Friday, October 03, 2008 - a review.

People are getting crazy to get ideas. They dont mind getting this low for ads. One idiot, started a stupid ad as I had mentioned in's review, these people from real estate seem to get an advantage over it.They mimick the same ad, give more publicity by having ad boards along the streets have a pic of a woman showing her back to the audience with the caption, "I am leaving Bangalore" with a footline "" for more info.

Stupidity @ its crest.

My suspicion is that these ads are being arranged by people who party hard and those who are suffering, facing the 11:30 pm ban. No surprize if they come up with another website!! Maniacs. Let them put a fullstop to all these.

If you go to these sites (leave or leaving bangalore), you'll find many reasons why they hate Bangalore. On the contrary, you can also see many mentioning why they love Bangalore. Some dont like the people here, some don't like their language (what crap?, its like you coming to my home and disliking me being in my home...), some blame the traffic, some blame the condition of the roads, the infrastructure, auto drivers, taxi drivers, politicians... who else and what not? everything you find here, someone has an objection on it.

You can also see many people asking those who want to leave to leave. Thats the best thing they can do. If they find a better place, why should they stop? All I ask is, can they repair the irreparable loss to the city where they'd been existing for quite a while? Due to their intrusion, how many trees have fell, how many people have lost their houses? How many have lost their lands? All because of the intrusion of the outsiders? You've got an argument? shoot! I'll take it.

All they do is just complain. No plans to come outa it and do some remedy to such things. I can give answers to all of their arguments for which this post would be too large. Let them fire in the comments, I'll take them.

They wont be satisfied with any improvements in the infrastructure. They're here just to crib. We should not care for such people and continue to do our work. They are insatiable in an unknown land and its not like they dont have these problems at all at their home. They've got more in fact.

Okay! Considering all the flaws... What can the city do to it? Its the politicians to be blamed and not the city. They dont have such an idea in their mind. All I can say is "People who want to leave, can leave. Nobody cares for them" they blame Bangalore for their leaving, its their cheap mindset. We simply cannot do anything about it and we hardly care.

Rest, who wanna stay here, please do respect the culture, the language, the people and go ahead... You'll always love this city.


Jagadeesh said...

Nice article :)

Leave Bangalore is a junk campaign.

Sandesh said...

Thanks! =)

EggHe/\D said...

Point taken, the website has garnered more hate voices about Bangalore than it intended out to be.
However "methinks" the point is that its a campaign for a travel service, and simply by writing a caption "leavingbangalore" it has succeeded is grabbing the collective eyeballs of the city.
We thinking its about copping out because of the problems facing Bangalore is a different POV, and since we are troubled about the problems, the hoarding caught our attention.
Isn't that true about all ads?
-Shriram R

Sandesh said...

My point is that should that be the caption to catch the eyeballs in the city? didn't they get any better one? Why only about leaving Bangalore? Why couldn't they think of leaving India in that sense? ( They said abt flyin to Singapore or Thailand )

Advertising is not goin down that low to get customers. This is cheap marketing.

EggHe/\D said...

Just thinking out loud, by the first thought that strikes almost everyone is its problems. Fair enough.
But doesn't travel also mean leavingbangalore, for once.
By extending your logic, if they had come up with leavingindia then certain section would again come up saying that "if-you-dont-love-india-then-leave-it" like the outbursts against this campaingn.

Cheap marketing?? Advertising going low?? If you are saying this then why should ads for geysers have women in them? What purpose do they serve? That's also low advertising?

Endgame - Opinion differs. I accept that.

Sandesh said...

Thats the baseline... Opinions differs. Seems like you're an employee of the orange group! Hehehe!

Who said ads of geysers with women isnt cheap marketing? Ads can be creative but not hurting sentiments of people, using a wrong message. Its not that this ad has hurt my sentiments but it is serving a wrong purpose is for sure...

EggHe/\D said...

Nah I AM NOT :)
I am just trying to understand why so much negative reactions to the campaign.
-Shriram R

Sandesh said...

Very well! How successful are you in understanding that?

EggHe/\D said...

Pretty much nothing except a lot of people are echoing what you are saying here. I did find a few discussions on twitter appreciating the campaign.

Sandesh said...

Appreciating what??

EggHe/\D said...

Saying things like "nice" about the campaign and all. I think our conversation can go ad infinitum. I don't want to litter your blog with my useless conversational comments.
Should we say period !!

Sandesh said...

I was abt to say that! I dunno what they found nice abt the campaign! nevermind!

Sabarish said...

In terms of Marketing and Publicity - ANY publicity is good publicity. Ultimately people are talking about the ad and the idea and the brand! Blog posts like yours are doing nothing but increasing the publicity for the group. So I'd say this it was a very creative and interesting ad and really caught everybody's attention. So nice work!

Now all the other stuff that you've written about people and the mess of Bangalore and outsiders influence etc... as tax paying citizens - everybody has the right to crib and complain.

I mean, face it dude - Bangalore's infrastructure sucks. No matter how patriotic you or I feel about this city, that's the truth. And the worst thing is these are all easily solvable problems, but nothing happens.

I also don't think its fair to blame any population (north or south / outsiders or insiders) for the mess. It just is a problem that needs to be sorted.

And you really can't say 'oh what is with these people who only complain an not do anything about it'. What do you expect people to do? Give up their jobs and lives and sit and try to solve Bangalore's problems?? That is the government's job. Maybe a few concerned people do take time off to help and hats off to them.

It's not like anybody has anything "personal" against Bangalore or its people. You must understand and accept that. It is human nature. When people move to a new place, they expect things to work and for the system to be active and solve people's problems.

