Monday, October 01, 2007

Gomamsa thinda prasanga!

Don't get surprised! This happened unfortunately!

This is no confession session! This happened to me without my knowledge! The co-incidence is that I'm writing this post on Gandhi Jayanthi!

Happened a year back i guess. One of our colleague had been to China to implement our product over there. While coming back, he had got lots of Chocolates. The custom was to get as many chocolates. I got many along with one that interested me most! That chocolate had no wrapper and was in a container similar to tablet container! bigger though. They contained chocolates in the shape of an elephant.

Thought it was to attract people and took it. Gulped it to find to taste it somewhat sour. It also contained some sticks! Dunno what it is! The person who had bought it didn't mention what kinda thing it was! I didnt like it and as rarely you find me spittin out I went to the restroom and spit it out into a paper n threw it onto a bin! Later i found that it was a BEEF Chocolate!

Vyaak! I felt the guilt inside me! From then on, i decided not to take any chocolates brought from outside.

I still dunno why the heck that person didn't tell me that it was beef! Its not because that Beef is prohibited that i'm regretting. Its just because i had broke a custom. I had broken the trust of my people. (No,...neither the custom nor the trust in my people, but if I dig myself i just get the picture of the calf in my native, with whom i used to spend my childhood days...its soft nature, motherly love, compassionate eyes.... and me eating its flesh? How can I?... )

Only thing that consoles me is that i did it unknowingly and I'm still regretting for that! I see many people eating Beef along with other non veg stuff like chicken, mutton, pork! (I dont want to take names of that!). They do it knowingly! Many brahmans. I really pity them! They say it tastes good! Arent they cheatin their parents or the ones who think they are still preserving what they are supposed to??

Many of my friends do take them and i dont know! Taking beef has become a passion among the youth today! Stinkin' passion!

They consider its a civilized culture to eat non veg! Thanks for the intruding Christians and muslims for that(takin beef)! Until their advent, we Indians were nowhere in such things! How can they kill such a silent creature which has taken birth to enjoy nature just like us for food??

Now you might ask me that dont you kill animals?? Yes i do not! Atleast now! I won't kill them unknowingly until they harm me! I might kill insects by using a repellant, or a cockroach, rat, and creatures like that which are causing problems like that but not something to eat!

Atleast in India, we don't need to take meat as a staple food! Might be they need to take it if they were in other country like Russia, UK, US or some other country but not India! The Indian Climate is so good not to eat meat! How did the rshi, munies survive?? Did they eat meat?

I'm no guy from PETA or any other association! Neither do i want to be a member of that! But i request you in a humble fashion to stop avoiding meat! Atleast the Brahmanas.


i 7 said...

dhanad maamsa bedaa guruu. indians tinnodu beda atleastu.

aadrey srry syaaa, chicken tastes too good to quit :((

RT nagar alli chicken kabaab atva shavarma tindu nodu, ningey artha aaguttey :D

KbHbEjTi said...

Good post maga... i liked it!!

Shrinidhi Hande said...


ankurg said...

Disappointed with the fact "atleast brahims".

Because at that point all your logic of cow being innocent and animals not harming etc. falls short.

Eating meat is not good. It definitely is not good for one form of life to consume another as mere fun(Animals eat to survive).

Regarding hindus and brahmins.

Don't complain against other religions. Even Mahabharata mentions about cow slaughter as proud ful event followed by kings.

Go to
1. .
2. Search
3. read the first article.

Cow slaughter for food has existed since vedas were written.

Though I agree with you on not eating meat, but your rational of religion and caste(brahmins) was disappointing.

Sandesh said...

@ i7 - sariyaagiddiya bidu! Maga control maadu maga! Veg alli ilde irodu non-vegalli enide antha nangoththilla! Aadre control maadu maga! Neen kott options naan try maadakkogalla!

@kbhbejti - Thank you maga! Good that you liked the pic of the calf in it!

@ Shrinidhi Hande - Can't chill on this topic! Its so cruel!

@ ankurg - I specified that last point because of some friends views on having meat. That was a generalized statement. Not only on cow.

Once i had discussed abt this with one of my friend and waht he said is that ours is a kshatriya family. We had to keep our body language fit to fight with the enemies. Hence, We can't decide on whether to infuse that ban on the rest but on Brahmanas, its logical. They are meant to gain knowledge! Thats the only reason for that last statement.

Regarding the Mahabharatha issue you raised, have heard about it but am not sure! Will do a bit of research(only i should call it so) and get back but as of now, I don't have the reason as such. thanks fo yo comments! keep visitin!