Tuesday, April 28, 2009

On Shoe Throwing...

It all started with Muntadhar al-Zeidi throwing a shoe on George W. Bush Jr.

Journalists worldwide seem to have inspired by this. Prior to this, shoe throwing had just been the program in some public gatherings like orchestra and rarely in some political meetings, not in press conferences.

In India, shoe throwing has now become a trend to unfurl your heroism. (a fast, cheap stunt to become instant hero.) That too in the days of elections.

Chronologically, shoe throwing on VIPs in India since 2-3 months are as given below.

1. On P. Chidambaram for guarding the party's interest in holding Jagadish Tytler.

2. On L.K. Advani in a political campaign.

3. On Man Mohan Singh, addressing a public gathering.

4. Yesterday, on Karnataka's Chief Minister, Dr. B. S. Yediyurappa, again addressing a public gathering.

Have I missed out any? Please let me know.

Possible aftermaths of shoe-throwing:

1. Getting arrested first of all.

2. Letting him free. (Ignoring the issue)

3. May be treatment from the Police under the vigilance of the politician.

4. Getting released in a few hours and apologizing.

5. Nobody caring for the throwee or the thrower as if nothing has happened.

6. Rare cases where the politician gets furious and makes some serious injuries on the thrower, of course, not in public.

Lemme write out my points now.

All this shoe throwing business mean nothing. Just hype created and feeding the media with some stupid news. It might bring down the level of the throwee for a day or so, the next day, people forget it and work as if nothing has happened. So does the thrower becomes a hero for a day.

It may work other way too. People might have some sympathy on the throwee and might vote him out. The throwee might get some extra votes.

If this continues to be a serious issue with many more throwers, the coming government might form a law on shoe-throwers. Who knows? Quite possible. Or just like a bomb squad, they might form a shoe-throwing squad to avoid the politician from getting hit.

All in all, to say it again, this doesnt change the situation. The politician would just forget the issue just like a bird shitting on his head. Doesnt change the situation of the country. Just some food for the media.

I suggest them one thing. Instead of throwing a shoe, throw a stone. So that it might hurt them a bit more when compared to shoe.

Post in your comments.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Separate Tamil Nation? Huh!

Though I'm least bothered about their weird thoughts, this one is heights... Hence, thought of writing a post on it.

Yesterday, in the newspaper, I saw a statement by kumari Jayalalita that she pledges for a separate Tamil Nation for all tamil speaking people and hence the people of Tamil Nadu has to vote for her party. Funny, aint it?

AFAIK, there are two major parties in TN, DMK and AIADMK both headed by lunatic filmy people turned politicians Karunanidhi and Jayalalita respectively. While Karunanidhi wasa script writer writing punching dialogs to impress tamil people, Jayalalita was a heroine (They say, she was slim during those days... Hehe!)

Both of them (parties, in general) instead of concentrating how they can manage the government with the interior resources, try to grab as many resources from the other states and poke into affairs which is not at all related to them. Need an example? Take the water issue, you have Kaveri issue, Hogenekkal issue, Periyar issue? What not? Also the LTTE issue.

Curbing with the development Bangalore had with the IT industry, they forced the central government to appoint one of their party member to be the Minister for IT and development so that they can grab a major chunk of projects.

These are the same people who had appealed for an order from the Government of Karnataka to make Tamil to be the secondary language of Karnataka while the crooked Veerappan had abducted the legendary icon, Dr. Rajkumar way back in 2001.

They debate that there was no Rama, but the bridge belonged to the cemetic religions.

One can understand the cheap mentality of the tamil politicians by such issues. They are always waiting to dominate people of other states.

Now that they want a separate nation? What would they demand from India for separation? Here are a few that comes to my mind.

1. Kaveri river and Periyar river should be granted solely for the tamil speaking nation to satiate their thirst. (Dunno what name they give for the new nation they intend to get?)

2. Borders need be expanded grabbing some parts of Karnataka, Kerala, AP to fit in the extra people coming from Lanka.

Some hilarious points I get:

1. Checking for passports in the busses commuting to and from Tamil Nadu.

2. Wherever they travel in India, they are going to speak in Tamil and everyone should converse in the same language.

3. Within tamil nadu, if you don't speak Tamil, you are outa the country. (Do they take back lakhs of Tamilians from various states of India back to their nation?)

