Saturday, August 02, 2008

Incident with Tattoo Rani

Well, was thinking of writing something funny to find this.

This belongs to the can't help it categories. Yeah! You got it right! About the female employees I work with.

That day, had got a direct bus to Devarabisanahalli from Byatarayanapura. Unfortunately, I had got a window seat which can see backwards to the motion of the vehicle. i.e., If the bus is moving forward, I could see the people behind the bus.

Had crossed the Karthiknagara. Was heading towards Maraththalli.

I saw a Zen Estillo driven by a female. It was slow moving traffic. You know my hobbies. I watch things around be it a cart moving or a volvo. This female in the Zen Estillo was making faces to the traffic.

After 2 minutes, the slow moving traffic turned to be a jam. This female seems to have strict time sense. She started her make up in the car. I started watching her keenly to just see what she does.

If you guys wanna know the description about the girl, Sorry! I'm bad at those. You can consider her to be an average girl who looks like she is interested in parties in the first look. ( Atleast thats what I found I saw her first, Though I've come to a conclusion to not judge people...)

She applied lipstick, powdered herself and did things I can't explain. I dont find words for her appliances of makeup. Be it whatever, it went on for another 5 minutes.

Still jam. She was cribbing about the traffic and started looking outside. Just for an instant she noticed me checking her out and started panicing. The first thing she did was to check whether her shirt is buttoned.

This is one thing I find females doing often. They judge majority of males in that sense though I wasn't doing what she thought in the least possible corner in my mind.

I stopped staring at her after that and turned towards some other random thing. Five minutes passed and I saw her checking her shirt again. Damn!!! Just stop it! I'm not staring at you!!!

Two minutes passed by and I noticed something which I aint supposed to see in her car. That car had the same parking stickers as of my company. Yappa devare!!

She might have noticed me clearly as sun was bright that day. I couldn't see her face clearly as she had closed all her windows and her windsheild was tainted in the top. I now began to look at her as to recognise the face ( Whether she is someone i know ). Thank god! She wasn't. AFAIK, she belonged to some non-technical team as per my knowledge. Though, I had seen her in the office a couple of times, I didnt pay much attention towards her (As i do with majority of the females at work).

Jams cleared. She overtook our bus. I sighed. Got down at Devarabisanahalli.

Unfortunately, I saw her that afternoon at the cafeteria while having lunch. She was having lunch with her collegues all seem to be with her calibre. I noticed one thing. She usually wears sleeveless shirts and there is a tattoo on her left arm. My prediction of her being a party goer was confirmed with that to a major extent. (And more support came from eavesdropping I hear these days whenever I see her in the cafeteria, her talk will be somewhere around these areas)

I gave my self a pat on my back for my stupid judgement. Discussed this incident with Srinath and both of us, named her to be "Tattoo Rani". Hehehehe!!

We have named many females with different names based on their action just for fun. Will come up with those stories soon. Keep waiting...

Do post your comments on this episode. =)


Shrinidhi Hande said...

:) I wish she works in HR department and reads this post...

Sandesh said...

I still have no clue which department she is into. Hope she reads.

Shrinidhi Hande said...

Send this article as a contribution to your company's annual magazine/newsletter or something like that where contributions from employees are published

Sandesh said...

I have better plans for quitting!!! Hehehe!