Saturday, December 29, 2007

Monkey Testing / Mouse Testing

No this doesn't explain about the existing software testing mechanism "Monkey testing" or a new phenomenon like "Mouse Testing". =)

This is about the approach taken by scientists to experiment things that they encounter, invent or discover. Have a look at the below pics.

Just because that he is able to speak and think a bit more than the other species on earth (this is relative), Man assumes himself as a superior creature on this planet. How fair is it?

Was planning to blog something today and was searching for a topic when I saw my mother discussing about this issue with the rest.

Once anybody comes up with a new medicine to a disease that doesn't has a cure (also for those which have a cure, may be a costlier one!), they won't directly test it on a human but they use other species like monkey, mice, frog, cockroaches and sometimes rarely on other species too.

Not only this, even in Bio labs, we see students playing with cockroaches, and frogs to know their internal structure(wrong term to use. I do not know the right one). I never opted for Biology and thankfully skipped it. =)

I see attenders in lab, killing frogs that are alive and some students doing their dissection without giving them proper anasthaesia. Pathetic!!

Doesn't stop here. There are people who fish for fun. Also there are the so called stars who hunt animals @ wild life scantuaries like Black buck, Sambar et al. After doing all that they come on screen, play innocent roles and people who get moved away by their artificial acting, plead for them against the court asking for a bail or clearance from court. What for?

To make them know the pain the animals undergo, one should pluck any of their arms (or any organ for that matter) and make them suffer without medical care for sometime (One minute would be sufficient to know I guess).

There is one proverb in Kannada. "Bekkige Chellata, Ili ge praana sankata" translated to english yeilds, "It is playtime for the cat and a matter of life for the mouse".

I dont expect people to change reading this post but let them have some basic courtesy on these poor creatures who have equal rights to live on this ONE planet where we all live. We humans do not have any special rights to act upon them so cruelly without any feelings towards it. Animal life is always as precious as human life.

I'm not saying that be liberal to all monkeys, mice, cockroaches. They might sit on top of us in our houses. Take the necessary step when needed but not always. Apply mosquito repellants, lakshman rekha or whatever you do to stop cockroaches and similar thing to mice n rats. Killing them for your experimentation purposes is wrong is what I'm saying.


KbHbEjTi said...

Super Maga... good one!!

The Self-Proclaimed Wordsmith said...

I don't like the idea of testing drugs on animals myself, but I don't see any alternative. Perhaps if there is one you can think of, you should post about it - that would be interesting.