What not? You get some points... comment it.

Lemme add my points on the LTTE issue.

We all know that the Sinhalese people are the people staying in Lanka for long, longer than tamilians atleast. AFAIK.

What is the ill-treatment the tamils are facing in Sri Lanka? Even If they are facing, they have their own country India. Why dont they return back? back to THEIR tamil nadu?

You want the Lankan people to evacuate so that they can make room for the tamilians? Where should they refuge to? Isnt this foolish to any sane thinker? Isnt this what the Pakistanis doing up there at Kashmir?

If this is not the problem what they think of, Divine Intervention... Please let me know the problem as such. Outside Tamil Nadu, I guess this is what people have thought the problem is.

At the end, All I say is "Stop curbing about a separate nation... Live in Harmony. (If possible)"

Sunday, April 26, 2009

RCB Lose!!!!!

Wondering why I kept the above title? Well, thats the message I've sent continuously to my friend working out-station.

Lehu Zeherrrrr!

Exactly 1 week and a day old, IPL season 2 has took off in a great style. Unfortunately for the Royal Challengers, Bangalore, bad luck continues though having a good start against the Rajasthan Royals.

Biggest mistake what they made is to rest Jesse Ryder, who is the lonely all-rounder seeming to be in relatively good form. Not that the rest are hapless but at least they're not up to the expectations.

Jacques Kallis, though an all-rounder is not good when it comes to bowling. Kumble was a match winner in the first match, not after that.

Dravid, is in good form, though nobody is supporting him. Taylor and Ryder are coming to form where batting is concerned. Kevin Pietersen is yet to bash.

Rest, are not performing at all.

The major problem what I feel is that lack of all-rounders. On top of that, there are no hard hitters of the ball on our side. We cannot cross 160 in 20 overs, which is an advantage for the opposition. Also, bowling lacks pressure.

They have to work out well not to stay at the bottom of the list.

Hope for the best, Atleast, let them not be the last team on the list.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Innond Naayi Kathe...

4-5 Days ago...

3:30 AM, Was in a deep slumber.

3:45 AM, the power was off. Thanks BESCOM...

3:50 AM, a dog in the neighborhood started barking like anything. It went on for 5 minutes... Surprisingly nobody, including its owner never bothered to stop it.

4:00 AM, I got bugged, got up, went to the balcony. Was mesmerized to recognize the rhythmic barking of the dog. It was barking in the same pitch, same tune etc...

Sandesh: Ey Pthu! Baay muchcho! Nettag malgakku bidalla! [Flippin Heck! Shut up! Won't you let us sleep in peace?]

the dog just stopped for a while, again started barking, but with a low pitch.

S: Muchchteeyo ilvo baayi? Raatri hottu en badkontu ninge roga? [Won't you shut up? What has struck you in the night?]

After two more rounds of scoldings, the dog, became silent. I came in and then I recognized that there was no power. Recollected that the PC was on, since I had left it to fetch the updates. Rushed towards the PC, shut it off... Went back to sleep. 10 minutes, the alarm beeped... I thought I slept the wrong time. Changed the alarm signal to a customized no sound file, went to sleep.

7:30 AM, I woke up, finished my praatah karma.

7:45 AM, I went to the house where the dog belonged, it was lying beside in a loathsome manner, I then asked,

S: Yaar mane naayi idu? [whose dog is this?]

Owner: Namde, yaake? [Ours, Why?]

S: Raatri ella bogaltittalla? nimg yaarigu echchra aaglillva? namm maneli ellargu echchra aaythu! ellargu nidre kaata aaytu. [It was barking all night long, didn't you guys notice? Everyone was awake in our home. Nobody had a sound sleep]

O: Oh! Saari! [Oh! Sorry!]

S: Innmelaadru sariyaag nodkolli. [Keep watching atleast from now on...]

I came home. Was reading newspaper. My dad noticed that there was a Thallo Gaadi [trolley] missing in the empty side beside our house which is right beside the highway. That trolley was belonging to the house owner I had just spoken to.

He went to them and enquired about it. That was when they knew it. They used to lock it everyday, but unfortunately, that day, they didnt. A robber had arrived and had taken away that trolley.

Things started falling into place in my mind about the dog's barking. Thanks for its superior hearing n sensing abilities...