Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Munduvarida Naay kathe...

Thanks for the responses. Here it continues...

I was waiting for the bus. At that time, you get a bus once in 10 minutes. Though the traffic will not reduce. I was disturbed by the movements of this dog. As predicted by i7, it saw a female dog on the other side of the road and was interested in doing things which i wish not to disclose here. It was waiting for an opportunity to cross the road.

It tried many a times but in vain. We humans have blocked the free movements of other living beings for our convenience. We've forgot that its even their world.

For my bad luck, I didn't get a bus after 10 minutes. Meanwhile the dog showed some courage in crossing the road, it went ahead. As perdicted by enidhi, A Tata Sumo was speeding at 70 kmph, on seeing this dog, he applied brakes. Good driver. Many just move over them. He just stopped 20 cm behind the dog which had also stopped. It ran back to this side of the road. Even the dogs are used to such situations.

After another 3 minutes, the road was relatively vacant, the dog was able to cross the road successfully. It stood on the other side of the road watchin at its Dovv! It started moving towards the female. The original Dovv of the female dog, sprang up from nowhere and started to chase the dog.

Our dog might be a new one in the locality. May be newly joined. Surprised by the attack, It started running, followed by the local dog. Both of them vanished below the flyover, while I saw a 402D, in the bus stop. Boarded it, came home.

Did our dog date with the female?? or was it chased outa the locality by the bully?? Even I dunno. Looking at the chase, I feel the second thing would have happened. Or did they become friends?? Dunno. It gave me a nice topic to blog. Hope it brought a smile on your face.


ankurg said...

smiled because of the first para.

KbHbEjTi said...

I thoroughly enjoyed reading it in your style :)