Monday, October 01, 2007

One more feather to add onto the Cap of BMTC!!

Look at this pic! Though it was taken from my mobile @ 7:30 late in the evening, I hope you know which place it is.

Yes! It is our BMTC, Majestic, Subhashnagara. I was amazed to see a screen probably an LCD screen( a glowing screen which you can see atop, I'll post a pic taken in daytime asap.) on the bridge connecting KSRTC and BMTC. Its a display showing ads, along with instructions to the commuters. BMTC has gone one step ahead! Such things would ease the passenger more.

Not only that! They've also installed small displays on possibly every platform in the bus stand. Now, you can watch songs even in BMTC bus stand(KSRTC had this much before, say10-15 years back)

Commuters can pass their time by watching these things instead of just waiting for the bus.

Hope they get more such ideas and make the customer more happy!

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Shrinidhi Hande said...

That is good development... I've already written how BMTC rocks compared to its counterpart in TN and AP