Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A terrible day to blog about...

Hey All!

Well, I could have given a better title to this post but am not able to think of one! It comes under many categories! I've already given some 4-5 titles and am not satisfied! Dunno whether i'll change it further! Lets see!

Meanwhile, if you are tryin to find some posts in my Kannada blog, you can't find any( Its still waiting for its 100th post to be completed! Have many things to blog in that! Dunno what to chose for the 100th post! Its not as a milestone as such, but still, dunno why i'm delayin a post in that blog!). Will blog something interesting in that as soon as possible.

Had got some amazing replies for my previous post in this blog(Both as comments as well as personal opinions outside blog)! Really feel happy about it! It was a nice incident. Do keep commenting.

Dont blame about this Loooooooooooooooooong post! It gets interesting by the end!

Lemme tell ya about the incident on which i'm bloggin now! It was a sunday evening, 4-5 weeks ago, at around 9:30 pm. It was another sunday where i was wondering what to do?? Those were the days where i was not interested in reading, blogging, doing some creative work(Nah!)! You couldnt find me @ home, even if you did, you'd probably seen me messaging, messagin n messaging! Those were the days i was totally behind messaging forwards,( My record is say 1827 messages a day, which i havent thought of breaking yet! Will do it in the near future! =) ). All my friends were busy! Some were at their office( poor guys), some had some function to attend, some had to get prepared fo some interviews! They had their own reasons! I was even fed up of messaging that day, i had messaged some 1200 messages that day, got bored n thought that i'll just roam around somewhere ( unknown destination) for sometime!

I had my lunch, set myself ready for the destination! Had met an orkut friend who was forcing me to meet ( dunno why?? that was the first as well as last time i met that person!) Forget about that! Thats anotha long story! Will post it some other day with a different title n a label!

That was in Barista, Church Street! It got over by 5:30. After that, i headed myself towards Shivajinagar bus stand wondering where to go! Came to Shivajinagar! I had seen in the newspaper that there is a concert by Hamsalekha in National College Ground! Thought i'll go there! Just saw a bus with a board to Jayanagar n boarded that!

Alas! For my bad luck, no buses were going via Indian Express but were taking a different route ( via Commercial Street), reason being a procession from the muslims on behalf of some festival. They were having a procession in all major roads of Bangalore! I thought okay! Since long I hadnt been to commercial street, will have a beat around it! anyhow, the concert was supposed to get started by 6, there would be stupid speeches from some idiotic politician!! I'll go late so that i'll be in time for the concert!

The bus crossed Commercial street, i thought it'll take a turn towards Ulsoor but it took exactly the opposite direction! I was wondering why would a Jayanagar bus go via that road?? Its totally in the opposite direction! He passed Kamaraja road( where i saw more Kaat(tamilian) sayings, something about thiruvalluvar, his works n crap! What has it gotta do in Bangalore?? Huh! Will write more about it in my Kannada blog! I thought it would take a different route ( preferably a shorter one, hehe! which i dont know =( ).

Meanwhile, things had gone wrong! We were affected by procession on our way, delayin things, along with two filthy passengers havin a hot chat with the conductor regarding ticket, They were drunk by 5:45! phew! Dunno where these people come from! They had one pass and were arguin with conductorto allow them both! Conductor was new n was unable to handle the situation so were the people around as they were not ready to make their hands dirty with the drunk ( Including me, i was in a different mood, thinking about the stupid kaat writing!) They were cursin like anythin! Conductor asked them to get down but they refused! This went on and on and on.......

This went on till we reached B.R.Ambedkar Road, Frazer Town. I was wondering why the heck was this bus goin towards Frazer Town when i realised that this stupid conductor had changed the board! Yappa! That was a bus to Kammanahalli i guess! Now i was cursin my bad luck when these drunken monkeys started smoking and lying down in the back seat! Got Irritated with things goin around n got down in the next stop! It was somewhere in the ambedkar road in filthy frazer town! A narrow road breadin a vomitin smell! Had to get outa that place asap! Just crossed the road, boarded a bus to shivajinagar on spot, thanks to traffic created by the procession! Was headin to Shivajinagar! He went via Kamaraja Road, Coles park, Queens Road and Indian Express!

