Sunday, April 26, 2009

RCB Lose!!!!!

Wondering why I kept the above title? Well, thats the message I've sent continuously to my friend working out-station.

Lehu Zeherrrrr!

Exactly 1 week and a day old, IPL season 2 has took off in a great style. Unfortunately for the Royal Challengers, Bangalore, bad luck continues though having a good start against the Rajasthan Royals.

Biggest mistake what they made is to rest Jesse Ryder, who is the lonely all-rounder seeming to be in relatively good form. Not that the rest are hapless but at least they're not up to the expectations.

Jacques Kallis, though an all-rounder is not good when it comes to bowling. Kumble was a match winner in the first match, not after that.

Dravid, is in good form, though nobody is supporting him. Taylor and Ryder are coming to form where batting is concerned. Kevin Pietersen is yet to bash.

Rest, are not performing at all.

The major problem what I feel is that lack of all-rounders. On top of that, there are no hard hitters of the ball on our side. We cannot cross 160 in 20 overs, which is an advantage for the opposition. Also, bowling lacks pressure.

They have to work out well not to stay at the bottom of the list.

Hope for the best, Atleast, let them not be the last team on the list.


Manoj said...

Some suggestions from me:
1. Send Rahul Dravid at No.3, I think there is no other no. he can bat at. The world's best no.3 is Dravid, whatever form of the game.
He gets more opportunity to bat, rather than come at the 7-8th over with score at 25-3 odd. The reason I say he should come at No.3 is the because of Robin Utthappa.I dont why I never liked him and I doubt will ever. He need's to spend time at the crease. Somebody should ask him to play 3-4 overs just rotating the strike.

2.KP: Please do something very fast, not too many matches left for you. You cost $1.55 million. Our Dr. wont let you go so easily.

3. Anil Kumble will have more problems due to his style of bowling. Why? His style is usually bowl flat, stop run flow, in which he succeeds. The batsmen dont take chances against him, so he proves less dangerous. In the meantime the bowler's take on the other bowlers. You need a good supporting bowler for him to be more effective.

4. The balance of the team looks somewhat inappropriate. Whenever i see the team on paper, it lacks something. I dont think its hitters. I have never felt T-20 needs hitters. I feel T-20 needs good sensible(Robin doesnt understand these) batsmen. Bangalore need someone like Bopara, AB De villers, MSD to support Dravid. These batsmen can hit the balls out of the park and steal singles when required.

Sandesh said...

Good suggestions. Guess today's the last match for KP. Hope he plays well along with the rest posing a good show.