Monday, July 30, 2007

Meera Madhava Raghava

Had been to Meera Madhava Raaghava with Janna n Seena last Sunday and here is my short review on that.

Before all, lets list out the main guys of the film

Director - T.N.Seetharam, Gauribidanur
Hero - Digant
Heroine - Ramya a.k.a Spandana
Villain - Tilak
Music & Lyrics - Hamsalekha

Supporting actors n actresses - Babu Hirannayya, Sundar Raj, Tulasi Shivamani, Sudha Belavadi, Anand, Nanjundaswamy, Harini, Vanishri, T.N.Srinivas Murthy( Brother of T.N.Seetharam) to name a few.

This movie had great expectations and doesn't satisfy them to the extent expected. Many flaws are so glaringly visible (which is not expected from the director, T.N.Seetharam). Even Hamsalekha has lost his usual touch with music in this movie.

The story goes on like this...

Meera (Ramya), daughter of Meshtru (Babu Hirannayya, named only meshtru name not disclosed even after his death) is a karnataka shastreeya sangeeta teacher who helps her family by teaching Karnataka Sangeeta to kids around her locality. The initial scene wherein she sings a song while teaching fails to create an image of sangeeta teacher for her. Lack of concentration depicted in that scene. I started losing interest since that scene.

Enter the villain, Raghava Bharadwaj (Tilak) who comes in search for a guy who had taken loan from him and who lives in the house just in front of Meera. Forgets everything listening to Meera's song. Comes to her house listening to the song. She stops looking at him with a LONG. He asks her to sing and she sings outa fear. Meanwhile the person who had taken loan comes to his house and looking at him, Raghava's chelas belt him up black n blue. Raghava will be listening to Meera's music and he asks both of them not to utter a single word if police enquires about them. So does the police come n they lie.

Raghava bids his thanks to both of them and asks Meera what shall i present you?? Her father replies by saying that if he leaves his home, that would itself be a big gift for them. He falls in love with her but she doesnt love him. Many things happen from then, he starts following her. Asks for her ring(not a gold ring, fake one), keeps it in a golden box and gifts her a golden ring and asks her to marry him in front of her family members. Her mother lies that she's engaged.

He gets upset n warns them that he'll make a mess if this turns out to be false. Just to make this true, her parents arrage for an engagement asap with a poor chap from Mysore named Madhava (Digant). This guy is pretty fair but can still learn a lot in acting. Raghava interrupts in the engagement but Madhava agrees to marry Meera.

Marriage will get over easily. She comes to Mysore (Madhava's home). She'll be offered a contract to sing for three years to a company based in Mumbai. All arrangements will be done by the company and she'll be paid Rs 40,000 per month. Everybody in the family will be dreaming of the job in her new family but she rejects it because Madhava is not ready for a detachment of 3 years.

Meanwhile, Meera's father passes away and she comes back to her house to finish off the final rituals. She'll have a happy discussion with her husband about his needs. He is interested in doing his IAS and discusses this with his wife at that stage. Fortunately, she has her dad's house and they were about to sell it. It was a house which would easily come upto 50 lakhs. She asks for her share in dad's property and her brother denies it pledging her about his problems.

But, Madhava is all set to go to delhi, he leaves his current job as lecturer and leaves for Delhi for training. The training institute would demand 6.5 lakhs, and including all the expenses it would take 10 lakhs for his completion of IAS. She says that she'll arrange for it and he leaves for Delhi! ( The same person who was uncomfortable with his wife going to Mumbai for three years). He passes the entrance test and asks about the money. She says that it is on the way.

She then goes to her friend's dad who works for a finance company seeking loan. This has a background. Madhava's dad died because of loans. So Madhava is dead against loans. He takes a promise from Meera asking her not to take loan in any condition. She was about to break that promise for his welfare. Accidentally, the owner of her friend's dad turns out to be Raghava.

She denies taking loan from him. But looking at the critical condition, she agrees and takes 10 lakhs loan. She didnt have any security to give. So, she forges her husbands' signature as well as her signature as the proof of taking loan.

Things get more interested as time passes as she hasn't paid any interest for the loan amount. Raghava forces her to sing songs in a pub and says that that would make him get his interest. She somehow manages things and Madhava is now an IAS officer.

He comes to the same district as Raghava is currently in and takes charge. At the same time, the MLA of the constituency gets murdered. Madhava looks at things happening in his constituency and decides to bring in law and order back in the city. He finds that the single anti-social element in the district is Raghava and summons a bill against him to get out of the district.

Raghava will be planning to become the next MLA of the constituency and this summons is obstructing him from becoming that! He plays all sorts of games( To enjoy that you gotta watch the movie. Things get interesting from this point). I won't dig in more about the tricks. Will he be able to become MLA?? Will Madhava continue to be prompt to the Government?? What happens to Meera??

Interested?? Go watch the movie.

Now to the flaws to name a few.

First half of the movie is simply CRAP. It would have been easily shrinked to 15-20 minutes. This would have made the movie more interesting. Some songs could have been easily avoided specially the remix song when Meera gets an opportuniy to fly to Mumbai.

One more thing is that, the family members who were frequently shown in the first half, disappear in the second. Once Madhava becomes Deputy Commissioner, he lives only with his wife and not with his mom and siblings. (Strange eh??)

Once Meera's father dies, Madhava is not moved by it neither he attends his karmakanda. Seems so unreal. In fact, he agrees to get money from his property.

Actingwise, Tilak steals the show. He is the real hero of the film. Performs really well. Has a great future if people in Gandhinagar look upon him. Has umpteen talent. Ramya is as usual. Acts childish quite frequently. Seetharam hasn't churned much outa her. Digant is charming but there are lots to improve. Anand, Sudha Belavadi et al are okay. Mandya Ramesh has done justice to his role but could have been used better.

If you ask my views, they would have shortened the first half and made a shorter movie though effective. The film loses its charm by some of the flaws i mentioned.

Hamsalekha hasn't given his best with music. Two songs are hummable. "Vasantha Vasantha" and "Bellulli Bellulli". Expectations were more on him.

All in all, worth watching once. Try avoiding first half or take it in lighter sense. Seetharam hasn't come outa Mukta as you can see from the district name he gives. It is still "Hemagiri". You can find many mukta terms in this movie.

Coming to producers, It is being financed by some NRI's in America. They had asked Seetharam to direct one film for each of them but Seetharam agreed to direct one film for all. Movie budget is 90 lakhs as they say. The script and the presentation would have been better.

Pour in your comments.

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Am making myself free to post as much as possible from today! Will post things ( Mostly photos n stuff n my opinion on that)

This is just a caution!!

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