Got down @ Indian Express! Meanwhile, the procession had moved away from Indian Express! I dropped my plan to Jayanagar, thought i'll watch some movie in Majestic! Was waiting for a bus! Dint get a bus to Majestic or Market! Got one after 15 minutes! To market! Thought i'll get down in Corporation n head towards Majestic!

Got down @ Corporation! Saw a huge procession near Nrupatunga Road, heading towards Majestic! Thought i'd betta change my plans! It was 6:45! I made up my mind not to go to Majestic! Got a bus to Market! Thought i'll go to the concert again! Took the bus! My bad luck continued! There was a procession near Town Hall Circle (Huh!) DAMN THIS PROCESSION!!! Somehow reached Market by 7:15!

Thought there'd be no procession near Basavanagudi n nearby area! Took a bus to Banashankari n got down at Chamarajpete! Thought i'll walk my way till National College Grounds). Went there by 7:45! It was a huge crowd! The speech was still goin on! Dunno when the program would start! Waited there for some 15 minutes! There were no signs of the concert to start! Forget it! I'll head home! I thought that way and started myself towards Ramakrishna Ashrama.

Now a thought came to me, why shouldnt i call Seena n just meet him?? Well thats a good idea! Called him up! First time for the day, for my good luck, he was just in Basavanagudi, just a few streets ahead of me! We decided upon a place n met! Went to Vishweshwarapura's Food Street, had some junk, strolled a bit in Sajjan Rao Circle, chatted all the way( obviously! ) n headed back to basavanagudi! I went to Ramakrishna Ashrama while he headed towards Channammanakere Achchukattu!

Now comes the interesting part of the story!

Just took a bus to market! Was messaging all my way! The bus was vacant! Nobody was sitting beside me! I was happy about that! Now, a person boarded a bus in Chamarajapete! Sat next to me! I continued messaging while he was starin @ me doin that. Big Deal! I kept on messaging! We were about to reach market! Near Kote Maidana (Fort ground), he started a chat with me n there started another irritation for me! Conversation goes....(Ofcourse, translated from Kannada to English)

He asked "New mobile or what?? Looks pretty attractive!"

"Nope, its almost 1.75 years old!"

"Oh yeah! Good maintainence"


"BTW, what are you doing??"

I got irritated, controlled myself n answered " Am a software engineer, working at Subex Azure"

"Cool! Since when??"

"one and a half years! what are you doing??"

"Am working as a lineman in doddaballapura!"

"Okay! Good to meet you! I'll get down, have to take a different route!"

"Where do you stay??"

"Byatarayanapura, near yelahanka!"

When all this happened, i hadnt observed him much! He was more of a villager! Working in a town! Thought he's not a guy who tries to cheat or do harm! No harm in talkin to him! He got down along with me n we started walkin towards Market from Vanivilas! when suddenly he asked - "Are you a gangadaki gowda??"

(Dunno whether its gangadaki or somethin else, sounds similar)

I was astonished! How can anyone ask such a question to a perfect stranger! I excused him once more and answered "No! We are Brahmanas"

"Oh! Okay! do you know anyone who belong to that community??"

I desperately wanted to escape from this person! Damn him and his questions! "Nope! I dont know anyone one! In fact, i havent heard of that community and you are the first person of that community i'm speakin with!"

"No, the matter is i'm planning to get married and am searching for a gangadaki female, so, if you know anyone of that cast, you may tell me as well so that i can go ahead!"

CRAP!! Am i a marriage broker?? Do i look like one?? What does he think of me?? "No boss! I dont know anyone of that community n its gettin late! I have to go! Bye"

"Hello, just wait a second, listen to me, first of all, tell me yo name".

"Sandesh Karanth. Yours??"

