Monday, December 31, 2007

Dark Room - A review.

I just finished the book by the Indian English writer R.K.Narayan. Took half a day for that. Thanks Seena for giving me the book.

All in all an okay book. Another tale to add onto the malgudi series. The picturisation of the town is simple along with the story.

Its all about a family in the South Extension of Malgudi, whose head is Ramani, the manager of Englandia Insurance Company. His wife Savitri and his three children Babu, Sumati and Kamala.

Ramani is a typical married male bossing over a obedient wife and their children. The cook, servant and the maid are also in the list who are suffering from Ramani's anger. Ramani is being potrayed as a perfectionist and who gets terrified with a minor error.

Savitri, his wife, handles the daily chores along with her servants efficiently. She is one female who doesn't gossip much but needs her husband's support for all her effort.

There comes in a lady to Ramani's office and the shanti of the house vanishes. The book is all about what happens next. Easy read!

I wont tell much about the story. Read it if you like the plot I've given. Here are my opinion about the book.

1. The picturisation. Makes you imagine things of the old mysore.
2. Describes to soem extent what people used to do during Dasara.
3. Happy family with the head bossing over it to some extent.

1. Though they are Iyengars, they live in a town, Malgudi which is described to be somewhere in Mysore. They always read Tamil magazines, Tamil novels and watch tamil movies in theatre. I didn't like it. Every good character potrayed has a tamil name. Kantaiyengar, periyar ... which is unlike of people living in Karnataka.

2. The lady newly coming to office is from Mangalore and is being described like people have a bad impression on her.

Haven't done much of R.K.Narayan, but these points made me feel a bit terse.

Pour in your comments if you've done this. comment otherwise also. =)

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Where ever you go.. what ever you do... when ever you do.. there will be atleast a small thing to trigger your "Language Chauvinism"....

Hogo... Baashesha!!

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