Sunday, October 07, 2007

A story that I heard from Master Hirannayya!

One day was listening to Jnaana Vani while coming back home. FYI, (Those who are not familiar with the FM Channels of Bangalore, thats a limited FM Channel in Bangalore from IGNOU to educate people. Must be 4 hrs in the morning and 4 in the evening.

It was a session with the famous dramatist Master Hirannayya! He was telling about the way he and his drama company had undergone. It was a good show and I would like to share this small story he told with all of you. Please forgive me for the non-narrative script.

One day, a Brahmana in a village had to go to a marriage wedding that was arranged in the next village. But there existed a forest in between.

He was on his way and it was a long journey by walk! He had started off late and hence, he was stuck up in the forest and lost his way. He was pretty hungry by now and was so desparate to have food.

To his fortune, after hours of search in the jungle, he found a lonely temple which was deserted of people. he wandered inside to find bhakshya bhojana near the garbhagudi.

Unable to control his hunger he lurches onto the food, stopped by a Devi (who had come to test him). She puts forth conditions to have the food.

1. The food is divided into four parts which are associated with four pillars of the temple.
2. In the first pillar, there is a baby, to have the food near that pillar, he had to kill the baby and the food would be his.
3. Coming to second pillar, there is a parasthree. ( a third female, whom he doesn't know). He had to make love to her to enjoy the food in that pillar.
4. Third pillar had beef, which is prohibited. He had to eat it to have the food alongside the third pillar.
5. Finally fourth pillar had wine, he should drink the wine to have that food.

Now, the brahmana thinks. I'm hungry. But then I wont have the food near the first pillar. Killing a baby( innocent, shishu hatye) is so cruel. I wouldn't do that!

How can i have an affair with a third female?? I wouldn't go ahead with the second pillar food either.

Gomamsa? No way! I wouldn't be a dharma bhrashta to eat beef! Hari hari! Not at all!!

The only hope I now have is the fourth pillar. Wine is not that big a problem. Even the devas have wine. Why shouldn't I at this stage?? I am starving from hunger. It has got no problems with Dharma, nowhere i've read that its prohibited to have wine. Let me have it for this day! He decides.

Now the tragedy starts.

He goes ahead, starts having wine which made him lose control over himself. After wine, losing control, he goes ahead having beef, also makes love with that anon female and in trauma, stamps over the child killing it!

Thats about the story! He had told the story explaining about how desparate is our stomach and hunger. This is one such instance. Hope you got something out of this. Comment your views on this if possible.


i 7 said...

en siva bejaaan upadesada postsgaLanna haaktidiyaa itteechegey?

ankurg said...

Wasnt the suffering caused because of drink and not because of hunger?

KbHbEjTi said...

I guess ankur is right.. its not just hunger.. its the drink which caused the trouble!!