Saturday, May 31, 2008

Throw a smile if you wanna get it done

Met i7 for the first time face-to-face yesterday along with susheem. We just spent time in discussing about random things. After the discussion, we decided to have something for our stomach. Went to adigas, had one onion dose and a coffee each and were going back to beagles.

Susheem said that its time and he had to go home. At the same time, an auto-driver broke our attention. Here is the conversation.

Auto Driver - 'Saar! erad aivath idya?' (Sir, have you got two fifties?)

Sandesh - Aivaththa?? Illa. Nodtheeni thadeeri. (Fifty? Nope! Wait, Lemme check?)

[while i noticed that it was for a female... i7 may comment on this...]

Sandesh - Onde aivathth ide. Ley nimm yaar hatranaadru innondh aivathth idyenro? ( Have only one. Sisyas, have you got one more by any chance? )

Susheem - Nodtheeni thadi ( Wait, Lemme check...) [Fumbles in his billfold]

i7 - Aivathth paisa ide siva (I've got 50 paisa) [As if he is a big fan of 50 cent]

Meanwhile, the female watches us fumbling our wallets, is worried, (natural female instinct) and forcibly puts a mild smile on i7's PJ. This is what hurts. Bringing in an artificial smile to get your work done? Don't you think thats cheap? Now, you can't say that she might have smiled naturally. Nope! I've seen that and any one who saw it would surely recognize that smile.

I was about to give one twenty rupees note and three tens while i7 comes up with a fifty.

She is so happy for that. She got what she wanted. I handed out the notes in her hand in return to which she gave me a 100 rupee note and she vanished along with another "Thanks". Good that she has the courtesy to say that. The auto driver thanked again and I gave the change (20 + 10 *3) to i7.

Sush went to bus stop. It started raining. Myself and i7 started to continue our discussion under a building in front of Adigas and the female was walking in the drizzle...

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Failure @ Office, Successful @ home

This is regarding my transition of OS in both the localities.

Lemme tell you abt the failure first. I've been recently shifted to another project at work. That project needs .net framework. I was using a linux box till last week for all my official purposes.

I knew that mono is compatible with .net which is being developed my Novell and tried installing mono on my machine at office. Its an RHEL 4 box for which the preferred method was to install yum, place the mono repository file under the yum.reposd directory and leave the rest to yum about the mono installation.

Installing yum was a problem. The official yum site has newer versions of yum but has no page which contains the proper method to install yum. I struggled 2 days installing yum when my sys-admin anirudh helped me with using the cent-OS version of yum for mono installation. After an hour of research on that and re-creating the yum RPM for RHEL 4 repository, I successfully installed yum.

Things didnt stop. The actual problem arised here. After placing the mono.repo file under '/etc/yum.reposd' directory, my gateway was blocking yum from downloading the mono RPMs from Oops. To deduce this it took me 1 hour but infortunately the solution was not known to me as my sys-admin refused to unblock all ports. was not accessible through FTP. We were able to successfully access the above site through http. After 4 long days of discussion with the network team of sys-admin team, They finally enabled it to know that the port that they are using is different from the usual. (I havent tried much. This is what my sys-admin told me.)

We were not able to download even after enabling the particular site. Anirudh suggested me to try red-carpet to install mono even though I said that its specific to novell. I tried it in front of him where the dependencies for that RPM increased nearly exponentially. We dropped that idea.

We even tried downloading the RPMs seperately ourselves and installing. This didnt work either. Poooooof!

My sys-admin seems to be a good innovative thinker. We have this USB modem from Tata-Indicom for all our laptop users. He suggested that why not we try installing mono though yum with this connection. I agreed.

We faced one more problem here. That modem didnt have linux drivers along with its setup CD. What crap? We checked the tata-indicom site to know only that It has drivers for Windows as well as Mac OS X but not Linux.

We called up the customer care to find out that even they do not know how to make it work on Linux. Isn't Linux popular here? Shit!

They escalated the call and replied that they would send a customer executive to resolve the issue, who came to our office after consulting me on saturday. He didnt knew what the problem was and was just sent with a fake reason to my office. After understanding the problem, even he said that he doesn't know the solution for this problem. He had tackled this once before but in vain.

He said that he would consult his seniors and lemme know the solution. After calling them, they said that they will consult their seniors to which the y replied with "There is a section on Linux in the user manual sent with the CD."

Final hope. We tried even that. i.e.,

1. Login as root.
2. insert the USB modem.
3. run wvdialconf /etc/wvdial.conf
4. this should detect the modem and alter the afore mentioned conf file.
5. We need to edit the above file (wvdial.conf) to change the phone number, user name as well as password to #777, internet and internet respectively.
6. Add one more line to the file at the end with the entry
stupid mode = 1
(How correct)

7. try wvdial now to check the internet connection.

8. Press ctrl - c to end the connection.

Fortunately the network connection was successful but was damn slow. slower than the dial up connection. I waited 30 minutes to connect to google but in vain.

This made us dropout even this idea.

Frustrated with my activities since two weeks, my manager was angry with my performance. He asked me to not waste any time installing mono and wanted me to go with a dual boot.

Now, never in my office PC have I installed Windows. I hated that. I always wanted to work with LINUX. This seemed like failure to me (Though I spent two full days on the name of installation of Windows, Linux and its utilities, good reason to enjoy atleast on these causes)

Due process, I lost all my official mails sent throughout 2.8 years of my career here. My manager is on leave. Dunno what will be his reaction on this... :(

Altogether this constitutes to what I call failure at office.

Now, lemme quickly finish this post as to why I'm successful at home. All at home were used to windows at home. I had downloaded the brand new Fedora 9 (as of today, this is the latest version of Fedora, nicknamed Sulphur). Today I was able to solve the major problem of network connection as I've explained it here.

I no longer have windows installed on my PC. Its fast, error free to a large extent and virus, worm free which makes me like Linux more for the moment being. There are lot many to mention it here.

Hope I'll find something better at office and good things continue at home.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008


That evening...

Had called almost all of my friends to meet. None of them turned up. Some were busy watching cricket, some were not interested, some had important work, some were reluctant, some didn't pick up my cal, some were busy with their girlfriends...

On the whole, everyone had their own reason.

I could have gone somewhere with my family members, atleast a few of them if not all. Appa was busy in the hotel, amma was busy with the house chores, Akka had been to her office, rest were busy with their own business...

I set myself outa home that evening, not knowing where i'm going. Had my daily pass with me which I had taken that morning. Just boarded a bus. Didn't even saw the route. Got down at some random stop. Roamed a lot there. I shall not mention the location coz that would make this post more specific. I want this to be more abstract.

You might be expecting something happened that day. Nope! Nothing exactly happened. I just roamed in some unknown location, took another bus to some other unknown location and continued that way till late at night.

Somewhere in my mind, this explains me the beauty as well as the simplicity of life. Some of you might curb saying whats the big deal in this? I dunno why but this makes me experience something simple, something divine for that particular moment I think of this...