Thursday, April 16, 2009

Innond Naayi Kathe...

4-5 Days ago...

3:30 AM, Was in a deep slumber.

3:45 AM, the power was off. Thanks BESCOM...

3:50 AM, a dog in the neighborhood started barking like anything. It went on for 5 minutes... Surprisingly nobody, including its owner never bothered to stop it.

4:00 AM, I got bugged, got up, went to the balcony. Was mesmerized to recognize the rhythmic barking of the dog. It was barking in the same pitch, same tune etc...

Sandesh: Ey Pthu! Baay muchcho! Nettag malgakku bidalla! [Flippin Heck! Shut up! Won't you let us sleep in peace?]

the dog just stopped for a while, again started barking, but with a low pitch.

S: Muchchteeyo ilvo baayi? Raatri hottu en badkontu ninge roga? [Won't you shut up? What has struck you in the night?]

After two more rounds of scoldings, the dog, became silent. I came in and then I recognized that there was no power. Recollected that the PC was on, since I had left it to fetch the updates. Rushed towards the PC, shut it off... Went back to sleep. 10 minutes, the alarm beeped... I thought I slept the wrong time. Changed the alarm signal to a customized no sound file, went to sleep.

7:30 AM, I woke up, finished my praatah karma.

7:45 AM, I went to the house where the dog belonged, it was lying beside in a loathsome manner, I then asked,

S: Yaar mane naayi idu? [whose dog is this?]

Owner: Namde, yaake? [Ours, Why?]

S: Raatri ella bogaltittalla? nimg yaarigu echchra aaglillva? namm maneli ellargu echchra aaythu! ellargu nidre kaata aaytu. [It was barking all night long, didn't you guys notice? Everyone was awake in our home. Nobody had a sound sleep]

O: Oh! Saari! [Oh! Sorry!]

S: Innmelaadru sariyaag nodkolli. [Keep watching atleast from now on...]

I came home. Was reading newspaper. My dad noticed that there was a Thallo Gaadi [trolley] missing in the empty side beside our house which is right beside the highway. That trolley was belonging to the house owner I had just spoken to.

He went to them and enquired about it. That was when they knew it. They used to lock it everyday, but unfortunately, that day, they didnt. A robber had arrived and had taken away that trolley.

Things started falling into place in my mind about the dog's barking. Thanks for its superior hearing n sensing abilities...


Manoj said...

This story reminds me of the story of the mongoose and the baby. :P

Sandesh said...

Only difference is that the dog didn't die... Hehehe! =)