Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Pubs, Discos & RSS, Sri Rama Sene, KaRaVe...

Currently whats the hot news in the state and the centre?

Nope! Its not the Mumbai Attacks but the attack on the pub culture by Sri Rama Sene in Mangalore.

Thanks for the stupid media in creating more hype towards this...

Personally If you ask me whether i'm for or against the pub culture? you know the answer better if you're a somewhat regular reader of my blog.

Its a clear 'NO'.

To write more on the pub culture, I might not be the right person coz I dont fall in that category of goin to pubs n discotheques. But this post is based on my experiences of interaction with those who follow it and support it. You've got a point, (I need not say it everytime) post a comment. Always welcome.

Expression for some, is to write out their thoughts, for some its singing, some its dancing... It varies among the people, but according to the Indian Constitution, everyone has got the right to express*.

Yes! There is a asterisk(*) which says conditions apply. The sole condition is that your fun, your expression should not be on someone else's cost. This is the only point I raise for this issue.

They've got better things to discuss in the parliament, but they elongate such petty issues wailing away their precious time. They can discuss about how to improve remote villages for their basic needs, about the power outage problems widely prevalent across the nation( I can go on and on...), but they never seem to take up such things. They're least bothered.

They're only concerned for a few people who were brutally battered for doing some stupid thing.

They were partying. Partying hard! Dancing for some great hip-hop songs with loud speakers, drinking, smoking...

Dont you think this will be a nuisance in the area? Wouldnt it increase the crime rates? People are concerned about those party-goers but are least bothered about the victims of accidents made by the same party animals. I'll just give the recent accident that happened. A person took his car drunk in Indiranagar hit three men and they died on spot. Tell me who is responsible for this?

Many such cases go un-noticed just for the reason that these party animals are highly influential. You can see the police taking the drivers license that day, the next day, you can see the same driver driving.

Okay! Forget the non-party-goers. I might have mentioned this point in some of my previous posts but it would add more weightage here too. How many affairs start and break up in such parties? People who have secret desires among their fellow colleagues do not hesitate to make it true in such parties by adding some tablet to the drink, making the victim numb and do whatever they want? Probability is very much high. There are many such instances.

Instances like a denied proposal, may make way for a murder. These people do anything when they're outa their mind. They dont care about the aftermath.

Anything can happen. Noticing this, the police have come up with a 11PM deadline and these partygoers conduct a rally opposing this. Strange thing is media is supporting such petty causes like anything.

I agree that 'Sri Rama Sene (SRS)' was a bit too violent in stopping the party that day, but do you think being sober would have worked? Never. They would hardly have listened to SRS. To stop such a thing, one has to be rude for a quick outcome. ( I agree in Gandhian principles, but it would take more time). Who would listen to the voice of the non party goers? Its only the common man who has to raise his voice amidst the roars of the highly influential people which would hardly ever been noticed.

I completely support SRS in this regard.

People might disagree with me in this respect, but I go by my words anytime. You've just seen the repeated video clips on media of SRS guys beatign the party girls black and blue. Have you seen how they party half (almost complete) naked? Does the media capture such videos?

One express your concern only for those who are beaten by SRS? Who will cry for those normal people who were hit by a drunkard party goer? Surprisingly none.

Finally, Partying(as the call it! Atleast what happened on that day) is not Indian Culture. One can see the transition, the west is getting easternized and the east westernized. Recently there aws a news, Two Russian couple got married in Udupi Sri Krishna Matha in totally vedic style. They even converted their names Keshidhama Das and Vrunda. They stand for the first transition and these party goers, stand for the latter transition.

Ending this post on the hope that there would be control on the pub culture.