Sunday, March 16, 2008

Being an RJ \m/

You might be wondering when did I become one, Well here is the complete story.

My tryst with FM continues...

This friday, on my way back home, as usual, was listening to FM. tuned into Big. 92.7. One of my favorite. As I would've told you guys, my post on Radio FM channels, is still in the design state. Will be out ASAP.

Its Deepu time, (Between 5-9), he is pretty casual, jovial. Just like nimm pakkada mane huduga(Friendly Neighborhood RJ, Hehe, Indeed I had one Deepu in my neighborhood, not an RJ) It was 8, and as always he had a question answering which he had some gifts to be won. The moment i tuned in, he just quoted the question and played some songs. I didnt knew what was the catch.

The question was 'Life alli heg bindaasaagirbeku? (Whats makes to be jovial in Life?)"

I just had a Boing(Aikka, idea banthu!!) in my mind and replied the moment it struck me. "Bindaasaagirbekandre Life alli expectations ittkondirbaardu. (To be jovial, one shudnt expect anything from life)" and just forgot about it.

It was 8:15, 8:30 and there was no response. I thought, this one would be another crap answer I gave and continued listening to radio. 8:45, it was Moda Modalu on air from the movie Uyyale ( which you can hear exclusively only on Big, you won't even get a CD in the stores) and a call Interrupted me while I was in a heavily crowded bus at Karthik Nagar. The bus had just stopped and it was an unknown number. I got down presuming that it would be RJ Deepu. to my surprize, it was! Here goes the conversation.

RJ Deepu : Hello Sandesh, Idu RJ Deepu antha Big FM kade inda.
Sandesh : Ha! Heli Deepu. Call maadidralla Khushi aaythu.
D: Elliddira?? Jor shabdagalu kelsatha ide?? Enfull jagala nadeetha idya?
S: Illappa! Bussalliddini. Nillsthu! 1 Nimsha ildbidtheeni thadeeri.
D: Ayyo, bussella iliyoshtu important alla kanri callu. Maneg hogri parwagilla. Ishtella scene bekiththa?
S: Ayyo, saavra bus baraththe siva! Heli en samachara?
D: Oh! olledu. On air thogollokkintha munche, ondh maathu. Naale saayankaala namm studio ge barakkagaththa?
S: (I dint knew this at all! was dumbstruck!) Ha?? en heltha iddira? Nange RJ kelsa maadi ondh naya paisa abhyaasa illa. Heng nadskodli?
D: Ayyayyo, neevobbre iralla. Naanu pakkadalle irtheeni. Barakkagaththa?
S: Oh! neevu pakkadalle irtheera?? maththinnenu?? nimmanna nodid haage aagaththe! Bartheeni nadeeri.

Then he took the call on air, which some of you might have listened. I just repeated my answer given and he announced that I'll be co-hosting the show. Details will be given to me later.

Never imagined that I can do this. I started messaging my friends that I'll be co hosting a show on Air with Deepu. Most of them were shocked and were happy for me. I could make it from their voice. Thought of informing all once I get the details about the show.

I waited till 10:30 but in vain. He didnt call me back. Thought he'll call tomorrow, switched off my cell, started charging it and lied on but didnt get my sleep till 1. dont worry, I wasn't thinking about the show. I just didnt have my sleep till 1. Thats it.


Woke up in the morning, to check if I got any message as i got from Radio Indigo. There were none except MyToday messages. Finished my Praathah Karma, parsed the newspaper once, solved SuDoKu along with Dad, had my haircut early on Mom's compulsion. Had my bath to find a missed call on my cell. It was Susheem. I set out myself to meet him. As many of you know, he is one among those whom I meet almost every weekend. He was busy that evening and we planned to meet early. Yogi, a.k.a Slomotion also joined us @ beagles. we chatted for sometime and Susheem had to leave. 1:15. We had a cup of coffee at newly set, Guruprasad, Malleshwara and roamed here and there.

By 2, yogi and I were on our way to Hallimane to finish our lunch when I got a call from Deepu. I had to be there by 4:30. He gave the details and I informed virtually all of those whom I'm in contact with. I was boasting.

Finished eating Akki rotti, Yogi wished me good luck and set back to home. I took my bus to Majestic from Link Road. Reached majestic by 2:45. Anand Rao circle was captivated by BJP leaders which made us to take the unusual route to K.R Circle via Racecourse road. We were there at K.R. Circle by 3:30. FM gave me company which I need not mention.

Was at Koramangala by 4:10, I found the office in no time as Koramangala ( To some extent almost the whole of Bangalore), is quite familiar to me. went to Ganapathi Devasthana nearby and I was at the studio exactly by 4:30. I was greeted by the watchman saying that Deepu is already on his show. (he must be new). I was listening to Rapid Rashmi at that instant. I explained him the reason I came and waited for Deepu's response. I was asked to feel comfy at the terrace. Met Deepu by 4:45.

