Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Travelled in Volvo fo the first tyme!

Hehe! These days i'm able to make time for blogging more frequently! Came home a bit early!

Yesterday, Jagga hadnt finished his work completely n hence he asked me whether we can leave fo office early the next day! I was not willing to go that early! I asked him to leave early! I'll not be joining him! "By chance if i get ready early tomorrow, i'll be coming with you, or else, you leave early! I'll come late by bus!"

He said okay and left! I came home! Had my food n was feeling sleepy! Aaah! Such a nice nap! I woke up by 8 when my parents had arrived attending a upanayana in Kota! I then remembered that i need to go by bus! I got ready by 8:45! Was at the bus stand by 8:50!

I was planning to take a daily pass as i usually do when i travel by bus! By looking at Volvo, I decided that lemme try volvo atleast for once! So i dropped the idea of taking a daily pass! Boarded the volvo! It had been 2 weeks since volvo had been introduced in our route! (Majestic - Yelahanka). One thing! The tickets are costlier! They cost you thrice the amount as in a normal BMTC bus! I just sat in the bus! Was enjoyin the cosy environment! By the time i reached Kodigehalli gate, the conductor had come, i took a ticket for Majestic! It costs me 30 bucks! ( 3 x 9 = 27, three rupees more than the usual fare in red- board!)

There were hardly 12 people! I took my usual window seat at the back! It was awesome! On full AC(Though i prefer normal temperature, i liked the AC in the bus!). Radio in the background! The bus mostly vacant for the whole journey, and a book in hand (Few are grumbling! Why does this guy takes a book wherever he goes??) I was happy for that! Enjoyed my full journey! Boarded the bus at 9:00 AM and enjoyed the travel like anything! Was at Majestic by 9:35! (Wow!! Thats cool! It would have been atleast 9:45 - 10:00 if i had taken a normal bus)!! I thought cool!

Though the fare is way too costly, the feel it gives is much more satisfying! Its good to commute in a volvo bus atleast once getting that facility! The ride is really awesome! You wont feel any discomfort! I bet you'll surely enjoy the ride! Even if you are standing!

Had just heard of the comfort in a volvo! Experienced it for the first time! Go for it when you feel like! Dont care for the money! Paying it for once is worth!

Monday, February 26, 2007

The dream that i cant forget!

I'm sittin on the scooter in front of my house riding! My friend, Ashoka on the pillion seat as a traveller! We are playing a game where i'm the bus driver and he is the passenger! After a round, i'll be the pillion rider and he'll be the rider! Simple game!

Ours was a Gang of Six during sundays! Me, my sister(Shubha), My cousins Chaitanya n Chinmaya and our neighbours Deepak a.k.a deepu and Ashok casually called ashoka! Once sunday comes we used to meet n play things like cricket, lock n key, Eye Spies(previously mis-understood as ice pies! Hehe! =D ) or some other game! We used to have pure, genuine fun every week! (gone are those days in midst of this corporate Shit). Cant help it! You need to pass all stages!

It was a gang of four on the days we had school! My cousins were stayin @ Hebbal n were meeting us only during holidays! Me, Akka, Deepu n Ashoka! We were finishing our homework as early as possible and were off to play! Somedays where we had a more of homework, we used to play first and then do our homework! Will blog more on my childhood days more often!

That day when ashoka n i were playin, akka hadnt come from school yet! She had an extra class to attend and Deepu wasnt home yet! Dunno why??!!

So, myself n ashoka started to play "Bus aata". I was riding the parked scooter making sounds "Brum brum burrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" and was involved in the play when suddenly a gurkha from nowhere entered! All these days, gurkhas were just roaming here n there just to maintain things n i was wondering why he entered our house??

While i was thinking this, he came to us and clutched our neck! He grabbed my neck while he was about to catch ashoka's neck, he just escaped from it by a fraction of a second! He started running! But i was still gasping! He had a perfect grip on my neck! I was not able to move! Forget moving, i was not able to take my breath! I was struggling like hell! Was tryin to scream but couldnt! Even though my instincts took control of my body, it was of no use!

I dont know what was his purpose! To my surprise nobody is there in the vicinity! None of my family members were there! Even this ashoka dint come to me or bring in anyone! I was feeling that i would die! Was studying first standard i guess! Couldn't think of any such thing at that stage! I was literally gasping for breath!

It was 6:30 a.m! Appa and amma were already awake and were watchin me holdin my throat and tryin to scream! They were not knowin what was happening to their kid! I was struggling to take my breath on bed! Suddenly Appa just shook me off and i was outa my dream!

Aaah! What a sigh of relief! It was just a dream! But still i was horrified by that! Appa amma started asking questions as to what happed to me?? Why was i so scared?? I explained them the whole thing and they consoled me! "Lo! Eno neenu?? Kansigella heeg hedrkotheeyallo?? Hedrpukla!" (For english readers, Hey! Why do you get so scared of dreams??) was the reply from my sister! Finally i was alright!

