Tuesday, February 19, 2008

On a lonely Sunday night...

February 3rd 2008.

After a day's long work! (9:45 AM to 10:45 PM), I set myself to get back the so called home (Place where I sleep and get ready to office =( ). My collegue Suneet accompanied me till the bus stand when it was 10:55. We waited for a bus. Didnt get one at that point of time.

Waited till 11:15 to get a cab. He said, He'll stop at Airport. I was not in a mood to board it. My mind was telling me that I'll get a bus somehow. I didnt want to take risk. Also, Suneet forced me to board the cab. I took it. He got down at Vimanapura entrance by 11:25. He asked me to come to his home and stay for that night which I clearly denied (not because of ego, I really don't know why!!!) It takes no time to reach anywhere at that point of time. I got down @ the arrival junction of HAL airport just to find that I need to pay 10 bucks to the driver. I hesitated but unfortunately, I didn't have change. Had to give him.

It was 11:30. I thought of waiting for the bus. A weird thought came to my mind. There will be less buses at this point of time. Let me walk till I get a bus.

I started my journey.

Reached Murugesh Palya in no time. may be 3 minutes. Cooooool!! Lemme check how long I walk. I walked on n on n on ..... Was accompanied by many police constables and drunkards on my way( Also dogs! =)). Reached NAL main gate to find a Bus pass by. I ran to the next bus stop but couldnt keep up with the speed of the bus. I missed it.

Big deal. I continued walking. Crossed the Airport road flyover. Crossed Domlur. I have to mention the one thing that gave me company all the way till home. FM. All channels. I kept changing channels. It is such a good experience.

Two more buses passed by at the military school. Same thing. They didn't stop for me. Took the way to MG road instead of the richmond road junction. While I reached Trinity circle, A bus stopped for me. It was heading to Majestic. I was the lone passenger along with the conductor and obviously, the driver.

Reached Majestic by 12:30 to find that the last bus to Yelahanka by 12:15 has left. Was thinking.
I can't stay at majestic. Just can't think of it. Continued my walk. The police constables were watching me like a thief. I kept walking like an innocent school student with a bag on my back.

Reached Anand Rao Circle, which was pretty busy even at that time ( people were busy waiting for their late night bus to a remote location, many were having their supper.) A few people stared at me like I am willing to have food with them. I went on. ( Need not mention...)

Reached Shivananda to find a biker stop for me. (12.40)

Biker - Ell hogbeku saar? ( Where are you heading Sir?)
Me - Yelahanka.
Biker - Banni mekhri circle thanaka drop maadtheeni. Yaak isht late aagi office bittri? (Come! I'll drop you till Mekhri Circle, why did you leave your office so late? what took you so long?)

We continued chatting. He said that I shouldn't have taken a bus to majestic. Should have taken a bus to Shivajinagar where I get lots of cabs. I didn't want to take a cab. I prefer walking. I really enjoy it. He dropped me @ mekhri square by 12:45. took a right turn to R.T. Nagar I guess. I thanked him for the favor and he replied, "Bidi saar! Namgu ee thara yaavaththadru aagaththe!(Leave it Sir! Even we will be in the same position some other day.")

Bid him farewell. Dunno how! I get into contact with such people. Good to meet them. Keep meeting them quite often. Continued walking. Meanwhile I got say 3-4 calls from home asking my current location. I lied my mom that I got a bus. Even my sister. Just to calm down the situation. "Na bhruyaath satyamapriyam"*

12.50. Came to Gangenahalli. Was welcomed by the barking of my old friends. Wild dogs. you see, even they are afraid of us. They just bark from a very far off distance, they are afraid that we may carry some batton to hit 'em. I must mention three dogs which were just a feet ahead of me who were silently listening to the barkin of their fellow comapnions, not finding any reaction on my face or my body language,(may be they found a indifferent, concerned Sandesh there) started staring at me sympatheticaly. Even they understand human emotions. (They say, Dog is the best friend of man, Dunno how true it is). Those three dogs, and the expression on their faces cannot be forgotten.

