Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ban 'em! Bang 'em!!

There is this newspaper called mid-day which is specially meant for page 3 lovers as I can see. We get a free issue everyday at the office. Dunno whether they are making profit outa this. As the paper says, it is a paper which is released by the afternoon unlike most of the dailies.

I hardly go through the paper, but an article made me go through it yesterday. [11-Aug-2008]. Please have a look at the link provided. Here is another blogpost [which also came as a review in today's edition of mid-day] which supports the article.

Lemme tell you whats it all about. Recently the Bangalore Police have raised a ban on all shops and establishments to shut down their business within 23:30 due to security constraints. All the music enthusiasts along with DJs are protesting this move and this article covers the protest.

One says 'Give us our Bangalore back!!!' another DJ says 'Get me my job back', yet another says'Give us our rights back!' while another female plays a guitar in the crowd asking them to join her. You can say 'Bengaluru bleeding' on almost all of their attires.

Also, the blog post says 'Life is a chief cause of death, should we ban life?'

Okay! thanks for those slogans, but do you think they are valid?

Bangalore is still the same [Barring the balding done by the influential people who are amongst this crowd], nothing has happened to its culture [Apart from the IT Intruders], There is no point in saying 'Give us our Bangalore back'. We had the 11 o' clock rule much before also.

For the poor DJ, Who has taken your job? You can perform well within 11:30 pm and be safe. I say the same thing to everyone.

Let me explain, but before, you PARTY ANIMAL, answer these questions.

1. Why do you want to lift the 11:30 pm ban?
2. Is that essential for you to dance everyday?? If yes, why can't you dance within 11 and go to sleep, so that you wont be late tomorrow to your work?
3. Why do you want to dance even after 11?
4. What provokes you to break the rules?

Be it whatever, I see only one reason you do such things is just to enjoy! Lemme explain you the problems with this.

1. You booze. Thats the major reason for all the criminal offense happening after 11. You misbehave once you are drunk.
2. Its a nuissance which disturbs the rest.
3. You drive after drinking which causes lots of accidents on the road (as well as off the road).
4. In case you make new friends at the party, you try to go one step ahead than what you usually do with strangers which leads to lots of complexities.
5. It becomes difficult for the police to handle you.
6. I find it so illegal. These rave parties etc.

That post on churmuri, all I have to say is to have a look at this video. Just check out this video and how they misuse the freedom given to them. And that crap about MGR's rule and people coming to Bangalore to enjoy! What crap? its just plain BULLSHIT. Didn't get any better point yeah? And yes, dont compare life with your stupid partying. Its simple stupidity. Life is much more than partying.

I was once shocked to see people like Girish Karnad, Raghu Dixit in the protest. I'm wondering how can they protest on such a mean topic.

These are my views. Please comment with yours. Meanwhile, you can check my another post on google insights on Abhiyantaru.


Raghu Dixit said...

Good to see that you have made your point. As everyone can see now on your own blog, you have missed the point completely!!!

The protest was never only about the 11.30 deadline...by the way, I finish work only by 10 in the night and I definitely want to get out of my studio and unwind to some good entertainment (since I will be tired at the end of the day entertaining all day to people like you through my music). The musicians and DJs were part of the protest because its our livelihood ...since most of us play music in these hotels and pubs. I was a part of the protest because we musicians/dancers were being equated to the dance bar entertainers. I was part of the protest because the word 'live band' has been mis interpreted by the law and its enforcers. Damn it. I sing Kannada Folk Songs for a living!!!!!...and I am being equated to being a bar entertainer and I cannot protest!!!!? Now you tell me who is being stupid?

I don't know what your concept of life is and how you lead it...its none of my concern either...but no one gives you a right to call someone else's life 'stupid' like you have many times in your post. Let people do what they feel like as long as it does not affect anyone else's life.

I agree to the demerits of alcohol...but not everyone is a drunkard and not everyone gets wild after that. And its the job of the bouncers in the premises of a pub and of the police outside it to take care of such nuisance creating people. I invite you to live with me at my home for a few months to understand the life style of a person who is a self employed, especially as a musician/artist, and you will probably understand the difficult life we all lead and therefore may be agree to the point made by me. Its easy to stand somewhere outside the circle and point the finger...you will never know how it is to be inside it. I request you to post your opinions on your blog without getting abusive. More people will actually read it and respect you for that!

Sandesh said...

Hey Raghu!

Really feeling happy to get a comment from you. I really love your songs from Psycho and also other folk songs like 'Soruthihudu maneya maalige'.

I'd also listened to your show on Big 92.7 FM yesterday.

You say you finish your work by 10 and wanna unwind, Isnt 1 hour 30 minutes enough for unwinding?

I'm still not clear with the other point you are trying to point out in your comment other than 11:30 deadline.

See, I don't differenciate between musicians/dancers and bar entertainers. They all are equal and 'Kalavida' for me and are earning a living with their profession. I don't have a problem with the bar entertainers until its not interfering in someone else's business.

Though I've never been to a pub or a bar [I aint a drunkard neither can I dance, I see no point goin there], some pubs entertain people with dances which provoke the customers go wrong. You need to blame both of them for the consequences. What I believe in is prevention is better than cure.

I really appreciate you and your profession to sing Kannada folk songs. Please do come up with more albums. I'll be one of them to pick those.

Even I don't know my concept of life. I take it as it comes. I don't like to fall into any category but I like Indian culture for sure. I sure wanna see everyone follow it.

