Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A monologue in the bus.

Had just got a seat near Tin factory. 7:40 pm, It was a bit crowded, less of light, couldn't open the book to read. Was just sitting idle.

Five minutes passed while a person behind me gets a call. Here goes the conversation. (Monologue for me, as I couldn't hear the other side.)

Note here that based his replies, i would frame my own questions from the other side that would have been probably asked.

Other person : Whats up dude?? how are you doin?

Person : Right now in a pathetic condition. In a third grade bus. Sweating like hell. What will a person get working in a big MNC get? ( Dunno why he told that way)

O : Why what happened?

P : Now what else will a 'kin Indian get?? (Tell me what to do with this Idiot)

O : Again, what happened? Whats wrong with you?

P : Dude, I'm &*cked up with this &*ckin job!

(This person is suffering from slangs like 'Dude, &*ck,...'. They think they are great if they use those words)

He continued the jargon of hating his job, cursing it to the fullest extent. I thought of posting the full conversation here but It would just lengthen the post and add no value to it.

Here is the gist. This person is one among those who not just hate their job but also their country. They just want everything on their side no matter what happens to the rest. He was curbing that he travels 70 kms everyday in bus and he is sick of that. He hates BMTC, Bangalore, Traffic, his job, India everything. People around were just staring at him. No one daring not daring to speak to him. He comes somewhere from Mayuri near Sanjaynagar and his office is somewhere near silkboard. Stupid guy, takes ring road while he can take a route inside the city to shorten it. Or if he is so bugged up, why shouldn't he shift?

The person on the other side should also be blamed. He should not have allowed him to speak like this. By his accent, I could make out that he is a malayali. I'm not blaming the whole of malayali gang with this but the outsiders are the major ones for the condition here in Bangalore. Just for their sake, rising population, we are sacrificing many things here and they don't care a damn for it. Once again, here I'm not blaming all of the outsiders but the majority of them.

The government has acquired land for widening of roads after Hebbal flyover towarsd BIA. Now, they have decided to acquire more land for Metro. What should the people there do?? where should they go? They cut down trees, imbalance the environment of Bangalore. Sparrows flew outside Bangalore for the mobile revolution here in the city. Bangalore is getting more and more barren. For Whose sake????

Well, I thought of blogging out about that person, but it is heading in a direction which i didn't intend. Will blog out the original content some other day. Cya.

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The Self-Proclaimed Wordsmith said...

Wouldn't the Metro improve the air quality, since fewer people would use their cars/bikes?