Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Stupid Days!

Dont worry! this post is not related to my work! This is regarding the new culture upcoming in India which is finding its way more deeply in the past 4-5 years!

I'm talkin abt those stupid days like Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Fathers Day Friendship Day et al., Such a stupid celebration! These Americans n the Europeans started this stupid culture n we are blindly following it! In the urge to celebrate such things we are forgetting our culture which has festivals with a meaningful cause!

Its like those idiots lacked festivals n they started it! Why the heck should we fllow it?? Isnt it a shame on us to blinly follow such meaningless things!

Yesterday was the so called Valentine's Day! In the morning while we were heading to the office, we used to see many pairs just walkin close all our way!

But, while returning back, we might have seen atleast some 200 couples, some in the same fashion as of morning, while others where holding hands, some were holding hips! (Dont they know public manners!!??) Few couples goin by two wheelers, the back seater embracing the driver, doing all sorts of wild, weird things( You want me to explain such things?? Think you better know it!)

In the mean time i also saw some dejected couples, the female crying! (I think she proposed n he dint agree! :( or they might have eloped from their houses??) I saw another hilarious couple (Dunno who proposed, but the guy was tryin to hold the gal's hand and she threw it getting irritated(probable reasons... 1, she dint knew he was in love with her 2, He dint satisfy her wish( May be getting a present! Huh!) I can give you hundred scenarios like that! But i'm in a hurry to my office now! Jagga may give a missed call anytime! Will list all those scenarios in the upcoming posts!

If you love(if you), do you need a day to celebrate yo love?? If you really care for your friend, you really respect your parents, do you need a day dedicated for them to make them happy?? Does it mean that on the other days you might make them disappoint??

If you really care, you dont need a day to celebrate! Respect that relationship and thats fair enough! Why celebration! This celebration is just FAKE!

Will blog on this in detail some other day!

Hope this brought some light in your mind! If you feel against this post, feel free to comment! Anytime i'm ready to express my views!


i 7 said...

accepting sum1 else's culture blindly is not a gud thing ley. but celebrating sumthing valuable is definitely not.

"do you need a day dedicated for them to make them happy??" Not neccessarily, but if certain things enhance one's beliefs and joy, then y not?

"embracing the driver, doing all sorts of wild, weird things" - maganey, neenu adanna nodi maja tagoLilla anta heLbidu nodonaa :P

"I think she proposed n he dint agree!" - aaaanhhh?? ee thara nu aguttaaa?? naan ankondiddey its only the othr way round anta!

Shrinidhi Hande said...

pure marketting strategy. The shops need a reason to promote sales so all these concepts are brought forward so that people spend money under the banner of these days