Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Benglooranna ondonde kade mundaaystha iddare!!

Literally translates to "They are balding Bangalore gradually". ( Note : Balding is a term I take from Shruthi, from one of her post.)

Here are some of the pics which i took on this Saturday. I was about to meet my friends in Majestic and hence I took a bus to Majestic which went all over Cunningham Road to bypass the Guttahalli BDA junction. I just reached the High Grounds to see this pathetic view. I don't have the pics to show its previous beauty. I apologise.

If you just check the below photograph, you can observe that 'The Le Meredian' previously 'Holiday Inn' of Bangarappa, has not been touched. They cut down trees but do not touch private buildings. They may demolish the public buildings like the Bala Brui Guest house right opposite to the High grounds police station but not the so called posh Hotels like 'The Le Meridian'. I don't know one thing, Don't they have the basic understanding that they can re-build any building to any extent but the are impotent to grow trees of that mammoth shape?? Dont they have common sense?? Let them demolish the buildings and be eco-friendly. Nope! They won't do that.

You know why?? Its just because that the owners of these hotels would have dumped their money into the hands of these stupid politicians and those idiots would sanction any of their orders in a godly manner. Poor creatures.

I have one Idea, dunno how many agree to it. Let them retain the trees and demolish only the buildings. That would retain the beauty of Bangalore.

You see in the above pic, they are busy playing Golf. =(

One more contractor giving a finishing to the Arch for his apartment. Doesn't he know that that part would be acquired for the expansion of the road or has he given ransom??

On the whole, they are giving a major blow to Bangalore. Major hit is to its Greenery. I cannot think of any other thing which can stop this other than government taking any action on this. Do you have any better idea?


i 7 said...

bejaar aaguttey tumba ley noDi!

The Self-Proclaimed Wordsmith said...

What do you have against people playing golf?

Sandesh said...

@ i7 - Bejaar maadkond enu prayojana illa maga! Idr bagge enaadru maadbeku.

@wordsmith - I'm not against those for playing golf, but for their don't care attitude.

You might say, what can they do? Its all the individuals who make the change and not some governing body.