Thursday, December 27, 2007

Enough is enough of Christmas wishes.

People are behind being social. To boast that they are secular. They find pride in doing that.

Many people went (are still going on...) on vacation as they get holidays on the account of Christmas n Christian New year. Before they go, If they see anybody, they feel its their duty to wish them Merry Christmas n a happy new year. Is being secular in this sense is so prestigious?

I hardly see them celebrating our Ugadi or Baisaaki as new year. They don't even celebrate Krishna Janmashtami or Rama Navami as they celebrate Xmas. Dunno what attracts them towards Xmas which is absent in our festivals??!!

I received many scraps on orkut wishing merry christmas. I got fed up so much that I replied them back saying I do not celebrate 'em and if you do so, take my wishes.

This is not only for christian festivals but also others.

As you all know, they celebrate the chrisian new year boozin @ clubs, attending parties with their loved ones(married, un married, I need not mention that) dancing their way out like lunatics. Once it strikes 12, we @ NH - 7 get terrified with the bike roars headed from clubs, Dhabas alongside crackers.

In no mood to add on more points as I am feelin dizzy.

Being secular is not in celebrating other festivals or wishing those who celebrate. Celebrate your festivals first than celebrating others. Its just live n let live. Dont you think so? Any opposition?? Please leave a comment.


i 7 said...

There is nothing wrong in wishin christians on this occasion. but wishin hindus the same seems odd, which many do. as u hav pointed out it seems to b frm prestige point of view. but how shallow its goin to be( doin sumtin without realizin the essence of it)

if a hindu is not celebrating janmastami and is wishin all others on christmas, that definitely sounds weird!

ankurg said...

as i7 said. I think the more weird part is wishing it to people who do not celebrate it.

At the same time I do not think that people wish Christmas or New year out of a secular mindset. Were they to do so Hindus would have wished eid mubarak among hindus as well. Or may be gurunanak birthday!

But it is more to do with anything western. Christmas and new year both are a western concept which would continue to surge forward in eastern countries as is the case of Yoga in west.

Grass is always greener on the other side.

I do think that every paragraph of my comment was taking the discussion to the next point instead of sticking to the same.