Monday, February 26, 2007

The dream that i cant forget!

I'm sittin on the scooter in front of my house riding! My friend, Ashoka on the pillion seat as a traveller! We are playing a game where i'm the bus driver and he is the passenger! After a round, i'll be the pillion rider and he'll be the rider! Simple game!

Ours was a Gang of Six during sundays! Me, my sister(Shubha), My cousins Chaitanya n Chinmaya and our neighbours Deepak a.k.a deepu and Ashok casually called ashoka! Once sunday comes we used to meet n play things like cricket, lock n key, Eye Spies(previously mis-understood as ice pies! Hehe! =D ) or some other game! We used to have pure, genuine fun every week! (gone are those days in midst of this corporate Shit). Cant help it! You need to pass all stages!

It was a gang of four on the days we had school! My cousins were stayin @ Hebbal n were meeting us only during holidays! Me, Akka, Deepu n Ashoka! We were finishing our homework as early as possible and were off to play! Somedays where we had a more of homework, we used to play first and then do our homework! Will blog more on my childhood days more often!

That day when ashoka n i were playin, akka hadnt come from school yet! She had an extra class to attend and Deepu wasnt home yet! Dunno why??!!

So, myself n ashoka started to play "Bus aata". I was riding the parked scooter making sounds "Brum brum burrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" and was involved in the play when suddenly a gurkha from nowhere entered! All these days, gurkhas were just roaming here n there just to maintain things n i was wondering why he entered our house??

While i was thinking this, he came to us and clutched our neck! He grabbed my neck while he was about to catch ashoka's neck, he just escaped from it by a fraction of a second! He started running! But i was still gasping! He had a perfect grip on my neck! I was not able to move! Forget moving, i was not able to take my breath! I was struggling like hell! Was tryin to scream but couldnt! Even though my instincts took control of my body, it was of no use!

I dont know what was his purpose! To my surprise nobody is there in the vicinity! None of my family members were there! Even this ashoka dint come to me or bring in anyone! I was feeling that i would die! Was studying first standard i guess! Couldn't think of any such thing at that stage! I was literally gasping for breath!

It was 6:30 a.m! Appa and amma were already awake and were watchin me holdin my throat and tryin to scream! They were not knowin what was happening to their kid! I was struggling to take my breath on bed! Suddenly Appa just shook me off and i was outa my dream!

Aaah! What a sigh of relief! It was just a dream! But still i was horrified by that! Appa amma started asking questions as to what happed to me?? Why was i so scared?? I explained them the whole thing and they consoled me! "Lo! Eno neenu?? Kansigella heeg hedrkotheeyallo?? Hedrpukla!" (For english readers, Hey! Why do you get so scared of dreams??) was the reply from my sister! Finally i was alright!

That was the only dream i remember having and couldnt ever forget! I wrote reading a post on Shruthi's blog!

Now for the tagging part! I ask these people to write on dreams!

1.Shrinidhi, as his views are good to read!
2.Donald, for his wierd dreams!
3.Srinivas, dunno why! Tagging just for the purpose of tagging
4.Tejus, he is a dreamer!
5.Akshay, for his sarcastic views!

Though all dream while sleeping, i wont get any dream(rather i dont remember or whatever!). It might be because i wont compromise my sleep with my engagement! I sleep to the fullest! Let us see who all will continue this tagging thing!

Sso long till i post on another topic!


i 7 said...

hedrapukla :P tag-gey respond maadokkey somberitana sisyaa :(

Shrinidhi Hande said...

I'll write a post on my dreams soon, pls standby...

Sandesh said...

@i7 - Hehe! ;^)

@Shrinidhi - Will be waitin!

Shrinidhi Hande said...

and whose upanayana was that?

Shrinidhi Hande said...

wrote a small write up on dreams. check

Sandesh said...

It was my mother's sister's grandsons Upanayana! Will check yo blog!

Akshay said...

huh....interestin dream....don know what to post bout dreams though.....cant think of anythin sarcastic enuf :)......
btw its not 'eye spy' either, its 'I spy'....;)