Saturday, February 26, 2011

What all can you attach to a country?

Here goes an SMS I receive very frequently from many of my friends.

Wat s India?

"A nation wr pizza reaches faster den ambulance & police"

"wr u get car loan @ 8% but education loan @ 12%"

"wr rice is rs. 30 but sim card s free"

"wr people worship Goddess Durga but kill their girl child"

"wr olympic shooter wins gold, govt gives 3crore, another shooter dies der fighting wit terrorist govt pays 50000"

"rumors r spread faster dan wind".


Hmm. Go through it once again if you want to.

I have many friends who religiously forward such messages as if it is the greatest truth on earth. Is it really the truth? Probably you've received an elaborated version of the same message.

Now lets discuss. Is India the only place where pizza is delivered faster than ambulance/police? Its the same case with any country. Take any metropolitan city. There are traffic problems and you tend to get late sometimes. You gotta plan if you seriously have to stick to a schedule. This rule will not hold good in rural areas where you can find ambulances but not pizza corners.

People do not know of the rules/clauses provided by government. The govt, atleast theoritically provides so many provisions for basic amenities and education. Though many say (even I partially agree with) thats only on paper & not on action, I recollect one of my friend working in a leading hospital, explaining me the clauses provided by government where common man can utilise in resolving his health anomalies. Many do not know such clauses exist. People need to be made aware of such things. I'm sure we have such clauses for almost all fields including education, administration etc.

Instead of taking example of some bank lending loans for cars n education, one simply can't invalidate these clauses.

Rice is costlier than sim card? Come on... Compare things which are comparable. Its again the same outside as well. SIM cards are one-time commodity (atleast not as frequent as rice) and has less significance than food which is recurring commodity. Note that through SIM card, they loot money by tariffs you pay frequently. I'm sure, many pay more than the rice you eat.

Worshipping Durga and killing girl child. This has some sense, but female infanticide also exists in gulf countries as well. One such incident happens outa 1000 and thanks to media in glorifying it. Not all people who worship Durga kill a girl. Stop attaching the country for this.

Olympic medallist getting more than a soldier? Compare the cricketers who are looting money when compared to the medallist. He'll look pale. All these are just food for media. Don't you know the benefits you get being a soldier? Allowances in almost everything under government. Dignity of serving the nation better. The discipline one gets being trained in armed forces. Don't forget the things you get in the so called Military Canteen? Just don't compare the lifetime benefits you get to one time award for a medallist.

Rumors spread faster than wind in almost all nations. It would be even faster in any country with huge population.

If you are a person who think 'The concept of countries, states, regions is bullshit. Its all in the people', I sometimes agree with you; The post ends here for you.

Taken for granted that you're not that kinda person mentioned above, Bharata (India) is one such country everyone should be proud of. Of course, every person of every country should be proud in that sense.

We've given the world so many things. Its not fair to degrade our country this way. It is also not fair to boast on the past and not doing anything which would take it forward. Think in those steps n contribute your bit in serving the nation.

PS: This is just another random post with no order. Its pure rant. Do not try linking any of the paragraphs. Might not make sense.