That was the only dream i remember having and couldnt ever forget! I wrote reading a post on Shruthi's blog!

Now for the tagging part! I ask these people to write on dreams!

1.Shrinidhi, as his views are good to read!
2.Donald, for his wierd dreams!
3.Srinivas, dunno why! Tagging just for the purpose of tagging
4.Tejus, he is a dreamer!
5.Akshay, for his sarcastic views!

Though all dream while sleeping, i wont get any dream(rather i dont remember or whatever!). It might be because i wont compromise my sleep with my engagement! I sleep to the fullest! Let us see who all will continue this tagging thing!

Sso long till i post on another topic!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Stupid Days!

Dont worry! this post is not related to my work! This is regarding the new culture upcoming in India which is finding its way more deeply in the past 4-5 years!

I'm talkin abt those stupid days like Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Fathers Day Friendship Day et al., Such a stupid celebration! These Americans n the Europeans started this stupid culture n we are blindly following it! In the urge to celebrate such things we are forgetting our culture which has festivals with a meaningful cause!

Its like those idiots lacked festivals n they started it! Why the heck should we fllow it?? Isnt it a shame on us to blinly follow such meaningless things!

Yesterday was the so called Valentine's Day! In the morning while we were heading to the office, we used to see many pairs just walkin close all our way!

But, while returning back, we might have seen atleast some 200 couples, some in the same fashion as of morning, while others where holding hands, some were holding hips! (Dont they know public manners!!??) Few couples goin by two wheelers, the back seater embracing the driver, doing all sorts of wild, weird things( You want me to explain such things?? Think you better know it!)

In the mean time i also saw some dejected couples, the female crying! (I think she proposed n he dint agree! :( or they might have eloped from their houses??) I saw another hilarious couple (Dunno who proposed, but the guy was tryin to hold the gal's hand and she threw it getting irritated(probable reasons... 1, she dint knew he was in love with her 2, He dint satisfy her wish( May be getting a present! Huh!) I can give you hundred scenarios like that! But i'm in a hurry to my office now! Jagga may give a missed call anytime! Will list all those scenarios in the upcoming posts!

If you love(if you), do you need a day to celebrate yo love?? If you really care for your friend, you really respect your parents, do you need a day dedicated for them to make them happy?? Does it mean that on the other days you might make them disappoint??

If you really care, you dont need a day to celebrate! Respect that relationship and thats fair enough! Why celebration! This celebration is just FAKE!

Will blog on this in detail some other day!

Hope this brought some light in your mind! If you feel against this post, feel free to comment! Anytime i'm ready to express my views!

Friday, February 09, 2007

Anotha Nightout!

This must be one of the boring posts!

Posting @ this hour and that too a lousy topic like this! This is not a night out dont by force! I took the decision! Was assigned a task a week before! It gave me strange errors! ( Dunno why! Only I get such errors!) One good thing is my manager is cool! He is not taking this seriously! Good for me! Some DB related issue! I dunno who created this Database! I prefer flat files! I HATE DATABASES! Its nothing but pure fuss!

This issue had to be closed today n i'm still lagging! I should have come tomorrow as my PL told! I thought i'll complete it today n be happy for 3 more days as we've got an extra day leave on the occasion of Bundh! Think so its not possible!

Tryin something at code level! I'm gettin the legendary SEGFAULT! Memory is released n its tryin to access the same location after the release! I dunno how it was working all these days!! Huh!

These days i've reached the heights of Frustration! Hating everything in my way! Cursing people who come in my way! You should ask anybody who daily interacts with me! Its just Irritation, Frustration n hatred! I dunno where am i heading! Have to find a way out! I'll become an even bigger psycho if i leave it as it is!

Thought of takin a fresh checkout from the repository n giving it for a compilation! Meaningless at this point of time! Have to wait for another hour for it to finish compilation! Hence, chatting with my overseas cousin and surprisingly another cousin @ Hyderabad, Nidhi!

Huh! Its still compiling! Almost 45 minutes since i gave it for compilation! Listening to some Kannada songs and songs of Metallica, Linkin Park! Right now, somewhere i belong! How true are the lyrics for me at this point! I have the lyrics of Numb pasted in my cubicle! People who look at it laugh! Hehe ;^)

Okay! Its almost 4 now! Will try to finish it now! Or else, will go home by 6:30! Will come back at 10:30-11 and have to finish it off! One big question i have is how was it working all these days!! :( I dont have an answer! Hope i'll find one!

cya! Dunno what to wish! Too late for good night! Too early for Good morning! All i can say is "Why the hell are you awake at this point of time??" (Traces of Psycho!!!)