1:00, Helped by dogs, I crawled further to Veterinary College, when my mom called me back again, I consoled her that I would be home by 20 minutes at the max. The stretch of veterinary college to Hebbal is usually terrorized by the Dagaars of Veterinary College. I think their shift was over, I found no one at that time. Thanks. Reached Hebbal by 1:13. My dad had called to ask my location status. I said I'll be there in 10 minutes.

1:15, was in a dilemma to take the flyover or the road below. At the same time, I found two workers (Kaat workers), coming to me with Rods @ Hammers. No, dont get the impression that they are rowdies.

They came to me and asked, "Time eshtanna?" (Whats the time Bro?)

I was impressed by their speaking Kannada. Appreciate them. I said, "Ondu Ippaththu" (1:20)

One who was pretty okay with Kannada understood, the other asked, "Enu? Enu??" for which the former replied "Onnu iruvadu da".

P1 : "Anna, illi railway station elli baraththe??" (Brother, what is the route to Railway station?)

S : "Nodi, heege kelage hogi. Railway track sigaththe. Alle balakke thirugidru aagaththe, illandre swalpa munde hogi Ring road ge hogi!" balakke thigugi kolli. Haage hogtha iri. 5 nimsha nadkond hogi! Nimge Railway station sigaththe." (Just told them the route)

P1 & P2 : "Thumba thanks anna!" ( Thanks a lot brother!)

I dunno one thing. People use Thanks more easily than Dhanyavaada or olledu. If we use either of them, i seems odd to the rest.

Forget it, I thanked them and continued over the flyover. Was greeted once again by the police chowkiright atop the hebbal railway track. They noticed I'm a college stud. Didn't come to question me. I continued. Was just opposite to Shani devasthaana to find an Omni stop for me. He asked my whereabouts, felt pity for me and asked me to board the car. I agreed. He works for a garment factory in Jakkur and was returning after dropping his Boss home. We just spoke for 3 minutes to reach Byatarayanapura. I thanked him and walked my way home. He responded in a humble fashion and continued.

I found my dad waiting for me at the gates of my house. =). Explained him everything, had my food, Slept, to finish one of my wonderful experience walking...

*Quote taken from Kalidasa.


Srinivas B.P said...

Neenu est hottige malkonthiya guruve .. aadru rathri onti odadodhralli olle maja ... and trafiic kammi iruthhte jana janguli nu iralla... ondhu thra chennagiruthhte... avrasra enu illandre innu super ... :) nice timepass odtha full imagination ge hogidde... :) idhu ondhu thara trekking inside city :)

Shrinidhi Hande said...

ನಿನ್ ಅದೃಷ್ಟ ಚೆನ್ನಾಗಿತ್ತು... ಈಗೀಗ ಬೆ೦ಗಳೂರು ತು೦ಬಾ ಅನ್ ಸೇಫ್ ಆಗೋಗಿದೆ, ಸ೦ಜೆಯೊಳಗೆ ಮನೆ ಸೇರ್ಕೋ೦ಬಿಡೋದು ಒಳ್ಳೇದು...

I've walked between Koramangala and Jayanagar, ISRO layout to Basavanagudi etc...

KbHbEjTi said...

Gothithu maga.. that someday you will do this antha. But don't do this quite often. Suppose if I would have continued in the same company, we would have tried this long back alva?? :)

ankurg said...

really like your habit of walking!! Infact walking all alone late in the night with FM radio on is very nice experience that I cherish a lot.

Great that you reached all fine! and the story had a happy ending.

Chai said...

lei, your story became alright! (sarooitu ninn kathe!) susth hoDdhbiTTe ninn adventure woadbittu, carefullaagirappa, idu midnight trekking maaDour kaala alla...high time you got your vehicle - aamel maathaaDoNa.