Saturday, March 14, 2009

At the Optician...

More experiences...

Had been to Cubbon Park to meet my high-school friend. While leaving home, Dad asked me to get my sister's spectacles from the optician which I agreed.

After the meeting, I set myself to the optician who is a bit close to our family as we are one of his regular customers.

Was greeted well, I was early by 15 minutes. Was asked to wait.

It is a busy place you know... Lot many people entered the shop after me. A male was there at the shop before I entered. After me, another male came followed by a girl with her mother.

Looking at the girl, I felt, she must be studying in her 10th or 1st PUC. Just a guess. Don't go weird. A typical brahminic Mom and Daughter.

I had no better work to do. Was happily waiting.

Seems like she was using spectacles since 5 years and a month ago, her eye-sight is blurred. She contacted her doc and was there to get her fresh glasses.

Enter a mom and her son. They were Muslim. Could make it from their clothes and their Urdu. She, the muslim mom stood right beside the girl. Dunno whether she hadn't took her bath or hadn't washed her burkha for ages, She was literally stinking. They don't care.

Girl became consious. Was irritated by the female. She moved and stood behind her mom. Hehehe! =)

The muslim pair had their work done. The moved on, while I still waited there to get my order serviced watching other customers, specially the girl and her mom.

The optician was busy explaining her about the looks of the glasses. Pros and Cons of each model she was interested in. As every other teenage girl, she was a bit too hesitant in choosing. She used to wear each and every frame she got interested in, busy watching herself in the mirror. (How can she be clearly looking at the mirror with those dummy glasses? I dunno!!)

She was asking her mom about the looks of the specs. "Mom! How am I looking in this?"
Mom used to usually say good. What else would she say?
She must be thinking "What would my friends comment on it? How do they take this frame as?" etc...

The optician was sincerely commenting in a humorous way at each frame. Nice timepass. You look gorgeous in that frame. You look like your granny in this one... goes on.

15 minutes passed. I got my order. I bid adieu to the optician while she was still busy selecting frame with a confused look.


Shrinidhi Hande said...

I finish my selection of frame within 5 mins/10 models whichever is less...

Sandesh said...

Hehehe! Its a girl! Obviously, she WILL take time. =) I may attract the wrath of women supporters here!

vidhilikitha said...

hushaaragiri. pink specs courier maadakke shuru maadthaare. :P

Sandesh said...