"Giridhar! Gimme yo mobile number"

Now that was not the thing i expected from a stranger! But he has seen me with my cell! It would be nice not to give my number n i asked for his number.

"Its 9......... Gimme a missed call!" (Will disclose it at the end! If you know any gangadaki gowdas, you can give the details to that number!)

Unwillingly i gave a missed call! He got it!

Then he started to chat like anything! He was new to Bangalore, he told me about his job, he is a mysorean, spent most of his education in Mangalore! He knows Tulu! He recollected my name( caught Karanth) and asked you are from Mangalore?? I said no, I'm from Kota, Kundapura!

"Oh! You know Tulu?? I know Tulu very well! Yaan mangalooralle odiddu! ( Tulu mixed with Kannada )"

"Nope! You cant find tulu in Kundapura! Its a different accent of Kannada spoken over there!"

He gave me more details about him! He studied in Mangalore where he got a true blue friend (Rohit i guess is his name), he spoke abt Rohit n his family! His good deeds, They were close friends. They would share everything n all crap! Rohit is a rich guy! They have an estate! But the good part is all members of his family are unegoistic! He told me all crap about his friend n stuff! He's got a brother n he's finished his reading n is posted somewhere else! Both of them are under electricity dept! His parents are poor n he had to take control of the family n lead!

I now had a soft corner for this guy! We reached bus stand by now and were waiting for a bus towards Yelahanka! He had to go to Upparpete police station and talk to his uncle! He would go to his house in Jayanagara and the next morning to work! He didnt knew which bus to take as he was new to Bangalore!

I said fine! I'll tell you the route! Its on my way! Get down at majestic and i'll tell you the route!

We waited in the bus stand! Now comes the turning point! He said,

"You see, i am not well versed in operating a mobile! could you please store you number in my mobile??"

Now, the cunning fox inside me came into picture! I got his cell! Checked the called list! Went to Missed calls list! Checked that mine was the first number! I was simultaneously speaking to him, pretending to store my number! Just deleted my number from missed call list! Next number was also not stored! I stored that number in my name in his cell and gave it back to him! Pooooof! I felt a sudden loss of weight from my head! Was happy at that instant doin that!

He went on chatting with me! We got a bus now, he chatted all the way! He asked about my details. I had given him wrong details purposefully! He then discussed about his plans in work, his future goals n stuff like that! He used to say some tulu dialogs in between( i dint understand even a single bit of it). He was trying to impress me that he was close to my culture! He thought that even Kundapura people spoke Tulu! I waved my head to his tunes! At last after 1/2 an hour, (thanks to Traffic Jams in K.G.Road) we reached majestic! He asked me to keep in contact! Be my friend!

I was laughing inside and said "Okay! Bye..."

Once he left, I was feelin happy for what i did! Reached home! Discussed 'bout this with my dad n laughed out loud! But after sometime, i felt the guilt inside me rising! I shouldnt have done that! He believed in me! I had cheated his trust!

After this, i was feeling like have i started to fool around people??

Have similar incidents of foolin people n will post about that soon!

Hope this post kept you busy fo sometime! Sorry for the yawnin lengthy post!

See you till i post one again!



Shrinidhi Hande said...

not sure what to comment...

Srinivas B.P said...

neeenagiddakke astella maathadidhiya nanagidhre aste...modle mathu nillistha idhdhe...yaro sikru antha avr maathella kelbeda guru! Neenu ollevnu nija aadre ellaru irbekalva

:) Maja hodi

i 7 said...

marriage brokeraa, ROFL!! sadya maga, ninna daLLaaLi MAAMA ankoLillvalla avanu :P

Akshay said...

Interesting exp....though don quite know what to make of it....u seem to hav some really interestin experiences....
U know what i really luv bout ur blog? its the sense one gets of vintage Blore,somethin that seems to b lost.....u make it seem so effortless to roam around Blore jus chillin out, completely free....hats off....that too by bus....most ppl wudnt b able to roam around so much in thr vehicles....