Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Travelled in Volvo fo the first tyme!

Hehe! These days i'm able to make time for blogging more frequently! Came home a bit early!

Yesterday, Jagga hadnt finished his work completely n hence he asked me whether we can leave fo office early the next day! I was not willing to go that early! I asked him to leave early! I'll not be joining him! "By chance if i get ready early tomorrow, i'll be coming with you, or else, you leave early! I'll come late by bus!"

He said okay and left! I came home! Had my food n was feeling sleepy! Aaah! Such a nice nap! I woke up by 8 when my parents had arrived attending a upanayana in Kota! I then remembered that i need to go by bus! I got ready by 8:45! Was at the bus stand by 8:50!

I was planning to take a daily pass as i usually do when i travel by bus! By looking at Volvo, I decided that lemme try volvo atleast for once! So i dropped the idea of taking a daily pass! Boarded the volvo! It had been 2 weeks since volvo had been introduced in our route! (Majestic - Yelahanka). One thing! The tickets are costlier! They cost you thrice the amount as in a normal BMTC bus! I just sat in the bus! Was enjoyin the cosy environment! By the time i reached Kodigehalli gate, the conductor had come, i took a ticket for Majestic! It costs me 30 bucks! ( 3 x 9 = 27, three rupees more than the usual fare in red- board!)

There were hardly 12 people! I took my usual window seat at the back! It was awesome! On full AC(Though i prefer normal temperature, i liked the AC in the bus!). Radio in the background! The bus mostly vacant for the whole journey, and a book in hand (Few are grumbling! Why does this guy takes a book wherever he goes??) I was happy for that! Enjoyed my full journey! Boarded the bus at 9:00 AM and enjoyed the travel like anything! Was at Majestic by 9:35! (Wow!! Thats cool! It would have been atleast 9:45 - 10:00 if i had taken a normal bus)!! I thought cool!

Though the fare is way too costly, the feel it gives is much more satisfying! Its good to commute in a volvo bus atleast once getting that facility! The ride is really awesome! You wont feel any discomfort! I bet you'll surely enjoy the ride! Even if you are standing!

Had just heard of the comfort in a volvo! Experienced it for the first time! Go for it when you feel like! Dont care for the money! Paying it for once is worth!


i 7 said...

blore-alli ildey irovru yaav bus hattbekley?? ;)

Shrinidhi Hande said...

spell error in title..

Sandesh said...

@i7 - Bengloorige baro bus haththidre saaku!

@ Shrinidhi - That was purposeful!

Payal said...

sandesh nice blog.
tell me which lingo is this
kandi imayak daled nadu.
damn.. I knew this song from my childhood. don't know how to pronunce this.
correct me if m wrong :)

Sandesh said...

@Payal - Thanks! =). That lingo is surely not kannada! Might be Marathi! I see only one kannada word in that 'nadu' meaning state!

I see no kannada song resembling such a song! Will tell ya once i find something similar!

It'll be helpful to know where you heard this song to know more abt it!