Monday, September 29, 2008

HNS, our High School Principal passes away...

All you Seshadripuram Boys' High Schoolites, FYKI, our Principal, H.N.Shivakumar Aaradhya is no more from today.

I dunno about his tenure in that institution butsurely he would have completed some 30 years teaching there. Though, students of SBHS have a mixed feelings towards him, I truly respect him for being our Principal during my tenure there. He was simplistic, though hard when it comes to handling issues with sturdy students. Many had nicknamed him which I shall not mention in this post atleast as it would disrespect him on his obituary post.

Reason I called him simple is based on this incident. That was my 8th standard. I had to apply for my student pass provided courtesy B.T.S then, (now BMTC), school timings were over and almost everybody were home. I was late waiting for my sister to accompany me home, while I needed to attest my Principal's signature on the form provided by BTS, he was leaving and I went to him, asking him to sign the form. If it was any other Head Master, he would have surely sighed, would have asked me to come the next day to the office and get it done. He took the form, signed, asked about my details in a friendly way (Not as a Principal), smiled and took his way. This is one such incident i recollect remembering him.

If you go to any of the lecturers of SBHS and ask who was the worst, of all classes, they would surely point to us, the 'B section'. Will post stories of high school as i recollect, but even H.N.S had this notion which makes us feel proud sometimes as well as bad sometimes. Thats a long story.

He also used to take classes. He was a science teacher, physics was his subject. He used to take only the 10th students. Nuclear physics was his topic. He taught well is all I can say.

Well, can't think of anything else of him. Thats it for now. LHSRIP.


Pavan said...

Very Sad to hear this. May his soul rest in peace.

Sandesh said...

Cant help it! =(

Balaji said...

Yes Sandesh

I just came to know of it. Maybe he had drawbacks, but He along with ABK started the Science club. Also he was instrumental in getting good results for the school from the year (1983-84) session.

He is one of the simple person I have also mer

Sandesh said...

@ Balaji - True. I've heard that from many lecturers.