Tomorrow for some reason if you have to travel to some other city and stay there for a while and if things in that place are bad, you will also complain. If the people only talk in their local language, you will complain. If there are no proper roads and traffic is bad, you will complain. Its normal.

What one should do is probably go and live for a while in some city where things work and get some exposure to the world, to really appreciate why people are complaining.

Anyway debates on this topic are never ending!

Sandesh said...

@ Sabarish

First of all, thanks for the comment. Its being long since you commented...

I havent discussed about its publicity (whether its good or bad) I have sticked onto the term publicity. It might be good for some and bad for the rest. I am indifferent from publicity POV. It got more publicity is what i've mentioned.

Every tax paying citizen has a RIGHT to crib n complain?? Well, I'll ask the legislative council to add this into the constitution. Right to crib... Hehehe! One thing, cribbing doesnt help until you do something to solve it... Anything for that matter...

Bangalore infrastructure sucks? So does the other cities... What i'm pointing here is that you cant crib abt the city but the politicians. I dont have any issue in complainin abt the politicians. Whats the city gotta do with it? I am facing the infrastructure problems. Ask teh rest to face it. Not me. If you think they're easily solvable, go ahead, try in that direction.

I still go by my point that the infrastructure problem is still with the outsiders coz its due to them, there is increase in traffic, and other things what they crib of... Though, I agree with what you say 'There is a problem, we need to solve it and thats it'. Also there do exist some outsiders, who do not crib and love this city. As always, tehre is always an exception to anything.

I'm not asking them to leave their jobs and solve Bangalore's problem. They can do just their part in solving it. like Take public transport instead of your own vehicle by contributing less to the traffic' is one such scenario. There is always another way to look at any problem.

I can give you hundreds of people I know who crib about the city Bangalore. They dont like Bangalore. I strongly disagree when you say 'It's not like anybody has anything "personal" against Bangalore or its people.' They certainly do have.

And when you give a scenario where I travel to some other location and me cribbing about things over there. I deny any such thing to happen, but still If I do, I would learn the local language over there and shall not crib about things over there. I dont see a point in that.

I'll consider your suggestion of living elsewhere. In any such case, I would keep you posted. =)

Yeah! Its true that debate on this is just never ending... All I do is to raise my point of what I feel is right.

Once again, thanks for commenting. Keep visiting.

Sabarish said...


Well thats the point of an ad - to get as many hits and more publicity. So in that term they are succesful!

Well yeah thats true Bangalore's infrastructure sucks due to non-working politicians.

What I meant by they are easy to fix is, if other cities can afford to have so much better roads, then why not Bangalore? People can probably contribute by car-pooling or using public transport. But what about problems like bad roads or how it takes FOREVER for even the smallest of infrastructure constructions to come up?

I think most of the outsiders DO take public transport. It is the locals / long term residents of Bangalore that use their own vehicles.

I dont know of too many outsiders (from amongst my friends circles, which is huge) who have their own car in Bangalore. Some do have bikes, but majority use company cabs, autos or public transport.

You said you are facing the infrastructure problems. What exactly do you mean by that?

Sandesh said...

To get more hits might be the purpose of an ad but to get hits using the wrong intent is cheap!

Glad that you agreed that infrastructure probs are due to non-workin politicians, but let me tell you, bad roads are constructed by contractors who are some of the relatives of these politicians. If you consider the grade seperator @ Mekhri Square, its drainage system for the free flow road beneath, is a bigtime problem. You know why? Coz, its done by some of the allies of some politician. (May be the Raju's of MVIT, Chalukya fame). How they get such contracts, some crook in Vidhana Saudha has granted. Till you solve such issues, oen cant get better of infrastructure.

Most outsiders take public transport? May be when they're newbies. Be here for another six months, they'd atleast have a bike in their name.

When I say, I face infrastructure problems, I mean, I won't take my vehicle until n unless I have atleast two with me. Lest I take the bus.I dont litter places and control my friends doin that when I'm with them. I do many such small things to make Bangalore better which I currently can't think of now.

Adarsh said...

Hey Sabarish,

I do not know, where you are from! But you are no different from others who just keep complaining about Namma Bengalooru!

Let me tell you the facts, I have travelled around the globe and also keep travelling to major cities in India. What do u mean by, other cities have better roads? Every city has problems - For ex: I was travelling from Nariman Point to Sion in Mumbai which is about 12 KMs. I started at around 7:45 PM and reached my destination at 10:45. Can you imagine? It is not one day problem, it is a daily problem.

I'm not writing this to say Mumbai is bad or I'm not even comapring, but every city has problems, try to live with it or if possible, do your bit to solve problems! There are many successful people here who are doing their bit to solve the problems. It doesn't mean they have quit their jobs and doing it.

Dude, Every metropolitan city in the world has traffic problems! Name one metropolitan city, which doesn't have peak hour traffic problems.

And for your comment, which said Banaglore infrastructure sucks...pleasssssseeeeeeee, don't blame the infrastructure. It all happened just because people from all over the country are thronging Banagalore in search of jobs and nobody expected this kinda rush. Itz all because of the mad rush to Banaglore. And people can comment it is all happening bcos of IT, and once IT shifts to different location, itz all gone. But I guarantee you, IT can't shift out of Bangalore bcos of the wonderful climate it has. I agree it has gone a bit bad, thatz also for the fact that Banaglore is seeing so much deforestration bcos of the population explosion that is happening bcos of the outsiders.

For your kind information, people of Karnataka have always been peace loving, Kind hearted!

If you can't appreciate atleast stop blaming!

Finally, the ad was a cheap shit!

Sandesh said...

@ Adarsh - Glad to receive your comment and the points you mentioned, well support the point that we need to stop cribbing about the so called Infrastructure problem.

Keep visiting. Keep commenting. =)