Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Should one hate a professional for his personal life?

I guess we all have atleast seen one such scenario in our life. Let me explain you a general scenario.

He is a gem in his profession. Trekked all the pathways in his work and he is kinda walking encyclopedia to all when it comes to job. Any task given to him is completed elegantly in a best possible way. But when it comes to his personal life, he is simply disastrous. Reasons various.

Now, should one hate that person for his personal life or like/treat him normally for the genius in him?

This is a dilemma.

There is a huge list for this. All I can list is what I remember.

1. Dr. Rajkumar and Leelavathi issue. (the only scar on Dr. Raj)
2. Pt. Ravishankar and his affair with Ms. Jones in US
3. Elton John and his homosexual activities (I am not pro-Elton John, I don't like his music. This entry is just for the sake of it)
4. New Addition, Tiger Woods and his mistresses.

This list can go on n on as always. The reason for me to write this particular post is the 4th one on that list.

I need not touch upon the issue of Tiger Woods, most of you know it. Now that his wife is busy consulting her lawyer for a divorce, the issue has become stark naked in front of everyone.

Yes, Mr. TW had many mistresses. Thats his fault. Agreed. Thanks for the media and the internet to make it big. But isnt it harsh that this forced a golf Pro like him to take a long break from the game? Lets be neutral and think about this issue.

Some points that come to my mind are:

1. Don't we have enough people who're famous and have umpteen affairs?

2. Did his affairs affect directly/partially to his game?

3. Should this force all his endorsers to take a step back, stop endorsing?

Lets answer these questions one by one.

1. Don't we have enough people who're famous and have umpteen affairs?: We've many. Some are listed in the above list. To name a few more, we've  the cricket great, leg spinner,  Shane Warne, who was famous for two reasons. One for his spectacular spin bowling. No cricket fan forgets the golden ball or the ball of the century by him, which was wide but took the English batsmen (Gooch or Gatting, don't remember though) wicket. The other reason being his affairs. He was in the middle of one or the other affairs. Many bans were on him for participating in these affairs. He would have scalped 1000 or more test wickets if he were not to get involved in such affairs. We have more to add to the list. Take any hollywood/bollywood actors who are in one or the other affair anytime of the year.

2. Did his affairs affect directly/partially to his game?: Might be. This might have given a positive enthusiasm in playing. It might not be the case, that if he is not involved in such affairs, he couldn't play. This might have worked as a catalyst probably.

3. Should this force all his endorsers to take a step back, stop endorsing?: The endorsers have to think about it in a much serious way. Why did they endorse him? Was it because he was a nobel human or for he was a Golf Pro? If it was for the former, they've every right to take back. But most of them did this for the latter reason. I'm not saying that they need to continue the endorsement, but if they were really endorsing, they should've enquired about his social life much before they took the decision. News of these kinds will be prevalent in the small circle much before they become public. Who knows?? these endorsers would've signed the contract knowing it all, but for publicity sake. I consider this a bit unfair.

Then, what should one do in such a scenario?

1. People should stop making stories building upon those read in the newspaper. Almost all know about it and making up stories is just worsening things up for the victim. Some of those stories might be true but still, its harsh on the victim to spread those.

2. The victim should keep his cool, stay calm as much as possible. Time is the healing factor. Even after that, people do comment on this issue in his presence. All he can/should do is to ignore.

3. Media, stop adding fuel.

Its not that I'm a Tiger Woods fan and I'm writing this post. Yeah I do love watching him play golf. They say hes only second next to Jack Nicklaus. I can't comment on that coz I havent watched much of golf.

Its not that everybody are innocent. There are some criminals who gotta be punished. hat I feel in case of Mr. TW is that he should be given another chance.

Everybody has to be punished for their wrong deeds and I guess everybody will follow his karma. Nobody can stop it. I do support any legal action taken against him but I see something adverse goin on  and hence this post. Everybody should be given an opportunity to set things right.

To give you all an instance of the chance given, I'd like to give the example of Dr. Raj. Agreed that his affair with Leelavathi was unfair. But the good thing he/Parvathamma did was to let their children enter the film industry only after getting married. This has to be appreciated. Hopefully, I'll comeup with a blog post on Rajkumar on my Kannada blog.

It shouldn't be like 'Once a thief, always a thief', but unfortunately that the case in the real world. Lets hope things change. And for Tiger Woods, lets hope he comes back with flying colors.