Monday, April 23, 2007

Just can't forget this!

Long time! no blog!

Though i had many topics to blog on, i even encountered many problems also! Unfortunately i couldnt give prominence to blog, n had to concentrate on work! Cant help it!

Here I am, once again, to blog with a topic which has made me to blog even though i have lots to do at office! I am so waiting to blog it out! Cant keep it any longer within me!

Had been to mysore last friday once again! Though i had promised that i would blog my first trip to mysore, i couldnt coz of the same reasons!

I wouldnt blog on my whole trip to mysore! It would be a huge post! ( Will blog it as soon as possible, making time ), These days i'm not blogging much frequently! Just posting once in a month which i feel is very bad! I had some mails n scraps from my friends asking me to blog! I would reply that i will blog and never made up my mind to blog! But not today! I am waiting to blog! Just chuck the thing outa my mind! Dunno how you take it but here it goes... Do post comments if you have any!

As I had said previously, had been to mysore bunking office! ( At last! Feelin happy like a baby fo that! ) That was one of the trip i'll never forget! Though many of my friends couldnt make it, me, Raghu n Prashanth went to mysore to meet Sucheet! Will blog more about it! Had loads of fun!

Coming to the bloggin topic, we had been to Kalidasa rasthe(K.D.Road) near gokula! Thats equivalent to brigades of Bangalore according to many mysoreans! Its just an adda for many young teenagers n students! We went there just to pass time till 9 as we had planned to go to Chamundi betta after that! (Everytime i stayed in mysore, i never missed a beat to chamundi hills during night! Its really awesome at that time! Try it out to get a feel for it! Thanks to Sucheet n all the members of Kopple gang! (Shukla, Pavan, Preetham, Prashant, Santosh, et al) Though the bad thing is i have never been to the temple atop! :-( ) Its hardly a kilometer away from Sucheet's room!

Just got down after parking the car in front of HSBC bank! The tradition in our gang is to just watch babes ( as they call it! ) though i was not interested in such things! Its not that our gang was bad! They had no bad intentions n were just coming to pass time! We were just strollin ( just some 10 - 20 stepsahead of the parkin lot! ). Dusk! Around 6:30! All we saw were the faded images in the setting sun and the dim street lights just lightened up! Now, we saw a female walkin with her mom! Decent, elegant, un-egoistic, well dressed! Add on as many adjectives as you want! ( I hardly use such adjectives as they are relative! You might not see me using them, but i dont know, i somehow feel like using it! ) I somehow got interested as others and just looked at her! Everybodywere just watching her! Now comes the best part! She saw us staring at her! She just looked at me n just smiled! A plain, pure, friendly smile! Now that was not even the last thing I expected from her! I smiled back in same fashion! she walked away n I took my way!

This is all that happened! But I couldnt keep quiet! I kept on analysing it! Of all the anonymous females i've seen, that too of my age none of them had smiled at me for the first time! A girl with her mom beside, givin a smile of contention to an anon male of her own age is not something I had ever seen and expected! I was impressed by the way things happened! Hats off to her parents n the way they brought her up! Throwing a smile for a smile! What a good way to communicate! ( may be I'm elaborating too much here, but I'm feelin like writing more n more about it! ). Every female i accidentally stare while walking, commuting in bus, or whatever, used to just curse, take a different route or take scope ( in local slang! hehe!! ), feel shy (orthodox females) or do something other than smiling back! This was probably the first such incident with an anonymous female! That might be the reason for my happiness! I had many such experiences with males (now one of my best friends).

Though we had communicated just less than 5 seconds, she had left an un-erasable impression on me! (Not the ugly thought what you are thinking! I liked her attitude! I consider her one of my good n best friend from whom i learnt a very good part of life! ). I dont know her name, neither any details about her!
( I dont care to know! ) but I feel so elated just by thinking about her! You feel so good! You need to experience such a thing by yourself to get the feel for it! I just cant come outa it! She had given me something I'll never forget!

My friends, if they look at this post will add on another name into their teasing list! Hehe! Big deal! Let them! I always liked them teasing me! I dont know what name they give! Some have already started teasing( looking at my gmail caption)!

I just ask one question to all of them! "Cant there be any other relationship between a male n a female other than love???" This is just one such relationship which i consider is pure, unselfish friendship!

No matter what, this will be one of the things I'll ever remember in my life! This post is dedicated to her!


Srinivas B.P said...

Sandesh kumaru Smilege damar...kelannnnnnnnnnnnnnooooooooooooooooooooo

yep even i had this question in my mind for long time... why ppl always link love with a male and female when they communicate....

enadru madkolli.... maja hodi nice post... superb explanation...also your English is good...

i 7 said...

"Hats off to her parents n the way they brought her up" - totally agree maga.

million dollar Qstn: avala bhava chitravannu tere hidiyalillavenu??

maga, yest was a gr8 day for me too. reason: similar as urs, though not the same ;)

Shrinidhi Hande said...

nice post. She might have smiled back at the entire gang and not just you...Possible right?

Donald said...

Love at first sight.. :)

Akshay said...

jus 1 little thing :
"Hats off to her parents n the way they brought her up"? weren't u standin thr chkin out all these gals? so ur takin ur hat off to her parents for teachin her to smile in a friendly way at guys who r chkin her out? no doubt she's probably a very open n free thinker n probably lives in some very safe n friendly environment so gud 4 her. but i think ur bein a little hard on all othr gals who don hav the luxury of smilin back at strangers who r starin at em.....

Aiyush said...

That was a very simplistic explanation.Really good.

Sandesh said...

@Srinivas - Hehe! Smilegintha avl attitude ge damar!

@i7 - Good to get to know that you got yo samyukta. answer to the million dollar question is no! Illa siva, namm image haalaagodu! avlanna ondh sarthi nodid mele saako! Mansalli aa mukha yaavaglu jnaapaka iraththe!

@Shrinidhi - Good question, Though we were in a group, nobody were beside me, i was the second last person and her eyes were directed at me! I am sure she was lookin @ me.

@Donald - Friendship forever!

@Akshay - I'm not blamin on parents of other girls, i am just respectin her parents to brought her up this way! Yeah she is an open n free thinker n i want everybody to be like that!

@ Aiyush - Hey Aiyush! Nice to get a comment from you! You can even blog if you feel so! Will be waiting to check yo blog!