Tuesday, September 30, 2008

leavebangalore.com - a review.

Was headin towards Bangalore Central to meet one of my friend yesterday, had boarded a bus to Shivajinagar 252 i guess, coming from Peenya. Was standing... Turned on the radio. Dials were at 91.9 [after listening to Friday's Night Patrol, Geoffrey Thomas], some song was gettin played which i enjoyed after which an Ad had me dumbstruck.

It goes...

Person 1 : I am leaving Bangalore...
Person 2 : Enough! I'm leaving Bangalore.
Person 3 : Oof! Thak gayi hoo mai! Jaa rahi hoo! Mai Bangalore Chodke jaa rahi hoo yaar!!
Person 4 : Naan Hogtha iddini andre hogtha iddini! Bangalore bittu hogtha iddini naanu!
Person 5 : Thats it! I'm packing my bags and leaving Bangalore!

Another Chorus : Why is everyone leaving Bangalore?

Suddenly a female voice comes up [the same female who performs for these orange properties ad] and says "Do you want to leave Bangalore too? log on to leavebangalore.com and tell us why?"

I thought this is another ad coming after the 11:30 ban! You can see my take on that here. Decided that I'll go home and post a blog on this for sure. Once i was back home, I was busy with one of my cousin flyin to Germany, we had a get-together for that and couldnt much think of it. Was fast asleep by 10:30.

Today morning, i just thought of this and had logged on. Before that! I thought of checking whether we have any other blog for any of our other metros. I tried leavemumbai.com, leavedelhi.com, leavechennai.com. couldnt find any. I thought of having a look at the blog now.

That blog consists only two posts. first, which asks for the reasons behind people getting frustrated about Bangalore. Almost all of them are looking into this, due to which the second post doesnt gets its prominence. All the author wants to say is in the second post. Please do have a look into that. [ I dont want to list that post here! Go have a look yourself].

He actually has posted a video of Rick Astley which says the opposite of the domain name as well as the radio ad. this is a bit clever but many have fallen into the pit. Also those who support Bangalore, have not noticed the above fact and commented about others here. Right at this point of time, we have 195 comments for the first post and the second has only 5.

Only 5 have noticed excluding me. I'm the sixth one i guess. [ Not boasting hehe!]

Though many have commented about things how they feel are in Bangalore. They talk about everything. People being rude which i totally oppose, they bang the taxi drivers as well as the rickshaw drivers, the traffic, high cost of living, what not? Will post a seperate post on that after this one.

Please do post your comments on that here.


Susheel Sandeep said...

Didnt get a thing out of this ad. Wats the whole purpose of this ad?

Sandesh said...

you're talkin about the video ad? Thats just a song by Rick Astley which summarizes like 'we wont leave you no matter what happens' FYI, checkout the lyrics - http://www.songmeanings.net/lyric.php?lid=43554

If you're talkin about the radio ad, that is just giving rapid publicity so that people of Bangalore could know about this blog so that they can comment.

Thanks for those comments... keep visiting...