FYI, I've not mentioned anybody's life as stupid. All I've said is that do not compare life with Stupid Partying. I consider partying to be stupid and partying for me is people dancing drunk, loosing control and falling on fellow party animals and enjoying that. I have not called anybody's life as stupid anywhere. Why should I? As you've mentioned, I dont have any right to say so, neither I care to say that.

I agree with you when you say, let them do what they feel like as long as it doesn't affect anyone else's life.

Its the job of the police to control the freaks once they are drunk, and hence they are doing their job by controlling them to go home as early as possible so that their job is easy. They think that this 11:30 deadline would make the majority to head home.

Thanks for the invitation to live with you. Even I like that. Will meet you once but I cannot stay for a few months because, I have my parents waiting for my arrival everyday. Will meet you up for sure if you agree.

I know the problem with musicians/artists to some level. But my point is why they need to take it beyond the deadline?

All I say is, get up early. Finish your work ASAP, then do whatever you'd like to within the deadline and lead your way home happy. There are certain norms to be followed in the society and I feel this can be one such thing.

Keep visiting. Thanks for the comment once again. Post your views for sure.

Also, waiting for your albums.


Srinivas B.P said...

U cant say Why u dance after 11 ?? its their own wish buddy.. U can control the source, not the people. I feel its their own wish to dance after 10 or 11 or even 3 AM.

- :)

Sandesh said...

@ srinivas

If it is their wish, they better not do it in a public place. Better off be at their home and do whatever they want.

Shrinidhi Hande said...

My take on this issue here:


The Self-Proclaimed Wordsmith said...

Let me point out an immediate fallacy in your post - you've linked a video, that, I assume depicts some drunken fools causing havoc. So? What does that prove? That the people who drank in this video caused havoc. What does that say about everyone else who has a drink? Nothing. It's illogical to show an example to prove a point. All an example can do is disprove a point.

Who are you to say that they should stop dancing at 11 pm? Why concern yourself with their lives and issues? They want to have their definition of fun at a late hour. You have fun your own way; live and let live.

In a response to a comment, you say that you think that they shouldn't be dancing in a public place, and should go home instead. A bar/pub/club is NOT a public place. There is restricted entry and the more respectable ones usually have bouncers to deal with those that causing a nuisance.

I agree that alcohol can be quite a problem with drunk driving, harassment, eve-teasing, etc. However, that's the job of the police to deal with, and besides, just because a few people do it, that doesn't make everyone blame-worthy. I've had drinks on many occasions, and I can't remember once when I had caused problems.

'I find it so illegal. These rave parties, etc.' This is your blog, and you have the right to express your opinion, but who cares what you (or I) think is illegal? Is it actually illegal? I don't know, but I don't think that you finding it illegal is a valid point for the ban.

The point above the rave parties one, about people hooking up with strangers, well, how does that matter to you? If people want to do it, it's not against the law, and the moral police should really get out of the Middle Ages - yes, people hook up even in India. What is wrong with them doing that? You might not do it, no one's forcing you. Live and let live, as I earlier said.

Finally, what does this all have to do with the live music ban?

Des said...

I find your writing entertaining, but I am sorry to see elements of misogyny, communalism and a generally rigid stance on any view that does not approach yours.

But then hey it is your blog and you are entitled to it :)Kudos for being honest at least.

The great thing about India and other democracies is freedom. And one should be watchful of curtailing freedom in the name of security or morals.

The Self-Proclaimed Wordsmith said...

Hi Sandesh, why aren't you responding to my comment? I'd really like to hear your views on some of the questions I've asked.

Sandesh said...

@ TSPW - First of all, I apologize for not responding early. Was a bit busy with things at office.

Lemme explain. You are trying to think things in a personal point of view, while I am thinking from a general perspective.

All I am trying to say with that video is that such things are common in parties. I have actually been to a few corporate parties where people who are drunk lose control. Lemme tell you one thing which i experienced. There is this one guy who was my collegue who after gettign drunk, called our VP, Engg Dept, a female in her 40s to dance, who not only denied, but sent a notice later for his misconduct.

This is just one such incident. Atleast one such thing happen in almost every party i've attended. Yes, I do agree that there are people who dont act stupid after getting drunk, but, chances are more on the other side.

I'm nobody to ask anyone not to dance after 11 [Even before that, why should I care?], but as they've made a law foreseeing something, what i say is why cant we just abide to it? Whats the harm in it? You say that you can't enjoy! Why can't you do it before the deadline? why can't you continue it in a more private place like your home? This is not live n let live, they are not making many people happy which includes the police, late night travellers like me sometimes. [High chances that they try hit us...]

Tell me the ratio of harming after drinking to sober after drinking?? It should be greater than 1 atleast.

Coming to the illegal point of mine, I consider it illegal and as you've pointed it out, this is my blog n i have complete freedom to express what i want. I am not imposing a rule that even you need to accept the same.

Lastly, again, you are goin personal while i'm generalising it. I absolutely have no problem if people get hooked. My point is this has a potential for clashes which could have been easily avoided. Bringing in India doesnt help. I would have the same viewpoint be it anywhere.

As per my understanding, the police think that live music might provoke people in doing such things against live CDs, [probably] Even I am not clear with the point. will post another once i get more details.

As someone has pointed out in some other blog, people don't come across for flood relief, bomb blasts in Bangalore and they come up for such mean things. [mean accding to him, even i support, might not be for you]

Thanks for those regular comments. Feel really happy for them. Waiting for your reply as you've got mine.

@ Des - Thanks for your comments. If you see some communal touch in it, I can't help it. This is how i am. Keep visiting n commenting. You're welcome anytime.