Thursday, December 20, 2007


Things are flashin in ma mind! Pickin this topic t'day.

This post is tellin you how one gets every critical thing at once to make your things worser.

There is a senior @ my office. 2 years senior to me. Lets call him 'A'. Till one and a half years, there was no contact between us. Both were sittin' in different locations. Ten months ago, he shifted to our office. He is one level above me in the corporate ladder.

Though he was not in our project, we used to just encounter almost everyday. Both of us were indifferent when we met face to face. As always, I wore a smile on my face. He smiled back for courtesy sake. Days passed on... We continued smilin' at each other. Hehe =).

One day their team were discussin some offline topic, outa project when i just passed thru their cubicle, one of our common friend in that project asked for my opinion for which I replied with one. He added to my point and since then, we started speakin to each other.

Again, things went on smoothly. We were speakin casually everyday for a minute or so. That was the max.

Two months ago, he came to my cubicle with our common friend to invite me to his marriage. I took the invitation, smiled at him that I would come. (As you all do. Obviously! Hmm!!). His marriage was a week or two ahead. Inside, I was calculating whether to go or not. To add on, the customs vary between us. I needn't explain why as you guys would have guessed it right. I dont mind going to such weddings given I only wish them. No taking food. I never feel like havin something in such an environment peacefully. Till date, I haven't been to such weddings.

Now comes the worst part. He went on his marriage vacation that week. Unfortunately, my manager was not in the station. Even more, my senior in the team were abroad. I was the seniormost person in the team! ( What a pathetic conditon our team was under me! =( ).

There came an urgent release to be made on the previous Friday which was postponed to Monday. The marriage was on Wednesday. Thanks to the issues and our infrastructure, both the machine as well as our product didnt go on well. Release date shifted one day everyday that week.

On Wednesday, when we were about to release, the machine we were testin on gave us a problem and I couldnt leave the office for the reception of A. To my fortune, we finally released it the next Friday (Oooooof!!).

Two weeks passed by. Enter the married A, I looked at him for which he didn't respond. I found it strange. He had thought in the wrong direction. Once again, I need not explain everything.
He refuses to speak to me silently in various mannerism. Hehe. Even today I saw him for which he didn't respond lookin @ my face.

I didn't apologised to him for not attending his wedding as i hate to give reasons. What happened just happened. Giving reasons to something what happened is just plain bullshit in human relationship. I need not give reasons to anyone especially those whom i consider my friends.

Hope things get straight. Shall post another soon.


ankurg said...

giving reasons is not the best of the solutions but at the same time it is not wrong either.

Giving reasons can eliminate any misunderstandings people may have due to certain assumptions.

Because what A thinks might not be what B thinks and vice versa, so you can also say reasoning is more like vocal communication rather than tacit understanding.

Sandesh said...

@ ankurg - What you say is right if A is relatively a mature guy which is unlikely these days.

People have started to think selfish these days which in case giving reasons would even worsen up things right?