Saturday, June 14, 2008

In the medical stores...

Was searching for a tablet which is pretty rare in almost all medical stores. Thats available only selected stores. Been searching for this since almost 1 month.

Appa was askin abt it every weekend but I was not able to find the store. Finally, I recollected the store I had last bought it from. I set myself to go there and get it done.

Just went to the store to find none there. Bending onto the desk, I found one girl (may be 7th standard at the max). I recollected myself sitting in the cash counter of our hotel. Instantly there was a smile on my face.

We (me and akka) used to rush to hotel once we were done with our homework when we were studying in S.V.V.K ( a school in the neighbourhood). We had all the time in the world and did all sorts of things in the hotel as well as our old house. (Hale mane, which still exists besides the new airport road). We were sitting either in the cash counter or the black table at the end and playing things like the tic tac toe et al. Our regular customers were watching us play and were cheering us up sometimes. We didn't had anything else to do and were just wiling away our time there.

I think even she was one such girl. I asked whether there were anybody in the store. She called the compounder who was in the midst of medicines to query as to what I wanted.

I bought the medicine. Payed the money and he gave it to the girl to give me the change. She is intelligent and naughty. The bill was 169/-, I had payed 200 bucks for which she returned with 30 bucks along with a 1 rupee chocolate. If it would have been elders, they would have given mint which I hate. She gives what she likes. She had given me a 1 rupee chocolate ( yeah! made outa chocolate) which I prefer over mint any day.

I threw a smile for the chocolate which even she returned. =). I returned from the store munchin the chocolate, recollecting my childhood days in our Hotel...


Shrinidhi Hande said...

One of my relatives have a store in Sagar... I used to spend some time there... It is kind of experience-meeting different people...

i 7 said...

sisyaaaaa ninaaa today's links ondu dozen odhi khaali maaD'de. chennagittu.

eegaaa yaava blogu chennagi kanthaillaaa odhokke. muchchkondu jaasti postsu bariyokke en roga ningey?? i'm running out of entertainment!! :(

Anonymous said...

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Sandesh said...

@ Shrinidhi Hande - Yeah! True!!

@ i7 - bardiddini nodko! Hope it entertains you.

@ Manoj - Have no idea about you! Will check your site and will link if I like it. =) Thanks for the suggestion.