I'll not tell much about what I did on the show. Briefed about blogging in general, my blogs in particular, my interests, my songs on the whole, everything revolved around me for an hour on air.

Its really a good experience to be on air. I was a bit hesitant in that perspective but everything changed once I stepped into the console. You feel so comfortable, All thanks to Deepu. (No matter how many times i express this, it'll fall short of the mark).

When songs were getting played on air, we discussed about general things. We shared our thoughts. Remember, he has pretty solid links with Sandlewood (Kannada film industry, and i gotta know lots of interesting as well as shocking facts about it).

The main purpose of the show was to fool people and make them happy by letting them know about it. It was my turn that day to give a number whom he can fool around with. Most of them were listening to the show and I had to select one whom I hadn't informed. I browsed through my phone book to pick Koli Manja( ECE topper, NMIT, 2005). That was fun.

On the whole got some idea about how things go on Radio, how will things be, more than all of them, met Deepu, enjoyed to the fullest which makes this experience memorable.

Was given a Schwarzkopf shampoo as a gift of rememberance. I took a pic of us together where I have come like Kumaraswamy (As recognized by a shopkeeper in Bangkok bazaar, where I'd been to get my mobile covered.)

Hehe!! I dont mind how bad I come. I happy for what made that photo happened. Happy for me, happy for Deepu, Happy for Big FM. ( getting unnecessarily sentimental, just mentioning it)

Got many calls from all sides wishing me that the show was good. once again, all credits goes to Deepu. It feels great to be an RJ.

This post is dedicated to him and the time I spent, being an RJ along with him. =)


i 7 said...

sooooperu magaaa. sakkath experiencu bidu :D

"(Kannada film industry, and i gotta know lots of interesting as well as shocking facts about it)" - uppidu enaadru iddre chaachu tappde heLu magaaa.

KbHbEjTi said...

maga.... i envy your chance of 'RJ'ing for an hour... anyways thanks playing the song I had asked for :)

Maja odi Helthini!

Shrinidhi Hande said...

You look quite terrible in that close up photo-- like Kumaraawamy...

Chai said...

chennaagidyo photo, wobba RJnoo noaDdhaagaaitu, cheers! :-)

ankurg said...

always great to read about your Radio tales!!! and though i do not understand the kannada content i love it for its too natural and its simply amazing to be authentic.

Btw regarding the next post about switching off @ 8 - I would say its better to be switched off everytime not required rather than at one time as an initiative. But, its good to remind a lot of people that india is not an electricity surplus nation:)

Dewdrop said...

Great to hear you got a chance to be a RJ. It was great reading your experience. :)

Sandesh said...

@ i7 - Thanks. Ninge chat alli heliddini. Aadru illu ondh sarthi heltheeni. Uppi ya mundina chitra 'Tamasoma jyothirgamaya' script ella thayaaragidyanthe. Hero Uppi, Heroine - Priyanka' May alli shuru aagbahudu antha helda. Nodona.

@ kbhbejti - Ella okay, envy yaake? Even you can participate in some quiz and come on air as i did.

@ enidhi - Thanks for the honest opinion.

@ chai - Hehe! thanks. Idanna swalpa dina aadmele nodidre innu khushi aagaththe.

@ankurg - Good that you enjoy all my posts. regarding earth hour, this was something official. Even i feel it should be done whenever it is possible.

@dewdrop - Hehe! Thanks.

...ನಾಗು said...

aa Uyyale chitrada Moda modalu haaDina bagge vasi Details bekagittu..
means.. Audio yaavaga Launch agutte..? or wer can i get tat song.. or tat album.?

Tumba ishta aytu guru..
Big Fm'nalli achaanak aagi aagaga keLta irtini..
yaavaglu keLbeku ansutte...!

Thanks and regards..!

Sandesh said...

@ Naagu - Nangu idea illa siva! Adu actually aa film music director Big FM alli kelsa maadtha iddranthe. Ee haadu actually compose maadovaaga innu alle kelsa maadtha iddranthe. Aamele bittranthe. So, release aagodu yaavaga anthanu goththilla.

Nodona! Nangoththaadre heltheeni.

...ನಾಗು said...

Oh... !!
anyhow thanks 4 reply boss...!

HaaDantu sakkattagide..
sikre biDalla..
Film release agli, modalu audio launch aagli..!!

mattome thanks boss..!!

Sandesh said...

@ naagu, my pleasure.

Nagu said...

Hai... After a long time guru..

any info abt tat song...?

Sandesh Karanth said...

@Nagu - Nice to see you back... No maga, enu suddhi ne illa....

Nag said...

Hai Boss!

New Film named 'Uyyale' is announced.. Is it the same which we wer talked longtime ago.. Remember me..?

Sandesh Karanth said...

@Nagu - Yes I remember you. I still have the comments. Hopet hey release the album soon.

Nag said...

Got That Song...!! Am So happy..
Man, Its Amazing..

Sandesh Karanth said...

@Nag - Even I thought of telling you the same. The audio of that movie got launched very recently.