Saturday, May 31, 2008

Throw a smile if you wanna get it done

Met i7 for the first time face-to-face yesterday along with susheem. We just spent time in discussing about random things. After the discussion, we decided to have something for our stomach. Went to adigas, had one onion dose and a coffee each and were going back to beagles.

Susheem said that its time and he had to go home. At the same time, an auto-driver broke our attention. Here is the conversation.

Auto Driver - 'Saar! erad aivath idya?' (Sir, have you got two fifties?)

Sandesh - Aivaththa?? Illa. Nodtheeni thadeeri. (Fifty? Nope! Wait, Lemme check?)

[while i noticed that it was for a female... i7 may comment on this...]

Sandesh - Onde aivathth ide. Ley nimm yaar hatranaadru innondh aivathth idyenro? ( Have only one. Sisyas, have you got one more by any chance? )

Susheem - Nodtheeni thadi ( Wait, Lemme check...) [Fumbles in his billfold]

i7 - Aivathth paisa ide siva (I've got 50 paisa) [As if he is a big fan of 50 cent]

Meanwhile, the female watches us fumbling our wallets, is worried, (natural female instinct) and forcibly puts a mild smile on i7's PJ. This is what hurts. Bringing in an artificial smile to get your work done? Don't you think thats cheap? Now, you can't say that she might have smiled naturally. Nope! I've seen that and any one who saw it would surely recognize that smile.

I was about to give one twenty rupees note and three tens while i7 comes up with a fifty.

She is so happy for that. She got what she wanted. I handed out the notes in her hand in return to which she gave me a 100 rupee note and she vanished along with another "Thanks". Good that she has the courtesy to say that. The auto driver thanked again and I gave the change (20 + 10 *3) to i7.

Sush went to bus stop. It started raining. Myself and i7 started to continue our discussion under a building in front of Adigas and the female was walking in the drizzle...


i 7 said...

No maga i aint a fan of 50 cent at all! aa dadiyaa africa nanna maganna kandre aagallaa nange!

maga, i hadnt observed her smile frm the beginning. so i cant say wid confidence that she was faking that smile. hwever, after a second when i saw her, i honestly dint feel that she was tryin to fake her smile. i felt tat she smiled coz all 3 of us laughing v loudly for my kittogiro PJ and she was already kindof worried(as u hav already said) so she just went with the wave. we all wuld hav seen many times that when in a class or in a gathering, if majority of them laugh, even the others(who often wudnt hav even heard the j0ke or might hav not even understood it) laugh wid others. this kindof comes as a reflex action and its pretty natural. If i wud hav been in her situation even i wud hav smiled. so, maga i sumhw feel that she dint hav any wicked intentions when she smiled. moreover she seemed too young to have such wicked things in mind and to execute them so nicely as u seem to hav mis-interpreted it.

ankurg said...

just came back to your blog after a long time and felt that average length of your post is increasing rapidly :D

Sandesh said...

@ i7 - Maga, neenu munchinda avlanna nodilla.

I've been observing her from the first. She aint a crook but she had some cunningness when it came to business. I'm not commentin about her character. Its her behaviour.

@Ankur - Been long since you commented here. Whats up with you? No news since the IPL post on your blog. Waiting to see more action from you!!