Monday, November 17, 2008

BMTC had never been so pathetic...

Thanks to Mr. Mannina Maga, his son Mannina Mommaga and all their allies. Today was a troublesome day to many of the Bangaloreans who were commuting via BMTC.

Traffic was totally hit in the northern parts of Bangalore, public commuting totally hit (need not mention)...

Cause being the samavesha held by the JDS (Dunno for what sake was it held) People were dumped in buses and were heading to Palace Grounds. They had rented more than half of the buses of BMTC for the so called communion all heading to Palace Grounds. Why the heck did BMTC grant so many buses? Didnt it foresee the problems that would occur?

What big decision was taken there? To roll down the current state government?? eh? I saw an article in Vijaya Karnataka today where Mr. DG has given an open statement saying "I've never seen a pathetic government than this!" What was your government at 1996? What was your government at the centre?

I'm not supporting the present government at the state. It might be pathetic which includes puppets like Mr. BSY and master of puppets like Mr. JR. What right does Mr. DG has to comment on the present government? I see none.

People who used to return home by 1 returned by 6. This was common. You could have seen people who would fit in a minimum of 6 buses in every bus stand while Mr. DG was busy sleepin at his communion.

One of my uncle had come from Kota and he couldn't return coz he didnt get any bus. I could have dropped him which he clearly denied, but what about the commoners?

We waited in the bus stand for almost two hours to find handful of buses jam packed. What happened in the samavesha? I should wait till tomorrow morning to get the news coz I hardly watch TV.

Many such communion have taken place but the commuting was never being hit so bad. Some of the instances being 'Benny Hinn coming to Jakkur Aerodrome to conduct his stupid evangelical drama for four continuous days', 'Sometimes when Mrs. Sonia Gandhi comes to deliver a speech'

Poor thing was that those buses which hadnt been taken by them took lengthy routes to avoid Palace Grounds and were fumbling to find the destination in the traffic jam all over the city. Traffic Police inside the city must have gone out of their minds.

Hope to not see such a thing in the future.


Shrinidhi Hande said...

I think the function is to celebrate Mommaga's swearing in as president of state JDS... not sure...

Why can't they do it virtually- on a video conference and save all the trouble of ferrying thousands of people into a place?

Rupa said...

A friend of mine was participating in an exhibition and swore everyone there promised they wouldn't come next year all because of that rally. She was too too disappointed. Using that poongi and declaring that they will bring down the Government, I don't know really defies all logic

Sandesh said...

@ Shrinidhi - Yeah! gotta know that! Video conferencing would be too technical for them. Also, they want publicity. ( May be negative, but publicity)

Mommaga is also goin crazy as maga these days. He was sane when he was ruling! Thank god for that!

@ Rupa - Yeah! One can get n number of tales based on this rally. I think your friend had attended the book exhibition, but saying that she wouldnt come the next year would be a bit harsh.

Should I tell you abt the drama the politicians do these days?? Its merely for publicity n nothing else. They used pungi, congress used shankha, guess BJP used the sword!! Goes on n on n on...