Saturday, April 19, 2008

Its Britney(,) Bitch!!??

Well, myself, Sri, Rup and Bik were sittin in the outdoor cafeteria havin a coffee break. It was a table for 6. Aru and Sun were missing. Might be they were with their SET batch. Lemme explain you how we sat.

It was two tables joined together which made it a table for six. Along the length of it, we can place two seats on either side, which accommodated four seats. One along the breadth of the table. That added two seats which totally made it six.

Me and Rup were sitting on either side of the length. So we had a seat in front of us empty. Imagine this. Sri was sittin to my left and Bik was sittin to the left of Rup. This is not how we sit most of the time but I dunno the reason behind this.

5 minutes passed while a familiar figure was chatting in the table in front of us. She was visible only to me and Sri and we kept starin as to why she was here. She saw us staring and just after another minute, she came to our table.

Yeah! You guessed it right! It was Britney Spears. Wondering what she was doing here. Whom was she talking?? I dunno. I seriously don't know.

Here goes the conversation between us. I wonder why the rest in our table were dumb. They were hardly talking anything.

Britney : Hey!

Sandesh : Sandesh. (Extending my hand).

We shook hands.

B : Wazzup?? Whats goin on the hour?

S : Nothing. Was just wondering what you were doin here?

Meanwhile I just noticed that she had dressed decent enough to be in India. Was confused enough.

B : Just checkin out things in India. Wanna be frenzz ??

S : Why not? I dont mind being frenz with anyone!

B : Cool!! I love makin new friends.

We just chatted for another 10 minutes. I can't recollect the whole of conversation now. I still dunno why the rest were mum(Atleast why Bik was so silent??). We got up to continue with our work. Even she came to wash her hands. After that, I just thought of clickin a photo with her. While she was crazy for that. She posed. I handed my cell to one of my collegue to take the pic.




As expected, I woke up!!! I was like "WHAT THE HECK IS GOIN ON????". Just checked the time. It was 2:30 AM. Good! They say that dreams at dawn(Munjaane Kanasu in Kannada) come true. Thank god, it was not. I just checked myself. Was sweating like anything. Couldn't make out things for say 10 minutes. Was in some other world thinking what was happening around.

Good that the dream didn't continue. Ooof! I don't wanna be another Adnan Ghalib or J.R. Rotem or some other stupid person! (Thinking way too forward. Just to add onto the humor. Hehe!!). Now let the analysis of the dream be later.

I thought that this would be my first and only post on dreams in my blog. Coz, I hardly get any dreams. Though psychiatrists may rule this out saying that every person dreams. As I mention in that post, I sleep to the fullest extent so that dreams would not be in my memory once i wake up. This post breaks that.

I just couldn't sleep for another two hours. I'm no bloggomaniac who just posts things as and when he gets an idea of the post. I was lazy enough not to do that. I thought I'll blog it out this morning and thats what I'm doing right now. Those two hours I was thinking of the dream and the points to add onto this post. What else will you do at that time? I just decided upon the title based on her song, "Gimme more..." (Thats the only song i recollect of her that time. I dunno any other song of hers, other than "Baby, one more time...")

I thought of giving a label 'Celebritney' to this post. But decided with Celebrity as I wouldn't get much of Britney dreams. (Well, hope so...)

I just couldn't come outa that dream for another half an hour. Wondering why I dealt with her that way at the end. Got down by 3:30, washed my face. Was relieved to some extent. Couldn't sleep until 4:30. Woke up by 9 today.

Some of you might curb that we live in the US and didn't have an opportunity to see her. (Many of you wouldn't care for that. I know), Now here are the facts on why i got that dream...

1. Was listening to AT40 by Ryan Seacrest on Indigo. He just interviewed many people among which Britney was one. Her interview was goin on while I stopped as I came to see the movie Mr.Garagasa in tribhuvan along with my family. That thing might have triggered my mind. Half done things trigger the mind??? To support this fact, Seacrest had also interviewed Nelly, which I heard completely. He didn't come in my dreams.

2. As to why the place was the outer cafeteria in our office, That is still under construction and is open to us from Monday. Somewhere in a part of the my mind, this random fact might have helped my mind to yearn this dream.

3. After the dream, I realized why my collegues were not speaking to Britney.

4. Why did the dream stop while I decided to take the pic? Say, If I had taken the pic, that should have been in my camera album right? Probably mind is not ready to accept that this shall not happen. It might feel bad to know that it was a dream and hence, it had stopped the instant the photo was about to be taken.

5. I said I'd been to the movie. After that I had a hefty meal and lots of water before that. I usually do not take water once I start my meal for another hour or so. Yeaterday, I felt very thirsty and had to take water just after finishing my meal. Even after coming home. I drank lots of water and slept immediately. This might be the reason for the sweat.

Well, these are some of the facts I thought of. You may add on more if you have any. Well now I'm laughing at the dream like anything. Hope this is the last post on dreams.


i 7 said...

"Even after coming home. I drank lots of water and slept immediately. This might be the reason for the sweat" - ahaaaa, britney kansalli bandirbekaadre, idey chanceu anta hasigey mele maadbaaradannaa maaDi, adanna muchch-haakokke neeru jaasti kuDdiddinda bevrogidde anta kuyyteeyaa???

Sandesh said...

Neen andkond haage enu aaaglilla sivaaa...