune, we finally released it the next Friday (Oooooof!!).

Two weeks passed by. Enter the married A, I looked at him for which he didn't respond. I found it strange. He had thought in the wrong direction. Once again, I need not explain everything.
He refuses to speak to me silently in various mannerism. Hehe. Even today I saw him for which he didn't respond lookin @ my face.

I didn't apologised to him for not attending his wedding as i hate to give reasons. What happened just happened. Giving reasons to something what happened is just plain bullshit in human relationship. I need not give reasons to anyone especially those whom i consider my friends.

Hope things get straight. Shall post another soon.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Can't Help it! Girl Can't Help it!

Taken from Fergie's Clumsy, the title is so perfect to this post!

Writing post like this, I feel pretty bad to write this post. This is about females who stare at me everyday (Weekdays, thank god!) just as if I had stolen something from 'em. Can give many examples. Almost all females in my office barring those who I interact with (diplomatic). There is a female just beside my cubicle, (good that there is a divider in between), who at any point of time I get up, looks @ me (due to change in her view), literally frowns. =(. I really dont know the reason. This is just an example.

Now, I'm not regretting for this. I do not have a reason. Its their attitude. I don't mind whatever they do(In fact, I'm least bothered). Still, I tried to get a reason for that hatred shown towards me. Someone within stimulated me to find a reason behind this. What I feel would be the reason is,

1. My Appearences : I used to and continue to go to office with a thick beard. Many people build up a misconception that all bearded men are rowdies. To add onto that, I go to office with my uncut hairs which looks like a bush for many. some used to call me Sai-Baba (Puttaparthi), lookin at my hairs.

2. The way I speak to male friends( sometimes over phone with my college friends), is totally casual, adding onto my appearence, this might give them an opinion that I'm speakin somthin offensive! Hmm.

Factors like this make me a junglee type of person. I really don't know why am I bloggin this. Didn't get a betta topic. Passing my time writing this.

Comment on what you feel. I don't think you would feel anything goin thru this.